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Live Show Postponed!

Duarte in the snow

Hi, Boston-area Best Listeners! Just in case you hadn’t heard elsewhere (or hadn’t looked out your window and assumed): tonight’s live episode recording at Trident Booksellers & Cafe has been RESCHEDULED for Thursday, March 9th at 7pm.

We hope to see you in March! In the meantime, stay safe and warm inside with a good book (or a bad one–who are we to judge?).

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No New Episode Again!

Happy New Year, Best Listeners!

Sorry to report that we have to push our Best of 2016 episode back a little further, still! Renata is still sick, and with all of the holiday travel and work, we’re still a little behind. We hope to have the next episode up VERY SOON, and we apologize for the continued delay. We’ve worked really hard the past 2+ years to try and deliver our episodes on time, but, unfortunately, life happens! In 2017, we’re going to try and work on creating a backlog so this doesn’t happen again.

In the meantime, send your best health wishes to Renata (hint: cute cats delivered via Twitter are the best medicine, followed by compliments to Duarte) and revisit some of our most popular episodes!

Episode 01: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Episode 58: Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Episode 19: Modelland by Tyra Banks

Episode 31: New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Episode 12: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Episode 21: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Episode 60: Dark World by Zak Bagans

Episode 17: Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews

Episode 46: Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly

Episode 15: Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James

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No New Episode This Week

Apologies, best listeners! In case you didn’t see it on social media–there’s no new episode this week due to illness & injury. We did write up a couple of blog posts to tide you over until we can get our Best of 2016 podcast episodes up and running!

We hope you enjoy them! Happy holidays, and we’ll be back soon!


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DIY Sex Paperwork

If we’ve learned anything from reading books like Fifty Shades of Grey and Gerald’s Game, it’s that sex paperwork is very important and could possibly save your life! For Valentine’s Day this year, we’re helping you create your very own sex paperwork. Have fun, and remember: this is in no way legally binding!

DIY Sex Paperwork


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The Mistletoe Contest

The Mistletoe Promise by Richard Paul Evans

Update, 12/21/15:

We’ve drawn our winners via! Congratulations to:

@lizwise05 First prize: A copy of The Mistletoe Promise by Richard Paul Evans. This copy is signed by the author and personalized “to Duarte.” We will also send you a candy pairing.
@lisaeckstein Second prize: A used copy of Black Hills by Nora Roberts and a candy pairing.
@narigonia Third prize: A (very) used copy of Whisper of Death by Christopher Pike and a candy pairing.


And thanks so much to everyone who entered! We loved reading all your entries. They helped patch the hole in our soul that was eroded by reading The Christmas Sweater. We hope you all have a happy holiday season and receive only enjoyable books as gifts!




Happy holiday season, Best Listeners!

Having read The Mistletoe Promise, we’re so overcome with glad tidings of the season that we wanted to follow in the footsteps of Richard Paul Evans’s character Nicholas and shower everyone with expensive gifts and important cultural experiences. But we don’t have fictional lawyer money here, so instead we’re doing this contest.

We want you to give someone you know the best gift of all: knowledge of our podcast. Just tell someone (or multiple someones, such as all of your Twitter followers!) about Worst Bestsellers. Maybe suggest your favorite episode, or link to your favorite readers advisory page. Maybe just a simple, factual statement: The Worst Bestsellers is a podcast that exists. Whatever you’d like to share about us is fine. Then let us know about it. If you’ve publicly tweeted about us, just include our Twitter handle @worstbestseller in your tweet and we’ll see it and count it as an entry. If you have a locked Twitter account, or if you’ve mentioned us on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, or any other social media platform, please take a screencap and email it to us at worstbestsellers at with the subject line “Mistletoe Contest.” If you told someone about us in person, please email us your best emoticon representation of what that person’s face looked like when you told them.

Here are some example entries:

Mistletoe Tweet

Mistletoe Facebook

Mistletoe Email

These entries are all invalid because they are all from Renata, but would otherwise be acceptable.


Each method of telling people about us will count as one entry in our contest. (So, for example, you could tweet about us, post about us on Facebook, and tell someone in person for 3 total entries, but if you tweeted about us 3 times, that would just be 1 entry).

You can submit entries any time between Monday, December 7, 2015 through Sunday, December 20th, 2015 at midnight (EST).

Then we’ll put all your names in and choose three winners! Winners will be notified Monday, December 21st.

Signed Copy of The Mistletoe Promise

We can’t believe Duarte is willing to part with this.

Renata and Richard Paul Evans

That time Renata met Richard Paul Evans.


First prize: A copy of The Mistletoe Promise by Richard Paul Evans. This copy is signed by the author and personalized “to Duarte.”* We will also send you a candy pairing.

Second prize: A used copy of Black Hills by Nora Roberts and a candy pairing.

Third prize: A (very) used copy of Whisper of Death by Christopher Pike and a candy pairing.


* FAQ on this: Renata met Richard Paul Evans at a librarian conference. No, she did not tell him it was for a podcast, or that Duarte is a cat. It was a very cordial exchange.

** A note on the candy pairings: before sending out the prizes, we will contact the winners to check about allergies and candy preferences, but we’ll try to find something you would like that is thematically appropriate to the book.


Fine print: We’ll contact the winners to get their shipping addresses, so you don’t need to include that with your entries–we’ll get ahold of you at either the Twitter handle or email address you contacted us with to enter. If we don’t hear back from you after a reasonable amount of time (say a few weeks-ish), we’ll draw a replacement winner.

We’ll mail things internationally, so you don’t need to live in the US to win. You do need to live in this dimension, so most Christopher Pike characters are ineligible.

These copies were purchased by us as individuals and were not provided by the publishers. THANKS FOR NOTHING, PUBLISHERS.

The only limit on entries is, we guess, the number of social media accounts you have at your disposal? We’ve never done this before so hopefully this all works out! We reserve the right to change the rules if something starts to seem shady.

If you have any questions, email us at worstbestsellers at or tweet us @worstbestseller. (Please don’t send us a Facebook message because Facebook messaging for a Page is weird and unreliable.)

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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Worst Bestsellers Drinking Game

In celebration of our one year podcastversary, we crowdsourced a Worst Bestsellers drinking game! (Originally, we intended to make a New Moon drinking game to play as we recorded our episode, but we decided it would work better to make a general Worst Bestsellers drinking game that we could play as we recorded, but also that you guys could play along with any Worst Bestsellers episode.)

Disclaimers: If you are not of legal drinking age, or do not partake in alcohol, or if it’s a school night, you can play with a non-alcoholic beverage! If you are playing with actual alcohol, remember that alcohol poisoning is real. Hydrate!

New Moon Drinking

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How We Cleared Ourselves of Dianetics

If you’ve listened to our Dianetics episode, you’ll know we found it a very painful read. Also, we resented having to purchase copies of the book, since it was either unavailable from our local libraries or we were too embarrassed to check it out from our place of work.

Here’s what happened next.

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Do We Dazzle You?

Hi Best Listeners! We’re curious about how we’re doing–specifically, how you guys feel about the fact that our episodes keep getting longer. Take this anonymous four question survey, won’t you? We’ll appreciate your feedback even more than Claire appreciates #herbs or Theo Boone appreciates his white privilege.

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Fanfiction 101

It should be pretty obvious to regular listeners that Renata and Kait are strongly pro-fandom and pro-fanfiction. In fact, fandom is how we met sixteen years ago! Not infrequently when recommending alternatives to the books on this podcast, we tell our listeners to seek out fanfiction instead. While that may be easy enough for some of our listeners, the fandom subculture is still only just inching its way into the spotlight and many of you might be wondering where to begin. Below, we’ve put together a short guide for newbies seeking out fanfiction.

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Hello, Please Give Us Some Money For Charity!

Hello, Best Listeners!

Your hosts Kait and Renata are trying to raise money for a few good causes, and we’re asking for your help!

Here’s the deal (in chronological order):

* If you are wondering “Where does Renata live?” the answer is: somewhere between Chicago and Kentucky.


Click on each above link to learn more about those causes/events, and also to donate online. If you donate ANY amount to ANY of those causes, we will:

  • Give you a shout-out* on an upcoming episode of the podcast (if you want one)! and
  • Either write you a short ficlet, color a picture, or craft an Artisanal Photoshop for you!

All you have to do is forward your donation receipt or send a screencap of it (if you need to blur out any personal information) to worstbestsellers at gmail dot com, along with what you’d like us to say in your podcast shout-out, and what kind of ficlet (X-Men fanfiction? Our wheelhouse! Outlander fanfiction? … we’ll take a whack at it!) or artistic creation you’d like.

We understand that there are a lot of things out there to spend your money on, and we completely understand if you’re unable to contribute to any of these causes. But we sincerely appreciate any amount you’re able to donate!

If you have any questions or concerns before donating, email us at worstbestsellers at gmail dot com, or tweet to us @worstbestseller .

Thanks for listening!


Kait & Renata


Fine Print

* You can request a shout-out to your blog, podcast, Etsy store, Christian Mingle profile, or whatever else you’d like to share with our listeners! (Although we reserve the right to not read anything gross. Not that we think you guys like gross stuff, we just wanted to put that in writing.) Or, a shout-out to wish a friend or loved one congratulations or happy birthday or condolences! Or a shout-out to yourself for being so awesome. Whatever you want (again, as long as it’s not gross)!

* We’ll probably put your shout-out in the next podcast we record after you donate, unless we get an overwhelming response to this, in which case we might parcel them out over several episodes. If you’d like your shout-out to be associated with a certain book or author, feel free to email us and we’ll see if your choice is scheduled for an upcoming episode.

* For your ficlet or art project, we’ll do our best to finish everything for everyone before our actual charity events in April/May! But we reserve the right to be late if we get a large number of donors.

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