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Episode 164 – Bests of 2020

In more precedented years, we’ve picked our favorite and least favorite books that we read each year outside of the podcast. But in 2020, we were too busy just trying to get through the year to do much recreational reading. Instead,  Kait and Renata convened to discuss the top ten things that helped each of them make it through this year. Tune in to hear us discuss all of these things, and keep reading to see links and pictures!

Note: after this episode, we’re taking a short hiatus to attempt to recover from 2020. We’ll be back in February 2021!

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Episode 163 – Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice by Anonymous


Per the request of our wonderful Patreon patrons, our editor Becca joined us to discuss the anti-drug cautionary tale Go Ask Alice by Anonymous (aka Beatrice Sparks). Reading it in 2020, we’re not sure what’s harder to believe: that this ever deterred anyone from using drugs, or that anyone ever believed it was actually the diary of a human teenager. We’re grateful to our patrons for supporting us, and just as grateful that we’ve never been invited to any parties where someone slipped LSD into our soda.

Readers advisoryHere.

Footnotes: Paul F. Tompkins – “Go Ask Alice”

“Lines From Go Ask Alice That, In Hindsight, Should Have Tipped Me Off That This Was Not A True Story” by Daniel Lavery

“The Book That Defined My Teen Anxiety Turned Out to Be a Lie” by Sloane Tanen

“A Queer Reading of Go Ask Alice” by Frankie Thomas

Amazon review of Go Ask Alice by the author of Drugs Make You Un-Smarter

Candy pairing: Becca says any candy that isn’t secretly acid, Kait says pot gummies, Renata says orange yeast rolls.

Coming up next: Bests of 2020.


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Readers Advisory: Episode 163 – Go Ask Alice

Here’s what we suggest instead of/in addition to reading Go Ask Alice by Anonymous. Listen to the podcast to hear us talk about some of these titles in more depth!

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