Episode 164 – Bests of 2020

In more precedented years, we’ve picked our favorite and least favorite books that we read each year outside of the podcast. But in 2020, we were too busy just trying to get through the year to do much recreational reading. Instead,  Kait and Renata convened to discuss the top ten things that helped each of them make it through this year. Tune in to hear us discuss all of these things, and keep reading to see links and pictures!

Note: after this episode, we’re taking a short hiatus to attempt to recover from 2020. We’ll be back in February 2021!

Kait’s Top Ten 2020 All-Stars

10) Gem painting 

Gem art gay alpacas

9) Blackbird Doughnuts

Blackbird Doughnuts

8) Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

7) Jackbox Games


what is lovewe caught the Golden State Killer! I Am the Golden State Killer!

6) Murder shows

5) The Magnus Archives

4) Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing

3) Barclay/Indrid

2) The McElroys

1) My nephew

Best Nephew


Renata’s Top Ten 2020 All-Stars

10) Old Wii Fitness games

9) Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda aka Grogu

8) Lady pop stars

7) Snail mail

snail mail!

6) Who Weekly

5) The Golden Girls

4) Greb Comics


y'all know i like soup

3) DC Comics shows



2) Animal Crossing

Happy birthday to me!Happy birthday!Beach PartyThe Secret Works Bonita Dream Code

1) Animals generally, Duarte specifically


PS: my Top Ten Best Books of 2020 are on the blog! And the Boston Globe’s Best Books of 2020, including my picks for MG and YA books, are here!

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