Worst Bestsellers Drinking Game

In celebration of our one year podcastversary, we crowdsourced a Worst Bestsellers drinking game! (Originally, we intended to make a New Moon drinking game to play as we recorded our episode, but we decided it would work better to make a general Worst Bestsellers drinking game that we could play as we recorded, but also that you guys could play along with any Worst Bestsellers episode.)

Disclaimers: If you are not of legal drinking age, or do not partake in alcohol, or if it’s a school night, you can play with a non-alcoholic beverage! If you are playing with actual alcohol, remember that alcohol poisoning is real. Hydrate!

New Moon Drinking

The rules

Take a drink any time:

  • We say something that might jeopardize our relationship with our valued sponsor, ┬áChristian Mingle dot com.
  • We angrily defend something even if we don’t like it that much.
  • We favorably compare a character to Christian Grey.
  • We apply lessons learned from self-help books.
  • We reference any other book we’ve previously read.
  • We resent a character’s mansplaining.
  • We promote a movie or TV show over a book.
  • We suggest specific ways to make the book better.
  • Anyone endorses fanfiction as being better than the book.
  • Renata references something she heard on a podcast other than this one.
  • Kait says “This was a book.”
  • We say “literally.”
  • We call something “garbage.”
  • Duarte interrupts.
  • Our guest thinks the book is much worse than Kait & Renata did, because their standards have been drastically altered by this podcast.


New Rules* for 9/25/17:

  • Musical theater reference.
  • Steaks and Cakes.
  • “The movie was better.”
  • Woman describes own body in mirror.
  • Uncomfortable written-out dialect.
  • We frantically have to google something mid-show.
  • Someone starts laughing during a dramatic reading.


* Not in the Bill Maher way


Thanks so much to everyone who suggested rules to this: @allthatihavemet, @anachronistique, @booksNyarn, @kikiloola, @ladydpw, @merski_shells, @mikegrinti, @mingerschlag, @missrrg, and @sigridellis via Twitter; Douglas, Elvina, Jake, and Paola via Facebook. Even if we didn’t end up using the exact rules you proposed, we appreciate your support of our drinking habit.



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