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Worst Disaster Relief

As you’re no doubt aware, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and the need for aid is dire. Every little bit we can give helps. Team Worst Bestsellers (Renata, Kait, and Becca) gave all of October’s Patreon earnings ($266.22) to the Hispanic Foundation’s Unidos Hurricane Relief Fund. Thanks to our Patreon patrons for making this possible!

Hurricane Relief donationof $266.22

We know many of our listeners have already donated too, or are planning to when they can. So, inspired by works like the Pub for PR auction, we’d like to give back to you all as well.

If you’ve donated any amount to any kind of hurricane relief effort (if you’re not sure where to donate, we recommend Celeste Pewter’s list of organizations), email proof (screencap, forwarded receipt, or whatever) to worstbestsellers at gmail dot com with the subject line “Hurricane Relief”, and we’ll enter you in a raffle (powered by Random Picker) to win a Worst Bestsellers prize package inspired by our upcoming episode about Lizzie Borden by Elizabeth Engstrom including:

Assorted Lizzie Borden postcards and magnets"I slept at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast" magnet

  • an “I Slept at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast” magnet
  • a Lizzie Borden postcard of your choice from Kait & Renata
  • a candy pairing of your choice
  • a $20 Amazon gift certificate (so you can buy yourself a copy of Lizzie Borden…or any other book of your choice)

We’ll also send Lizzie Borden postcards to 5 runners up. This offer is open to international listeners. American listeners can get 2 entries if they also call an elected official to request federal aid for Puerto Rico (we recommend Celeste Pewter’s scripts) and mention that in their email to us.

We’ll accept entries from Monday October 2nd-Monday October 9th, 2017, and will announce our winners on Tuesday, October 10th. (Donations may have been made prior to October 2nd to be eligible for our raffle, but should be after September 20th.)

Our thoughts are with Puerto Rico, as well as everyone else affected by the recent natural disasters. We’re proud to be part of a community that gives back.


Update 10/10/17: We’ve drawn our winners! Thanks so much to everyone who contributed, and congratulations to:

Prize Winner
1: Lizzie Borden prize pack Alan Y.
2: Lizzie Borden postcard Ben S.
2: Lizzie Borden postcard Devin M.
2: Lizzie Borden postcard Melinda B.
2: Lizzie Borden postcard Trina M.
2: Lizzie Borden postcard Danielle W.



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Hello, Please Give Us Some Money For Charity!

Hello, Best Listeners!

Your hosts Kait and Renata are trying to raise money for a few good causes, and we’re asking for your help!

Here’s the deal (in chronological order):

* If you are wondering “Where does Renata live?” the answer is: somewhere between Chicago and Kentucky.


Click on each above link to learn more about those causes/events, and also to donate online. If you donate ANY amount to ANY of those causes, we will:

  • Give you a shout-out* on an upcoming episode of the podcast (if you want one)! and
  • Either write you a short ficlet, color a picture, or craft an Artisanal Photoshop for you!

All you have to do is forward your donation receipt or send a screencap of it (if you need to blur out any personal information) to worstbestsellers at gmail dot com, along with what you’d like us to say in your podcast shout-out, and what kind of ficlet (X-Men fanfiction? Our wheelhouse! Outlander fanfiction? … we’ll take a whack at it!) or artistic creation you’d like.

We understand that there are a lot of things out there to spend your money on, and we completely understand if you’re unable to contribute to any of these causes. But we sincerely appreciate any amount you’re able to donate!

If you have any questions or concerns before donating, email us at worstbestsellers at gmail dot com, or tweet to us @worstbestseller .

Thanks for listening!


Kait & Renata


Fine Print

* You can request a shout-out to your blog, podcast, Etsy store, Christian Mingle profile, or whatever else you’d like to share with our listeners! (Although we reserve the right to not read anything gross. Not that we think you guys like gross stuff, we just wanted to put that in writing.) Or, a shout-out to wish a friend or loved one congratulations or happy birthday or condolences! Or a shout-out to yourself for being so awesome. Whatever you want (again, as long as it’s not gross)!

* We’ll probably put your shout-out in the next podcast we record after you donate, unless we get an overwhelming response to this, in which case we might parcel them out over several episodes. If you’d like your shout-out to be associated with a certain book or author, feel free to email us and we’ll see if your choice is scheduled for an upcoming episode.

* For your ficlet or art project, we’ll do our best to finish everything for everyone before our actual charity events in April/May! But we reserve the right to be late if we get a large number of donors.

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