Episode 41 – Gerald’s Game

Gerald's Game by Stephen King


Kait, Renata, and their returning guest Nicole (of OWL Reviews) read Gerald’s Game by Stephen King and concluded: there’s a good reason this isn’t one of King’s better-known works. What should have been a compelling psychological horror short story is a gross, bloated novel about the importance of sex paperwork. (Of course, regular listeners of Worst Bestsellers are already aware of the importance of sex paperwork.) Even the fact that the titular Gerald dies in the first chapter wasn’t enough to make this enjoyable to our misandrist sensibilities. Join us for this upsetting journey to Maine!

Content warning: This book contains sexual assault and child abuse and so does our discussion of it.

Readers advisory: Here.

Footnotes: Cannes: Stephen King Novel ‘Gerald’s Game’ To Be Adapted By ‘Oculus’ Helmer Mike Flanagan And Intrepid Pictures

“Degloving” on Wikipedia

Jessie or Nessie by Stephen King

The French copy of Gerald’s Game, abandoned at a hostel, which tragically made Renata think this book would be much more exciting than it actually is

Candy pairing:  Kait says baking chocolate, Nicole says gumballs, Renata says peeled grapes at a Halloween party.

Coming up next: The Perfect Letter by Chris Harrison.


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