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Episode 65 – Bests & Worsts of 2016 (Part 2, Adult & Graphic Novels)

Tune in to our Bests & Worsts of 2016 episodes to hear us discuss these titles and read excerpts from our favorites and least favorites! Please note:

  • We counted things that we read in 2016, regardless of publication year.
  • We didn’t count anything that we read specifically for this podcast, so our worst books are aside from those.
  • For that reason, we picked top 5 favorites and only 1 least favorite–we have this whole podcast to talk about bad books, so for these episodes we’re choosing to focus on the positive!
  • Some of our “worsts” are really just “least best.” Listen to the podcast to hear more detail!

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Readers Advisory: Episode 47 – One for the Money

Here’s what we suggest instead of/in addition to reading One for the Money by Janet Evanovich. Listen to the podcast to hear us talk about some of these titles in more depth!

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Episode 38 – Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

As you might have noticed, Kait, Renata, and their special guest, Bossy Dame Sophie, read Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow and have been listening to the Broadway cast recording of Hamilton the musical non-stop. We want you, too, to be in the room where it happens, so we recorded this special Best Bestseller bonus episode to discuss our love of Hamilton and do some readers advisory for both the biography and the musical. We also played some Founding Father FMK. We hope you’ll be satisfied with the scope of our minds at work on all counts! You don’t have to wait for it–if you’re able to take a break this holiday season, add some more items to your overflowing TBR list!

Readers advisory: Here.

Footnotes: @Lin-Manuel on Twitter

#HamBio on Twitter

Lin-Manuel Miranda Discusses How Hip-Hop Influenced Him and Hamilton

All the Hip-Hop References in Hamilton: A Track-by-Track Guide

How Lin-Manuel Miranda Shapes History

Playlist: The Sounds That Shaped Hamilton

Sophie’s HamilFeels Spotify Playlist

Read Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Genius Annotations for Hamilton

Lin-Manuel Miranda on Jay Z, The West Wing, and 18 More Things That Influenced Hamilton

Coming up next: Bests & Worsts of 2015 (Part 2, Adults and Graphic Novels)


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Readers Advisory: Episode 38 – Hamilton

Here’s what we suggest in addition to reading Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow and listening to Hamilton the musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Listen to the podcast to hear us talk about some of these titles in more depth!

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