Episode 107 – 4th Anniversary Twilight Spectacular

D&D Players Handbook

It’s our 4th anniversary! Traditionally, we’ve read a new book from the Twilight saga each year to celebrate our anniversary. But last year, we finished the saga, so this year we decided to create our own Twilight adventure. Danielle (of Hello World Tarot) ran a Twilight-themed D&D (5th edition) adventure for Kait, Renata, and Amy (of WTF Is America?). Listen now to hear what happens when a dwarf, a half-elf, and a dark elf walk into a Steaks & Cakes in Forks, Washington and roll for initiative. Please accept 20 points of gratitude for listening to us for all these years!

Footnotes: Renata’s Wolverine character sheet

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Coming up next: My Sweet Audrina by V. C. Andrews.


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