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Episode 135 – Dark Angel

Dark Angel by V. C. Andrews


We revisited the world of V. C. Andrews and read Dark Angel, the second book in the Casteel family saga with V. C. Andrews apologist Arielle. It’s a grim story of a girl who escapes her impoverished hometown but can’t get away from the fact that men are trash everywhere. Keep your wits about you if you listen to this episode in a hedge maze!

Readers advisory: Here.

Footnotes: Episode 108 – My Sweet Audrina

Episode 17 – Flowers in the Attic

Guest Post: Flowers In the Attic (The Appeal Thereof)

The True Story of How V.C. Andrews’ Casteel Family Saga Came to Be by Amanda Garrity

Comedy Bang! Bang! – This Is Your Boy Troy

Candy Pairing:  Arielle says blackstrap molasses, Kait says circus peanuts, Renata says spiked punch.

Coming up next: The Initiation (Secret Circle series) by L. J. Smith.


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