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Episode 172 – No Walls And The Recurring Dream

No Walls And The Recurring Dream by Ani DiFranco


We wanted to bring some girl power to Celebrity Memoir May, so returning guest Sophi joined us to read No Walls And The Recurring Dream by Ani DiFranco. If you”re thinking that that title is a little wordy and incoherent, you have a good idea of what the book is like. Listen to hear three long-time Ani DiFranco fans learn that you should never meet your heroes, or read their memoirs.

Content warning: This book contains descriptions of child neglect and sexual assault.

Readers advisoryHere.

Footnotes: “Ani DiFranco Is ‘Remarkably Unapologetic’ About Slave Plantation Retreat” by

Ani DiFranco Is Tired of Talking About Herself (So Here She Goes Again) by Rich Juzwiak

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Coming up next: The Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave Wolverton.


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Readers Advisory: Episode 172 – No Walls And The Recurring Dream

Here’s what we suggest instead of/in addition to reading No Walls And The Recurring Dream by Ani DiFranco. Listen to the podcast to hear us talk about some of these titles in more depth!

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Episode 140 – Bests & Worsts of 2019 (Part 2, Adult & Graphic Novels)

Tune in to our Bests & Worsts of 2019 episodes to hear us discuss these titles and read excerpts from our favorites! Please note:

  • We counted things that we read in 2019, regardless of publication year.
  • We didn’t count anything that we read specifically for this podcast, so our worst books are aside from those.
  • For that reason, we picked top 5 favorites and only 1 least favorite–we have this whole podcast to talk about bad books, so for these episodes we’re choosing to focus on the positive!
  • Some of our “worsts” are really just “least best.” Listen to the podcast to hear more detail!

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