Episode 183 – Jay’s Journal

Jay's Journal by Anonymous

After reading Go Ask Alice last year, we were still left with some lingering questions about issues facing teens. Like, drugs are bad, but what about doing occult rituals? Are they okay if you’re only using them to win high school debate tournaments? To find out, we read another book from Beatrice Sparks’ Anonymous Diaries series, Jay’s Journal. Join us for another spine-tingling episode with our beloved former editor Becca!

Content warning: This book and our discussion of it contains non-graphic discussions of death by suicide, animal abuse, drug use, sexual assault, and a lot of confusing cultural appropriation.

Readers advisoryHere.

Footnotes: Episode 163 – Go Ask Alice

“Teen Death Diary” by Ben Dieterle

Alden’s Brother’s Amazon Review of Jay’s Journal

Grady Hendrix on Jay’s Journal

Coming up next: Yours Cruelly, Elvira by Cassandra Peterson.


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