Episode 08.5 – The Christmas Shoes (The Movie)

The Christmas Shoes (The Movie)

God wanted to make sure you understood the true meaning of Christmas, so he sent you this podcast episode based on the movie, based on the novel, based on the song, The Christmas Shoes. In this bonus mini-sode, Kait and Renata confront Renata’s long-time nemesis Rob Lowe and conclude that he’s perfectly suited to play a douchebag lawyer who requires human sacrifices before he changes his behavior. We’re also pleased to see that this 12-year-old movie appears to have taken many of the notes we made about the novel’s shortcomings in last week’s episode. Listen now, before one of your loved ones comes down with a case of Christmas cancer!

Footnotes: Renata’s Moth story about her rivalry with Rob Lowe

The Christmas Shoes movie on YouTube

Coming up next:  The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck.


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