Episode 08 – The Christmas Shoes

The Christmas Shoes by Donna VanLiere

For this very special holiday episode, Kait and Renata are joined by librarian/Christmas enthusiast Ashley to discuss The Christmas Shoes by Donna VanLiere, the bestselling novel based on a #1 hit single. From this book we learned that Heaven has a dress code and that God will kill as many women as he has to in order to teach rich white men the true meaning of Christmas! Pour yourself some eggnog, put on your crying shoes, and settle in for some good old-fashioned holiday emotional manipulation.

Readers advisory: Here.

Footnotes: Newsong’s “Christmas Shoes” music video

Patton Oswalt’s “Christmas Shoes” animation

The Christmas Shoes movie

Candy pairing: Ashley says candy canes, Kait says generic advent calendar chocolate, Renata says store-bought Christmas cookies.

Coming up next:  The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck.


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