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Happy Valentine’s Day from Worst Bestsellers!

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Please enjoy these romantic tributes to some of our favorite episodes. Share them with your friends and cats! And tune in on Monday, February 16th for our long-awaited Fifty Shades of Grey episode!

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Episode 14 – The Shunning

The Shunning by Beverly Lewis

Kait, Renata, and their guest Becca put on their forbidden satin gowns and read The Shunning by Beverly Lewis. It’s the ferhoodling story of a mildly rebellious Amish girl whose worldly desires eventually lead to her getting shunned by the community. Before they get around to all that, though, they have a lot of quilts to make and desserts to describe. If your religious traditions permit you to listen to podcasts, join us today!

Readers advisory: Here.

Footnotes: Bonnet Rippers: The Rise of the Amish Romance Novel

Amish Tech

Candy pairing: Becca says Ativan, Kait says buttermints, Renata says disappointing apple pie.

Coming up next: Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James.


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