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Episode 166 – The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler


You’re not dreaming–we did read a bestseller that’s widely considered to be “good,” The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler. We teamed up with Amanda and Geoffrey from the podcast Dirt Cheap to investigate: is it actually a good book? Who is the murderer? Where can a guy find some good pornographic material in this town? Listen to this episode on your next stakeout!

Readers advisoryHere.

Footnotes: Dirt Cheap 

Wolverine: The Long Night podcast

Coming up next: The Vanishings (Left Behind: The Kids #1) by Jerry B. Jenkins & Tim LaHaye.


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Readers Advisory: Episode 166 – The Big Sleep

Here’s what we suggest instead of/in addition to reading The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler. Listen to the podcast to hear us talk about some of these titles in more depth!

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