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Episode 214 – Corinne

Corinne by Rebecca Morrow

We got tired of waiting for Stephenie Meyer’s latest book, so we checked out a book that some book bloggers are saying Stephenie Meyer wrote. Corinne is written by Rebecca Morrow, whose author bio simply states, “Rebecca Morrow is a pseudonym for a New York Times bestselling author.” We had our friend Margaret H. Willison (of Two Bossy Dames, among other projects) join us to investigate Morrow’s identity: is she Stephenie Meyer? Or perhaps an even more dazzling author? Listen to this episode to find out!

Content warning: Religious trauma.

Readers advisory: Here.

Footnotes: Reddit post: “Pretty sure Stephanie Meyer is wrote a new novel that’s slightly anti-religious under another name to avoid getting in trouble with the Mormon church.”

“Who Really Wrote Corinne by Rebecca Morrow?”

“Elin Hilderbrand to retire from writing beach reads in 2024”

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Cream Cheese Mints

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Readers Advisory: Episode 214 – Corinne

Here’s what we suggest instead of/in addition to reading Corinne by Rebecca Morrow. Listen to the podcast to hear us talk about some of these titles in more depth!

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