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Episode 75 – Saddle Club

Horse Shy by Bonnie Bryant

Hey, do you like horses? If so, great news: Flashback Summer continues as Jess (from Book Riot Comics) joined Renata and Becca to discuss Horse Shy from the Saddle Club series by Bonnie Bryant! If you don’t like horses: too bad, because that’s literally the only thing these Saddle Club girls talk about. Saddle up and hear us unpack a book that traumatized many young horse enthusiasts!

Promotional note: Come see us live at the Freepoint Hotel in Cambridge, MA on June 20th at 7pm!

Readers advisory: Here.

Footnotes: #WeNeedDiverse Saddle Club Book Covers

9 Saddle Club Books That Totally Ruled Your World As A Kid

Candy pairing:  Becca says Neigh-cco wafers, Jess says a disgusting Tastee Delight sundae,  Renata says a stale granola bar.

Coming up next: Meet Addy by Connie Porter and Molly Saves the Day by Valerie Tripp (American Girls series).


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Readers Advisory: Episode 75 – Saddle Club

Here’s what we suggest instead of/in addition to reading Saddle Club by Bonnie Bryant. Listen to the podcast to hear us talk about some of these titles in more depth!

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