Episode 137 – The Mister

The Mister by E. L. James


We knew we would need a lot of help to get through the frequently-requested book The Mister by E. L. James, so we tagged in Kitty and Piggy, the financial mavens behind the website and now podcast Bitches Get Riches! We’d already suffered through both Fifty Shades of Grey and also Grey, so we thought we knew what we were in for. But The Mister took us to unexpected places, such as inside a pair of big pink granny panties, and also Albania. Don’t miss DJ Maxim’s Club remix of this episode!

Readers advisoryHere.

Footnotes: Fanfiction 101

Second Chance Book Club: The Mister (is secretly Poldark?)

The Evolution of E. L. James by Alexandra Alter

E.L. James’ New Book The Mister Has A Connection To Fifty Shades Of Grey

Mary Bichner

Candy Pairing:  Kait says despair, Kitty says anything vanilla flavored, Renata says Activia yogurt.

Coming up next: Queer Venting About Instinct by James Patterson.


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