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Episode 49 – X-Men: X-Cutioner’s Song

X-Men: X-Cutioner's Song by Scott Lobdell et al

Kait, Renata, and their guest Megan (of Academic Inquiry Into Popular Culture) read X-Men: X-Cutioner’s Song by Scott Lobdell, Peter David & Fabian Nicieza, with art by Brandon Peterson, Jae Lee, Andy Kubert, & Greg Capullo. It’s an X-citing Peak 90s comics crossover event, featuring an overload of X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force, and X-tra tight Spandex. Come for the incomprehensible Apocolypse-tic time travel space clone adventures, stay because Renata’s Gambit voice has awakened something inside of you, cherie.

Readers advisory: Here.

Footnotes:  X-Cutioner’s Song story arc

Setting Up Your First Pull List

Dramatic Reading Panels: (click to embiggen)

X-Men: X-Cutioner's Song 1aX-Men: X-Cutioner's Song 1bX-Men: X-Cutioner's Song 1c

X-Men: X-Cutioner's Song 2aX-Men: X-Cutioner's Song 2bX-Men: X-Cutioner's Song 2cX-Men: X-Cutioner's Song 2d

X-Men: X-Cutioner's Song 3aX-Men: X-Cutioner's Song 3b

Candy pairing:  Kait says Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza, Megan says Fruit by the Foot, Renata says French Toast Crunch.

Coming up next: X-Men 3: The Last Stand movie novelization by Chris Claremont.


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