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Episode 61 – The Bridges of Madison County

Kait, Renata, and their guest Lyette read the Fifty Shades of Grey of the 90s, The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller. Like Fifty Shades, this book reminded us that women need men (or lizard people) to teach them about their sexualities, and also that men are garbage. Listen now to learn about bridges, antique cameras, and the worst possible inheritance your mom could leave you!

Readers advisory: Here.

Footnotes: ‘Bridges of Madison County’ Brings Iowa to Broadway

A Big Year for ‘Bridges’

“This is Not My Beautiful House” by Kim France

Dar Williams – Iowa

Adventure Cats

 Candy pairing: Kait says a chocolate rose, Lyette says Necco wafers, Renata says applesauce souffle.

Coming up next: Outlander Kitchen: The Official Outlander Companion Cookbook by Theresa Carle-Sanders.


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