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Episode 13 – Need for Speed

Need for Speed by Brian Kelleher

Kait, Renata, and their special guests Amanda and Christy read Need for Speed: The Movie Novelization by Brian Kelleher, a book based on a movie based on the video game based on the invention of the automobile. We originally read this book hoping that, like some of our favorite movie novelizations of years past, it would solve some of the lingering questions raised by the film, such as “Did that kid have psychic powers or what?” and “Was Aaron Paul’s character driven mad by solitary confinement, or just really bad at revenge?” Instead of answers, we found a confusing blend of Fast and the Furious fanfiction and Oz fanfiction, without any glossy photos of Aaron Paul enclosed to soothe our trauma. Listen now to hear four women who don’t know anything about cars lament just how hard it is to make a coherent storyline about street racing!

Readers advisory: Here.

Footnotes: Need for Speed Book Club on Tumblr

Christy’s amazing excerpts from the Need for Speed audiobook

Candy pairing: Amanda says Warheads, Christy says Red Bull,  Kait says Atomic Fireballs, Renata says banana Runts.

Coming up next: The Shunning by Beverly Lewis.


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