Episode 242 – The Discovery

The Discovery (Animorphs #20) by K.A. ApplegateThe Threat (Animorphs #21) by K.A. ApplegateThe Solution (Animorphs #22) by K.A. Applegate

It’s Morphin’ Time! We’re kicking off Flashback Summer Animal Style. We returned to the world of the Animorphs by reading the three books in the iconic David Saga–The Discovery (#20), The Threat (#21) and The Solution (#22), all by K.A. Applegate. We were joined by Moniquill Blackgoose, author of To Shape a Dragon’s Breath. Listen to this episode while driving to the mall to pick up a Cinnabon and/or fight a lion!

Readers advisory: Here.

Footnotes: Episode 52 – Animorphs #1

Coming up next: No Coins Please by Gordon Korman.


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