Episode 175 – Claudia and Mean Janine

Claudia and Mean Janine by Ann M. Martin

We read Baby-Sitters Club #7, Claudia and Mean Janine and Baby-Sitters Club #40, Claudia and the Middle School Mystery, both by Ann M. Martin. We were thrilled to spend more time with the coolest kid in Stoneybrook, and especially thrilled to discuss her with Susan Tan, author of the Cilla Lee-Jenkins books. Listen to this episode while hiding junk food and Nancy Drew novels around your bedroom!

Readers advisoryHere.

Footnotes: “‘The Claudia Kishi Club’ is a love letter to the beloved ‘Baby-Sitters Club’ character” by Yi-Jin Yu

“Claudia and the Baby-Sitters Club Books We Really Needed”

“An Ode to Claudia Kishi, the Coolest Kid in ‘The Baby-Sitters Club'” by Bettina Makalinta

“Seventh-Grade Style Icon Claudia Kishi’s Baby-Sitters Club Outfits, Ranked” b

Coming up next: Karen’s Plane Trip by Ann M. Martin.


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