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November 7, 2011

Music Monday: Round and Round

YOU GUYS, if this video does not make you want to immediately go out and buy a tan trenchcoat and giant sunglasses, then you must already own a tan trenchcoat and giant sunglasses.

Seriously, Selena Gomez is the coolest ever.

That is all.

October 17, 2011

Music Monday: Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

I might have mentioned before that I love Selena Gomez. It’s true! I do. This was one of the first songs of hers that I heard. It’s featured in Another Cinderella Story and I highly recommend it for working out or just listening to it and feeling sassier.

I actually just watched that video for the first time and it is kind of weird. Selena is both a sexy maid and a sexy referee? What is happening?

However, this, the official video, is not the version of the song I first heard. This is:

Did you listen to both? Did you catch the difference? Listen to the random rapper at 1:46. In the Disney version:

Selena hit the track, like a surfer making waves

In the original version?

Selena hit the track, like Katrina making waves

(Note: on this particular video there are completely mis-transcribed lyrics on screen. Trust me. It’s “like Katrina making waves.”)

Last summer, my friends and I listened to the original version a bunch and always laughed at that line. Was there seriously a Hurricane Katrina reference in this tween pop song? Or was it supposed to be a reference to Katrina and the Waves? (Obscure, but less offensive.)

Finally, we did some research and came up with this from Wikipedia:

“Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” by Selena Gomez was released as a single on August 5, 2008 on iTunes[11] and a Radio Disney version (which removes the Hurricane Katrina reference) was released on September 9, 2008, on iTunes.

Controversial! Selena really is just like Hurricane Katrina.

August 29, 2011

Music Monday: Who Says?

I’ve mostly been posting about YA books here, but I also love a lot of music targeted at tweens. I’ve received a fair amount of flak for my iPod full of Disney Channel stars, but I don’t even care. Tween music is where it’s at, you guys! Well–some of it, anyway. I’ve decided to post a song here every Monday, a hand-picked tween pop hit from me to you. The fact is, the best tween music makes me happy! Really happy! It will probably make you happy too!

Tween pop is primarily differentiated from mainstream pop in two main ways, as far as I can tell. First: age of the artist. Tween pop is generally sung by teens, for tweens. (Mainstream pop is sung by teens and twentysomethings, for teens and adults.) Second: content. Tween pop is generally free of any overtly sexual content and naughty language.

Tween pop songs generally come in three different flavors: love ballads, “partying with your friends” dance music, and “Be Yourself” self-esteem boosters. (Note: “breakup songs” can be subcategories of all three of these types!) I generally steer clear of the ballads, for they are generally too saccharine and slow for any non-tween to tolerate. (Although I did once put “You Are the Music in Me” from High School Musical 2 on a mix CD for my now-ex-boyfriend. I’m pretty sure that’s not the reason we broke up, though.) Party songs and Be Yourself songs, though, are generally awesome for working out, dancing, or just perking yourself up.

I’m starting off Music Mondays with a song by my current favorite tween pop singer, Selena Gomez. At the moment she may be best known as Justin Bieber’s death threat-receiving girlfriend, but she’s definitely a star in her own right. I have all her albums and they are great. Also, Wizards of Waverly Place, the Disney Channel show that started her tween idol career, is actually pretty funny. She played Beezus in the recent Ramona and Beezus movie (which I actually haven’t seen, so I can’t comment on its quality.) Apparently, she’s also slated to star as Hannah in the movie of Jay Asher’s lovely YA novel Thirteen Reasons Why, which I look forward to seeing.

Selena Gomez - When the Sun Goes Down

Love. Her.

I dare you to listen to this song, “Who Says,” without feeling at least a little bit better about your day.

Na na na na na na!

There’s also a Spanish-language version, “Dices.”

PS: For the record, Selena is 19, so you don’t have to feel too sketchy about thinking she’s super hot. Just saying.

July 6, 2011

Europe on $0 A Day

I just unintentionally read two books and watched a movie that took place in Europe (by which I mean, I didn’t sit down to have a Europe-themed reading/movie week. I read and watched them all on purpose. I wasn’t tricked or anything.) and now I’m wishing someone would send me to boarding school and/or on an international scavenger hunt. But since that’s not likely, I guess I’ll just review some international YA books and a movie.

So, I finally read Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. And, yes, I loved it. Probably everyone else has already read this by now, and Sandy already reviewed it, so let me just say that reading it made me really hungry. I give Anna and the French Kiss four croissants (out of a possible five).


Mmm, croissant.

Next up: Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson. I know! I don’t know why I hadn’t read this yet, given that it’s probably her best-known book. I really enjoyed it! I had to suspend my credulity, to be certain… why did she have to be seventeen? It would have been so much more plausible if she were eighteen, in terms of traveling as a minor and such. But whatever, if I want plausibility I’ll read Jon Krakauer, right? So, seventeen-year-old Ginny finds the titular little blue envelopes and gets sent on a quest by her late, wacky Aunt Peg. She’s not allowed to call or email home (though she does cheat on that one a bit). She goes on a cool trip across Europe, and, get this, travelling by herself is like, totally a growth experience and she comes out of her shell and (maybe) finds love! She learns more about her Aunt Peg and starts coming to terms with her death and her life! For me, the best part of the book was the armchair travel. I give it three backpacks (out of a possible five), and I’m definitely going to put myself on the library wait list for The Last Little Blue Envelope.

13 Little Blue Envelopes

And finally, I saw Monte Carlo, the new film starring Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester. I went to see it on opening day with my friend Anna (with whom I previously saw Prom and Soul Surfer). We are aficionados of tween/teen movies, and we admire Selena Gomez’s work in Another Cinderella Story, Princess Protection Program, and Wizards of Waverly Place. We also like her album, Kiss & Tell. You could call us Selena Gomez fans and we would not even try to deny it. We were so excited about this movie that we went to see it on opening day.  (I KNOW.) Unfortunately, it was not worth our excitement.


I would not advise seeing this film.

The plot of Monte Carlo is: Selena Gomez, her fellow waitress friend, and her bitchy stepsister (Leighton Meester) all go on a one-week trip to Paris together, following Selena’s high school graduation. Their guided trip is very hectic and crappy. They get left behind by their tour bus and rush into a very posh hotel to get out of the rain. Inside, Selena Gomez gets mistaken for a very rich and spoiled heiress (also played by Selena Gomez). Heiress-Selena (who reminded me a lot of Posh Spice) is supposed to attend a charity ball the next morning, but she bails out of the hotel and goes to the beach (because she doesn’t care about the children). Waitress-Selena and her friends get whisked away in a private jet to Monte Carlo. “Hilarious” mistaken identity antics ensue, and in the end, heiress-Selena gets a mild dose of comeuppance and they all raise a lot of money for charity. Also, there are some European romances, obviously. Hoorays. We knew going into this that it would be formulaic and cheesy–that’s what we wanted. But it was just too slow-moving and too, well, boring, despite the great backdrops of Paris and Monte Carlo. Oh, and it needed about 300% more scenes with heiress-Selena. She was awesome. The best part of this movie was the anxious tween girls who sat behind us and offered helpful commentary like, “Oh no! She forgot her necklace! GO GET THE NECKLACE!” and “STOP KISSING!”

I rate Monte Carlo three of out five Spice Girls, but only if you can see it with chatty tween girls. Otherwise, two Spice Girls (and neither of them are Posh Spice). Oh, also, I feel strongly that this should have been a musical. Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, and Katie Cassidy are all in various stages of launching musical careers. Plus, Finn from Glee is in it. And yet, no singing? Boo, Monte Carlo. BOO.