A success story

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend my fourth New England Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators AKA NESCBWI (worst acronym ever) Conference and it was a doozy. The keynotes speakers were Jane Yolen and Tomie DePaola, both known mostly for their work in picture books, but Jane Yolen has a few novels in her 200 publications. My favorite presentation was given by Mark Peter Hughes, the author of Lemonade Mouth, which is now a Disney Channel movie. A hit one at that. Truth is, probably more kids have seen that movie than Prom, which was the movie Disney released a few weeks ago (and Renata blogged about). My friend Shoshana (Hi Shoshana! Check out her blog here) works at a bookstore and said copies have been flying off the shelf. I read Lemonade Mouth three years ago, when I attended my first Whispering Pines Retreat and MPH (Not NPH, but just as cute and funny) was the mentor. He is a Rhode Islander like me, and sets his novels in my home state. I was so happy when I heard that Lemonade Mouth was becoming a movie, because I knew how big that this was. It is fantastic to see a local guy get success like this.


Anyway, I digress. His workshop was entitle Help! Help! I’m Stuck! and while I’m bound by the oath of NESCBWI to not discuss the details on my blog, let me say that I’m excited to continue writing my novel. Just seeing him there so excited to talk about the craft we both share and know that he is turning non-readers into readers at this very moment is exciting.

The theme of the conference was something about Milestones because it was the 25th year and there was a lot of talking about the success stories that have come from SCBWI and it gave me some hope and goals. For now, though, I’m just going to plug along on my novel and read my YA novels and dream that someday I’ll be standing in front of a room of pre-published writers with a story to tell.

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