Friday Feuds: Team Peeta

Oh Peeta. Sweet, unwaveringly loyal, smart and cute… what else does a girl need? Well if you’re KatnissĀ  Everdeen, you could go for the best friend, the one you’ve known all your life – the one that looks so much like you he could be your brother (AKA Gale)! But you should go for the one that risks his life for yours over and over and over again. The one who when you kiss, even though you tell y0urself you’re just pretending, it makes you week in the knees. The one who doesn’t keep secrets from you for your own good.

Even at the beginning of the series, there was something about Gale that just didn’t sit right. What was he waiting for? Did he just think of Katniss as a kid sister or something more? When we are introduced to Peeta, Katniss tells the reader about how he gave her some bread, even though he knew it would lead to a beating from his evil mother. So even before they were put in the arena, Peeta was risking himself for Katniss.

And then in Mockingjay when he is brainwashed into hating her, he comes around and still loves her. And meanwhile, Gale because war obsessed and loses his compassion for humanity in exchange for the “greater good”. There is no way that Katniss would ever love Gale after the decisions he made and murders that he put into place. Peeta is the only one that was in the arena with Katniss both times and the only one that truly understands.

PS – I agree with Renata though, what she really needs is a good therapist and a white padded room for awhile.

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