La Vie Harry Potter!

Ok, so I have been woefully neglectful of this blog, so I thank Renata for

A) Not throwing sticks at me

B) taking up my slack.

C) Going to ALA so I could live vicariously through her

I have excuses: Personal problems, life getting in the way, blah blah and more blah.

I have to say that I have been working on my own novel a lot this month. I thought I was almost done with my latest revision but then I realized that I have a lot more plot to write, so I’m doing that. Whatever, you people don’t care about that.

What you care about is the last Harry Potter comes out in 2 weeks! TWO WEEKS BABY! So like any Potternerd, I’ve been rereadin the books.

Except, I’ve been reading Sorcerer’s Stone for like a month now. That is a little embarrassing because

A) I’m a grown up and that one is written for young readers

B) it is pretty darn short

C) I’ve read it many many times

There is just this thing called time and I don’t have a lot of it. However… I’m going on vacation to Cape Cod tomorrow. Seven days of living by the beach, along with my in-laws who love my children and love playing with them and love keeping them out of my hair (I like my kids, really, but man, they are time consuming! Sometimes I wish they’d just sit and watch the Magic School Bus for the 40th time so I can read my Harry Potter) so I’ll be reading the books. We’ll see how far I get.

Also? I’m going to be in New York City when the movie opens so my friends and I are going to the midnight show at Lincoln Center. I promise to live tweet this event @sandyjoys¬† Obviously I will not tweet during the movie, but I’m excited for this freak show. In fact, earlier that evening I’m going to first preview of the new off-bwy production of Rent, so it is going to be a freakshow kind of evening. My favorite!

I’m thinking maybe I’ll dress up as a Mark Cohen/Harry Potter hybrid. Striped scarf, check. Glasses, check. Obsessive need to take care of all your friends before yourself, check.

Anyway, I’ll see you all on the flip side of my vacation where I promise that the blogging will become more frequent and fun.

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