2016’s Top Ten Duarte Photos

Hi all! Our Bests & Worsts of 2016s episodes are delayed, due to a number of factors, but mainly I got pneumonia and was too sick to do anything for a long time. Thanks, 2016, for this lovely parting gift. To help fill the gap in Worst Bestsellers land, Kait said she was going to write a blog post about the top 10 best moments of 2016, and I said, good for you but that sounds too exhausting for me to do. (Pneumonia sucks, y’all!)

But I didn’t want to show up to the blog empty-handed, and I figured even in my extremely diminished capacity I could handle a photo roundup of my favorite subject. Here are my top 10 photos of my cat Duarte from 2016. I hope you like them, too. (If not: leave me alone, I’m sick.)


Fat Duarte

This is NOT DUARTE. This summer I had the pleasure of visiting the Seattle Meowtropolitan Cat Cafe and met Duarte’s Doppelganger, aka Fat Duarte. (Fat Duarte is really named Nova but I prefer not to call her that.) Fat Duarte was very pleasing to behold and she alone was well worth the price of admission to the cat cafe.



This is a diptych of Duarte preferring not to be photographed. I find it very relatable.



I took this photo on a recent sick day (did I mention I have pneumonia). I originally instagrammed it with the caption “Blair Witch Project 7” because that’s the vibe I got from it. I did not google how many Blair Witch movies there have been and I won’t do it now. Thanks for keeping me company, witch cat.



Duarte why won’t you wear a party hat. Duarte it’s a party. DUARTE.



This is mainly a picture of me but I like that Duarte is hanging out in the background, aloofly supervising the podcast. This was right after we moved to Boston but before our furniture arrived. Podcat’s gotta podcat.



I was trying out different interview outfits and I draped this blazer over Duarte. I don’t think he liked it but probably just because it wasn’t tailored to his size. Plus it’s overkill since he’s already wearing a tuxedo.



This is a picture of Duarte and my mom sharing a chair, although Duarte is not very good at sharing. My mom is a very good grandmother to Duarte.



Oh my gosh his little toes. His little white chin. Oh my gosh. He’s so sleepy. Oh my gosh.



Duarte bit me like 2 seconds after this photo was taken. You can see it in his eyes. And his tongue.



When it’s cold out Duarte likes to sleep on my face for warmth. He is yawning in this photo because he is a sleepy kitty who would like to sleep on my face for 18 hours a day if possible. Sadly for both of us, it is not usually possible.


Duarte Lobster


Since we moved to Boston (or thereabouts) this year, I got Duarte a lobster costume for annual holiday card. (Naturally.) This isn’t the picture I chose for the final card, but it’s maybe my favorite of the set. Fight the power, Duarte.



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3 Responses to 2016’s Top Ten Duarte Photos

  1. Martina

    I want to leave a pithy comment, but all my brain can come up with right now is “DUARTE!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3"

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  3. Kristi

    Aw, Duarte looks like our Bellatrix. She gets that look in her eyes like picture #3. Thankfully, she hasn’t bitten us.

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