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June 28, 2011

ALA: Ghost Tour

This doesn’t really have anything to do with YA stuff, but it happened to me while I was at the ALA conference. I no longer have a personal blog, only a personal Twitter, and this is the first thing I’ve ever put on Twitter that I really felt like needed to be saved somewhere besides Twitter.

I am talking about our GHOST TOUR. There are a variety of themed New Orleans tours available: Vampire Tour, Swamp Tour, Cemetary Tour, GHOST TOUR. My friends & I mulled it over and decided that the GHOST TOUR sounded really cheesy, but also like it would be entertaining. And even though we probably wouldn’t see any ghosts, we figured at least we could see some of the French Quarter and hear some cool historical stories.



I think I am just going to tell this story by reposting all of my tweets, which I rudely (but necessarily) posted throughout the entire tour. (If you’re not familiar with Twitter, using the # is a way to label your tweets. For example, you can search Twitter for #ala11 to see everything tweeted about the ALA 2011 conference. Or you can search #ghosttour to see all the tweets about ghost tours. You get the idea.)

ghost tour

Getting ready for the ghost tour!

  • “I hate haunted houses!” “Me too!” “Why are we going on a ghost tour?” “I like real ghosts.” “I don’t like to be touched by surprise.”
  • “‘Touched by surprise’ sounds like a 90s pop song.” “I hope it’s the new Justin Bieber song.” #touchedbysurprise
  • Our Ghost Tour guide: “This is parapsychology, not science. You can’t put a ghost in a petrie dish. I look forward to the day we can.”
  • Guide: “We’ll see a multi-million $ haunted house.” Me: “IS IT NICOLAS CAGE’S HOUSE?!” Guide: “… yeah.” #haunted #yessss
  • Also everyone besides me & my friends quit the tour already. Or got ghosted?! We think it’s the guide’s first day. #stillawesome
  • Me: “Do you know where Live & Let Die was filmed?” Guide: “Yeah, we already passed it.” Me: >:( #worstghosttourguide
  • Sam: Is this everyone? Guide: Yeah, everyone else left the tour. Me: They couldn’t take it when shit got REAL.
  • Ghost Tour guide (plaintively): “I wish I were better at telling ghost stories.” #ustoo
  • Guide: “I think the reason people don’t see many ghosts here even though it’s so haunted is it’s crowded & our electromagnetic fields….”
  • “… tend to interact with ghosts and repel them.” #ghostscience
  • “I’m thirsty. I’m going to die & haunt a water cooler.” “Ghosts can’t interact w/ water. They’re noncorporeal.” “I’m so glad you said that.”
  • YESSS FINALLY, NIC CAGE’S OLD HOUSE. IT HAS A TRULY EFFED UP HAUNTING STORY ATTACHED TO IT. [You can read about this house and its horrifying story from someone else.]
haunted house

Nic Cage's creepy haunted house

  • The tour guide’s friend, inexplicably dressed like a Newsie, has joined us on the rest of the ghost tour.
  • OH DUH the guide’s friend is a ghost. That explains his Newsies costume.
  • “Would that guy be offended if I asked him if he was a Newsie?” “Just ask if you can buy a pape.” #newsieghost

I didn't really mean to take a pic of the Newsie (far left, obviously) but I'm so glad I did.

  • Guide: “Now that this tour is over, I’ll confess that this is the first time I’ve given a solo tour.” #obvi #wecouldtell
  • I forgot one key piece of info: halfway through the tour our guide started smoking a corncob pipe. #wtf

We survived the Ghost Tour. Barely.

Honestly, I had an awesome time on the tour, which is no doubt partially thanks to the enormous Hurricane I drank during the tour. But also I was with a group of people who had a good sense of humor about how ridiculous the tour was. Oh, goodness. Anyway, so, I guess I would probably recommend taking the New Orleans Haunted History tour, because even if you don’t see any ghosts or receive a fully-trained tour guide, you can still have a really enjoyable evening.