Hello, and welcome to Some Stuff I Wrote. This is just a general archive for, well, stuff I've written. Mostly fanfiction, along with the occasional humor bit. I'm Renata, by the way, and I adore feedback. So if you read any of this, and it produces any sort of emotion whatsoever in you (positive or negative), it would make me very happy if you'd email me at renata at frowl dot org and let me know.

Lately I've been embracing the move of fandom to Livejournal, so things get posted in a more timely fashion at Renata_Kedavra on Livejournal.

Fics are set up with the title, a brief description, and in italics, a few of my random thoughts about the story in question. Two characters' names (or initials) separated by a slash indicates a romantic pairing between the two (i.e. J/D,) while separation by an ampersand indicates that the two characters are together in the fic, but not romantically paired in any way (i.e. Ron & Harry.)

Also, a note about ratings: the distinction between G and PG and PG-13 is pretty arbitrary for me, so I wouldn't pay them much mind. Anything R, though, probably has a good amount of language and/or sex, so if you're not into that sort of thing, be warned.

Right then, on to the stuff!

01.29.07: Time for my annual update? I guess I've mostly been posting stuff at my Livejournal, or not at all, but I just added 4 new X-Men stories, 1 new West Wing story, and two new miscellaneous (Lemony Snicket!) ficlets. Also, I'm officially not even pretending like I'm goinng to update the Humor section. I'm bad enough at keeping The B&S website updated. If you're interested in my funny things just check that out.
02.10.06: Oh right, I have a website? What? After that random hiatus, I've added a few new XMM fics.
01.06.05: Happy new year! A new (one and a half new?) X-Men story. I have like 234908234 new humor bits but I haven't HTMLized them yet. Maybe one day I will. Oh, also, seriously, go sign up for 50ways. Or else I won't be your friend anymore.
10.26.04: I am a powerhouse of productivity this 3-day period. Another new X-Men story (actually new) and one more TWW drabble. Also, I've started a new project called 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, which is collecting 50 fics from different fandoms, to be posted on Valentine's Day. Check it out and then sign up.
10.23.04: One new X-Men story (not too new, actually, but I forgot to post it before) and lots of new humor.
07.14.04: Two new West Wing stories (a CJ ficlet and a J/D fluff), and a miscellaneous Spider-Man drabble.
06.12.04: I finished "Blessings of Liberty!" For real! And there are two new drabbles, too, so clearly the West Wing page is the place to be. But there's a new Harry Potter humor bit, too.
05.07.04: And again, four new Humor bits, and apparently I lied when I said BoL5 was coming soon. But well, "soon" is just such a relative term.
04.16.04: Four new humor pieces. (I swear to Christ "Blessings of Liberty" Part 5 is coming soon.)
03.24.04: A new X-Men E/C angst one-shot.
03.20.04: Two new humor pieces.
02.24.04: One new West Wing drabble.

More specific disclaimers can be found on each fandom's page, but as a general note: unless specified, I do not own characters used in fanfiction, but I believe that my non-profit usage of them is acceptable under fair use copyright law. The humor stuff, on the other hand, is original.
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