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welcome to breath mints & cigarettes, a fanlisting for stuart davis! if you're here, you're probably already familiar with stuart davis and his music, but in case you're not: stuart is an acclaimed folk-punk musician who defies description, so just go listen to his music.

fanlistings attempt to gather all the fans of someone or something (ie stuart davis) into one listing. hence the name. see, it all makes sense now, doesn't it? if you're a fan of stuart davis, you should join. and if you're not a fan of stuart davis, you should become one, then join.

November 11, 2006: still no new members.
July 15, 2006: no new members. jeeze, guys. check out the new album and join the fanlisting, already.
March 17, 2006: added 1 new member. happy st. patrick's day!
November 11, 2005: added 3 new members.
April 04, 2005: added 2 new members.
March 09, 2005: added no new members, because nobody loves me. or stu.
November 30, 2004: added 1 new member.
November 03, 2004: added 1 new member.
August 19, 2004: added 2 new members.
July 20, 2004: added 1 new member and 2 new codes (donated by jackie. thanks!)
June 07, 2004: added 1 new member.
February 24, 2004: added 2 new members.
January 21, 2004: added 3 new members.
January 03,.2004: added 2 new members.
December 31, 2003: added 1 new member.
December 30, 2003: added 3 new members.

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site created 12.29.03 by renata. just a fan, i don't own stuart, or any of the images used here. "breath mints and cigarettes" comes from the song "sugar bullets", (c) stuart davis 2002. word to your mother.