I keep forgetting I'm blogging again!

Quick blog from the phone at da bar. Two things, I'm being good tonight! And, yay comments!



Brad is the worst influence in the entire world. Also, he made me drive a car (it was to take him to the hospital after he hit his head, but it was still terrifying). So, yeah, spent the week basically hanging out with Brad. We went to the hospital. He told everyone at the bar it was because he got shot, but he really just fell off his pull up bar. A slightly less exciting story, I was the bad girlfriend that told everyone the embarrassing truth. I also managed to take 10 minutes to drive to the hospital... Brad lives like two blocks from the hospital. In my just woken from a sleep by Brad falling on the floor and then having to drive I took a very circuitous route, and he was yelling at me and playing with the radio, most annoying injured passenger EVER.

My phone is so busted and dead. My dad says he'll get a new one for me though. Woot.

Brad's at work, and I've got so much stuff to do before going to bed and then going to Brad's at like eight am. My house is a mess.

Good night people, I would blog more from Brad's but I've been having problems with his keyboard. It's a mac, and my nails get stuck. Stupid manicure. I'm actually doing my nails tonight so I can type better. I am both ridic vain, and ridic nerdy. Wow.


Equal Rights! And, Detroit.

I'm getting ready to head off to the Final Four in Detroit!

Also, it is now legal for gays and lesbians to marry in the state of Iowa. Awesome. It was like freaking Pride at Studio last night. I went down for an hour. Had one and one half cocktails and danced with the gorgeous Austrian boy I met last month. FUN. Hottest guy there, but has a girlfriend in Austria. Most enjoyable. Made sure drunk Roommate got home (and, also two other dudes who are sleeping on the floor on the other side of the coffee table now... I'm prolly bugging them with my typing, but I don't care. I like to eat breakfast in the living room, and it's my house).

I prolly won't be online screwing around with fbook and blogger much while I'm gone, so y'all better text message me a lot so I don't go too crazy.

OMG, I had the weirdest dream right as I woke up. I'm kinda dozing through the first snooze cycle on my alarm clock, and Roommate's alarm is going off non stop and I'm like... awake but not really wanting to be... and still dreaming? And in my dream state, I thought Preston walked in and sat on the foot of my bed. I was like "WTF??" I mean, I know and trust Preston well enough to know that if he were to show up at my house at 7am it would be for a reason and I'd be happy to help, but it scared the crap outta me! I sat up so fast that Leela woke up with a really loud, surprised squeak. It took me like two minutes to be like... "...weird?"

I have 35 minutes until my ride to the airport gets here... I should text him and tell him I have to take Leela to my parent's house... I sorta forgot about that part. Yeah, I'll do that now.

I'm enjoying the breakfast of champions... Diet oatmeal, diet cream soda, and black tea. Usually it's just the oatmeal and tea, but the diet cream soda I bought yesterday was calling my name.

Ok, I'm gonna go make sure I have everything packed and let the boys on the floor get some sleep. Bye guys!!



I talked to Jordan for a full 2 and a half hours the other night. WOW. I felt that was worth mentioning, because with my half hour conversation with Rob, I spent more time on the phone this week than I have in like 3 months (combined).

Jordan, I miss you! I'm literally going to knock you over with a hug when I see you. Reading archives and all that I'm reminded of what good friends we used to be... Like, going more than a day without hanging out NEVER happened. HEART. I'm so proud of you, I know I have no stake in being proud of you, but I am. Leave me a comment! (It always comes back to the comments...)


Dear iTunes,

Stop playing Waking up in Vegas and LDN every ten minutes.

No Love,

PROM. And I'm feeling emo. Wait, is it 8 years ago?!

Prom is this Tuesday at Studio! I'm so excited I might die. My dress from junior year still fits! And my dress from senior year is too big! I'm celebrating by getting some Taco Johns with Matt. Because being emo and dieting doesn't work.

EMO. I'ma go put on some dark eyeliner and knit a sweater and listen to some indie rock. Wait, I always listen to indie rock... Damn. Maybe I'll take some mirror pictures to put on myspace. Yeah, I'll do that. Weep. Sad. BOYS SUCK. SUCK. And I rock at being an over-reacting drama queen. I'm just lucky I didn't throw any drinks in anyones face. Or slap anyone. I don't think. SIGH. < / emo > Yes, boys suck.

Except for Frank, who is taking me to prom on Tuesday to make up for all the mean things he did to me in elementary school. I'm so psyched for Tuesday. I'm trying to get a group of at least 7 or 8 people to go and then bar hop with me and Kate. I'm up to three. Maybe four. Kate, me, Frank, maybe Tony. I'm gonna be so annoying this week trying to get people to go! Yessss. I totally rescheduled work for this. I was supposed to be leaving at like 9am on Wednesday for DC... And I switched it to Thursday so I could go to prom. It's good to be an adult.

I want Taco Johns SO BAD. And maybe some ice cream. NO. Last time I was feeling emo over a boy (Same boy. Boo, why am I such a girl? Wasn't this why I declared I wasn't dating? Dur. I should go watch Twilight. And call the guy 25 times in 20 minutes. Because that's a good idea. And maybe get some cats.) ANYhow, I was like "I'll have a single serving of low fat ice cream. 130 calories, that's acceptable. Then I ate the entire pint sitting on my couch watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl. That is what we call UNacceptable. Plus, ice cream and Taco Johns and I will have to run like six million miles tomorrow. And I don't want to.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatt, get done with class. I need Taco Johns, Yo.

Also, you guys are being very lazy in your commenting. You all fail.


Cleaning, Day 2.

My sheets are in the washer! Wait, they're prolly ready to go into the dryer. BRB.

Now they're in the dryer! I keep finding things I forgot to wash. I hate that. And, I have a bunch of stuff that needs to hang... like, I have some hooks in my room, but I need to get one of those over-the-door things for my closet door (I've had like three of them, WHERE DO THEY GO?! Prolly hanging out with my missing shirts). Anyhow, I have two robes (they're both pink! And one has a giant Hello Kitty on the back!), and like approximately two million sweat shirts... and they take up SO MUCH ROOM when they're folded, so I just wanna hang them. I'll get a hook thingy tomorrow. I be Hy Vee has them! Yesss.

My closet reorganization has been going well, except for not finding my shirts. I found one, but I'm still missing my favorite tank top, my favorite black t-shirt, and my favorite white t-shirt. I makes no sense. SIGH.

Jordan's calling tonight! Maybe I'll be clever enough to answer the phone! I hope so.

Other things I need to do tonight... Put the dishes away (see, this is specifically why I said they aren't done until they're put away... I'm so bad about finishing tasks). Get my nice fresh dry sheets out of the laundry and make my bed (yay!). Pick up all the random little bits of trash that manage to make their way onto the floor and into the corners. DUST. Wipe down all the counters in the kitchen. SWEEP. Possibly swiffer!

I'm getting there. The house will be clean by the time I leave for Detroit! Of course, I'd be willing to bet that when I get home Tuesday morning Roommate and Roommate's boyfriend will have made a big mess. At least my room will be clean! And my laundry will be done! And I will hide my clean towels so they can't use them! C'mon, I washed all their towels too, they should be able to handle not stealing mine for one weekend.

I need to buy cleaning supplies. I can't properly clean the bathroom without cleaning supplies! I will organize my giant cupboard of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, make up and random crap. I love having a clean house. It's just to taxing trying to get it clean and keep it clean. Ugh, that reminds me, I need to send in my taxes.

I'm gonna have some diet ravioli florentine for dinner. It's gonna be delicious. Not very filling, but still pretty tasty. Maybe I'll be wild and have some low fat chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for dessert!

I need to go stretch and do some pilates type stuff, I didn't go running today because it's so damn windy I wanted to die. Bonus points to people who remember that I HATE WIND. HATE IT. But, yeah, I don't wanna go a day without at least some sort of physical movement. Even a half hour of stretching and knee bends and junk is better than nothing.



So Much Progress!

Dishes are (kinda) DONE! (Ok, they aren't put away, and I specifically said they had to be put away before they were done...)

Laundry is being done as we speak! I'm not sure if I'm gonna get my sheets done tonight or not. Or my whites. I'm out of bleach, sad face, so yeah, I think I'm gonna wait and get some bleach tomorrow. It's getting too late to vacuum without seeming like I'm a tweaker or some shit, so that's gonna wait too.

I totally do feel accomplished in all of my hard work today, even though there's no one here to appreciate it. Anyone wanna come over and comment on how clean my house is? No? Yeah, didn't think so.

So. Many. Dishes.

And, SO MUCH LAUNDRY. I'm completely reorganizing my closet as part of the laundry endeavor. I'm really hoping that in the reorganization I will find my missing clothing. I'm seriously... just... I... how... WHERE ARE THEY!?

What's gonna happen is I'm gonna get the whole house freaking SPOTLESS, and then I'll be sitting around by myself tonight in a clean house with no company. At least the kitchen won't smell bad anymore... The dishes have reached the point of no return... And I think Roommate and his boyfriend may have cooked something and left the pan in the sink... Where it has slowly been covered with rinsed plates and glasses. Cuz, something in that sink is going to be really gross to deal with, I can just tell. And, there are two half eaten pieces of pizza sitting on the counter. And the infamous tower of trash on top of the trash can... Take out the trash maybe? I bitch and bitch, but usually I really don't care... I'm totally not gonna change their ways, I'd just become the bitchy roommate. I'll just rant about it in my blog while putting off cleaning! Yessss. Master plaaaaan.

Nate's old roommate totally took all the cleaning supplies (along with the silverware and corkscrew, what?), and I haven't taken the time to replace them, so I keep just sweeping and making due with what few supplies I have. Mainly pet type cleaning supplies. Alright, here goes, here's the list to get me motivated... (If you'll recall from my early blogging days, I fucking LOVE lists).

-Whites (bleach)
-Cottons and other hot water type stuff.
-Delicate things
-Handwash my cashmere pashmina that LEELA PEED ON. Rotten, rotten dog.
-Dishes- (are not considered done until PUT AWAY.)
-Take out trash- (and bring the cans back up to the driveway tomorrow)
-Hang up all hanging clothes-
-Fold all other clothes-
-Wash sheets-
-Make bed-
-Put away four million pairs of shoes-
-Put away dog toys-
(that'll last for all of ten minutes)

Ok, that's what I have to do today. SIGH. I guess I have some more time tomorrow too... Though, it'd be nice to just get up and go running and then go to lunch with my dad... And... find something else to do in the afternoon. Srsly, day's off, yo.

And, I'm working in Detroit this weekend and going to the final four. I'm totes not excited at all. Woo, basketball, wooo, Detroit? No. Oh well, cool thing to do regardless, and I'm sure I'll enjoy myself. DISHES.
I'm trying to get myself motivated to do my pilates and go running. It is not going well.

I also need to buy some milk!

I have so much un-fun stuff to do today. I know once I get going I'm gonna feel great about it. Like, by the end of the day, if I have done everything on my list I will be thrilled and feel so great and accomplished.... but, right now... noooo. Does not want.

OK. I feel like, if I start with the Pilates, that's gonna give me a boost of energy to go for a jog. Then, after jogging, I'll be all sweaty, and a shower will feel great... It's so true about a great journey beginning with one step. My first step needs to be "stop blogging". Followed by... close aim, close facebook... Well, maybe leave AIM open, what if someone wants to leave me a message?!

Pathetic, srsly. Ok, I'm gonna do it.


More to come...

So yeah, about three cocktails and at least two tequila shots after arriving at Ugly's we're all out front smoking and who should wander by but.... My sister!? SO random. And she was so embarrassed by me. Aw. AND I was totally trying to chase her down as she drove away cuz I had something to tell her, but now I don't remember what it was. Kate? Any Idea?

All in all a great Caturday. My "G" button isn't working. I have to push really hard to get g's.

Zane, are you kidding me? You're leaving for Jersey for a week and didn't bother mentioning it? LAME, YO.

It's time for some pancheros.


Getting Ugly.

My Caturday is about to get much better! I'm off to Ugly's to meet Kate! She's totes gonna yell at me for blogging instead of hurrying, but I'm waitin' fo my cab!

Leela peed somewhere and I can't find it. I'm gonna smush her. Jerky little chihuahua. Now the house smells like pee, Leela. WTG. She knows I'm blogging about her, she just went and hid.

I'm going for the minimalist look, make-up-wise, mostly because I am out of eyeliner. Well, not entirely... I have some gold sparkly eyeliner, and some silver sparkly eyeliner... but... Yeah. I am wearing my hair down tonight though... Mostly because I haven't had my hair out of a bun in like a week. Well, I wore it in braids for The Mill's trivia night on sunday. Which was AWESOME. Well, not really, I didn't participate, but Trav was HILAR, and Adam was awesome, so I totes wanna make it a regular thing. I will not abandon Pub Quiz though! Nevar!

So, reader input: When I tear down the archives, I plan on leaving a handful of favorite posts. I'm also considering compiling posts talking about my friends and e-mailing them if said friend wants to hear about what I was sayin' about them six years ago. For Renata, I'm just going to e-mail her my entire blog. SO. If anyone I used to blog about a lot wants to keep my musings on them... Comment or e-mail me. I'm still meagna at frowl dot org. I wonder, have spam bots gotten smart enough to just pull "blank at blank dot com" out of stuff. Oh well, I get so much spam anyhow.

Speaking of Renata (and really, when am I not?), I had no idea she was gonna be back this summer! Just for a little bit, but still. I can't quite afford to go to Japan AND the Dominican Republic, so now I don't have to go to the Dominican Republic this year, and I can still see Renata! Yessssss!

I wish the Compulsive Bowlers boards were as hoppin' as they used to be... I have searched far and wide to find another snarky, mean, busy, fun message board... but to no avail. Plus, I've got some street cred at CB. Anywhere where the user name "megan" belongs to me means I got in on the ground floor. CB, don't die. Sad face.

Srsly cab, I blog fast, but c'mon now.

Umm. I don't think I have anything else to say. I totes wanna blog about Rob hovering over his humidifier... But, it's just gonna have to wait. I wanna make sure I have all the crap I need before I have to run out to the cab.


I am not having a good Caturday.

It's snowing. And work is absolutely ridic. Crappy calls, crappy weather, puts everyone in a bad mood, so now we have a bunch of cranky people on top of the original crappiness.

Tryin' to keep the mood up so at least the office stays happy (we're cycling in here... sometimes great, sometimes losing it)... I'll keep you posted.

Saturday. Wait, no, it's Caturday! That's way better.

Since the only people that see me all day are cab drivers and the occasional person stopping in for a lost cell phone/wallet/ID/cordless phone (???) I generally don't put a whole lot of effort into my outfits. I basically just try not to look like a homeless person. I wasn't paying ANY attention while getting ready today and managed to pair hot pink yoga pants with a red and white striped shirt. I noticed right before I left and quick changed into some jeans...

Best part is, even if I had worn my original hideous outfit, I doubt anyone would have noticed.

Zane's coming to visit today! (I think!)

I meant to clean last night, I made a list, and was all excited. Then, right after making my list, I fell asleep sitting up on the couch. I guess I was more tired than I thought. This was at like 10:25 last night. I woke up at 3am thinking "Well, I'm never gonna fall back asleep..." decided to finish my book (Rant, Chuck Palahniuk) and watch some Futurama. Tote's fell back asleep and slept til like 10 this morning. I'm very well rested now.

I have no idea when Zane's coming in tonight... I'll text him. I wanna clean tonight at least a LITTLE. The house is a mess, and I'm gonna be travelin' for work next week and I hate leaving a mess while I'm out of town (even though the majority of the time Nate isn't even home to see it). So, either I'm gonna have to clean ALL DAAAAAY on Sunday, or I can at least do some dishes and laundry and stuff tonight.

Zane update: It's supposed to snow tonight?! And sleet?! Well, no one told me. Jerks. Wait, heavy snow and sleet?! 8 inches? Damn. Maybe no Zane tonight after all. And I totally didn't wear a coat today! Dammit. Fucking Iowa. I should have seen it coming, but I was so hopeful it would stay spring that I was in denial.

I think I'm starting to get over my cold! Like, for a week, I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed (Srsly, I just had my dad and a few friends stop by during the course of the week to make sure me and Leela were still alive). Then I was 100% better! Then, I was just kinda sickly. THEN, I felt like I was getting it ALL OVER AGAIN. And now, I am recovering! I think I'll live. Hopefully?



I totes feel like I didn't spell that right...

I am debating going to work an hour early so I can punk out and take a break. I THINK I'MA DO EET. I'm in a weird mood today. Crazy night last night, FULL OF SURPRISES.

I'm in too weird a mood to be blogging. Maybe I'll mellow out and blog at work. Maybe.


Here goes...

I'm off to see Watchmen! I hope it's not as terrible as everyone except Matt says it is. The internet is crazy. Thanks to my blog, facebook and twitter my every motion is tracked. I'm the easiest person to stalk, like evar.

I just told Rob I was leaving in 10 minuets. I'm going to start measuring time in minuets.


I totally just told two people to come leave me comments (I need encouragement that my return to blogging will be triumphant), and then I saw a new comment, and was like "YES! VALIDAAAATION" and it was an unsolicited comment from Patrick! So, Patrick wins at my blog, and Tim and Zane fail. I want some subway, damn you Tim.

Day Off.

Kudos to Zane for sending me a link to my craigslist missed connection. We are such cool people. Squirrels?

Hrm. I hung out with Kate last night and she still likes me! Woot. I don't know why I thought we'd need TWO two liters of sprite for afterhours. Apparently I was expecting like 3 more people to show up? Whateves.

I should ask Zane if he's staying with me when he comes to town this weekend. And also I should clean my apartment. Even if he's not staying here, it's kinda messy, like, the sink smells bad. DO THE DISHES. Ok, I asked Zane if he's staying with me. He didn't answer. Mission not accomplished. (edit: I guess he is. His answer was "sure". He seems REALLY EXCITED about it.)

WIFESWAP IS ON! Yes. So good. OMG, and one of the families is little people!!! Midgets. HEHE. The other family is crazy "WE'RE SO GORGEOUS" people, but they're UGLEEEEE. Dude, like, the wife of the crazy family could be pretty, but she's scowling all the time.

My favorite part of WifeSwap is when the wives get to their new houses and read the notes and they're like "THIS FAMILY IS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF MINE! WHAAAT?!!?" Like, have they never seen the show before?

What should I do today? Well, the answer to that is very clear... CLEAN. And maybe try to find my missing clothing. I'm missing like, all my black tee shirts. So weird. It's like, exactly a load of laundry worth of stuff... So, I was like "It HAS to be in the washer or dryer..." and it's not. It's all my everyday favorite stuff too. I miss it. I wear black t-shirts every day, and I seriously cannot find a single one of them. I've been dressing very oddly lately as a result.

Mah toe hurts. Stop it toe.

BORED. Days off are so boring. Awesome, but boring. I always feel so pathetic because I'm pretty much just harrassing people trying to find someone to hang out with me all day. Generally the only people I can find are like 1000 miles away, so I just sit on the couch and chat online all day.

Maybe I shouldn't be so candid with how lame I am...

Oh well, you were bound to find out sooner or later. I'm gonna go make lunch!



I'm at work still, and either someone's on a reaaaaally long haul, or we're having some sort of GPS glitch. Car 258 is supposedly in Cincinnati. I'm pretty sure that's not true, since we don't HAVE a car 258. Oh well.


Leela's workin' with me today, and one of the drivers just stopped in the office and asked "What kind of cat is THAT??"

I do love the new Millenium.

That was a short and pointless walk. BUT, I Love the New Millennium is on VH1, I love 2000. Patrick, WhaaaThuuuuuhh??

Go get ready for work, Megan.

Leela, stop making gross noises.

I had a dream about Secret of Mana last night. There were real life Rabites and Blats and crap and they were chasing me! OMG. Then, like two nights ago, I had a dream about the Villisca axe murders (Allie and Rob went to the Villisca museum last week, so I was thinkin' about it), I don't really remember what it was about... I think it was just our whole family staying in the Villisca house (which you can totes do!) and like trying to scare each other. AND, after my Villisca dream I had a dream about apples. Srsly, just... apples.

I want to watch Paranormal State!

So, I'm really dumb. I've had two calls in the middle of the night from unknown numbers, and I'm like "WHO THE HELL?!?" Then, last night, right after I ignore an unknown call, I have an epiphany. It's Jordan calling from Japan. DUH. Usually Scype numbers show up as 0123456789 on my phone, but about 30% of the time they're just unknown. I was bummed I didn't get to talk to him, but it's totally my fault. BOO, stop being dumb Megan.

I didn't go to pub quiz last night, and I missed a Futurama question. NOOOO! WHHHHHY?? I beg and beg for Futurama trivia and I've missed EVERY single one (as in, haven't been there, not haven't gotten it). Someday, the Futurama trivia and I will meet, and it will be grand. I did stop by Ugly's to bug Kate (who was bartending). It was fun, but I hadn't eaten so three cocktails and I was like "I'm tipsy. It is bed time." So, I called a cab. Exciting evening.

I did fill Kate in on my Missed Connection from a few weeks ago though. See, there was this adorable guy, and he was pretty drunk, and he sang karaoke and it was TERRIBLE. It totally seemed like he did it on purpose, and it was hysterical, and he came up to order a drink right next to me. So I'm like "That was the best worst song of the night. Oh, my God. Hilarious." and he was CRUSHED. Oh god, it was embarrassing. Then, because I can't stand to just let something like that go... I totes posted a missed connection on craiglist (srsly, I bet you can find it still). LAME, MEGAN.

So, anyhow, Kate and I are trying to figure out who it was, cuz I knew she'd either been there hanging out or working, and after I told her my story she was like "Maybe I can figure it out..." So, we're trying to narrow down which night it was and I'm like... "OH, it was the night Matt kept spilling ice in that booth!" and she's like "OH YEAH! I was totally working." But, alas, we did not figure out who mystery drunk boy I inadvertently was rude to was. So, to the mysterious cute drunk guy who I insulted, I apologize. Maybe you should just run with being the hilariously bad karaoke guy? I promise if you sing again I won't be so mean.

I'm so bummed Tool Academy is over on VH1. I loved that show... It was so terrible, but so worth it when the dude in the finale referenced the harp player at his wedding as "the guy playing a harpoon." I seriously almost peed I was laughing so hard. BUT, now I have Tough Love to watch. Oh, smitten, awkward, slutty, marriage-hungry girls. They amuse me so. I hope that Taylor ho leaves. She's SO ANNOYING AND DUMB. I haven't seen this episode... It's the one from Sunday. Taylor's been at the hospital faking an illness because she didn't like what some dude said about her or something. I hope she doesn't come back. OH GOD SHE TOTES JUST WALKED IN. WHY?! "Bow down bitches, I'm here!" "Hi babies!!!" Blech. Shudder. Shudder again. Gross.

I'ma take Leela fo a walk, yo. She's a little hyper. I bet she's not gonna wanna walk cuz it's rainy out. Prissy dog. I'll just get her really excited about going... "Walkies? Leels... Walkies?!" and then she'll be excited enough that we can make it at least a block before she's like "What's this rain bullshit?! I'm stopping."

Walkies! I'm off!

Oh, and, I hate when I'm spell checking and I accidentally add a misspelled word to the dictionary instead of correcting it. AND, "walkies" is actually a word?


Just sayin'

Don't you hate when you're eating with chopsticks and like, talking to someone (or, you know, looking at facebook) and the food falls off the chopsticks before you get them to your mouth and you just bite down on empty chopsticks?

Because I do.


My four million comments have been moderated! Yay! Lots of spam, a few trolls, Renata, Cal and Bryan. Woot.

So, everyone that actually reads this has probably already heard my amazing celebrity encounter at the airport last week, but I'm gonna tell it AGAIN. Because this is my blog, and I can tell all the boring over-told stories I want. YES.

Yes, so, I'm at the airport waiting for my connecting flight to DC, and I sit down by the gate, and I'm dropping my book and my water and my coat and generally having a rough time of making it through the airport. I get all situated and I totally feel like someone's looking at me, so I look in the direction of the creepy vibe and lo and behold it's Dustin Diamond from Saved by the Bell. So, obvs, first thing I do is text Benny. And then like, everyone else. "omgz, screech is sitting like six feet from me at the airport!"

So, after my slew of texts, I'm like "ok, I'm over that." But, I'm still getting the creepy vibe so I look back up from my book and he's still looking at me and we make eye contact, and I'm like "ew..." and he WINKS. Like, what the hell does he think's gonna happen?? "Oh Screech, I saw your nasty porn, and your desperate attempts to become a celebrity again, TAKE ME." So, I pack everything up and go for an airport walk to escape the creepiness.

While, I'm on my scenic airport walk, I get to thinking... I've just been upgraded to first class (thank yoooou elite flier status), and it's a smaller flight, like only three rows of first class... What if I'm sitting by him?? Horror. So, I get back, and they're boarding and I don't see him, and I'm like "blaaaaah" (yes, blaaaaaah). So, I board, and I'm like "..." and he was in in coach. Hilar. and so so lucky.

And that is the story of my Saved by the Bell encounter. Just watch, he googles himself and is gonna show up here or some shit.

In other news, the earrings I bought from Claires are totally NOT surgical steel for sensitive ears, and now I have three green dots on each ear. Thanks Claires.


I'm at work! Woo. Hoo.

Today Jordan sent me a picture of him with my Hello Kitty chopsticks! He says it's two gifts, because I get the gift of his embarrassment of walking into a Hello Kitty store and actually buying something. Only a true friend gives you that. I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT TO GO TO JAPAN. Srsly.

I also learned that I have forgotten everything about Secret of Mana. Really, I'm like... bumbling around in the weeds and making zero progress. Then, I didn't remember how I'd set my controls up... and a Rabite killed me like, two minutes into my game, because I didn't remember which key I set for attack, nevermind that I'd JUST USED THAT KEY TO GET MY SWORD. Doh. I have not given up though! (not entirely true, I've given up until later, because it's too hard to play and stop to answer the phone every minute and a half).

It's raining today, so we are getting a million calls to go like two blocks. Dear Everyone in Iowa City, buy an umbrella and WALK. No, you cannot go from Iowa Book to the Atlas. They're on the same block. No.

I really feel like I had something interesting I was going to blog about before going to work... I was going through archives trying to compile what I'm going to keep when I re-vamp (What I'm going to keep: Things that Renata, Rob and Kismet think are funny. What I'm not going to keep: Emo whining. Boohoo, sniffle.)

So, wow, here we are. I can't believe people used to read this! All I did was whine about boys and get drunk and do dumb shit! I am going to try to be less of a loser this time around. Well, more of a loser in some ways, less in others (Emo-ness has been on the decline, geekiness on the... incline? Let's go with geekiness on the upswing? Whateves.)

If I remember what I was gonna blog about I'll come back and post. Even if I don't I'm pretty sure I'll come back and post something innane and useless, but fascinating to me.


Like I said, I've been thinking about how much I enjoyed having a blog that was actually often updated, and what not. I'm a little out of practice, but I think it's time I give it a shot.

I have not decided what format I may use... Prolly just my normal, rambling, not terribly well punctuated style you've all come to know so well. At least I use capital letters these days. Unfortunately I've been out of school so long that I think my actual grammar and spelling skills have dropped off a little...

I don't really know if I'm gonna stay here at frowl (since I don't know the last time I paid Renata hosting fees, erm surry.) or if I'll strike out on my own! And, if I do strike out on my own... Do I actually go find myself some clever and sufficiently geek domain? Or do I just head over to blogspot? So many decisions, and obviously all VERY important.

I feel like I've lost my "voice" when it comes to writing, since I really only keep journals for myself these days, and I have a tendency towards abbreviations and tangents that aren't always fit for sharing with people. So, uh, expect a bumpy start while I try and remember what it's like to write with the idea of having other people read it... SO, here it is, brought to you by insomnia and Rob's cheerleading.... MY RETURN TO BLOGGING.

God, I'm a geek.



Dear Matt x who wants to marry me...

You're the first comment that wasn't trying to sell me viagra in like... two years. Congrats.

I'm seriously thinking about starting up my blog again. Matt x actually inspired me to post and say I think I might start this up again. It's been on the back of my mind for awhile. SO, let's see if I can remember I'm blogging again and actually post! I've got nothing but time at work, so this could be a success. And, Matt x, I've had some bad luck with Matts in the past, so let's take a rain check on the marriage. Unless you're really sexy... You know.


Stupid Weather.

I didn't die in the tornado! Just wanted to let everyone know!