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amanda AMANDA is pretty much the most grownup one of my friends. she's married and pregnant! who does that? grownups. amanda likes dancing, boy meets world, and country music.
word to ashvin's mother ASHVIN thinks your mom is hot. and he cracks me up. we shared many a good time in spanish, and of course, 11:00 free hour. now he's in med school? ashvin likes cars, family guy, and blood.
mike is white MIKE is very useful for getting things off of high shelves. (ha ha, mike, i made fun of you for being tall!) mike and i were both spaz bowl nerds, but we were the cool spaz bowl nerds. (along with ashvin and nathaniel, whenever they deigned to show up.) mike is very hilarious, and very white. he's a teacher, and he's the kind of teacher i'd want my kids to have. i think. mike likes duke, the simpsons, and sammiches.
megandee! MEGAN (aka panda, or megan d, or megandy, or megandee...) is my favorite brunette megan! we weren't really friends until senior year, which makes me sad, because i heart megan! megan hearts colin firth. also, she writes creatively, and used to be head of the creative writing club. we wrote haikus about napoleon in euro. gooood times. megan likes simone de beauvoir, colin firth, and art.
miriam in london MIRIAM is one of my oldest friends (in terms of length of friendship, not age). she's another beatles/stuart davis fan, and an all-around awesome person. she's at u of iowa, so sometimes i get to go visit her and hang out in iowa city. miriam likes baking, kickboxing, and gone with the wind.
stevie, backstage STEVE is another candidate for a stress-related death. he brings it upon himself, though, by stage managing. steve and i may or may not have been found in a compromising situation in the jeffrey allan's bathroom. ask to see our stage-left dance! he goes to isu and majors in computer science. he's still cool, though. he, too, works for a major insurance company, although not the same one as amanda. steve likes dan brown, pepsi, and being better than you.
talia does not like cameras TALIA is cooler than you are. she and i always seem to have amusing mishaps. well, amusing in retrospect, anyhow. talia kicks ass at the cello and is obsessed with japan. and she and i both love the x-files but hate doggett ("damn you agent dogbert!") one day, talia and i will be action figures called "ticked off talia" and "rarin' to go renata". watch for them. taaalia goes to university of illinois and plays the cello. she likes japan, maps, and weird music.
trina TRINA has been my best friend since 5th grade, when we made a pizza shaped like australia in mr. adam's class. good times. trina is frequently completely unaware of her surroundings, but that's okay, we love her anyway. she's very laid-back, and we both adore disney channel original movies. she goes to u of i and does scary physics and engineering things. trina likes the fairly oddparents, abba, and lounging.

angela ANGELA was my 2nd of 3 roommates my first year. (i know, it's ridiculous.) unfortunately, she transferred to northern arizona university, so i don't see her anymore ~_~ plus, she gets to be warm all the time now. so it goes. angela likes johnny depp, kevin smith, and pirates.
anna mcsexy ANNA is ridiculous, and i mean that in the best way possible. she lived on the awesomeness that was haines 3rd my first year. she's a philosophy major and tends to have crushes on world leaders. she likes lisa frank, fishnets, and inappropriateness.
carrrly CARLY will be the next roald dahl. or the next jk rowling, if you prefer. she has completed nanowrimo TWICE, and is very cool. she was the sa of h3, but now she's a sketchy alum, and is missed. carly likes languages, children's literature, and gnomes.
christine CHRISTINE knows stuff about science! she was one of my awesome roommates on haines 2nd. now she's a med student at university of texas southwestern, which sounds exactly like med school on teevee does, except for with way more studying. christine's geekiness takes the form of an amazing enthusiasm for everything. she also has secret asian powers. she likes harry potter, star trek, and rats.
it's jake JAKE represents one half of team paula smith (i am the other half). team paula smith is undefeated in 90s trivial pursuit. UNDEFEATED. jake graduated in 2006 and is currently serving in the lutheran volunteer corps, although i have it on good authority that he is not even lutheran. jake likes speaking german, ben folds, and paula smith's middle name.
jwebbs JENNY actively and successfully encourages my mean-spirited streak. this quality, among others, made her an excellent flatmate in london. we spent many a quality evening sharing cheap wine, sainsbury's storebrand chocolate-covered raisins, and ire. jenny likes the office, the nightmare before christmas, and struwwelpeter.
captain julia JULIA is the captain of the haines 3rd pirate crew! she graduated in 2004, but came back to finish up her student teaching. and now she's left again, and it makes me sad ~_~ but she'll be a wonderful teacher. your children will love her. julia likes reading, law and order, and kitties.
mary MARY was my third of three roommates my first year. (in case you're wondering about the first roommate-- her name was alicia. she was very nice but we never really clicked. eventually she moved in with angela's roommate and angela moved in with me. it worked out quite nicely for everyone involved.) mary is loud and geeky and funny. she uses her mad photoshopping skillz for good and for awesome with the b&s. right now she's in france, teaching english. mary likes the x-files, the west wing, and india.
mike MIKE does not usually look quite so orange, but in this photo he is wearing a tiara that once belonged to paris hilton, and i am thus loath to use any other photo of him. mike was another excellent british flatmate. he is much cooler than i am. mike likes fashion, social justice, and samuel l. jackson.
sarah SARAH is another 2004 grad, and another ex-haines 3rdian. she may or may not be a secret agent. she likes harry potter, buffy the vampire slayer, and camels.

blue blue blue BLUE worked at camp as the assistant director! also we went to the same elementary school (until i transferred out to the big city). dee-mack represent. she moved to las vegas to teach 1st grade, because i guess that is what the kids are doing these days. blue likes whispering, dinosaurs, and britney spears.
chick pea CHICK PEA was the camp director of 2005! she and blue are not even my bosses anymore and i am still putting them on my friends page. this is proof that they are actually cool and that i am not just sucking up to get special camp perks, like the special spider-proof tent or extra jello. chick pea likes hummus, hiking, and la francais.
draco DRACO was both a fellow counselor and the teen/nature director. her camp name is derived from the constellation, not the harry potter character. draco doesn't usually walk softly, but she does carry a big stick. draco likes astronomy, neopets, and dragons.
kodak KODAK's camp name is a copyright infringement. she successfully completed a jgit (jessie's girl in training) program summer 2006. kodak enjoys 80s dance parties, wind power, and finding nemo. i guess she probably likes photography too or something.
batman... or is it pepper PEPPER and i are, collectively, the best counselors ever. by this i mean that we continually forgot the words to songs, to request art supplies in advance, and how to have cookouts. but gosh we had a lot of fun doing it! pepper likes pocahontas, superheroes, and maple nut goodies.
sunflower SUNFLOWER was the arts & crafts/waterfront director in 2005. she is also the minister of propaganda for the people's republic of zeldatopia. sunflower likes dinosaurs, disney princesses, and demonstrating her own literacy.
skittles SKITTLES are delicious. i mean, skittles was a unit leader in 2005 and the arts & crafts director in 2006 and was amazingly helpful! if you ever find yourself with a lot of string and are unsure what to do with it, ask her. skittles likes tie dying, england, and most varieties of candy (including but not limited to her namesake).
classy SKYLARK and i went to camp together as campers and as counselors! crazy! she is probably one of the most awesome people i know, in all senses of the word. skylark likes angry little asian girls, forensics, and beauty.
smiley SMILEY is devious. if smiley could have any super power, it would be the ability to persuade people of things. smiley is a world-class tie dye artist, or perhaps she has merely persuaded me to believe that this is so. smiley likes bert & ernie, shakespeare, and the non-consumption of murder.
del is one sexy bitch DEL is my clone. *nod* we spent many a merry night in the rentheads chat room and then we met at my benny tour closing party. and we bonded, because we're both so damn awesome. we also like nodding. *nod* we've seen anthony rapp, matt caplan, joshua kobak, and the collins tour opening together. yeah, we're awesome. she goes to eastern illinois and does drum corps and theatre and stuff. del likes musicals, hedgehogs, and will and grace.
jason... of doom! JASON is also known as harold the wonder dog. this is not even the weirdest thing about him ^_~ i count on jason to keep me informed with the latest teenybopper trends. if it weren't for him, i never would have heard of such people as aaron carter and jump 5! which might actually be for the best. um, nevermind. jason and i have amusing aim conversations... of doom! jason's hobbies include misquoting people on compulsive bowlers and making fun of people on compulsive bowlers. jason likes mamma mia!, pokemon, and comics.
keith KEITH and i have been internet friends foreverrrr. we met on an animorphs email list almost 10 years ago and it's all been uphill from there. he's a philosophy major! sometimes i don't undestand things he says. oops. keith likes retro clothes, bela lugosi, and the word "antiscurvylicious."
madonna MaDONNA is a zombie, and is not to be trusted. she had nothing to do with "like a prayer" or even "like a virgin." in spite of all that, she's pretty awesome. one time i went and visited her and we saw the coolest goats ever. madonna likes hello kitty, rentsecrets, and violet baudelaire.
megan, frowling in the minivan of doom MEGAN is my iowan counterpart. we met on sonic a long time ago and bonded over the phrase "skanky lemon", and then in 2001 (oy!) we saw rent in iowa city and stalked curtis together. that, as we say, is history. in the online rent world, we're known as "renataandmegan" or "those curtis girls," and i have had multiple people ask me "oh, which one are you, megan or renata?" (actually, this doesn't so much happen anymore, but it used to.) megan and i fear ladybugs, and haved coined the phrases "frowl", "of doom.", and many others. also, we have the exact same pair of shoes. she lives in iowa city and is in plays and things. megan likes stuart davis, rent, and hotornot.com.
ellie in a lincoln hat PRISCELLIE is perhaps my oldest (and coolest) online friend. we met about 10 years ago on an animorphs mailing list and... ah... long story short, we left and started a new list (rml) and yeah. she used to go by ellie, but her real name is priscilla, so i fused them into priscellie. yup. we met in real life to see rent in springfield in 2000, and we got to hang out again in... 2003, i think, when my family stopped in texas on the way back from a trip to mexico. and summer 2007= awesome renata + priscilla + keith roadtrip! also, i ganked the idea of having a blog "who's who?" page from her. she has a "real job" in new york. priscilla likes terry pratchett, lord of the rings, and the beatles.
mrowr MAGNETO is an amazing, friendly, chubby, diabolical creature. he likes having his tummy scratched, sleeping in boxes, and destroying our house.
mrowr RONERY is a kitty. he likes cat food, jumping on the table, and pouncing.
sharrrrk SHARKY is a shark. he likes circling shipwrecks, looking ferocious, and talking to trey.
mrowr TONY is short for "toe no fur." my mom named him this because for a long time he had a bald foot. he has the loudest purr of any cat, ever. tony likes purring, being petted, and staring at people.
fishhh TREY III is the second beta fish i have owned. (trey I is trey anastasio, former lead singer of phish and namesake of both betas.) trey likes hiding in his treasure chest, eating fish food, and talking to sharky.
one badass motherfucka TYRONE is the samuel l. jackson of cats. he will fuck your shit up. he is about thirteen years old and is nonetheless the baddest mothafucka in our household. he might be missing his ears, but so was van gogh and look what he did. tyrone likes surveying his kingdom, catching bats, and being scratched behind the ears.
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