The answer to the question you never asked: "Hey Renata, what concerts have you been to?" If you've ever been to a concert with me, you probably noticed that I was scribbling down a setlist. This is because I have a rather iffy memory, and I like to know what songs I've seen live. So here they are, setlists from all the shows I've seen (um, and took lists at. There have been others, but they were for artists whose music I didn't know well enough to record.)

Ani DiFranco, November 11, 2000
Anthony Rapp, August 4, 2001
Matt Caplan & Joshua Kobak, August 25, 2001
Stuart Davis, October 13, 2001
Ani DiFranco, February 21, 2002
Stuart Davis, July 7, 2002
Jill Sobule, September 7, 2002
Tori Amos, November 29, 2002
Stuart Davis, December 21, 2002
Stuart Davis, January 17, 2003
Tori Amos, August 10, 2003
Jill Sobule, October 25, 2003
Stuart Davis, January 23, 2004
Stuart Davis, March 5, 2004
Stuart Davis, December 3, 2004
Stuart Davis, February 25, 2005