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the glossary, or, what's a frowl? this is a combination of words various friends and i have made up, words peculiar to a fandom, or maybe just things/people i talk about that are kind of obscure.

alan: unless noted otherwise, references to "alan" mean alan cumming, one of my favorite actors ever.
anti-scurvylicious: something which is delicious and prevents scurvy. for example: hawaiian punch.
avenue q: one of the best musicals EVER. it's got puppets and things, and oh man, it's amazing.

bennies: the benny tour, the 2nd north american tour of rent... "our cast" ^_^ (they were preceeded by the angels, and succeeded by the collins... alphabetical, see?) the bennies were home to such awesome people as curtis cregan, bart kahn, scott hunt, karmine alers, matt caplan, joshua kobak.... le sigh. they closed in 2001. they are missed ~_~
blog: short for "weblog". the journal you were most likely just reading!
b&s: grinnell's humor newspaper. (the s&b is our real paper, see.) i'm currently the b&s's editor.
btpoc: behold the power of cheese.

cb boards: compulsive bowlers, the coolest rent message boards. ever. no, that's a lie, but they're still pretty cool.
cc.com: shorthand for curtiscregan.com
crazy-hands: much like jazz hands. used to signify craaaziness.
curtis: curtis cregan, the actor that megan and i stalk. and webmistress for!

ddp: diet dr. pepper. the drink of the gods. or at least the drink of me.
doom: doom can either be good or bad depending on the context. "of doom" can be added to just about everything to make it cooler, and more doom-y. for example, "renata of doom", "megan of doom", "bag of doom", "doom of doom"....

elmo: nate. i nicknamed him elmo in 5th grade, and neither of us remember why. but it stuck.
ewf: ears with feet; a tori amos fan. (because that's what tori refers to her fans as.)

flail: common reaction to stress. or happiness. *flails*
flower: frown + glower. not quite as menacing as the other verbs in the "frowl" family... but nonetheless quality.
frowl: frown + growl + scowl. used to express displeasure.
frumble: frown + grumble. related to frowl.

g-town: grinnell. where i go to school. i don't actually usually call it g-town. but i could, if i wanted to.

h2: haines 2nd. where i live at school.
h3: haines 3rd. where i lived at school last year.
herd: hero. originates from megan and i interviewing curtis, and me misreading "who is your hero?" as "who is your herd?" example: "bart, you're our heeeerd!"
"hey jupiter": one of my favorite tori amos songs.
*hiss*: expression of hostility.
hott: more hot than "hot." the amount of hotness increases exponentially with each additional t. for example, "well, orlando bloom is cute, but johnny depp is hottt."


jebus: as in, "but i don't even believe in jebus!". from the simpsons.
j. tart: john tartaglia. plays princeton/rod in avenue q. is most adorable human being in existence.
kol: kingdom of loathing. a hilarious online roleplaying game i used to play a lot.

ladybugs: natural enemy of megan and renata.

maggiebot: maggie benjamin, during over the moon.
mare nostrum: a boardgame. it's kinda like risk, but it takes place around the mediterranean, and you play as greece or rome or babylon or carthage or... someplace else. it's great.
mst3k: mystery science theater 3000... the funniest show... ever.

neil: unless otherwise noted, references to "neil" mean neil gaiman.

otgar: only the gods are real, my online tribute/reference guide to neil gaiman's amazing book american gods.

pirateki: pirate kids. a group of my friends from grinnell. the pirateki mostly lived on h3.
prz: people's republic of zeldatopia. the tiny country i ruled at camp last summer.


rhps: rocky horror picture show (the movie.)
rhs: rocky horror show (the musical.)
rml: the mailing list i run. it sort of evolved after ellie and i got kicked off an animorphs mailing list. it's actually pretty dead... it got supplanted by blogs, essentially.

sam: my computer, named after the west wing's sam seaborn, but you can pretend he's named after samwise gamgee or the sam of your choice, if you'd like. he's a white ibook and i love him a lot.
sam, the: skanky australian maureen, aka michelle joan smith. she's... skanky... and australian... and played maureen in australia.... and then she came over and played maureen in the benny tour for awhile... my god, she's skanky. she has (had?) these blonde dreads that looked like a yellow octopus was eating her head... and ack. but i digress.
scipe: student campaign for increased political engagement. a student group i'm a co-leader of. if you're really interested you can check out our website. basically, we think people should vote, and vote informedly. we also think that "informedly" should be a real word and not one that i just made up.
skanky lemon: to quote megan: "either an insult or a compliment. you never really know." fun trivia: miranda was the original skanky lemon.. for trying to steal my nothing.
sonic: the coolest mailing list. it was, at some unknown point in time, a rent mailing list. but nobody has talked about rent for at least 3 years, except for occasional newbies. many, many cool people are sonicites, including megan and *nina*!
spaz bowl: aka scholastic bowl... in case you don't know what this is... it's sort of like jeopardy... with teams.. and... yeah. i did it in high school, it was goodtimes.
stu: unless noted otherwise, references to "stu" mean stuart davis, an awesome folk/punk/rock singer.

time fies: during one song glory, jeremy kushnier has the oh-so-amusing tendency to sing "time fiiiiies... time diiiiiies!"
toastlike: cute. because jake manabat is cute as toast and twice as crunchy.
troy: megan. for awhile i couldn't remember why i called her troy. but then i remembered... i was looking at tori amos posters on ebay, and there was this cool signed under the pink poster for $5. but it was signed "to troy." so i said "hey, for $5, i can be troy!" and somehow... yeah... megan... whatever.
ttb: tick, tick... boom!, a play that jonathan larson wrote before rent, but was only recently produced off-broadway.
tww: the west wing
txf: the x-files






zelda: me! at my camp we all had "camp names" and i was zelda.

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