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Friday, August 28, 2009

i posted about this on my other blog too, but i still am so excited that I WENT SURFING!! and i have made plans to surf some more!

i hope i can maintain enthusiasm for surfing since i'm paying in advance for a whole year of it. but, i mean, when again am i going to be able to go surf on weekends whenever i want? when will i live like 20 minutes from a perfect beginning-surfer beach? like neverrr.

plus i think it will be good for me physically AND emotionally. maybe i will get buff surfer arms!! and also i think it will be good for me to keep doing this sport that makes me look like an idiot. i am hoping to develop a cliche surfer "chill" attitude and not tweak out about stuff so much. at least on wednesday when i was out there i had to focus so much on the water and the board that i couldn't think about all the 219414 things i'm usually worrying about. i didn't even notice how bad my arms hurt until i got back on the beach. (and couldn't even carry the board anymore, i was like pathetically dragging it until one of the guides took it away from me.)

anyway. i don't want to get carried away since i've seriously only done this one time. but IT WAS AWESOME YOU GUYS.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

hey guys. i have been thinking about MY BLOG. i really like this blog. it has been good to me. i like how it is eight years old.

but i think it's like... every time i go to change the layout or whatever, this blog, it has a lot of baggage. i think it might be time to move on. i know, i know, i just re-started this blog! so here is what i think. i think for the rest of my peace corps experience, i'm going to keep using paz dispenser as a more "public" blog of my experience. and this blog for whatever i want. also the occasional private lj whine. ahhh.

and then next year, i will officially retire both blogs and start a hip fresh web 2.0-y blog. it probably won't be that hip.

but i will leave this blog up to forever represent the last eight years. my virtual mosquito in amber.

how nerdy is it that i am planning all this out in advance? extremely.

oh and my new blog will need a new name! i will have to start thinking about that to make sure i have a really good name. :O

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Friday, August 21, 2009

oh gosh, i redesigned my blog? kind of hastily because i was just so sick of the old one suddenly.

i don't even know. the code is kind of messed up in places. and i meant to add a link to paz dispenser in the side bar. but now i'm like, whatever, i'm not going back to mess with that shit again.

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PS I am tired of this blog layout but too lazy to make a new one. HMMM.

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HEY I think I’ll start using the old blog again, because I have a lot of Internet free time and such! And I have needs that cannot be met by the Peace Corps blog, Facebook, or Twitter :O

I am typing this up in Word to make it look more like I’m working. Everyone else at DREAM is so hardcore and not lazy. There was just a discussion about whether or not it would be okay to send our boss an email asking to use the office after hours to study for the GRE. The debate was whether she’d notice the timestamp was during “work hours” and get mad about a personal email.

She would probably be so pissed if she knew that I was using the computer during “work hours” to download torrents and do dumb Facebook shit.

Whatever, she’s not the boss of me! Technically. It’s weird because they are chipping in towards my rent, so they have some claim over my time. And also they are my Peace Corps project partner so I should work with them, obviously. But they are way more hardcore than Peace Corps (slight pun acknowledged).

Last night I watched the Hannah Montana movie (which I illegally downloaded at work earlier that day) and it was awesome. Tyra Banks and Hannah got into a shoe fight!! Tyra held shoes over her head and said “Jump for the shoes, Hannah Montana! Jump!” IT WAS AMAZING and exactly what I needed.

Anyway, as you might have noticed from the Livejournal posts and/or mass email pleas for help, I’ve been in kind of a bad place the last few months. But I think things are looking up. Not just because Hannah and Tyra got into a shoe fight. I didn’t even take my anti-anxiety medicine this morning. (I put it in my pocket just in case, though.) But for awhile, I was waking up and desperately needing to take that pill. Like I had to leave water out on the nightstand before I went to bed because in the morning finding water was too big of a task for me to handle. But not today! Also not yesterday!

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