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Sunday, March 23, 2008

OK so i haven´t said that much about my dona on my other, more public blog, mostly because pc doesn´t want us to say that many negative things about the people here or whatever, but let me just say that my host mom is a BITCH. like the other day she made me so upset i started crying, and then she called me a crybaby.

also, she repeats everry single thing i say in a mocking tone. including my sneezes.

also she keeps giving me meat and denying it. she knows i´m vegetarian and i´ve explicitly told her what animals i do not eat (no fish, no chicken, no cow, no pig, etc) and yet she keeps on giving me stuff like tuna salad or spaghetti with meatballs. and i can´t ask for different food because she DENIES THAT IT IS MEAT WHEN IT CLEARLY IS so i have to discreetly throw away my food and then eat m&ms later.

thank god i get to move tomorrow. hopefully my new host family is sane.


but i mean really things are ok, i like everything else about being here and i´m not actually at home and awake THAT often. luckily.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008


ok so i´ve been bloggin´ a bunch at paz dispenser but it feels weird to just drop boron like an unloved stepchild.

so, what´s up, homeslices? i´m trying to think of juicy tidbits i didn´t want to put on the mass-consumption pc blog... um, i´m pretty over eating yucca. gross. also, my youngest host sister is kind of a spoiled brat and i´m pretty pumped to move away from her. but i´m also kind of weirded out by the way my dona interacts with her kids... mostly she just yells at them and hardly ever plays with them. a couple times she´s played uno with the kids and i, but she won´t let the youngest girl play because she doesn´t know how. which... is true, and in fact i don´t think she really knows the names of the colors yet (she´s 6, but the dominican educational system is effed up). but like, really mom, you´re kicking your 6-year-old daughter out of the game?

also, here is a request: it would be awesome if efvery time i checked my email, there was at least one piece of trashy celebrity gossip awaiting me. please, i don´t get internet very often or for very long, i don´t have time to seek out the highlights of paris hilton or zac efron´s personal lives AND YET I WANT TO KNOW. THIS IS NOT SARCASM.

written letters involving trashy news would also be rad, but the email won´t cost you a cent. and neither does my love.

i´ve been trying to keep up with blogs and ljs when i get a chance, but i´m not super in the loop, so emails keeping me in your personal loops are as welcome as emails keeping me in celebrity loops. i know from experience the feeling of¨like, ¨well, she doesn´t have much internet time, so i shouldn´t email her,¨ but actually please dooo because it´s lame wheni fork over 25 pesos for internet and only have 1 new message :(

ok anyway, pčace out and love to all!

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