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Monday, February 25, 2008

ahhhh guys i'm going to the peace corps tomorrow morning!!

well, i'm going to washington dc for 2 days of training, and then thursday morning i'm going to the dr!

i sent out a mass email to most people with contact info and such; if you didn't get it and would like to be added to the email list (probably i'll be blogging basically the same stuff i'll be emailing, but who knows), just leave a comment with your email address. or email me: sanckenr AT gmail DOT com.

and again, my peace corps blog is: paz dispenser.

i think i should have at least semi-regular internet access, so i'll keep up with you guys when i can. i'll miss you! keep me updated! woo!

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

ps priscilla, are you sure i'm the one who is to blame for "holla bat girl"? i admittedly do think it's hilarious, but i don't think i've ever heard it, let alone said it, before. although from now on i'm going to say it all the time.


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listening to: vampire weekend, cape cod kwassa kwassa

nicole recommended this band to me because they are african-influenced, like paul simon! and they are good and i like them! HOORAY.

anyway, today i had to go through the charade of pretending my grandfather is interested in me. (it's not just me; he's not interested in anyone except his ladyfriend. my mom tried to schedule a time for us to meet up, since she's afraid he'll die while i'm abroad, and he said every single day he was busy with barbara. today he tried to say he couldn't have lunch with us because he needed to make a campground reservation for his ladyfriend. that was the only thing on his agenda and it blocked off all possibility for other activity until my mom shamed him into it.)

i don't even care that my grandfather only has eyes and ears for his ladyfriend; i'm annoyed that i had to spend a good chunk of my day invested in driving to and back from a lunch that was dominated by his ladyfriend telling annoying stories. my grandfather said maybe 10 words to be the whole time. IT WAS DUMB and also we went to cracker barrel and all i could eat were side dishes so it wasn't even like i got a good meal out of the hassle.

also, i started coming down with a cold yesterday so i'm more tired and irritable. wah!

BUT i found a new kind of burt's bees lipgloss at the cracker barrel store and bought some and it's really nice, so, hooray!

also, we had dinner with the other side of the family, which was more delicious and had better company.

also, i spent a whirlwind 26 hours in st louis (friday afternoon-saturday afternoon) with jenny and anna, and it was super awesome. it's nice to hang out with grinnellians again--you don't know what you've got 'til you can no longer make a casual joke about the social construction of gender--and we got ridiculously expensive & ridiculously delicious chocolate martinis, suspiciously delicious vegan biscuits & gravy, AND WE WENT TO THE ZOO.

and the zoo was awesome!

we were otters!

and big cats!

and i rode a giant beetle!

and we saw bears cuddling!

and george bush got what he deserved!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

omg i just made soo many cookies. a double batch of tollhouse cookies, which makes like... four stacked plates full. i'm planing to take some down when i visit jenny tomorrow, so it won't be as ridiculous, but right now... so many cookies.

anyway, tonight my family went out to dinner and to see i'm not here, which was... good but weird? i'm glad i saw it, but it's not going to the top of my fave movies list or anything. cate blanchett deserves all the hype she's getting, though.

i'm going to do a meme now!

A) Four jobs I have had in my life (other than current job)
sandwich artist, camp counselor, fake newspaper editor, extended day teacher

B) Four movies I would watch over and over
high school musical (also hsm2), mst3k: the movie, josie & the pussycats, welcome to sunny florida (tori amos live concert dvd)

C) Four places I have lived
mackinaw, il; grinnell, ia; london, uk; san francisco, ca

D) Four TV shows that I watch
the office, house, project runway, the daily show

E) Four places I have been
lincoln's home in springfield, elvis's home in memphis, james k polk's home in columbia, the full house house in san francisco

F) People who e-mail me regularly
the barack obama campaign, the democracy for america campaign, facebook, and the peace corps... people hardly ever directly email me anymore, when there are so many other ways to get ahold of me.

G) Four of my favourite foods
brie & pear sandwiches, matter paneer, jalapeno flavor kettle chips, phish food ice cream

H) Four places I would rather be right now
the dominican republic!!, san francisco, london, camp (but only camp in session, not just like, there)

J) Four things I am looking forward to this year
visiting jenny tomorrow, starting the peace corps!, hearing about the project runway finale, keith coming to visit

K) Four (of my) favourite authors
neil gaiman, louise erdrich, kurt vonnegut, sarah vowell

now i'm going to bed!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


yessss. i made my mom take a break from our intense veronica mars marathon to watch this. mom's super into the show, but she has the attention span of a fly so i always need to rehash the plot for her. i'm not even talking about like, the last episode. i'm talking about stuff that happened earlier in the same scene. anyway, so i'm not exactly sure how much she's getting out of, but she likes it.

anyway, i'm getting down to my last week in the us. crazy! it should be good, though--tomorrow my family's going to see i'm not here (aka "the one where cate blanchett is a bob dylan"), friday i'm taking the train down to st louis to visit jenny and anna, sunday i'm having a meal with both remaining grandparents (and hopefully hanging out with friends after that), monday will be last minute things, aaand tuesday morning i'm getting on a plane at 6am!

omg, this project runway "if i were a wrestler" thing is tooo cute. "i'd be ferocia cotura!" awww.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

watching: daily show

you guys are rocking the movie quote meme! awesome! hint: the only one left is from basically my favorite movie ever. also, i put the quotes in alphabetical order by movie.

let's see. i think steve is blowing me off tonight >:O so i'll have to go back to my recent habit of reporting on events in my animal crossing game like they're real life. so: goldie the dog did NOT move out of wentzton! yay! jason, i did read on the internet that if i talked to her a bunch she wouldn't move, but i talked to her a million times and she still kept saying she was going to move. but then she didn't, because she's a tease. also, puddles the... pink frog?... gave me her picture to put up. BFF YES. this means i am officially not buying her any more damn red furniture.

i've been working on ways to knock two pounds off my peace corps luggage. so far i have taken out: one bottle of lotion. also, a few clothing items that are going in my carryon. my carryon is going to be so out of control between last-minute items and the fact that we can't access our main suitcases for the first couple days of training (i have no idea why not or where our suitcases will be, but we're supposed to be prepared to live out of our carryons). eep.

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watching: project runway

oh my, this is like a perfect storm of ridiculous tv shows i love: project runway, next top model, and wlaker texas ranger are ALL ON AT THE SAME TIME.

what is a girl to do?

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hey internet, have a meme i stole from kad! i'm pretty sure i've already done this like 343 times, but i tried to mix it up.

1. Pick 10 of your favourite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
5. No Googling/using IMDb search functions.

1. "I love lamp. I love lamp." Anchorman, guessed by MaDonna and Sophi

2. "It seems to me the only thing you've learned is that Caesar is a 'salad dressing dude.'" Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, guessed by Devon

3. "All Jedi had was a bunch of Muppets." Clerks, (almost) guessed by Devon

4. "That girl's got more moves than an octopus in a wrestling match." High School Musical 2, guessed by Keith

5. "I want a vintage tee... and Heath Ledger." (~RIP~) Josie and the Pussycats, guessed by Christine and Sophi

6. "I named my guitar Roosevelt--not Ted, Franklin. You know, the cute one, with polio." Juno, guessed by Jason

7. "You do what you love, and fuck the rest." Little Miss Sunshine, guessed by MaDonna and Sophi

8. "I just have a lot of feelings!" MEAN GIRLS, guessed by Sophi

9. "Did you know that the largest fish ever is the manta ray?" SpiceWorld, guessed by Christine

10. "Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?" Zoolander, guessed by Devon

i tried to pick not-terribly-obscure quotes, cuz everyone likes winning!


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Sunday, February 17, 2008

watching: ICE PRINCESS

this movie rules by virtue of its intense improbability.

"physics?? how do you know about that stuff??"

"my computer program made me an awesome ice skater!"


super rad. plus, remember when michelle trachtenberg was harriet the spy? now she's superhot.

so anyway, i went out to dinner with some folks at medici, the new restaurant in downtown uptown normal, the one with the tree growing in the middle. it was a little crazy, like, we ordered a pan pizza and then the waitress told us they didn't have pizza pans? but pizza is like, half of their menu? (they still had thin crust, but, like, still.) steve and i did not end up watching the 4400, again. but maybe tomorrow?

until then i'm going to keep playing animal crossing. i can't believe that bitch goldie is moving out of wentzon, even after all the furniture i mailed her >:O

jason: yesss thanks! also, i think i will have at least sporadic internet access in the dr, but i want a solid plan in place to ensure i can get project runway results asap.

sophi: i actually looked up hollaback girl on the ever-reliable/hilarious urbandictionary.com and found it defined as, among other things:

The titular term Hollaback Girl of Gwen Stefani's former number one single features original urbanization of cheerleading vernacular.

In cheer, the head cheerleader performs the act of "hollering" while leading the cheers; the lesser members of the squad "holler back," repeating the cheer.

Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" urbanizes the "holler/holler back" dichotomy of the cheerleading squad in a snub to Courtney Love. Love derisively referred to Stefani as a "cheerleader," and Stefani's response was to write the song, which is essentially a repetitious cheer as a sort of "fuck you" to Love.

Her urbanization is misplaced, however, because "to holla" connotes entirely different meanings from what Stefani intends, including speech acts of solidarity between in-group members, general speech acts intended to generate dialogue with a potential sex-partner/mate, and others.

~the more you know~

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watching: america's next top model

POLL: what is a hollaback girl?

last night mike, stephanie, amanda, nathaniel and i discussed this at denny's. also, the denny's cashier.

mike: amanda, do you even know what a hollaback girl is?
amanda: yes!!
mike: are you SURE?
amanda: .... well... tell me what it is just so make sure i'm right.
mike: *shrug*
amanda: what? you sounded so sure.
mike: yeah, i was just messing with you.
amanda: renata what's a hollaback girl?
me: uh, i don't really know... i mean, i assumed it was a ... woman of low morals. based on context.
mike: yeah, a woman of ill repute.
denny's cashier: who??
mike: um. a hollaback girl.
denny's cashier (knowingly): oh, yeah.


and today steve and i are finally going to watch the 4400, like we've been talking about for like... three years. rad.

on project runway:

megan: i dislike rami because he seems rude and conceited, but not cutely conceited like christian. just jerky. his clothes are alright i guess but i don't know so much about fashion and i mostly just judge project runwayers on their personalities. rami's drapey dresses are usually pretty i guess, but he totally does always do the same thing. and is a jerk about it. i don't mind jillian, but i don't love her.

also; i've realized that i will be in the peace corps by the time the project runway finale happens. will someone please write me a letter detailing the results?? PLEASE, IN THE NAME OF PEACE.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

watching: veronica mars

oh em geeee this is the episode with lucas grabeel (AKA RYAN FROM HSM) in it. hott.

that is basically all.

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listening to: high school musical 2, de stem van mijn hart

this is the (i think) dutch version of "you are the music in me" and it rulessss. i downloaded a bunch of international hsm songs awhile ago but am just now getting around to listening to them. they're grand.

yesterday was pretty grand too, my mom and i went to see the indigo girls! it was a really good show, their opening act was michelle malone, who i'd never heard of before but liked a lot. she had a really bluesy voice and the indigo girls had her come out and do a bunch of songs with them. their show as a mix of stuff off their most recent album (which i like a lot) and older stuff (which i also like a lot). they played my 2 favorite songs of theirs, devotion and reunion. also galileo, to the delight of the lady who screamed "GALILEOOOOO" after every song. i wanted to be like, chill, lady, of course they're going to play it. anyway, it was basically just great. listening to the indigo girls makes me feel very at peace, generally. i dig that hippie shit.

plus, i got to have this conversation with my mom:
mom: it looks like there are a lot of lesbian couples here.
me: duhhhh.
mom: what?
me: um, the indigo girls are the biggest gay icons since, like, cher.
mom: i didn't know that!
me: i thought everyone knew that.
mom: do you think i would have come to this if i'd have known it was going to be some kind of homosexual party??

(note to the internet, my mom doesn't really hate the gays.)

also, i told her that the indigo girls look really stereotypically lesbian, and when they came out she was like "i don't think so!" and then we both realized that she was wearing basically the same outfit as emily. rad.

then we watched the first dic of veronica mars, season 2. my mom strongly disapproves of both logan and duncan, and is a fierce veronica/wallace shipper.

this concludes today's episode of ~opinions my mom has~.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentine's day y'all, i'm from the midwest!

natalie dee

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008



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brief update: it continues to be super cold.

details: brrrrrrrr.

also, i am watching project runway and this art challenge is so awesome. also i hate rami and christian is hilarioussss.

anyway. today my mom & i went out to lunch (ihop, cuz we're classy! also i spilled syrup all over the floor for DOUBLE CLASSY POINTS) and ran a million errands. and i got a new ibook battery!! my old one lasts 30 minutes between charges, so, this is exciting. especially since we're supposed to take laptops to the dr but also the be prepared for long power outages. anyway, i need to get my toiletries but basically i'm done packing for the peace corps ahhhh.

god, i hate rami. go away, rami :(

let's see. i've been playing a lot of animal crossing lately. i paid off my first house and now i have kickass feng shui! downside, i got stung by bees, and i can't buy medicine because tom nook's store is closed. i can't wait until that dang raccoon gets bought out by wal-mart. also, as you play the game, the different animals start asking you to choose new catchphrases for them to use. so far the inhabitants of wentzon have been introduced to the linguistic glories of "bet on it!", "cowabunga," "as if," "'ello guvner," and... something else awesome.

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ohmigod, this one time i saw this girl wearing this super-awesome shirt, it had the ramones seal but with the names of the babysitters club instead of the names of the ramones, and it was like, so super awesome.

and then cat and girl updated saying they would be selling their babysitters club shirt again, and ohmigod, it's that same one i saw!! i've been trying not to buy too many t-shirts but i seriously think this is the most hilarious t-shirt ever and i'm so excited to have randomly encountered it again.

cat & girl = best ever!

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public service announcement: chocolate cherry diet dr pepper tastes absolutely disgusting and terrible. do not consider drinking this substance at any cost.

secondary public service announcement: chocolate skittles taste okay, but not as good as either regular skittles nor regular chocolate.


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Monday, February 11, 2008

watching: x-files

sup guysss i'm back from chicago, and with barely any frostbite! seriously, i went like three hours north and the instant i stepped off the train all moisture was sucked out of my skin and i had to put lotion on like seventeen times a day. and it turned out that it was like negative 30 windchill. but we only found out after we walked around and almost frozeee.

then we stayed in and watched, um, 16 near-consecutive episode of 30 rock?? neither of us had seen it before but had both heard it was funny, so we watched an episode on nbc.com. and then... 15 more of them. it is, in fact, very funny.

but most importantly, we saw THE BEST OF BOTH WORDS: HANNAH MONTANA AND MILEY CYRUS IN CONCERT 3D. it was so awesome!! the 3d blew my mind; i even yelped when the guitarist threw his pick at the camera. it was going to hit me in the face :( we were so mad that the jonas brothers didn't play "sos" but other than that it was great.

and we got to hang out with ashvin and amanda and nathaniel, hooray! weird that it's the last time i'll see ashvin (and maybe the ret of them) for two years +... ahh! i'm leaving in two weeks! best part: right now it's 85 degrees in santo domingo. as opposed to 11 here (windchill 0).

ps brrrr.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

watching: project runway

this is awesomeeeee, i love christian's wwe outfit so much. and mostly i love how much he loves it. so vocally. hilarious. (true story, keith called in the middle of this and i insisted on calling him back later. best girlfriend everrrr. [i can still blog on commercial breaks though, duh.])

today i went out for breakfast with my mom and we went shopping. which can be exhausting, since she likes to individually examine each item in a store. twice. but still, good times. also we went to the library and i got some books and trashy cds and saw ms scott!!! ahhh she is the best ever. i gave her my peace corps blog address. one more step towards us becoming bff.

also, i rented some of season 1 of vmars, since finishing season 3 made me want to revisit the fierst two. i made my mom watch it with me and got her addicted--we watched a whole disc straight through. rad! also, on that disappointing last disc of season 3, i watched the pitch for season 4's veronica-as-fbi-agent... it looks so awesome! now i'm double-sad it didn't happen :( maybe... vmars movie? maybe crossover with the x-files? and corbin bleu will be the villain? maybe??

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

watching: veronica mars deleted scenes

apparently this last disc of vmars is just extras?? i wasn't ready to be done with veronica mars :( i guess the last episode i left didn't really leave anything else to be wrapped up... but i thought there would be more. augh!

it's been stormy lately, so the internet has been so slow and/or nonexistent. boo! this will make it so much harder to follow the returns. obama??

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can i just say that yesterday's jon stewart/stephen colbert/conan o'brien fight was basically the best thing that ever happened on tv? also, jon's interview with tim gunn was amazing. i think a stewart/gunn presidency would probably be the most reasonable and reassuring force to hit the white house since, like, ever.

since neither of them made the ballot this year, though, today i cast my vote for barack obama!! also a bunch of county officials who were all running unopposed! i also drug my mom to the polls; she insisted that voting in primaries didn't matter and i told her she'd get to put a sticker on her jacket if she went, so she did. yessss.

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Monday, February 04, 2008

watching: daily showww

woo, our power's back! it was out from 5pm yesterday until this morning. ps it was cold.

i ordered animal crossing (for the ds) for myself like, forever ago, and it finally came today! i'm only going to have like 3 weeks to play it before i leave, but whatev, i can play it when i get back. anyway, if anyone wants to be my animal crossing friend, let me know!

basically i've been being lazy the last week or so, which has been nice. i wish more people i knew were still around central il, but it's also nice having chill time to myself before i go attempt to integrate myself into a foreign village. on the pc front, i think i have everything i need, just need to pack it up. ohhh my.

also i've been reading undaunted courage, stephen ambrose's lewis & clark book, and wanting to travel out west soo bad. also i've been learning that lewis HATED bears and often referred to them as "the enemy," which i think is hilarious. i wonder if stephen colbert is aware?

in conclusion, i'm both revelling in being a lazy hermit AND wanting to go somewhere and do somethinggg. also, bears!

oh, speaking of stephen colbert--the reason our power was out yesterday was THUNDERSNOW. wasn't that on the threatdown? or something? i definitely remember stephen talking about thundersnow. ah, thanks, internet--"Today itís thunder snow, tomorrow itís sleetnamis, floodnados, and the 4 Snowmen of the Apocalypse. Repent!" :O

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

dear internet,

today i have successfully defeated noted guitarist slash in a guitar hero battle on level medium. afterwards, i played a three-star rendition of welcome to the jungle. i am fairly glowing with pride at my hard-won mediocre guitar hero ability (up a few notches from sub-par). however, i now believe that i may develop carpal tunnel syndrome.



ps i need a life :(

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

watching: sabrina the teenage witch

okay, i never noticed as a child how incredibly fake salem the cat looks. worst puppet ever.

also, out of nowhere, sabrina just summoned oldschool nsync to sing through the closing credits. what even?

that is basically the most exciting thing that happened today; the indigo girls concert got postponed due to snowww. luckily, it got postponed to the 14th, so i'll still be around. bonus: date with my mom for valentine's day!

also, the copy of tetris ds i ordered for my mom's birthday (she's inheriting my nintendo ds when i'm gone, and she is a tetris fiend) finally came, and it appears to be a bootleg. the game works fine--and is in english, but the packaging all looks like it came from someone's high-end home printer. also the instruction book has the same page twice in a row. ummm happy birthday mom, i got your gift from a hong kong-based ebay seller! it's nintendo's fault though, because the game has been out of (legit) print for like a year.

the end i suppose!

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Friday, February 01, 2008

watching: x-files

dangit, i was going to go to bed after the last txf episode, but this one (one breath) is soo good. why couldn't they have shown this one at 1am and "3" at 2am? lamesauce.

ohhhhh mulder you are so intense
ohhhhh lone gunmen you are the best
ohhhhh scully's hippie sister you exist
ohhhhh mulder i love it when you yell "federal agent!"
ohhhhh i should really go to bed

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