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Thursday, January 31, 2008

watching: reid playing super mario galaxy

sup guys, it is cold as a fudgsicle out there. sidenote: fudgsicles are the most delicious sicle, y/n?

it's stormy and crazy and no one left the house all day. also, since we have satellite internet, it's affected by storms. so it hasn't been working so well. but i have been playing super mario galaxyyyy and i watched disc four of veronica mars. some observations about recent levels of mario:
- the ghosts. why do they LICK you as an attack? that is gross.
- furthermore, why does luigi fail to recognize boo mario as being mario? dude looks just like mario, but in ghost form.
- the best part about the toads is that they named their spaceship the STARSHROOM.
- the worst part about the toads is that annoying grumbling sound one of them makes. cheer up, toad.
- ice mario can walk on water! ice mario = jesus.
- followup: do ice mario and jesus have the same theme song? i hope yes.
- beeee mariooooooo.

in other news, tomorrow my mom and i are going to see the indigo girls, assuming we're not snowed in!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

here are some cute things our cats do:

1. curl up inside boxes that are slightly too small for them.
2. try to curl up in boxes that are way too small for them, so they're actually just curled up on top of the edges of the box.
3. purr.
4. knock on the windows with their widdle paws when they want to come in.
5. curl up on piles of laundry.
6. lay out on the floor and cover their eyes with their paws.
7. curl up in the sink.
8. be kitties.
9. chase each other around.
10. mew!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

watching: POCAHONTAS 2

you guys, this is seriously the worst movie ever, i'm so glad it's on toon disney. yesss. i got another disc of veronica mars in the mail, but i'm trying to prolong it as long as possible.

today i set my alarm for 9am so i wouldn't be a layabout, and then i fell asleep again. for four hours. OOPS I'M LAZY.

but then i went to the post office to send out more of my half.com sales. i'm super happy that i decided too give up on my "saving old textbooks" policy. like, am i ever really going to want the complete poetry of percy shelley again? and if i do, what are the odds that all of shelley's books will be checked out of the library? or unavailable on internets? UNLIKELY.

other breaking news: i set up my peace corps blog. if possible i think i will crosspost stuff here, idk. i don't want to just abandon this blog for two years, but i know a lot of people who i don't especially want to see this blog (family, professors, etc) will want to read about my pc adventures.

also, priscilla and i share the same tv boyfriend (along with, i imagine, all right-thinking individuals):

Who is Your Ideal TV Boyfriend?

Created by BuddyTV

more importantly, if i were a high school musical character, i would be:

Which High School Musical Character Are You?

Created by BuddyTV

exciting, because throughout the whole quiz i was grudgingly resigned to being gabriella. i hate gabriella.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

watching: veronica mars

this show is soo intense. i'm a teeny bit behind the rest of the world (internet), but i'm 2 discs into season 3 and it's crazyyy. also i want to re-watch seasons 1 and 2, since i haven't seen either of those since the intense viewing frenzies with which i initially watched each one.

my mom's been having an asian food-making frenzy the last few days, which has been delicious. tomorrow promises eggrolls!

also, i want to relay an anecdote which is very telling about trina and i: on our way to see high school musical on ice, we brought a printoff from the allstate arena's website along with trina's gps. both pointed us down the same road for 1.5 miles. the gps told us it would be on the right; the website had no further specifics. around the 1.5 mile mark, trina and i both excitedly notice a target on the lefthand side of the road and want to stop at it, because, hey, target. i suggest we make sure we find the arena first, so we keep driving. eventually we decide we missed it and turn around.

we pulled into the target parking lot to check out the map again. then we notice a giant, castle-like structure right next to the corner. "um, do you think that's the arena?" i asked. SURE ENOUGH we both noticed the target and not the huge arena.

super awesome.

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watching: america's next top model

iii was going to go to bed but this is the cycle finale. who will win?! i hope it's jaslene. i mean i guess i could just look on wikipedia, but.

update: i did go to bed last night without finishing or posting this blog entry, but before that i did check on wikipedia. and jaslene did, in fact, win. hooray! but now i'm... watching antm again. i don't know when mtv turned into all-antm all the time, but i'm pretty okay with it.

i've been watching a lot of ridiculous tv since i've been home, but i've also been reading and baking and i took out my yoga dvd, and i'm feeling pretty okay with myself. i made my mom a giant cookie for her birthday last week and my dad was jealous, so today i made him one that said "happy sunday, dad!"

last night i hung out with mike; we watched the south carolina returns on cnn (yay obama!!), the last half of snakes on a plane, the last third of clueless, and the first half of can't hardly wait. can i just say, i hadn't seen--or thought about--snakes on a plane since i saw it in the theatre, and it's still completely ridiculous. remember how he shot out the plane window so all the snakes would fly out?? hilar.

anyway, in addition to be being a slacker, i've also been assembling my peace corps packing list. i'm leaving in less than a month, exciting :O my mom keeps trying to get me to buy sweaters, and i keep telling her that i'm going to a caribbean island and my packing list only includes one long sleeved shirt. i also filled out my loan deferment paperwork, which i'd been putting off and making out to be a big deal, and then when i finally looked at it it was like, three checkboxes and then i attach a letter from the peace corps. super under control.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

watching: veronica mars!

hey, do you know what i missed least about the midwest? negative 30 windchill, that's what D: trina and i alllmost froze to death walking all of five blocks to lunch yesterday. but, we didn't freeze. and the lunch was really good. so that's something.

most importantly: high school musical on ice!! in its entirety!! so awesome!! double exclamation points!!

and when i came home, netflix had sent me disc 1 of veronica mars, season 3! exciting!!

especially since shawn from boy meets world is apparently in this!! as a jerk!!

also, i have no idea what veronica's dad's plotline is.

also, exciting anecdote: eating two baked cloves of garlic will make your cold feel better, but also? it will make all your bodily fluids smell like garlic :( including snot :( which makes everything smell like garlic too. it's basically pretty terrible.

i guess i'm not really in a cohesive blogging mood. basically, life is pretty good, especially since my garlic fever wore off.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

UM best kol adventure everrrr:

Bonding with War
The majestic frat boys have given you a licence to kill, and you're on their majesty's secret service. You want to scare the living daylights out of some hippies. You climb up one of the yurts and perch on the roof. If the hippies find you, they'll kill you -- but you'll die another day, because tonight you're going to live and let die. You think briefly of your old lover, a spy who loved you, who came from Russia with love. But then you shake your head to clear it -- you can think about that tomorrow, because tomorrow never dies.

The full moons rise over the hippy camp, the light from the moons raking everything with golden light. You reach into your pocket with a gold finger, aim with your golden eye, and let fly with a double handful of ferret bait. The ferrets sweep down from the sky like a ball of thunder, turning the hippy camp into a casino royale, where the ante is blood and the house always wins.

You climb down from the yurt, breathing heavily at the workout. Do you need to see a doctor? No. After all, you've lived once, and you're allowed to do it exactly one more time.

Also, Octopussy.


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boo i'm sick :(

it's just a dumb cold again, but i feel tired and run down. and my nose hurts. wah wah wah.

i did drag myself out to have lunch with spongebob and draco (camp names, obvs), which was fun... they gave me some dirt on camp t this summer, which sounds like it was super ridiculous. x-treme drama!

also i went to gander mountain, because they had big CLEARANCE signs up, i need a quick-dry camping towel and i thought they were like an outdoor supplier store, and apparently they're more of a hunting store? i was like the only one there not wearing camo. and their camping stuff wasn't even on sale, just their winter stuff. (which makes sense, but from the signs, i thought they were going out of business.) wah! at least there was a sweet taxidermied alligator skin on the wall.

i also put some used books up on half.com, hurrah! (if you happen to need any of these books, please buy from me ;))

to conclude: wah wah wah sneeze.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

a brief photo essay: the glory of hello kitty waffles!

gettin' ready!

hey good lookin'

mmmm maybe a little overly crispy, but still adorable!

hooray, final product!

also, because seriously, all i do anymore is memes, here are five invasive questions from mary! if you would like five invasion questions, leave a comment.

01. Why'd you choose to study Spanish?
well, in middle school it was either spanish or french, and my family traveled semi-often to mexico, and never to france (or quebec), so it just made sense. and i kept with it because... i already started it? and i liked it?

02. What is the best thing about your gentleman friend? Also the worst thing.
just one best thing? ;) umm he gets into my ridiculous shit with me, like cuddling and watching high school musical and making hello kitty waffles. worst thing? does not have an awesome pete wentz-style bat tat. also can maybe be over-sensitive. mostly though, lack of bat tat.

03. Your ideal career?
good question! it might be fun to be a writer for the daily show or whatever, but as of right now i am still thinking children's librarian. because i'm a nerd.

04. Why did you go to London for study abroad?
mmm i've always had a vague sense that london was a great city, and i really liked the courses available and all the travel opportunities. also, i hadn't taken spanish in a year and i didn't feel super drawn to any spanish-language programs--i felt a little like it was a copout to go to a program in an english-speaking country, but it's really where i wanted to go.

05. Favorite Grinnell moment?
oh my. i think for me, little traditions stick out more than any one moment... things like west wing wednesdays and scrabble thursdays and mare nostrum fridays and excited quad menu checking.

anyway. i've been in hermit mode the last few days, after the whirlwind of the last month or so. this afternoon i watched more antm and made an excel spreadsheet of my peace corps packing list. then i went on a huge ll bean shopping spree (what can i say, i loves the bean) to get stuff i needed. also i uploaded some photos to my flickr, obvs.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

listening to: barry louis polisar, all i want is you

okay guys, i saw juno earlier this week and i really liked it, it was super cute and funny and i cried (but i cry at every movie). but ALSO i really liked the soundtrack, and i've been listening to this song all day because it is basically the cutest song ever. here: download it. please. it is adorable and happy and i bet that you will like it a lot. (if you've seen the movie--this is the song from the very beginning.)

in other news, i've been ridiculously lazy and unproductive today, although i did accomplish a few tasks, such as renewing my aclu membership and (eventually) showering. i also made a lot of rice, some of which i ate.

also, sophi gave me seven lj interests to explain! i am doing it on my blog, not my lj, because i am still interested in these things at my blog. leave a comment if you want me to pick 7 of your lj interests. if you have an lj. or whatever.

educational software: ummm i love educational software games, like oregon trail and carmen sandiego and whathaveyou. they usually have hilarious nerd puns and have uncomplicated gameplay, and challenge me intellectually ever-so-slightly.

feedback: feedback was the winner of the first season of who wants to be a superhero? he was a huge nerd and he went to grinnell. we are bff on myspace. also he cried and told stan lee that he was like a father to him.

flyover country: this is what snobby coasty people call the middle of the country, where i live. but i'm pretty fond of the middle of the country; we have good sunsets. and GOOD VALUES.

non-crappy musicals: fuck les miserables.

the aroostook war: this is my favorite war! it took place between america and canada in the 1830s, to settle the border between maine and canada. it was fought by lumberjacks, and there were only like 30 deaths. and a hog that was kidnapped and eaten. (i forget which side kidnapped. hognapped. either way: AWESOME.)

the helping friendly book: phish has a bizarre and awesome jam-rock opera thing called "the man who stepped into yesterday." it is about a dude named colonel forbin who needs to fight the evil king wilson. with the help of the helping friendly book. which... is friendly and helps him.

vfd: this is the mysterious secret society at the heart of lemony snicket's series of unfortunate events books. does it stand for verbal fridge dialogue? very fresh dill? verdant flame device? volunteer fire department? yes.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

SUP GUYS within hours of keith's departure i find myself driven to a 2007 YEAR IN REVIEW MEME.

here is the first blog sentence (or two) of each month and, maybe, a summary if i feel like it. or maybe i'll just talk some more about zac efron's hypothetical hitler 'stache. whatev.

hey guyssss. i'm back from dallas!
i... returned from dallas! and i watched high school musical for the first time with trina. IT'S A SICKNESS. during winter break i seem to have experiemented with cooking, including making sushi with talia and dehyrdrating the shit out of everything i could fit in the dehyrdrator. um and i went to grinnell for my last semester :O

i am such a procrastinatron.
i procrastinated. i watched house and the office and talked about them. i accepted a job as arts & crafts director at camp green eyrie. i submitted phase 1 of my peach crops application (little did i know how many followup steps it would entail!)

MARCH 2007
in march, my art history class was cancelled. also, i talked about civil war dude beards and invented the cwdb emoticon: :D>>>> my fish trey died and was replaced with an identical fish, also named trey. also i accepted a job as units director at camp green eyrie (which, fatefully, allowed my camp nemesis to be hired as the new arts & crafts director).

APRIL 2007
i forgot how the basilisk is totally stupid looking.
i dropped art history, which was awesome. no regrets. well, i regret i didn't drop it sooner. also i went to the pop culture conference and presented my paper about sandman, and went to so many ridiculous and awesome panels. and played james bond scene it with molly. i briefly got into doing ridiculous challenges for voices for rent.

MAY 2007
before i lose the link, let me just say that i just uploaded tori's album to venus and back for madonna, and if anyone else would like it here it is.
i was briefly internet famous on sequential tart. i went ot the super awesome history department picnic, and i graduated college. i also departed on the SUPER AWESOME SAPPY LINCOLN NARRATIVES TRIP.

JUNE 2007
hayyy i'm back from the roadtrip.
i, um, returned from the roadtrip, which was awesome! we went like a million places and i fell out of a kayak and priscilla was a missing person and keith and i started dating or something. the day after i got back from the trip i drove to massachusetts to start working at cge, hooray! also i turned 22.

JULY 2007
hayy guys. apparently i haven't blogged in awhile?
i only blogged once the whole month of july because i was at camp. ummm i hung out with sandy a couple times and mediated some drama and i went home for blue and ben's delightful wedding!

you guys, this summer is SO RIDICULOUS YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW.
UM FOR REAL IT WAS and i still don't want to go into a lot of details because i am classy. i will say that i almost adopted a cat that had to be in quarantine because it might have had rabies but it died in quarantine but it didn't have rabies. i left camp, moved to san francisco, and got hired at an amazing school that i loved working at so much. in between, i went to CSI: THE EXPERIENCE with julia, and we so totally solved our case.

heyy everybody! so let's see. today keith & i were pretty lazy... slept in, got brunch at this cute diner a few blocks away (and COFFEE.
keith and i nested. i bought a french press coffeemaker. we went to a big hippie rally and i got to see the indigo girls! aaand i lost my wallet :(

ohh i do so love being a layabout.
i slept a lot in october. also i started working at goddamn hippie grocery store. keith and i attended the LITERARY DEATH MATCH and i got to meet daniel handler and get a lemony snicket book autographed! also we saw HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL ON ICE (the second half, anyway). we went to chick pea and scott's delightful wedding, and we spent a glorious weekend in glorious yosemite national park. for halloween i was a dumb last-minute witch, and we saw the PHENOMENAUTS at an awesome club.

update: i have been officially offered and have officially accepted my peace corps assignment. officially.
(in the dominican republic, departing february 26, since many have been asking lately.) i quit my job at hippie grocery store. i purchased my awesome carmen sandiego coat. i saw barack obama speak! <3 i met many of keith's relatives at thanksgiving, and his younger sister and i watched high school musical 2: popup edition, which was fucking awesome.

dear internet,

i apologize for the recent outbreak of pete wentz related content on my blog. i realize i need to keep such things quarantined to prevent pete wentz from spreading to the rest of the internet.

in december i talked less about pete wentz. i saw tori amos, became briefly obsessed with watching keith play bioshock, and took a day trip to the monterey bay aquarium. i received many things for christmas, including my beloved hello kitty waffle iron. i moved back home and played a lot of guitar hero on wii.

2007: the year i travelled from sea to shining sea. and a bunch around the middle.

also i made a concerted effort to keep my goodreads profile up to date, if you are interested in readin'.


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watching: the daily show

hayyy internet. i dropped keith off at the airport earlier :( :( :( it is soooo cold: 20 degrees, but like negative seven thousand with wind chill.

okay okay this dude on the daily show just said that "the nazis were obsessed with the idea that WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER." nazis=wildcats????





um anyway. no but for real, in the negatives with wind chill. and it's been warm lately so this came out of the blue. out of the blue and froze my damn face off. and blew my damn hat off.

so keith is gone and i miss him. BUT now i will have more time to spend on internets! i am pretty behind on blogs, lj, email, facebook, AND ET CETERA cuz we've been travelling. and sick. and spending ungodly amounts of time playing pokemon battle revolutions. so anyway if i missed any important news and/or cat macros, please let me know.

in other news, i am finally almost watching a season of project runway in realtime. i'm watching last night's episode right now and my parents are too. my dad thinks it is the most ridiculous thing ever.

also i just bought tickets for trina and i to see high school musical on ice next week!! yessss! (and yes, i already saw it, but if you'll recall we missed the entire first half.)

that's basically all. um did i mention it's cold? i did? it is.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

what's up, guys? i've been sick, busy, and sick/busy. but now i'm mostly better and mostly less busy. less hectically busy anyhow.

yesterday keith and i went up to starved rock state park, where bald eagles winter. sadly, it had flooded and was wicked cold, so we hiked up to starved rock and up to lovers leap and up to eagle cliff and didn't see any eagles. well--we saw some dark shapes in some faraway trees that we unsuccessfully tried to convince ourselves were eagles.

then, just as we gave up and left the park, half-frozen and eagle-sightingless, an eagle swooped over our car, all stephen colbert-style. we were both like, "is that a fucking eagle?!" and then it moved its head. which was white. hooray!

today we're going out to lunch with my mom and going to see juno. then tomorrow, keith goes home and i start trying to get my peace corps shit together in earnest. also watching project runway and america's next top model. in earnest.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

watching: newsies!

i have never seen newsies before! many people are shocked and/or dismayed to hear this fact. well, now people have one thing fewer to be shocked and/or dismayed about, because i am watching it RIGHT NOW.

i have to admit that i was extra excited about seeing it after sophi pointed out that it was choreographed by the same dude as hsm (and hsm2). it is a very clear predecessor and it's awesomeeee.

also awesome: my new camera! it is a canon powershot and it's pretty nice. hooray!

also awesome: today keith & i went to the david davis mansion! it is a restored victorian house in bloomingon, where david davis (a friend of lincoln's and a supreme court justice) used to live. it was edu-licious!

good god, this is the gayest movie i've ever seen. what's up, really ripped shirtless coal-fire-lit dude?

anyway, tomorrow i think we are going to starved rock state park to see eagles! perhaps i will take some pictures of them with my new camera! also perhaps we will see lars and the real girl? it's a world full of possibilities, friends. as evidenced by the fact that today i bought a can of campbell's soup with a PINK label. it is to raise money for breast cancer research, but it is a total headtrip. the red campbell's soup label is soo iconic, and seeing it in PINK is totally crazy. check it!

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

what's up, guys? i'm at julia's house! and blogging with keith's one laptop per child laptop. which is adorable and tiny and green. awww.

yesterday we went to the field museum to see the maps special exhibit, which was cool! the best was all the old maps with sea monsters in the oceans. i wish we still put those on maps. also sharks.

also we went to best buy and tested digital cameras--i'm in the market for a new one and i've been researching them online, but it's nice to actually see them. i'm pretty sure i want a canon powershot.

anyayway--this is kind of hard to type on, what with its tiny adorable keyboard and all. maybe later i'll do a 2007 in review or something? i know you're all anxiously awaiting that. or something.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

watching: america's next top model

happy new year!!

yesterday i braved shitty snowy roads to drive over to trina's house, which was a nice mellow celebration. she and her little sister elora and ashvin and i watched hsm2, played the high school musical mystery date game, played wii, and played settlers of catan.

unlke years past, we even remembered to watch the ball drop! we were, however, too lazy to go up and get our sparkling cranberry juice (the last bottle meijer had!) until like 12:30, so we had a late toast. whatev. also we watched sooo much america's next top model :/

"she got beer on my weave!" awesome.

i would also like to officially rescind my stance that hsm2 was "disappointing." it has in fact been steadily growing on me to the point where i believe i may prefer it to the original.

also, watching the rehearsal footage of "bet on it" was SO AWESOME because it's zac efron doing his ridiculous interpretive dance and then the choreographer and director being like, "exactly! just like that!" they made bet on it like that on purpose.

best everrrr.

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