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Sunday, December 30, 2007

guysssss i just stayed up until 4am playing guitar hero with my mom :O

on the plus side, now i'm way better at guitar hero! my mom is a little better, even: up to 30% of notes right on an easy song. which... is not very good, but when she started off she failed the tutorials. i didn't even know you could fail out of the tutorials, but apparently you can. so, way to go mom!

also i totally tricked out my character to be most ridic everrrr. i'm playing as midori, the j-pop girl, and i unlocked her all-pink outfit. and a guitar shaped like a kitty.

also my parents bought a new mattress and got a free onion!! oh my god. there's this local furniture store with cheesy commercials that show off random furniture and then end with this loud guy saying "[local furniture]!! where you always get a free onion!!" and apparently you really do get a free onion. awes.

sadly, they arrived with their new mattress and new onion in the middle of national treasure, so i didn't get to finish it :O did they find treasure?? of a national variety?? i may never know.

tara: no way, no gays on eharmony.com?? dumb. someone should start egay.com.

keith: dude, national treasure 2 looks soooo good.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

watching: national treasure??


this movie is so ridiculous i can't believe i hadn't seen it before.

also it reminds me of one of keith's cousins, who said, unironically, "i really want to see national treasure 2, it looks so good!" which keith and i co-opted as a ridiculous catchphrase.

so far national treasure 1 is not any good, but i am enjoying watching it. it's kind of like james bond, but with history! also nicolas cage is not as attractive as any incarnation of james bond, except maybe george lazenby.

also i think these commercials for chemistry.com are hilarious because they keep showing people who got rejected by eharmony.com. i did not know that eharmony rejected people! who gets rejected from an online dating site? also, if you were an online dating site, why would you advertise the fact that you accepted people who got rejected from other online dating sites?

i think the moral of national treasure can be summed up by this line: "there is NOT a treasure map on the back of the declaration of independence!"

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listening to: indigo girls, starkville

what up, internet? i'm done with extended family festivities for awhile, hurrah! actually they've mostly been fun except for yesterday's half-day sentence with my grandfather's insufferable ladyfriend. she's a stupe too, damn. for example:

grandpa: so renata, you don't eat ANY meat?
me: nope.
grandpa: what about fish?
me: no fish.
insufferable ladyfriend: what about tuna?
me: .... no fish.

grandpa: so, when do you leave for the peace corps again?
me: well, on february 26 i leave for washington dc, and then from there to the dr.
insufferable ladyfriend: so do you fly out of new york or something?
me: um, i go to washington dc first and then fly out of there.
insufferable ladyfriend: oh, and do you have to arrange your own flight?
me: no, the peace corps has its own travel agency, but i don't have my arrangements yet.
insufferable ladyfriend: so will you fly out of bloomington or chicago?
me: um, the peace corps travel agency makes the arrangements, but i don't have them yet.
insufferable ladyfriend: will you just fly direct to the dominican republic, or will you have a layover somewhere?
me: ... i really don't have the arrangements yet, sorry.


i'm pretty sure she doesn't have any hearing loss, she's just a big ol' stupe.

anyway, when she wasn't asking questions that revealed her high stupe quotient, she was going through her cycle of self-pity monologues, which i largely tuned out.

today i made some progress in the area of getting my shit together: two garbage bags off to goodwill, two laundry loads done, two suitcases fully unpacked and returned to storage. i also threw away all unmatched socks, remembered to eat my leftover indian food before it went bad, and rescued one mega star in super mario galaxy.

my room is still a little rough around the edges, but way better now. although i will miss the extreme cuteness of cats curling up to sleep in my open suitcase. it looked like i was packing them!! aww!!


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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

merry christmas! we had a good one and i hope you did too.

most significantly: we got a wii for christmas?! none of us had particularly expressed any interest in the wii, but my mom's friend got one for her kids so my mom decided to surprise us with one? it is hella fun, i must admit. yay bowling!

ps: i would like to state for the record that keith is not illiterate; he is merely not up to date on my top 100 list of books.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

happy christmas eve eve!

i'm spending my cee in o'hare airport, since my connecting flight to bloomington got delayed 3 1/2 hours. i'm pretty calm about it; flying through chicago in the winter requires a certain level of resignation. at least i don't have to stay overnight, you think; or at least it's only one night, or at least the power is still on.

curiously, united.com says my flight's departure time is:
Scheduled: 9:40 PM
Estimated: 12:58 AM

but my arrival time is:
Scheduled: 10:30 PM
Estimated: 10:31 PM

a-am i going to travel back in time?

anyway, here's an awesome happening: on the flight, i whipped out my ipod to watch some office, only to discover that when i plugged in my ipod before i left it didn't actually charge and i was on red battery. so i watched one episode and turned it off to save what little battery i had left for later, only to discover that the on-flight movie had ended and was being replaced with... an episode of the office! hooray!

also, some dude tried to steal my backpack! not really, but he took it out of the overhead bin and was holding it over one shoulder while we were waiting to deplane. i thought, "it's weird he's holding it like that, but maybe he's just holding it to get it out of the way for someone else to get something out of the bin," but then we started moving and he kept holding it. so i said, "sir, that's my backpack D:" and he said "what?" and i said "yeah, the purple one??" and he said, "i thought it was gray!" and then took it down and looked at it... note that my backpack is purple with a rainbow brite patch on it and a high school musical button, plus some shitty lanyards i've made at camp, and this middle-aged beard dude mistook it for his. HILAR.

his own backpack was gray with sort of similar reflective stripes to mine, so i can kiiind of see the mistake? but really, dude, don't think it's going to be that easy to steal my ryan button.

i'm looking forward to being home, even though i'll miss sf. and even though it's 18 degrees out and snowing at home. actually, i'm pretty excited about snow.

also, i have some pretty bitchin' christmas presents for my family and i want to give them out!!

ALSO did i mention that keith gave me a hello kitty waffle iron for christmas? because that is all i'm eating while i'm home. well, possibly other hello kitty-shaped foods.

anyway--i hope christmas eve eve finds the rest of you someplace cozy! <3

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

augh last morning in san francisco :O we're commemorating it by getting dim sum for breakfast. mmmm.

then we're going a few hours away for keith's grandparents' 50th anniversary party? apparently we're eating dinner and watching bambi?

this is all such a crazy whirlwind of leaving. it was really hard to say goodbye to my hippie school; i've loved it there so much. parting was made slightly sweeter by an unexpected holiday gift from the parents association--a $200 gift certificate for a local bookstore! two hundred dollars! on books! and i had to spend it last night since it's a local bookstore! oh my!

i couldn't even do it. i got a couple things for keith and for my mom and i still only came up to like $175, so i left the last $25 with keith. still though, it was a super awesome. ilu hippie school!

if you are interested, i bought: the life and times of the thunderbolt kid by bill bryson, the road by cormac mccarthy, how we are hungry by dave eggers, the painted drum by louise erdrich, a mini yoga deck, and 2 moleskins. and i bought keith american gods because he still hasn't read it, and the his dark materials trilogy (still hasn't read it), the hobbit, (still hasn't read it), and the elements of style (because he still is not an english major.) nom nom nom books.

anyway... leaving sunday morning, getting home sunday night! hooray christmas!

OH and i forgot to say the most important thing: KEITH GOT ME A HELLO KITTY WAFFLE IRON FOR CHRISTMAS! also other things, but HELLO KITTY WAFFLES. goodness me, i will be making those every single day when i'm home. they will be delicious and adorable. i'll drown my missing-san-francisco sorrow in syrup.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

so the highlight of my day was: having a two-year-old throw a knife at me.

well, not really at me, but in my direction. awesomeeee. it was at the schoool christmas party; the new kindergarten teacher brought her daughter, and a bunch of us didn't know the new kindergarten teacher yet (she started last week) or her daughter, so we were just like, "who is this child?! who can get the knife away from her?!"

it was a great party otherwise! the head of school had it, and there was lovely food and a lovely christmas tree with real candles (much to the terrified dismay of our adorable older-lady business manager). and some sierra nevada "celebration ale," which i was hoping would be fruity, like this sam adams cherry-almond beer i had one time that was awesome, but it turned out to be just beer so whatev.

ALSO yesterday keith and i went ice skating! at the zoo! it was terrifying because it was just us and a pile of small children and their parents. the kids would either cling to the wall (seriously 1/3 of the wall space was taken up by clinging children) or they would obliviously and precariously skate about, or they would slowly skate with a parent holding either hand, thereby taking up a comparatively huge area at a slow speed. and i'm a pretty crappy ice skater anyway, but i was better than the toddlers so i had to try to skate around all these tiny obstacles. i managed to avoid any collisions, but only barely.

but also? we saw a DIK-DIK and it was tiny and adorable.

also tomorrow is my last day at hippie school? my time out here has gone sooo fast. i'm sad to leave hippie school, because it is truly a delightful working environment and i'm so, so happy i got to work here. and i'm sad to leave keith, because he is cute and cuddly.

but i am looking forward to being home for christmas, and rubbing my face on all the cats, so.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

announcement: keith beat bioshock! (aided, of course, by my audience participation. "kill him! kill him with bee hand! ohhhh shittttt that dude is getting all firey on you! dude! dude! get that guy! oh god there's a guy on the ceiling!")

anyway, it was so intense! i'm so excited to have seen the ending. seriously, if you're not ever going to play this game, i recommend that you read this plot summary because it is crazy. best 1960s alternate history dystopia ever!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

watching: keith play bioshock

man, i am super invested in this game. like, um, you collect different "plasmids," with which you inject yourself to give yourself super powers, like shooting electricity form your hand, or having telekinesis. but one of them--i like to call it "bee hand"--causes a swarm of bees to shoot out your hand, stinging your enemies.

also, there is a creepy ayn rand-esque dude named andrew ryan who keeps fucking with you, and i hate him.

me: kill andrew ryan!! kill him in the face!!
keith: whatever you say. shotgun or pistol?

and then we laughed because i am ridiculous.

beeeee hand.

jason: oh, goodness, i'm glad you survived your eye drop mixup. also, damn, thule trail is hilarious.

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listening to: some of keith's music? it sounds like this: dun dun dunnnn do do do dunnnnn

hi internet! this week i am embracing LAZINESS. i haven't gotten any subbing gigs, and marina's out of extra office work, so i work like, three hours a day. maybe three and a half. in the long term, i would probably get bored with this, but in the short term, it totally rules. i've been sleeping until like ten thirty, watching keith play video games, eating bagels... i baked some cupcakes and wrapped most of our christmas presents.

i don't know if i've mentioned that i bought awesome high school musical wrapping paper? but i totally did. (look, okay, the disney store guy told me i got $6 off any hsm merchandise when i bought the hsm2 dvd, and i was all, "no, no thanks, i don't need anything else," and he was all, "after the discount, this wrapping paper is only 50 cents!" and i'm not made out of iron, okay? besides, 50 cents is cheap for wrapping paper, especially paper as terribly shiny as this is.)

anyway, i've also been busy having fits about how to label our gifts.
"should i put, 'to mom from keith and renata'?? she's not MY mom!"
"i think that's fine."
"or 'to julie from keith and renata'? that's weird too, you don't call your mom julie!"
"that's fine too."
"what if i do two labels? one that says 'to mom from keith' and one that says 'to julie from renata'?"
"yes, do that one!"
"really? that was a joke about how ridiculous i am."

also, i accidentally used eyedrops as nosedrops. my nose appears to have handled the confusion well.

soon i need to start packing to go home?? weirddddd.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

aquarium picspam. i don't think you're ready for this jellyfish!




bonus: today, after we returned our rental car, keith and i saw INDIANA JONES in union square.



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watching: keith playing bioshock

keith rented this videogame a few days ago, and it's fucking intense. i haven't tried to play it or anything, but i'm a big videogame voyeur. this one is pretty! and scary; freaky mutant dudes (and ladies) and robots are always jumping out of places at you and getting all up in your grill. also the whole game is some weird ayn rand dystopia? and the main villain-type person is named andrew ryan? which i think is hilarious? and also the shadowy maybe hero-friend-guy is named atlas? also hilarious?

also oooh jesus giant robottttt is attacking :O

anyway, i find myself deeply invested in the plot of this videogame, which i am not even playing. it's about some creepy underwater ayn rand fans? who inject themselves with x-men like powers? and have creepy plastic surgery? or something? also, robots.

also, in real life news, today has been splendid! keith and i rented a car from the most troubled car rental location ever. we used the same company as last time, but a different location. first of all, they wouldn't let me pay with my debit card, and i was getting all hissy because the other location had let me pay with a debit card, but it turned out that this wasn't the card i was paying with, it was just... a credit card they needed to look at to let me rent a car? so whatev.

then they told me that they didn't have a printer, so they had to email my paperwork to another location, which would print it and then fax it to them. this process took awhile, and after my paperwork finally printed, the dud gave it to another dude waiting and he signed it, but it had my name on it? so i was like "whatev, can you just cross off his signature and i'll sign it?"

but NO, they could not, so i had to wait for that whole process to happen again.

meanwhile, some other dude came in and insisted that he had reserved a car from this location, while the employee insisted that he had not. this devolved into a hilariously gradeschool exchange:

employee: sir, maybe next time you should make sure you reserve your car at the right location.
dude: maybe next time i'll just RENT FROM SOMEPLACE ELSE.
employee: that would be just fine with me.

aaanywho, we finally got on the road and stopped at TARGET where i spent roughly one million dollars on snacks and wrapping paper and batteries and a computer cord. ilu target.

then, fueled by snacks, we made it to monterey, where we exclaimed over ridiculously tacky tourist stores and went to the aquarium, which was splendid! i am somewhat of an aquarium connoisseur (except for octopus tanks), and the monterey bay aquarium definitely met my standards.

mostly they had the WILD ABOUT OTTERS exhibit! i cannot even tell you how wild i am about otters. they are just so, so cute. especially when they float on their backs and eat fish and then brush crumbs off their tummies? cutest everrrr.

also one of the otters has seizures sometimes D: an otter with a seizure; what could be sadder??

they also had millions of sharks! millions.

and, maybe even better than the otters, they had this amazing "jellyfish as living art" exhibit. first of all, jellyfish are pretty! some of them have shifty spaceage rainbow colors, and some glow in the dark, and some are teeny tiny adorable. keith takes issue with the fact that i think jellyfish are pretty but octopuses are abhorrent. well: octopuses have creepy evil faces and also terrible suction cups. and also very strong arms and sharp beaks. granted, a jellyfish sting can be deadly, but it's not going to strangle you and eat your damn face the way an octopus will D:

anyway, so they had these lovely jellyfish interspersed with some sculptures (including chihuly glass) and some prints of paintings (like a jackson pollack print and then a caption inviting you to compare the sense of chaos and motion in the painting with watching the jellyfish move around). it was so well done and pretty.

also they had a touch tank and i petted five sea stars! they are not as squishy as they look.

also we ate dinner at a restaurant that looked right out over the beach at sunset and it was pretty glorious. um i mean, that's what life is like every day here in california.

no just kidding, most days in california i eat crackers and hummus in the dark.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

simulated life update: sim-renata gave birth to twins, who we named corbin and wentz.

both parents prefer corbin to wentz. for real, from when they were first born renata and keith would always get desires like "cuddle corbin," "feed corbin," "teach corbin to talk" way, way more often than they would want to do the same stuff for wentz.

this is good, though, as it will help fuel baby wentz's musical career.

we also hired the dumbest nanny in the world. when the babies cry, she just picks them up and relocates them. also, one time she wet herself in the living room. dude nanny, the sim house has two bathrooms and they were both empty. she also always comes over and makes lobster.

real life update: less interesting. i get paid tomorrow! and on saturday keith and i are taking a trip down to the monterey bay aquarium! they have a white shark and some otters! not in the same tank, though. i hope.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

apparently blogger changed a bunch of stuff awhile ago and i never really noticed, but i finally hunkered down and figured out why the archives stopped working. now i have some functional archives at the bottom of the sidebar. holy smokesssss there are a lot of archives there. i also added a couple widgets! widgets are the new black.

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new layout is a go, i think! (here, if you're reading this from the lj feed.)

i am super ridiculous.

ps last night i picked up my pre-ordered copy of hsm2 on dvd and watched the new bonus scene of ryan and sharpay's hawaiian song and it was everything i dreamed it would be.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

today's highlights:

- i subbed as the third grade assistant and during spelling they were supposed to come up with words that ended in -ll, -ss, and -ff. (like, shell, bliss, and stuff.) during prep we were afraid they would come up with "hell." none of them did, but ania and i BOTH said something like, "who can come up with more f-words?" which set everyone off.

- i totally kicked an eight-year-old's ass at scrabble. sucka should have known better than to challenge me, son.

postscript about my rash: webmd thinks it's either a sunburn or the syph. blue, it's totes not ringworm, cuz that looks like a ring.

postscript about the golden compass movie: it was a pretty-pretty good!

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

a meme?

1. Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.
2. Click random article again; that is your album name.
3. Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

my band is called Saigon River and our album is William de Graham.

our album tracks:
1. Taquaritinga
2. Furigana
3. ISO 3166-2:BE
4. V. Yomahesh
5. Ranjit Hoskote
6. Three-toed
7. Vrbica
8. Irish national baseball team
9. Pool of Twilight
10. Laura Ross
11. Camille Guaty
12. Skatteskrapan
13. Franio Kuhac
14. Impeachment in New Hampshire

interesting. i think we're a kind of folky world music group.

in other news, keith noticed a small rash on the back of my neck. it doesn't itch or anything, and i think it's probably from my gross greasy hair rubbing there, but keith thinks i'm probably going to die. check my blog for updates!

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good morning-almost-afternoon, internet! this has been a pretty good weekend!

on friday night we saw TORI AMOS HOORAY!! here is the setlist, if you are interested. also apparently this show was recorded for a live dvd, so you could just wait a year and watch it. it was basically just a great, solid show. nothing toooo special (in terms of rare songs or whatever), but great songs and she was awesome, as usual. we were in literally the last row (row Z of the balcony) but we could see okay. the sound sucked through the first few songs but they adjusted it pretty quickly, fortunately.

yesterday we went on an EPIC QUEST to make my favorite holiday foods: chex mix and peppermint brittle. holy jesus. we usually get our food at either the asian supermarket a few blocks away or trader joe's, which is kind of far away so we usually just go every few weeks. we didn't think the asian supermarket would have things like almond bark or worcestershire sauce, so we went to a medium-sized grocery store about 20 blocks away, one that we always pass on the bus but have never visited. it quickly becomes apparent that it is very expensive and that they do not have some key ingredients for my cooking, including almond bark >:O so we bought a few things there and then checked out another store a block down, which was even more expensive and still did not have almond bark.

sooo we just got back on the bus and went to trader joe's, which still did not have almond bark! but it did have some baker's white chocolate, which i bought, but only after i had a huge rage fit. also: they didn't have pretzels at trader joe's. well, they did, but only giant ones, unsuitable for chex mix. RAGE. also they were out of my favorite cereal and my favorite crackers. which might not sound like a big deal, but i live like a college student, and cereal and crackers are a huge part of my diet.


but then we stopped tat 7-11 on the way home and bought pretzels and i made three batches of chex mix AND a batch of peppermint brittle AND a bowl of pistachio pudding AND i looked up "almond bark" on wikipedia to make sure i wasn't crazy.

today i am maybe going to a craft fair at school and definitely to see the golden compass in imax! i don't know how i feel about the movie... visually it looks awesome, but i read an article that said they had to cut out all references to religion? ie like half the book? oh wellz!

sidenote: thanks for the mel brooks feedback, devon, talia, and jason!

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Friday, December 07, 2007

brief life update: tomorrow i am subbing as an assistant kindergarten teacher and seeing tori amos!

brief unpopular opinion sharetime: i just saw young frankenstein for the first time and did not think it was that funny. in fact i do not think any of the mel brooks movies i have seen (young frankenstein, the producers [original movie and the live musical], spaceballs, or history of the world: part 1) are that funny. i think his jokes tend to be cheap and obvious. feel free to use comments to explain why my opinion is wrong!

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Monday, December 03, 2007

blehhhh i'm getting sick. guess it was about time, though... i'd been healthy for a whole week! and i'm not horribly sick (yet), just another sore throat and congestion deal. still, though, blehhhh.

mostly i want to blog about sims 2, since keith and i are both addicted to it. we have a sim renata and a sim keith, who are adorable except that keith is kind of trampy. he's engaged to sim renata and yet his aspirations are to kiss three other sims and "have woohoo" (and i think we all know what that means!) with three other sims? hmmph.

the best, though, was when we started our high school musical sim project, featuring ryan, sharpay, and their mom. i built them too big of a house and they were really poor to start off with, like their house had grass instead of carpet, and no lighting? and the sim mom got depressed and went outside in the yard to panhandle. seriously, she popped up a little cardboard sign and everything. and i'd never had teen sims before so i didn't really know how their homework worked, and they were all bitchy and wouldn't do their homework, and then they failed school, and then mom got super depressed and a magical therapist dropped through the ceiling to hypnotize her.

and then ryan and sharpay both got acne and were afraid to go to school.

it was dreadful!

but then i made them put on acne cream and do homework all weekend and now they're straightened out. whew.

seriously, this game is ridiculous.

also ridiculous; the fact that keith and i cleaned our room for a long time this weekend and it's already kind of trashy. boo.

whatev i'm going to take a shower and drink some vitamins and then go hang out with some germ-ridden children for awhile.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

adventures in shopping at asian grocery stores:
me: god, these fancy pockys are sooo good.
keith: usually i hate it when you incorrectly pluralize japanese words, but pockys is cute.
me: EWWW these have fish oil in them! ... i'm just going to pretend like i don't know that, since they are so delicious. (rips off english ingredients sticker)

fish oil, though? in my fancy chocolate biscuit sticks? so unnecessary. and gross.

anyway, the reason i was at the asian grocery store to impulse buy fancy pocky is because it is the closest one, and i needed to buy celery to make chili. we bought some celery at trader joe's like three weeks ago when we first wanted to make chili, but that celery rotted before we actually got around to making chili. but now project chili is nearing fruition, and our newly-vacuumed apartment smells deliciously chili-esque.

but ARGH i just went to make some cornbread and all our eggs are gone. we had FOUR eggs on friday morning, after keith and i made omelets. our roommate must have eaten them all since them. what an egg-eating motherfucker. mostly i wish i had checked our egg status before i went to get groceries. oh well, at least i can drown my sorrows in fishy pocky. and chili.

anyway. we survived yesterday's downtown shopping trip. it was actually surprisingly low key. we went shopping downtown a couple weeks ago, before thanksgiving, and almost died. we were expecting it to be a lot worse, since now it's ~officially christmas shopping season~, but it wasn't too bad. and we achieved all of our missions!

except for my minor submission, which was convincing the talkative disney store guy that i wasn't obsessed with high school musical. he could see right through me, and encouraged me to buy a giant pillow with zac efron's face on it. i declined, but i did pre-order hsm2 and got my free lithograph set. as soon as i can find our pack of sticky-tak these are going up in our bedroom. except for the one of gabriella; i hate her.

i also purchased an excellent birthday gift for trina, one which i believe will cement our bff status for years to come.

life is good. and it will be even better tonight, when keith and i plan to eat chili and watch x-men with the rifftrack. hooray!

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

dear internet,

i apologize for the recent outbreak of pete wentz related content on my blog. i realize i need to keep such things quarantined to prevent pete wentz from spreading to the rest of the internet.

anyway, today we're going downtown for some christmas shopping. i expect that it will be terrifying. but, i mean, i need to go to the disney store so i can pre-order high school musical 2 on dvd, so i can get the FREE LITHOGRAPHS that the disney store is giving out.

this is very important to me.

also we need to shop for some other people or something, but mostly? free high school musical lithographs.

i'm unashamed of my deviant lifestyle.

but i am going to take a shower so at least i won't stank up the disney store pre-ordering my tween musical comedy.

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