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Thursday, November 29, 2007

me: (bitching about keith's stubble) your face hurts! ... i bet pete wentz's face always feels like this.
keith: haha, yeah, it does.
me: instead of chuck norris facts, we should make pete wentz facts!
keith: yesss. pete wentz's face is always sharp, even if he just shaved.

fact: pete wentz is always crying, but he has secret eyes in the back of his head that cry for him.
fact: pete wentz is blind. he travels using echolocation.
fact: pete wentz can only eat things that are red.
fact: pete wentz's tears cause cancer.
fact: when pete wentz watches wheel of fortune, he always roots for the loser.
fact: pete wentz's shadow has disassociated itself from pete wentz.
fact: pete wentz's shadow is a member of maroon 5.
fact: pete wentz was born with his bat tattoo.
fact: pete wentz has a tail. it was removed at birth, but another one instantly grew back.
fact: ain't no party like a wentz coast party.
fact: a wentz coast party don't stop.


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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


here is an objective list of the five best foods of all time.

1) tostitos salsa con queso (preferably with tortilla chips)
2) marks & spencer holiday crunch cereal (oh how i miss it) (in america, any cranberry-almond cereal is PRETTY GOOD but not as good as this)
3) garlic naan
4) stone wheat crackers
5) phish food ice cream

disqualified because it is a drink, not a food: gingerbread lattes
disqualified because it is a person, not a food: pete wentz

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

since i can't watch the office until the strike is over, all i have is this. sigh. it is funny to see kelly not being a ditz.

also, holy jesus, i've been alerted to the fact that i can never visit the ocean life section of the museum of natural history, because THIS IS TERRIFYING and apparently it's really 70-ft talllllll.

what else is new? yesterday i subbed as an assistant teacher in third grade. it was fun. i had to give out a Consequence and help formulate an Apology of Action, though :O

also at extended day i accidentally undercooked 2 dozen hardboiled eggs and it was grosss and i couldn't eat mine. only one of the kids had a problem with them though, which is a pretty good ratio.

this weekend i started playing kingdom of loathing again after a several-month hiatus. there's a lot of new stuff in it! it's even funnier and cleverer than before. if this inspires any of you to start playing (it's free!), send me an ingame message (i'm bessiemaemucho) and i will send you some presents. hooray!

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

mmm, thanksgiving.

i have to say so far the highlight of this weekend has been WATCHING HSM AND HSM2 WITH POPUPS.

especially hsm2 with popups, goodness. the popup writer for hsm2 seemed more hilariously self-aware than the popup-er for hsm1. the popups kept pointing out random nonsense things. and also kept a running tally of ryan's hats vs kelsi's hats, with a SURPRISE TWIST ENDING. we got so caught up in the hat tally, you don't even know.

ay yi yi.

oh and then? and then we watched the suite life of zach and cody, which i don't usually like, but in this episode the school play was... high school musical. and the smart twin played troy. and ashley tisdale auditioned for sharpay and didn't get cast. it was so ridic. goddd the disney channel is the most ridiculous thing that ever ridiculoused. and that is why i love it.

ALSO. we went to k-mart and they had a little caesar's pizza in it!! i haven't had little caesar's in yeaaaars. we got so much crazy bread. and crazy sauce. yum.

ALSO keith has the "treason in the tower" board game, where you steal the crown jewels from the tower of london?! i wanted to buy that so bad when i visited the tower of london, but couldn't quite justify the purchase. but i am so glad that keith could, cuz that game is the funnest.

soon we're going into town and seeing the dickens christmas thing? i guess... people dress up like dickens characters and walk around? and stuff? also i think we are going to see enchanted, which i have been wanting to see. so, hooray!

basically, life is good, and i hope that all of you can say the same!


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Thursday, November 22, 2007

happy thanksgiving, americans on the internet!

i'm up at keith's house. there are going to be about three times more people here than are at my usual thanksgiving dinners. (my usual number: 6.) it should be crazy, but fun. and delicious.

the dreaded babysitting gig wasn't bad at allll. i just ate snacks and talked about pokemon. and got paid. hooray!

i think i might be getting a cold again. basically since i started working at the school i've spent all my time either getting sick, being sick, or getting over from being sick.

also, having cable again is awesome. last night keith and i switched back and forth between moonraker and walker, texas ranger. the only way it could have gotten more ridiculously awesome would be if hannah montana had also been on.

priscilla, i'm not sure if you're going home for thanksgiving, but if you are, remember:

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

hayy guys. i'm currently enjoying lounging around in bed for a bit, since i worked my last shift at hippie grocery store!! :D

but i did agree to a 7-hour babysitting gig tomorrow. actually i said i was available until noon, but since the owners of hippie grocery store don't actually respect other people's schedules or anything, i'm there until two. i should probably just leave their children unattended for two hours to teach their parents a lesson. rawr.

after that keith & i are taking the bus up to meet his parents to have thanksgiving with his family. the most people i've ever had thanksgiving with was 6, so, this will be different. noo wait one time we did have thanksgiving with my dad's family, which would make at least like... 10 people. but i was really young. and we never did that again. but anyway. pieeee.

mostly i want to post about how keith and i saw BEOWULF: A 3D IMAX EXPERIENCE. it was pretty intense!! i liked the movie okay, but the 3D IMAX EXPERIENCE was crazy. arrows all flying at us and shit.

afterwards we came home and read the wikipedia article on beowulf (also the one on grendel) in an attempt to piece together what the movie had changed, since before this our experience with beowulf had been me having read an excerpt of it in trads1 (we mostly discussed its structure and significance and not its actual full plot) and keith's statement that "i've always been really interested in beowulf, but i never read it or anything."

immediately afterwards, though, we went shopping cuz the theatre was really close to old navy. i finally got a robe of my own. i'd never had one before--i'm not really from a robe kind of family i suppose--but keith has one and it's warm and fuzzy and i kept stealing it. and now i have my own.

anyway, i'm off to get ready for hippie afterschool program. it's going to be pretty crazy i think... they have early dismissal, so we have extended day from 12-6. and like half our staff left already to go home for thanksgiving. but hopefully more parents will pick their kids up early than usual?? idk.

ps blue: i'm glad you like my esl-style turn of phrase ;) but i think "tv show of viva pinata" makes sense, to make it clear that it's not the video game of viva pinata. i guess "viva pinata tv show" works too, but, um, stuff. also, thanks for the suggestion (forever ago but i kept forgetting to acknowledge it) of sketchers flats for standing-up-a-lot shoes. i own a pair but didn't think they'd be that comfortable for so long? but they totally are. hooray!

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

watching: viva pinata

oh my god, the tv show of viva pinata is on!! this is exciting because i only like to watch keith play viva pinata, i don't really like to play it myself. so this eliminates the middleman. yess. the weird bushbaby (i thought it was a weird kitty but the internet confirms that it's a bushbaby pinata.)

last night we stayed in and played i love katamari. which i'd heard of, but never played. and that game is seriously, seriously, seriously weird. but fun. like i can't even believe how much fun it is to make giant balls of trash. also, i love the trippy king dude. "oh, me? i don't have many friends. just peace, love, and some other guys." basically i want to play this game enough to develop his speech patterns.

what else is new since i last posted? i worked my second-to-last shift at hippie grocery store. i've been feeling like less of a quitter since literally everyone i've talked to about it that knows the hippie owners has been like "yeah, they seem like assholes." ugh. so glad to be almost done with them.

also, on my way to the bus stop yesterday i realized that the sole of one of my shoes had worn through. all the way. i'd only worn them for a few months!! D: and i love these shoes. so i looked up keen's warranty policy, and they have a one-year warranty! but you have to do it through the place you bought them, which in my case was zappos. and can i just say? can i just say that I LOVE ZAPPOS. i already loved them for their pretty shoes and free shipping, but also they have 24-hour customer service. so i just called them on friday night and was like "umm i bought these shoes awhile ago but the sole wore out?" and they were like "well, we usually only take back shoes in resellable conditions" and i was like "yeah but keens has a warranty? i'm not really sure..." and they asked if i wanted a refund or replacement shoes, and i said replacement shoes please, actually!


they're sending me a label so i can mail back the old ones "within two weeks."

the customer service guy was like, "you didn't think it would be this easy, did you?" and i was like, "nope!" and he said "yeah, it sounds corny but we really do have the best customer service ever."


oh my.


i never posted about the huge clusterfuck that was seeing barack obama on wednesday. it said doors opened at 6:30, so we got there around 6:45. and got in a giant line that wrapped around 3 blocks. we were like "..." but kind of justified it that the doors had just opened and they were jsut starting to let people in? but the line went so. slowly. eventually a volunteer came around and told us that everyone had to go through 2 metal detectors and they were checking ids against names on e-tickets and that was why it was taking so long, but obama wouldn't speak until everyone was in.

so we waited. for two more hours. at this point we still had about one wrap-around block to go. but then obama showed up and gave an impromtu speech to the line, which i could neither hear nor see. but i felt its presence. anyway, so everyone abandoned the line and crowded around him. and then we all just rushed indoors. we didn't even go through a metal detector or show anyone our tickets. luckily we didn't have any desire to assassinate obama, just a desire to vote for him. and maybe cuddle him.

tonight maybe we are going to see beowulf in 3d? also maybe to get hippie food at ~cafe gratitude~?

now i am going to go make some giant virtual trash balls! goodbye!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

watching: heroes

aaaah apparently if i go to the dominican republic apparently i'll get killed by some chick with black oil for eyes :O

also keith explained pretty much all of heroes to me in like 30 seconds.

let's see. yesterday at hippie grocery store the barista told me i was her favorite cashier and a woman with a mental disability of some sort told me i was pretty AND there was tomato mozzarella salad at the salad bar. so all in all, pretty good day there.

also, conversation at hippie school:
(talking about a school play they had auditioned for; it takes place in the 1840s)
fourth grader #1: are any of the characters gay?
fourth grader #2: it was the 1800s! there weren't any gay people then.
me: well, there were gay people, it was more like it wasn't okay to talk about being gay then.
fourth grader #1: oh. well, it's okay NOW.


also i might go see barack obama tonight?


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Sunday, November 11, 2007

woo, today was another exciting trader joe's day! mmmm.

we didn't get around to doing laundry, since keith accidentally ate spoiled cream cheese and was horribly ill. we're a superteam of healthiness! (speaking of, devon, thanks for the concern! i did go to the doctor like 2 weeks ago when this supercold was starting up and he said it was nothing to worry about. and i really have been fine since friday night's ugliness. if it gets bad again, i'll try to go to the doctor, but, well, i'm without health insurance until i'm in the peace corps, so... bleh!)

today i bought three exciting things at goodwill: two jack-o-lantern goblets (or perhaps chalices) and then, my favorite thing, a mug with someone else's family photo on it. i think it is soo funny and sad that someone donated it to goodwill. i had to have it. honestly though, why would you get rid of it? if you suddenly hated your family? i mean even if you suddenly realized "you know, we have too many coffee mugs around here, let's get rid of some," wouldn't you keep the one you had made with your family photo on it? even if you got a new one with a more recent family photo on it, wouldn't you keep it? you could even keep it on your desk and put pens in it. at any rate, it's ours now!

and finally, here is a picture of my carmen sandiego coat in action! i borrowed one of keith's hats, and he doesn't have any red ones, but i think you get the idea:


where in the world am i?


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rundown of the last few days!

the good:
- last night keith and i celebrated fried friday with a delicious tempura-only meal, consumed while catching up on the office
- also we made cupcakes
- today, we went downtown for shopping and saw the reduced shakespeare company's new the bible: the complete word of god (abridged), which was hilarious!
- while shopping, i got the COAT OF MY DREAMS. it's a carmen sandiego coat!! and it was 40% off! it's this one, in red, obvi. later i'll post pictures of me in it. obviously the next step is a red hat. an an international crime syndicate.

the bad:
- it rained all day :(
- and the chinese restaurant we went to for dinner was pretty mediocre, dipping into downright bad

the ugly:
last night my three-week-long chest cold, which i thought i had recovered from, suddenly returned with a vengeance and i started coughing up gross stuff. also then i started coughing so hard i kept throwing up from it. (you MIGHT think that eating fried foods and cupcakes for dinner would have something to do with the puking, but my stomach didn't hurt at allll, it was only coughing related. ALSO i ate carrots and stone wheat crackers to counterbalance the tempura. in my defense.) ANYWAY, it was gross, and also i hurt my lower back from so much coughing. but i seem to have coughed everything out of my system, since i'm fine today. but, grossss.

overall though, life is good!

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

good morning, internet. and by "good morning" i mean "it's ten minutes to noon and i just got up because some mornings i'm a big layabout."

yesterday was tiring, but good. at hippie grocery store my drawer was only 20 cents short woooo. (one time last week it was like $8 short? i have no idea.) also, i got my paycheck. hippie school was fun per usual, and then we went out to a staff dinner at cafe gratitude, this delicious hippie restaurant. (you can look at the menu on their website, and i highly recommend that you do so, because it is hilarious.

for example, i had "i am faithful" to drink, with "i am accepting" as my main course. for dessert, the five of us split "i am awakening," "i am bliss," "i am ravishing," and "i am creative."

also, the waitress made us all go around the table and say something we admired about ourselves.

also, on the table there were sheets for you to create your "spirit abundance" name. there were three columns, one where you chose a "spirit" name, one where you chose an "abundance" name, and one where you wrote in your name.

there were like... 40 choices in the first two columns, with a big variety of "spirits." (buddha, christ, essence, love, universe, etc.) and "abundance" words were like, "plenty, universal, engulfed," etc.

BASICALLY It was a way for you to create a name that reminded you that you are full of and surrounded by positive energy.

except i chose for my spirit abundance name "creamy god renata," because i thought it was HILARIOUS that "creamy" was an abundance word. what?

but anyway, the food was hippie-delicious, and we had a really good three-hour conversation. it was really nice to get to know some of my co-workers better outside of work, especially since they're all awesome. i love hippie school so much. aww.

to do today: shower, eat lunch, go to fed ex and copy my old passport and fed ex in my peace corps passport application, go to hippie school, babysit for hippie school faculty member's son, go home.

also, at cb someone revived the "day in the life" thread, so i put together another one. here is what i did on monday, if you are curious!

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

hooray! my flickr is totally up to date! including:






and last but not least...



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i would just like to share that our clothes were still at the laundromat this morning!! i am so so happy to still have my new brown pants and my favorite gray sweater and my purple tapawingo sweatshirt and my green green eyrie sweatshirt. and a couple of socks.

also, i have uploaded a few yosemite photos, including this one:


also a bunch of this hilarious goat that was at the cheese factory we stopped at along the way to yosemite.


but i still have a lot of photos to go. wooo!

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augh augh augh keith and i just realized that we left a bunch of stuff at the laundromaut this morning :( we had a handful of stuff that was still damp after the dryer, and we took all the dry stuff out and then waffled about whether or not to put more money in the dryer. we ultimately decided not to put more money in, and instead to take it home and spread it out to dry. but actually we just left it there.

i only realized now when i was cold and went for my sweatshirt. ummm 2 of my 3 sweatshirts in san francisco are at that laundromat :O soo i really hope they are still there when we go back tomorrow morning. ay yi yi.

at least i can drown my sorrows in hummus. mmm. we got a 4-hummus platter at trader joe's! 3/4 of them are delicious; i could do without the tomato-basil hummus.

also: king corn was really good, hooray! also, kind of scary.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

i've been working away steadily at photo uploading! now all i have left to upload are my cheese factory/yosemite pictures, woo!

here is me at the full house house:


i took like twenty others of the full house house, if you are interested.

keith got viva pinata for xbox and we've been playing that hardcore. okay, keith's been playing it hardcore and i've been watching for awhile (but then i get dizzy because he changes views so fast) and uploading photos.

that game is fucked upppp, though. when wild pinatas you don't like get in your garden, you hit them with a shovel and then they explode and candy comes out and it makes a sound like children yelling with excitement :O

but there are some adoooorable pinatas.

like kittyfloss!!


also, when the pinatas get it on, they do different little dances. the squirrel ones do like a russian hat dance. with no hats.

still on the agenda for this weekend: cleaning. this apartment is right out of hand. also: laundry, which has also gotten right out of hand.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

update: i have been officially offered and have officially accepted my peace corps assignment. officially.

i will, in fact, be going to the dominican republic and i will be serving in the "education information and communication techology" field. basically, i'll be working with schools and commuity centers to help them develop their computer labs, help teach basic computer/job skills, and help integrate computers into educational programs. and whatnot. i start training in dc on february 26 '08, and my pc class leaves for the dr on february 28.


i'm excited, i think this is a good placement for me. it'll definitely be challenging and intimidating, but i think i'm up for it. grawr!

in other news, last night for halloween i threw together a half-assed witch costume (walgreens only had child-sized hats left and it kept falling off my head) and went to see the phenomenauts, which was a lot of fun. their opening band was called the go going gone girls and they were hilarious. i had no idea a band of like... ironic go-go girls who sing about zombies? existed. BUT THEY DO.

the only downside of last night was that keith somehow lost his tie. we stopped at a 24-hour coffeeshop on our way back to the bus after the concert because i was soo hungry, and he was messing with his tie and we think he dropped it there? but we went like one block before he noticed, and we went back to look for it. the lady behind the counter swore that he never had a tie, and the four other people in the place looked shady but denied having the tie. we think one of them stole it, although, really, who steals a tie?


on the near horizon, i would like to: do laundry, update my goodreads profile, view the film king corn, and catch up on season 4 of the office (keith and i just finished season 3)!

on the very near horizon, i would like to: go to bed.

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