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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

listening to: tori, smells like teen spirit

hello internet!

a few exciting items:

1) remember when i lost my wallet like a month ago? over the weekend i got a call from midget, who had gotten a call from the walgreens a block down from my work, who had my wallet. crazy! i had my camp green eyrie emergency contact card in my wallet, but nothing with my number. so they called midget. it still has all my stuff in it! i'm mostly excited about getting my student id back, because now i can get into movies at student price again! scoreee. also, a barnes & noble giftcard that still has like $21 on it because all i bought with it was an issue of cosmo girl!

2) tonight keith and i are carving pumpkins! we bought the pumpkins across the street from our motel this weekend. they were 99 cents each. at hippie grocery store, pumpkins are 99 cents per pound.

3) i am quitting my job at hippie grocery store. i wrote my letter of resignation and keith is going to print it off for me at school.

4) last night i baked chocolate chip cookies! but we didn't have any eggs, so i looked online for "egg replacements" and apparently you can use 1/4 cup pumpkin in place of 1 egg! and we did have a can of pumpkin, so i tried it! and the cookies are delicious!! this is almost as mind blowing as when i learned that you can use 1 can of soda in place of all the ingredients you're supposed to add to a box cake mix! SCIENCE

5) this morning i have been uploading photos madly! i am halfway through the penultimate week of camp. whew, i took a lot of pictures this summer. soon maybe i will get to my yosemite ones! i want to upload them so badly but i have a terrible distaste for the idea that my flickr photostream will be out of chronological order. no, that is simply unacceptable so i just have to get on the ball with this photo uploading business.

6) minor photospam!


funnest emergency room visit ever! i guess.


funnest state capital hill rolling ever!


funnest part of fencing garb ever!

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Monday, October 29, 2007

heyyy guys!

first off, thanks for the pc-related congrats! i still haven't gotten my letter o'details, but i feel i should clarify--i've been placed in the spanish-speaking caribbean, aka "either cuba or the dominican republic and the peace corps doesn't send to cuba." as you probably guessed, it's not the fruity drink part of the caribbean. well, at least not until i arrive to my placement with a backpack full of tiny umbrellas. also: all pirates of the caribbean jokes will be welcomed.

second off, i would like to blog about yosemite!! it was glorioussss. keith and i had been planning this trip for awhile, and i'd been researching and we were counting on it being pretty cold this weekend, maybe even snow. but actually, it was in the 70s and gorgeous the whole weekend. oh, it randomly rained for about 10 minutes on sunday afternoon, but that was still nice. i took a bunch of photos, but i'm wayy behind on my uploading so i probably won't share them for awhile. it was very fall-ish up there, which was nice--here it's sort of cool and fall-like, but not so much with the leaf-changing. in yosemite there was a lot of yellow and orange and red, mixed with some evergreens, and huge spectacular mountains/valleys/giant rocks.

we stayed at this motel outside of the park--the website said it was 30 miles from the park entrance, which seemed reasonable. but the thing is, from the park entrance it's like... at least another hour's drive to the visitor center. or anything much, really. it was still a lovely drive during the day, of course, but driving back at night was a little rough. especially the first night, when we mistakenly drove an hour in the wrong direction across the park. which was basically an hour of me going, "it's dark, are we on the right road? why aren't there any signs? will you look at the map? it doesn't matter if you look at the map, since there aren't any signs. i hate yosemite. i hate this." waaaah. but that was our only real mishap.

oh anyway, so, our motel had outdoor canvas teepees, as you might recall. but they weren't renting them out anymore; they are only for summer :( so we stayed in a "cabin," aka "motel room with brown siding." AND. the best part. the best part is that as air fresheners, they had those car pine trees. in the bathroom was a pine scented one; fair enough. but in the bedroom? in the bedroom was NEW CAR SCENT.

sooo good.

but i've gotten ahead of myself; on our way to yosemite we stopped at target and i got so overwhelmed. i hadn't been inside a target in like TWO MONTHS. we bought a three-pack of kleenex and put it in the trunk our of rental car! because we could. and because we were sick.

also we stopped at a cheese factory and bought cheese curds!! and they had a poorly-designed petting zoo in the back with the cutest goat everrrr. it was sticking its front paws up on the wire fence and looking hilarious. i took so many pictures of it.

then we went to the hetch hetchy reservoir, from where the bay area gets its water! also we had to drive past a lodge that was having a big hippie convention. like along the road we suddenly saw two shirtless dudes with dreadlocks, and keith said, "get out of our way, hippies!" and then we realized that there was a whole swarm of stereotypical hippies. apparently there was a music festival that weekend?

poll: which is funnier, a hippie convention or the name "hetch hetchy"?

we were both feeling kind of sick so we didn't do any major hiking. on saturday we went to lower yosemite falls, but they (and all the waterfalls) are dried up in the fall so it was just a rock with a lot of water wear on it. still beautiful, though. we also meandered about and commented on how yosemite is weirdly administered. on one hand, it's VERY tourist friendly, with a bunch of restaurants and shops, way more than any other national park i've been to. also there is a free shuttle bus.

but also, they are REALLY BAD AT PUTTING SIGNS UP FOR PLACES. like, what even, yosemite. take some of the proceeds from one of your 234043 gift shops and put up like five signs. >:O

aaanyhow. also we went to MIRROR LAKE which was actually also dried up, because it is not really a lake, but a pool on one of the creeks. so basically, fall is a bad time to visit yosemite if you like water. but it is a good time if you like leaves! which i do.

also! saturday night we went to a halloween family night thing, which it turns out is kind of sketchy to attend if you don't have kids :( whatever guys, we wanted to do an educational craft project too, don't judge us :( we did get to go on a night hike with a ranger, but it was kind of lame. the best part was that the ranger's halloween costume was the lone ranger lollerskates get ittttt?

also, the path up to the place was lit by jack-o-lanterns, which was neat!

but then we left early because we felt too sketchy.


(not really.)

anyway, in conclusion, i overall approve of yosemite national park!

and i hope to post photographs of it sometime reasonably soon! at the very least, a photograph of how our bedroom was new car scent.

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heyyyy guys.

quick update!

1) keith and i went to yosemite national park this weekend and it was glorious!
2) additionally, on our way to yosemite, we stopped at a cheese factory and petted goats
3) additionally, we are both still sick, but are feeling better
4) additionally, tomorrow morning i have to get up at 6, return our rental car, and then go work at hippie grocery store followed by hippie school
5) additionally, i got a phone call offering me a placement in peace corps caribbean, which i accepted. details to follow after i get the official letter and officially accept. officially.

for now, i'm going to bed! yaaaawn.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

hello internet!


i will take a moment now to bask in your pity.

ahh. thanks.

so yeah, sunday night i started feeling icky and by monday morning it had progressed to terrible. i called in sick to hippie grocery store, with a super-pitiful sick voice. the manager asked if i could come in at 11; i said i'd see how i felt and call back, but probably not. (i called back. i could not.)

i also called into hippie school, where my boss said "of course, you sound terrible! take the time you need to feel better, etc."

thanks, hippie school!

yesterday i went in to hippie grocery store and felt pretty gross. by the time i got to hippie school i felt terrible again, and left early. i went home, where i acted like a big baby.

keith: here, i made you some tea! it'll make your throat feel better.
me: i don't WANT tea!!
keith: but it'll make your throat feel better!
me: I DON'T WANT TEA. it's hot!! i don't want hot things!!
keith: you should have this tea.
me: i want pudding!! or a popsicle.
keith: hot things will be better for your throat...
me: i'm going to go make pudding.

which i ended up making with soy milk, because keith wouldn't let me eat dairy even though i was personally willing to risk the increased congestion. anyway pudding with soy milk never really sets the way milk pudding does, so it was more like chocolate soup.

DELICIOUS chocolate soup.

of which there is still some more in the fridge. mmmm.

anywayyy apparently there's a free clinic a block away from here. you can only go if you don't have health insurance, which, for the moment, i don't. but you can only go by appointment, and you can only make appoinments between 1pm-4pm, even though they are OPEN from 10am-5pm. i think i'm going to try to get an appointment though, because i think i might have srep and i should get some antibiotics. (when i was in first grade i had a severe case of strep and had to be hospitalized for it and now i'm extra susceptible to it or something.)

in conclusion, whine whine whine whine.

ps: waaah.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

purchase made at trader joe's today that i am excited about:

1.) pomegranate white tea
2.) raspberry-brie fillo bites
3.) cranberry-almond cluster cereal
4.) chocolate mint bites
5.) four-hummus platter!!
6.) seeded baguette
7.) frozen vegetable samosas

that's right! a QUART! that's like... four times bigger than a pint? or twice? um whatever, it's a lot!! it's so crazyyy because it is the same package appearance as a pint, BUT IT'S BIGGER. it's like when you see comically oversized thumbtacks in the stationery department. but more delicious.

(note: i wanted this to be a list of 10 things, because you know how i get with lists, but i couldn't think of 8 or 9. whatever guys, i'm a postmodern counter. i transcended 8 and 9.)

also this pomegranate white tea is awesome. i'm pretty excited that pomegranates are the trendy fruit now. i've been a big fan of pomegranates since middle school, when trina's mom used to pack her half a pomegranate in her lunch and i was like, "what the hell are you eating?!" and, shortly thereafter, "oh my god, that's delicious, what is it called again?"

the rest of y'all are johnny-come-latelies to the pomegranate game. even later than i am.


last night i saw interpol, which was pretty okay!! i enjoyed it, and keith and erika loved it. i kind of think all of interpol's songs sound alike? shhh. anyway though, still pretty good. two hilarious aspects of it:

1.) we walked into the venue and erika & i immediately headed for the bathroom. erika was wearing a gray shirt and a black hoodie, and i was wearing a gray shirt and a bright green hoodie. the three people ahead of us in line for the bathroom were all wearing black hoodies. "wow erika, you picked the right color to wear tonight!" i joked. then someone came out of one of the stalls. wearing a black hoodie. and, holy jesus, i would say without exaggeration 90% of the concertgoers were wearing black shirts. perhaps 50% of those were black hoodies. 5% of remaining concertgoers were wearing gray. it was WEIRD.

2.) i was thirsty and tired, so i bought an overpriced bottle of diet dr pepper. the woman who sold it to me opened it and kept the lid, which i thought was weird. also i asked her for my lid back, and she said, "sorry, they don't let us do that anymore," which i thought was double-weird and cryptic, but i didn't want to press it. i went over and told erika and keith how weird it was, they wouldn't let me keep my lid!! and erika said, "oh yeah, it's because people refill their bottles with water and throw them at people."

"what?? that never happens at concerts i go to!!"

"yeah," said keith, "but you mostly go to folk shows."

flash forward to the opening band, liars. they are terrible. their lead singer is prone to hilarious, bangs-tossing, chicken-imitative dancing. and growling, or something. i literally laughed out loud at many moments in their songs. (while harboring a secret fear that everyone else thought this was enjoyable music. this was shot down via whispers with keith and erika, and also because many of our neighbors began booing them.) anyway, after a particularly gruesome song i mentioned that now i understood why i wasn't allowed to keep my bottle lid.

so between second-acting ice shows (thanks for pointing out my classiness, jason ;), seeing concerts at which i failed to meet the dress code, grocery shopping, and drinking things out of my new high school musical on ice sippy cup, life's been pretty exciting! soon it will come to a crashing halt, i have to work at 7am tomorrow D:

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Saturday, October 20, 2007


and we only saw the second half (aka high school musical 2 on ice) cuz we got there so late. I CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE HOW GOOD "GET'CHA HEAD IN THE GAME" ON ICE MUST BE



ps thanks internet!!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

hey guys, here's how awesome i am: i just left a concert before the opening act because i was too tired, and now i'm blogging about it.

but! at least here i am sitting down and it is quiet and a comfortable temperature. those conditions were not met at the concert.

(the concert was: the velvet teen, who keith and his sister erika both love. and to whom i am kind of indifferent. ANYWAY i'm sure they're having a great time.)

new job at hippie grocery store is... okay? yesterday i got there at 6:40am (which killed me because we got back from boston at 1am >:O whine whine whine) for a shift that started at 7, but the woman who was training me (who happens to be a co-owner of the store) didn't get there until 7:45, so i was just like..... for an hour. every so often someone would tell me that they thought someone would come talk to me soon. eventually i asked the woman at the coffee bar if i could help her with anything, so i ended up grabbing cookies and stuff for people for awhile. then it turned out that i was less... being trained... and more... just vaguely figuring out the register on my own while the manager checked her email and occasionally wandered away for long periods of time.

which, whatever, the cash register isn't exactly rocket science, and i have worked cash registers before, although this one is more complicated (a lot more products, discounts, blah), but still, every other job i've had has had at least some semblance of... training.

anyway today i went in again and things were going okay when some old dude's change got sucked down the conveyer belt?? he just like set his money down on it and the belt kept going and ate it. what. anyway i had no idea what to do and i kind of started crying? and then the assistant manager came over and talked to me (the old dude had already left) and was like "don't worry about it, blah, just don't put money on the conveyer belt, didn't anyone tell you that?" and i was like "i didn't put it there! but no, no one told me anything really..." and the other assistant manager came over and was talking about how she noticed i didn't really get any training yesterday, and i could not stop crying because sometimes i'm just a big emo kid :(

but the assistant managers were both really really nice and told me that they'd noticed with other cashiers that the managers/owners never really train them, and they think it's unfair and probably the reason why the store has a really high turnover rate for cashiers.

also i got sent to go take a walk because i couldn't stop crying?? sometimes i do this thing where i get upset and i cry and then i get more upset about the fact that i started crying and then i keep crying basically forever. ughhhh.

but also the assistant managers said that they were going to have A TALK with the manager-owners about how it's super stupey that they don't actually train anyone. also they were really nice. i already said that. but. it's true.

anyway i still can't believe i had a big crying fit on my second day. now i'm going to be "the crying girl" for the rest of the time i work there. actually i expressed this concern to one of the assistant managers and he said, "don't worry, this isn't fifth grade." whatever though, i totally am going to be the crying girl. gross.

at least i didn't cry at hippie school job!! also i decided to sharpen all the colored pencils since we were down to about three with actual points left on them. there is a fancy electric sharpener in the art room and sharpening pencils for half an hour straight was very satisfying. rrrrrrrrrrrr!

then keith and his sister erika (who is visiting for the rest of the week) and i went to dinner and i got this "veggie burrito" that was like... rice, beans, salsa, and dining hall vegetable medley??? (steamed lima beans, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and zucchini). who puts that in a burrito? NOBODY COOL, THAT'S WHO.

basically life is good, though. tomorrow i don't have to wake up at 5am!! and i got paid and got my new debit card, so i am no longer flat broke! and i'm looking at zappos right now for some "comfort" shoes so my feet won't hurt so bad after 7 hours of cashiering. (suggestions welcomed!)

OH and i totally forgot to blog about chick pea's wedding :O

in short, it was delightful, as were all in attendance! and a bunch of camp staff and i did the "breaking free" dance! and keith and sveske and thomas and i went to the biggest mall in rhode island and i bought three lip glosses! and also a button of ryan from high school musical, which i put on my jacket, and which i will keep there forever, or until it falls off.

zzzzzz end transmission

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

HELLO INTERNET here is the story of how i met daniel handler today!!!

the scene: the swedish american hall, where the LITERARY DEATH MATCH was held. keith and i are sitting a few rows from the front.

me: oh my god, i'm so excited! lemony snicket is here!!
keith: yep.
me: we're going to see him!
keith: you're totally going to freak out when he comes out, aren't you?
me: um, yes.
me: you know, he's here in the building! right now!
me: hey, that guy up front... kind of looks like daniel handler. maybe it is him. i don't know. he's not wearing a suit. and... i can see his face?
keith: i have no idea.
me: i think it is him. maybe? but why isn't he wearing a suit? but it definitely looks like him... but i don't know... (AND SO ON FOR LIKE FIFTEEN MINUTES, WHILE DRINKING FREE GIN)
me (POSSIBLY SLIGHTLY TIPSY): OKAY i'm going to to talk to him.
keith: what?
me: yeah, i'm getting too obsessive about it, i'm just going to go check.

me: hi, um, are you daniel handler?
DANIEL HANDLER: that would be me.
me: oh gosh, i love your books! umm, could you sign one for me?
me: (rummaging) i have a pen, somewhere, if you don't... thanks...
DANIEL HANDLER: i have one right here.
me: thanks! um, at my school, we had a club, called voracious fans of daniel handler?
DANIEL HANDLER: (laughs) what school was that?
me: grinnell college? it's in iowa.
DANIEL HANDLER: oh, my grandmother went to grinnell!
me: wow, really? that's cool. usually when i tell people i went to grinnell they think it's a community college or something.
DANIEL HANDLER: no, it's a good school!
me: thanks.
(brief awkward silence)
me: (gestures with book) well, thanks! and, um, good luck with the death match!
DANIEL HANDLER: thanks! it was nice meeting you!

ahhhhhh so exciting. in a lame booknerd sort of way.

postscript: daniel handler did, indeed, win the death match. the final round (there were two rounds of reading) was a basketball competition. neither competitor was very good. at all. as you might expect. but daniel handler finally won! he said it was the first time in his life he'd ever won an athletic competition, and that he couldn't wait to tell his mother.


additional postcript: he won a crown and a medal and a sash. HE WORE A SASH. AND I FORGOT MY CAMERA AT HOME.

anyway though, totally awesome.

(ps this is a crosspost from my plan, so if you feel like you have read the exact same thing twice that is potentially true!)

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

everything's coming up milhouse renata!

i'm subbing tomorrow for the first time :O as a third grade aide. wish me luck!

also i got hired at hippie grocery store, starting tuesday. i think this will be nice for the following reasons: 1) mo' money, 2) 20% discount on hippie food, 3) will make me feel less lazy, 4) job will fit well with hippie school schedule, 5) one free cup of coffee per shift. it will be not nice for the following reason: all my shifts start at 7am D: which means i have to leave the house at 6am D: D:

oh well, though, i'm only doing 3 shifts a week, and they agreed that i wouldn't have to work weekends, and if i get too annoyed i can always quit. and plenty of people in the real world have to leave for things at 6am. in fact, i regularly left for high school around 6am. nevertheless: ew, 6am.

also today i accomplished all my errands! 1) laundry 2) faxing transcript to the peace corps 3) BUYING A NEW AWESOME HELLO KITTY WALLET 4) grocery shopping. also i bought two tiny decorative pumpkins at the grocery store.

and tomorrow! tomorrow i am attending a LITERARY DEATH MATCH. DANIEL HANDLER (lemony snicket) will be one of the participants. did i blog about this already? who cares if i did, it is pretty much the most awesome-sounding thing ever.

and on saturday keith & i are flying out to chick pea and scott's wedding!!! hooray!!

anyway so... in summation, HOORAY!

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

job interviews today: 1
job offers received: 1
job offers turned town: 1

it's true, i could have been a member of a grassroots campaign aclu canvassing team, soon-to-be a ~field manager~, but i turned it down. because a) canvassing sucks and b) the hours were 2pm to 10pm (no part time available), so i would have had to quit working at my hippie school and would have gotten home really late every night. OH WELL.

i am babysitting tomorrow night though, so, who even needs a second job.

yesterday keith and i did, in fact, go see the full house house and it was everything i dreamed it would be. i took about a thousand pictures, which i will post eventually. right now i'm still trying to get caught up on uploading all my camp pictures. i made good progress last night, while keith and i watched the office.


yessss leadership circle rainbow!!

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Monday, October 08, 2007

listening to: the sound of my increasing desperation

so, tomorrow is ~fall holiday~ at my hippie school, and i have the day off. keith is done with class at 2:30. so, i said, let's do something! we're in san francisco! surely there are plenty things to do! keith, can we go to a museum or something historical?

"sure," he said, "whatever you want to do."

here is my google search history, in order of desperation:

san francisco tourism
san francisco historical tourism
san francisco history
san francisco tourism not lame
what is there to do in san francisco that isn't fucking lame?


obviously it's not that there isn't anything to do in san francisco, but that everything good keeps getting ruled out for various reasons.

fort point national park? only has tours on friday, saturday, and sunday (FOR SOME REASON)
museum of modern art? we're apparently going when keith's aunt comes to visit.
the aquarium? we're going on THIRD THURSDAY when it is cheaper and open late.
the zoo? well... meh.
botanical gardens? already went, when keith's family came to visit.
fisherman's wharf? ... well for god's sakes, we don't want to be tourists.
hornet musuem? 1) is about the uss hornet, not hornets the insects like i thought at first. 2) is kind of far away.
museum of the city of san francisco? is apparently a VIRTUAL musuem only. otherwise it would be totally sweet.
the exploratorium? waiting for cheap day (first wednesday of the month).


i think we're going to... the full house house.

keith: "that's it? just... just look at the house?"
me: "it says there's a park nearby."
keith: "that park is like... a square of grass."
me: "we could... look at the square of grass also."
keith: "now you're just stretching."
me: "we... also need to go grocery shopping?"

yeahhhh glamorous big city life!

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

were you perhaps wondering what it is like to plan a trip with me? here are some examples.

me: OH MY GOD!!!
keith: what? are you okay?
keith: oh.
me: you know how much i love park rangers!!

we are planning a trip to yosemite national park at the end of the month and we will stay in the kind of offensive, but totally awesome, teepee village!!!

and have coffee with a park ranger on saturday morning!! and go to the special halloween ranger program on saturday night!!

also it is the weekend!! we are going to visit keith's family tomorrow. also we will see his sister's fiddler on the roof. probably it will not be as good as u-high's version, because it will not be stage managed by anyone as sexy as steve.

also i like chocolate and kitties. how about you?

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Thursday, October 04, 2007


i guess that's really all i had to blog about. um... i'm going to go take a shower and/or hide in the bomb shelter :O

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

hey gang, exciting news: i'm up-to-date on house, and i watched tonight's episode on actual tv.

i like: kumar and old man doctor. i don't like: bitchy girl. but! i like her more than i like: cameron.

i also watched some of the war, ken burns' wwII documentary, which julia reminded me was airing. i've liked the parts i saw. tonight was about VE day. take that, hitler.

in still other news, i bought a new jacket! on clearance! in "mountain lilac"! hooray!

additionally! my pupitar has evolved into TYRANITAR! ROAR ROAR ROAR.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

ohh i do so love being a layabout. i've apparently run through all the extra work lying around marina's office, so i'm just supposed to come in at 3pm (normal afterschool time) today. so i woke up at 8, when keith got up to get ready for school, and then just drowsed around in bed for three hours. lovely.

i'm perusing craigslist for something else to do, maybe, but i'm not super concerned since i'll be able to save a lot of what i made last month (after i finally get paid... only 2 more weeks to go!), i don't spend that much money here, and i'm not too concerned about saving money? but probably i will get bored if i continue to have only 3 1/2 hours of work a day.

anyway i keep seeing "live-in nanny needed!" really? do you really NEED a live-in nanny? what is so important in your life that you can't let your nanny go home at night.

there are a lot of part time nonprofit jobs but i KNOW they are all either "stand on a corner and shove flyers in people's face!!" or "call people and ask them for money!!!"

maybe i could become a "hot dog cart wizard"!!!

wooo life is exciting.

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