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Sunday, September 30, 2007

losing my wallet :O

well at least i cancelled my debit card & credit card before anyone frauded me. and at least i had barely any cash in there. (so it turns out, good thing i got paid by check for babysitting!) and at least my monthly bus pass was almost expired anyway. so basically it's not nearly as bad as it could have been, but still, not the best way to start the weekend.

eating so much trash on friday. keith and i made a pile of fried food for dinner. literally: fried tofu cubes, onion rings, and broccoli tempura. it was delicious, but i was afraid i would die. but also: now i want to make broccoli tempura for every meal. also: instead of making tempura sauce, we used ranch dressing. and i would definitely repeat that choice. actually who am i kidding, fried food night is a thumbs up, especially since i did not even die.

across the universe. it was a much more enjoyable movie than i was anticipating. also, good music.

rediscovering my love of kittenwar.com.

purchasing tickets for san francisco's LITERARY DEATH MATCH. featuring daniel handler (lemony snicket). Y E S.

preparing to fight the elite four in pokemon!! i have assembled and am currently training my team! they are:
an empoleon named meriwether
a roserade named grover
a staraptor named rutherford
a pikachu named frida
a rapidash named alsvid (which was traded to me from keith; i nickname all my pokemon after historical figures, but this one is apparently named for the norse god of fire)
a pupitar with no nickname (also traded to me from keith). can't wait until it evolves to TYRANITAR :O

(PS STEVE: did that comment you left about skitty mean that you play pokemon now, or are you just making fun of me? if the former, what is your friend code?? if the latter, shut it, steve.)

catching up on house! almost there.

so basically, my weekend is pretty thumbsuppy, although losing my wallet def sucks :/ but, definitely could have been worse.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

so it turns out that i am really bad at watching tv?

on tuesday keith was out late for important philosophy club business, so i decided to watch tv for a bit. i turned on fox and saw ads for ~new house~! wooo! but there was a crappy show on before, so i switched to, umm, dancing with the stars, to idly watch until house. i figured dancing with the stars would be over at 9, at which point i could switch to fox. keith came back and we talked for awhile, and suddenly it was 9:15 and dancing with the stars was still on :O apparently it is two hours or something?? what. or i guess an hour from 8:30 to 9:30? or something? whatever, fuck you, dancing with the stars. so anyway obvi i couldn't watch house since i missed the beginning :O

so i went to download it since it had aired two hours agooo in eastern time, and i watched the first five minutes and was like whaaaaat?!

anyway apparently last may i stopped watching house 3 episodes too soon? (thanks, end-of-college-career business, you made me too busy for house >:O)

anyway so now i'm getting caught up so i can watch this season, although i gave myself a vague, yet significant, spoiler. GOSH LIFE IS HARD.

also! i got fingerprinted at the ~hall of justice~ which absolutely sounds like someplace superheroes should hang out, but actually mostly just a lot of homeless people on the stairs. anyway whatever.

also i got paid $50 to babysit three kids tonight (my hippie school's director of admission's son, and two of his friends), so i am at least not quite so desparately poor. at least i won't be once my deposit-by-mail goes through. (seriously who pays their babysitter with a check? i thought that was a cash-only affair. i mean i don't think kristy or mary anne even HAD bank accounts.) the kids were named: liam, cosmo, and simone. i am not making that up and i think it is awesomeeee. we watched monsters inc and ate macaroni and cheese and i got paid for it??


(this does not negate my earlier statement that life is hard)

(but they stack)

(or whatever)

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

hayyy i blogged awhile ago but i don't think it actually went through.

marina just called to say she's sick, which means i will still go in early and do data entry and stuff but will feel pretty okay being a bit of a slacker.

life here continues to proceed at an average level of excitement. i'm completely broke and i don't get paid until the 15th, six weeeeks after i started working there. this works out okay, since keith has a strong patriarchal desire to pay for things for me, which i had, until recently, attempted to diffuse. apparently i'm not an independent woman after all; not until my hippie employers liberate my paycheck, anyway :O

i've been playing a lot of pokemon. ummmm. this is responsible for keith never getting his homework done, since i usually try to play it when he's trying to do his work, but he immediately is drawn to the sound of me dragging that ds stylus around and is compelled to give me feedback on my playing technique. "you're using a normal type pokemon against a fighting type? really?" "i like fighting with skitty because she's so cute!!"

so. cute.

however, with help from keith, who has memorized the entire pokedex, i have recently acquired all eight gym badges. hooray, me!

now all i have to do is fight the elite four :O

ALSO i have been re-reading the great gatsby. i usually carry the book AND my gameboy (which is now a "nintendo ds lite" and not a gameboy at all, but i have been very unsucessful in referring to it as anything other than a gameboy, much to keith's chagrin) in my purse, in case i need to look smart or something.

anyway, so that's pretty much how exciting my life is now!! i hope you are all sufficiently jealous.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

whew! you can get soo much shit done with a false sense of urgency! i got my times confused and thought i had to leave today at 10am, but i wanted to finish what i was working on so i rushed and got it all done by 10:15, figuring that would still give me time to get to work... and then i realized i didn't actually need to leave until 11am! hott.

here is what i did:

woooo go me. hopefully this is the last hoop i have to jump through before i can find out where i'm going :O

anyway! this was a good weekend. the race for the cure was fun, and we got soo much free stuff. like 10 granola bars, because we kept circling around and going back to the free granola bar table. AND we got free toilet paper, and juice, and chocolate squares, and mirrors, and pens, and a hat. yesss. oh and we helped fight cancer or something i guess.

on the way home we noticed there was a festival in chinatown so we got off the bus and walked around. mostly the festival was in chinese so we didn't really know what was happening, but there was a pretty sweet dragon involved.

THEN we came home and i took a really sweet nap. it was so good.

anyway i'm going to go fax this form right now and not get distracted by the internets!! well, not any more distracted!

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Friday, September 21, 2007

listening to: something keith is watching

today's highlights, in no particular order:

anyway, woo, it's the weekend! i'm like 90% recovered from my cold, so hopefully i'll be completely over it in time for the race for the cure on sunday. and if i'm not, let's be serious, it's not like i was going to win anyway. (you can still donate money here if you want!)

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

what's up guys? here is what is up with me: i'm sick.

it's just that cold that i've been slowly coming down with for the last 2 weeks. keith started getting it for REAL over the weekend and now i have it too. i was supposed to go into work at noon, but i called in and asked if i could just come in at 3 (when my actual afterschool job starts; i've just been coming in earlier to help with data entry and stuff as ~bonus work~) because i wasn't feeling well, and marina told me i could just stay home altogether, which i'm debating. i was also supposed to babysit for a meeting AFTER afterschool, which would have been nice (payment in cash! holla) but i don't want to ride the bus for an hour each way for less than two hours of work.

anyway, calling in sick with a cold is so lame because like i totally COULD do my job, but it would be unpleasant. and also contagion-bearing. but at the same time having a bad cold is so unpleasant. >:O

but yesterday evening was highly pleasant! keith & i went out to dinner at a mexican place by my work and got awesome veggie burritos and mexican orange soda, and then we went to see stardust! finally! it was funny because it had been so long since either of us had read the book that we were like, "oh my goddd how does it end?" so suspenseful :O but yeah, i liked it! glad i did get to see it before it left theatres.

what else is exciting? today the trash was full so i took it downstairs to the room where--i thought--we were supposed to take trash, but it turns out it's a garage? and an old lady who didn't really speak english explained to me that i was supposed to dump my trash down a chute, which would put my trash in this room? she explained this by gesturing at the trash bin in question, and the chute.

anyway so basically i'm sick and can't properly dispose of rubbish.

but when i start to feel down, i just look at the hilarious poster of pete wentz i tore out of cosmo! girl and put on our closet door. i hope that i can find this image on the internet, because it is amazing.

yesss. AND! someone is selling it on ebay! can you believe it? who would want to rid themselves of something so wondrous?

anyway i'm going to go flop around in bed and blow my nose and feel sorry for myself for awhile! woo!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

hayyyy guys. sorry i haven't blogged as much lately?? it's mostly because i am too busy waiting for buses and, occasionally, riding them.

this weekend i went to a organization leadership workshop at usf? it was mandatory for at least 2 members of every club to attend? "but renata," you might say, "you are done with college and are not a member of any club at usf." aha, true, but! keith is the president of philosophy club and he was unable to actually produce a second member of philosophy club, and so, me being the sucker i am, spent my saturday learning how to reserve rooms and request moneys from usf. BUT at least i got some free pens AND food.

on sunday keith's family came to visit and we mostly ate food and talked about the rest of keith's relatives and i almosssst got into a fight with keith's dad about shakespeare?? yesss i'm awesome.

today i did some DATA ENTRY and WATCHED SOME KIDS PLAY and ATE SNACKS. because that is what i get paid to do.

life is basicallllly pretty great. i stayed later today and did childcare for the library committee meeting and got paid in cash, which is sweet, since i don't get my first actual paycheck until next month :O

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

hey friends! today keith and i registered to run the race for the cure this weekend! (NOTE by run i mean WALK. that shit is five kilometers long.)

if you want to, you can give me some money! and by "me" i mean the susan g komen foundation. um whatever you can donate online. you can do like $5 if you want, i know how not having money is. anyway i think that you should support me, if only because keith and i registered together as TEAM SKITTY which i think is pretty awesome. skitty hates cancer.

in other news: today i bought a tub of chocolate orange sticks at trader joe's! life is so exciting.

in other other news: we also bought other type groceries.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

hayyy internet.

life here is good! working at the hippie school is pretty great, although i continue to be weirded out by the total lack of structure. play some cluster tag, you damn hippie kids.

ummm. i've been kind of low-level sick since i got to california? and i'm tired all the time. stupey stupes. keith makes me take all sorts of hippie vitamins but so far it's not working. boooo.

anyway, so not too much to blog about EXCEPT that i finished uploading the last of my pictures from the sln trip! also a few from camp. woo!


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Saturday, September 08, 2007

today has been sooo good, you guys! keith & i got up and got dim sum and coffee and ate it in a park. and like everyone in the city walked their dogs past us, and all the dogs wanted our sesame balls. BUT THEY COULD NOT HAVE THEM.

anyway! then we went to golden gate park for the power to the peaceful rally and it was awesome! even the like... forty minutes we spent wandering through the arboretum before we found the rally. actually we could hear the rally, but we were severely fenced in and could not escape!

but we got there just in time to see the indigo girls, and oh my gosh they were so good. i've been wanting to see them live foreverrrr and they were great. and they played "pendulum swinger" which is my new favorite song of theirs. and i got to sway and yell thngs, which is like the best part of protest rallies.

also we got cheesecake on a stick! so it was like the best of two worlds: political protest and state fair.

and tonight we're going to shakespeare in the park and seeing midsummer night's dream! ahhh life is so exciting.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

listening to: keith's cry-music??

me: hey, i have free time now! i can play my educational software!! i haven't done that in soo long!
keith: what.
me: did you get to play oregon trail when you were younger?
keith: no...
me: oh my god, oregon trail time was THE BEST PART OF SCHOOL.

goshhh no oregon trail? :O

anyway! i started work today! well really, on tuesday. but the last 2 days have been setup/office work, and today i started with kids. the after school program is SO CRAZY compared to camp. like i didn't know how many kids i was supposed to have? or where they were supposed to go? jesusss. but eventually it got sorted out and i became bff with a fourth-grader who likes harry potter and high school musical. also a second-grader who asked me to read her here comes christmas, amelia bedelia! and told me that she likes harry potter too but her mom won't let her read some of the scary chapters, which seems like it would be a bewildering way to experience the books.

anyway i think it will be good. also i applied at starbucks this morning?? because i got up at 8 today and realized i did not have anything to do until 3pm and my head exploded. obvi i need a second job because free time? what am i even supposed to do with that? :O anyway the one a few blocks away had a sign saying they were hiring for all shiftsss so hopefully they will hire me. or else.

or else i will just have to sit around and be poor and play pokeymon >:O


ps this mcsweeney's article is pretty much my life.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

listening to: andrew bird, tables & chairs

heyy everybody! so let's see. today keith & i were pretty lazy... slept in, got brunch at this cute diner a few blocks away (and COFFEE. we still don't have a coffee maker here so i've been in a bit of withdrawal), cleaned the apartment (our bedroom is maybe no longer a fire hazard?) and made dinner: salad and gnocchi and brownies a la mode. yess.

yesterday we made our own hummus and pita chips and took them as our picnic to see star wars in the park! which was in a very cute park in the town of san anselmo and was pretty sweet. apparently no one is allowed to show star wars outdoors, but george lucas lives in san anselmo so they wrote directly to him and got special permission. also they had the guy who did sound for the original movie, who also lives in san anselmo, come and do a little presentation before the movie. he showed pictures and played clips from some of the rough sounds--lightsaber noises come from an old movie projector's motor combined with a broken microphone's buzzing. blasters come from hitting a wire with his wedding ring. whee!

oh and we also got the best gelato everrr (ok maybe best gelato in america anyway) at this stand across the street. mmm.

unfortunately i started getting a migraine just as the movie started and, well, the flashing lights and loud noises of star wars are TERRIBLE for a migraine, so i watched about the first five minutes and then curled up in the fetal position for most of the movie. keith ran out and bought me some excedrin and asked if i wanted to leave, but i felt like i would probably throw up and die if i tried to walk so i had to wait for the excedrin to actually kick in a little bit before i could leave. lamesauce, head :(

also, on the bus on the way there, keith and i wirelessly connected our gameboys! (i mean dses) and dug for treasure together in pokemon! nerdcore.

on the bus on the way back some teenage gangbangers asked keith if he had a knife attached to his belt; keith did, in fact, have a knife, and showed it to them. luckilyyy nothing came of it.

tomorrow i think we are going to the beach for labor day! and then i start work on tuesdayyy yay!

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