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Friday, August 31, 2007

what's up guys, i got a job!

i start tuesday.

i don't want to say who i'm working for, but i will say that hopefully i will get some free oatmeal.

(if you are curious, you can email me, but i just don't want to say on my blaaaag.)

so, hooray!

also tomorrow keith and i might go see star wars in the park!! nerdcore.

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hola friends, i am in san franciscooo. today i went to job interviews and played scrabble on the beach!

and walked up HILLS :(

anyway i am le tired and maybe i will blog more later.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

listening to: hsm2, everyday

hey guys! here are some things i am excited about:

1.) eating the leftover indian food in the fridge. mmm. (note: by that i mean i will eat the food which is currently in the fridge, and not that i will eat food inside the fridge.)

2.) finishing packing >:O

3.) going to san francisco tomorrow! :D

4.) getting a FREE SNACK from kashi.com! you should get one too.

5.) "High School Musical 2" comes to DVD and Blu-ray High-Def in an extended edition on December 11, 2007 from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

There's a special bonus musical scene available only on DVD and Blu-ray High-Def, seamlessly integrated into the film, in which audiences can finally see the musical number Troy and Sharpay rehearse in the film but never perform. The scene features Sharpay playing the Pineapple Princess looking for her Fresh Fish Prince in the lavish Polynesian fantasy "Humuhumunukunukua'pua'a," in which Sharpay goes all out to win Troy -- and the Star Dazzle Award at the Midsummer Night's Talent Show. The number is complete with a hip-hop ode to Mighty Mount Fufu.

yes yes yes.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

listening to: hsm2, i don't dance

guys i forgot to say how trina and i watched hsm2 and it was sooooo ridiculous. and i love it, obvi. i have to say it was not as good as high school musical 1, but it definitely had some glorious moments.


ps today at target i tried to buy the hsm2 soundtrack but they were SOLD OUT so i was forced to illegally download it this evening. thanks for making me a criminal, target >:O

pps here is another super glorious moment from hsm2.

ppps hsm is so super gay and it is amazing. let me show you how i swing.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

julia (comes in study and observes me at computer): i told you you could wake me up when you got up!
me: i wanted to let you sleep. and anyway, this way i can talk about you on the internet behind your back!

attention internet: julia has long hair and is wearing orange pants. DO NOT TELL HER THAT YOU KNOW THIS.

anyway! so i'm at julia's house and it's been gloriousss. we've been playing the sims 2 a lot (our old family, which consisted of me and julia and christine in sim form, got to the point where it was pretty boring to play since everyone was so personally and professionally fulfilled, so we started a new one of cj cregg and danny concannon from the west wing. they had a baby named gail. HAH GET IT IT IS A WEST WING JOKE). i don't know why i made that whole thing a parenthetical since it is basically my whole point about the sims 2, but, whatevs.

and yesterday we went to CSI: THE EXPERIENCE! (or as the brochure called it, "THE CSI: EXPERIENCE" which julia and i thought was hilarious. in a grammar nerd sort of way.) anyway, the csi: experience was pretty splendid! we both liked it a lot, and julia is a huge csi fan in particular and crime procedural fan in general, and i'm... not so much? i mean, i occasionally watch reruns of csi with my mom and i've enjoyed them, but i'm definitely not a csi enthusiast.

but the exhibit was awesome. you got assigned one of three different crimes (julia and i got A HOUSE COLLIDED, which involved a drunk driver who crashed his car into his house... OR DID HE) and they had these elaborate crime scenes built for you to examine. although perhaps they were not elaborate enough, since there was half a pizza at ours, and all the prerecorded csi dialogue kept making reference to it as a "deep dish" pizza and we were like, "guys, this exhibit is in CHICAGO and that is clearly NOT a deep dish pizza. would it really have been so hard to just make that plastic crust a little bit taller and put on some extra plastic sauce?"

anyway, it was pretty intense but we soo solved the case. pre-recorded grissom was so happy for us.

we also got to watch the baby chicks, awwwww. (the museum of science and industry has an exhibit that is just eggs hatching. and baby chicks walking around. it's SO GREAT. it used to be in their food exhibit but now i think the food exhibit is closed and it's in the dna exhibit. signs of the times, man. but baby chicks are forever.)

also! apparently they are filming dark knight in chicago and we drove past the gotham city police station! note: it is really the post office.

then we came home and played the csi boardgame, to lengthen the csi experience. the board game's mystery involved a world of warcraft knockoff that turned DEADLY, resulting in "virtual life, ACTUAL DEATH."

also we played trivial pursuit, which resulted in no death, actual or virtual.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

i am pleased to report that today has been a pretty splendid day. i went out for lunch AND MILKSHAKES with skylark and we reminisced about camp, and how people are ridiculous. also skylark ran into like three of her students.

and i have three actual interviews set up for next week! the people i talked to were like "well, our program starts monday but we'll probably still be hiring..." according to julia afterschool programs are usually pretty desperate for people. and desperation is exactly what i am looking for in an employer! yesss.

also i booked my flight last night, i'm leaving wednesday at noon. jeepers. actually, i booked it for september 5th, then realized that that was WRONG and freaked out about having to pay fees to change it and etc. but then! i called orbitz and they offer free "courtesy cancellations" if you cancel within an hour of booking it! which was me! YAY ORBITZ thanks for not charging me $100 for being a stupe!

(ps i started writing this yesterday and got distracted. as of now this post is from TODAY aka thursday.)

i've been spending a good percentage of my time buried in a pile of cats. it's a pretty good life, really. (seriously, i was sitting on the porch holding tyrone on my lap and petting him, when tony came along and noticed tyrone was getting lovin'. so he jumped up on my lap too. tyrone got pissed and moved over to the arm of the chair, but i kept petting him. tony then started rolling around on my lap. meanwhile, mark circled my feet and occasionally stuck his head up on my knee to survey the situation. finally he decided he couldn't hold out any longer, and jumped up on my lap too. at first he cautiously stuck his paw out to determine the optimal position, but it didn't take him too long to decided to just go for it and climb OVER tony, resting his head in my cleavage. tyrone decided that this was too much and jumped down, but continued to circle my legs. SO CUTE, GUYS.)

ANYWAY in spite of the constant urge to rub kitty tummies, i'm making some progress in cleaning my room. also soon i'm leaving to visit trina and watch HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2. yessss.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

oh gosh! i left my phone in my car after the dentist and i just went to retrieve it and i found TWO voicemails asking for an interview already! both at pretty exciting jobs! but they all want me to come in this week because i kiiind of didn't make it clear in my cover letters that i'm not actually in sf this week? i kind of thought it would take people longer to look at job applications? but i guess i might go to sf next week instead and see if people will buy that? :O

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hello friends! so far today i have applied for 9 jobs in san francisco and had 3 teeth filled.

teeth fillings are gross and crazy :( and both trina and skylark called me while my face was still numb. ain't nothin' better than slurring my way to plans to watch high school musical 2 on thursday! or, as i believe i put it, "we sheriously need to watch high schhhool mushical." then i probably drooled on myself but didn't notice.

but hopefully now the peach crops will be satisfied with the state of my teeth! if not, fuck them, i didn't even want to help people anyway.

i also probably have an unhealthy attachment to my resume. i tailored it to my current jobsearch (parttime education or childcare jobs, which mostly seems to mean running after school programs) and now i just keep gazing at it. look at those bullet points! look at all that shit i did! give me a joooob!

joooooob >:O

also i'm filling out my 10th job application right now. it is to a learning center called SCORE! whenever SCORE! talks about themselves on their website, they do it like that, in capslock italics and with an exclamation point. i hope that SCORE! will give me capslock, exclamatory paychecks. (italics i can take or leave).

ridic! anyway i still haven't really cleaned my room. it is pretty much disastrous.

but seriously, my resume bullet points are hella tight, so who even cares if my room is a fire hazard?

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

listening to: tori, almost rosey

i am so not motivated to do anything today. i got up around 10 and ate breakfast and watched cartoons for like... two hours. then i poked around and sort of cleaned my room a little bit? and then i lay down and took a mini-nap. then i talked to my dad for awhile. and then i started watching the living daylights? and then i helped dad with project: geothermal energy for like.. 5 minutes.

wait, have i blogged about project: geothermal energy yet? apparently we're getting some? i thought it required like, a volcano? but i guess not? my dad rented a backhoe? and is digging up the yard? for project: geothermal energy? IT'S MADNESS.

another sign my parents are turning green:
me: (notices blindingly bright bulbs in kitchen fixture) are those halogen bulbs?
dad: i think they're neon.
mom: they're whatever al gore says we should have!
me: oh, cool. um, they're kind of... blinding? what happened to the shade thing over the bulbs?
dad: well, it wouldn't fit over the new bulbs.
mom: also, since our kitchen is pursuing a mexican theme, it seemed appropriate. actually really one of the bulbs should always be burned out, and the other one should be dangling precariously from a string.

another good moment...
mom: so when are you going to san francisco?
me: oh, probably in a few weeks, i haven't gotten a ticket yet.
dad: you're going to san francisco? did i miss something?
mom & i simultaneously: yes.
mom: are you still coming back for christmas?
me: yeah, definitely.
dad: what? how long are you staying there?

(although i definitely DID talk to my parents about it, i don't remember if i blogged about it or not? i'm planning to go visit keith for like... awhile? between now and my february peace corps departure. i'm excited!)

anyway so i've basically been goofing off online/with tv most of the day instead of accomplishing much with regards to cleaning/packing. however, i have eaten an entire head of raw broccoli since i got back last night, so that's something. i also updated my facebook profile and got caught up on reading plans! woo!

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Saturday, August 18, 2007


hey guys, i'm home!! yesss. i've spent the last hour hanging out with my parents, drinking hard cranberry lemonade and watching THE AMERICAN HOBO, a documentary about hobos that they got off netflix apparently?? it's so hilarious. also i think it was filmed with a hobo camera. like made out of cardboard. and these hobos are amazing.

also i've been harrassing the cats. mew mew mew! they all have fleas and smell like flea spray though D: but they are still adorable :D

anyway i am super tireddddd but this documentary is amazing. augh. i'll sleep eventually?

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Friday, August 17, 2007


hayyy i'm in pennsylvania i guess? i'm staying at a super 8. it is SUPER because it gets the disney channel!

anyway today i drove a lot and tomorrow i'm also going to drive a lot. yesterday i went to the yankee candle flagship store!! i dipped a candle that looked like a dinosaur! it was WAY MORE exciting than the 123941 candles i supervised the dipping of last week.

also today i stalked tara! it was kind of creepy! i had forgotten to call her last night to arrange an actual meetup, but i drove by her town and saw an exit for "mall" and was like "i wonder if that is the mall tara works at, maybe i will stop and check to see if her store is there?" AND SHE WAS THERE AND WE HUNG OUT FOR LIKE 20 MINUTES.



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Friday, August 03, 2007

you guys, this summer is SO RIDICULOUS YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW.

additionally, i might have a new kitty soon!

additionally, sorry for not really keeping in contact with most people, i've had not much free time and even less internet time. check you all next month.

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