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Saturday, June 30, 2007

watching: center stage

me: what are you watching?
sandy: center stage
me: oooh i love at the end when they have the ridiculous dance with the motorcycle!
sandy: it's almost here!


anyway i'm at sandy's house!! yay! i've been a pretty boring visitor. i showed her all my roadtrip pics and then after lunch, she went to put her baby down for a nap and i was like "actually... would it be okay if i took one too?" and i did. awesome.

later we're going to scrabble!

i just realized that i left "play" out of that sentence but now i kind of like it that way, like "scrabble" is its own verb. i mean... it IS its own verb, but not in that context. whatev.

camp is ridic & fun. half of my best stories are confidential and the other half probably wouldn't be nearly as funny in the re-telling. i'll post some awesome pictures later.

non-camp is pretty great too! i'm chilling with sandy this weekend, and keith is visiting next weekend, and the weekend after that i'm flying home with chick pea & sveske for blue's wedding! SO MANY HOORAYS

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

hayyyy you guys. greetings from massachusetts!

camp green eyrie only has ridiculously slow dialup internet, and my computer is apparently not compatible with the wireless network at chick pea's house (where i'm staying for the weekend). sigh! but that's pretty much my only complaint.

i love green eyrie. the staff is amazing and i think it's going to be a great summer. kind of scared about being people's ~boss~ but whatev i guess i'm an adult or something now. i mean i turned 22! gosh!

also i'm uploading photos! flickr-riffic! i've done like 150 already and i have SO MANY MORE jesus renata why do you take so many photos?

ummm i guess one quick story from camp. the scene: explorer cabin, which i'm sharing for the summer with sveske (the adventure director--who worked at tapawingo also) and firecracker (the business manager, who is awesome). we're all exhausted and are going to sleep.

firecracker: this blanket is the warmest thing in the world!
sveske: really, firecracker? is it as warm as the SUN?
me: sveske, the sun isn't in the world, it's in space.
sveske: fine. is it as hot as LAVA?

and then... i don't even know how the conversation progressed from there because we laughed for about 10 years. somehow we ended up on: if you're REALLY bad, santa claus brings you lava in your stocking. and also our cabin is full of lava. and then in arts & crafts i made a sign for our door that says "caution: hot lava". and we talked about lava all week. it's so ridiculous. and increasingly hilarious.

anyway sveske and i are going to go get dinner now! woo! love & miss you all! plz send letters! (i put my address in a locked lj post and emailed it to some people, soz if i forgot you.)

ps one other thing... since i kind of updated my facebook and then abandoned the internet and i know at least a few people were wondering... yes, keith & i are dating now. so yeah.

pps he's the cutest boy ever and it sucks that we're on opposite coasts this summer the end

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

hayyy i'm back from the roadtrip. it was amazing and we all survived, despite one NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE apiece. (actually none of us got that close to death, but i fell out of a kayak, keith got heat exhaustion, and priscilla got temporarily reported as a missing person. so, you know.)

i'm going to bed now i guess because tomorrow i'm driving to boston or something. who even does that.

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