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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

oh gosh, i just watched last week's office and now i understand why everyone was omg-ing about it! OMG!

i also had a delightful conversation with blue.

b: "thanks, i'll owe you a bazillion!"
me: "i'll collect it, too."
b: "a bazillion CAT HAIRS! grouped into bundles of 1000."
me: "that's what you're going to have your students do next week, isn't it?"
b: "yeah, they'll all be like, 'a bazillion isn't even a real number, miss s!' and i'll be like, 'shut up and make sure you have the twist ties tight enough, kids!'"

anyway, i'm planning to leave the house in an hourish. definitely no point in going to bed now, so i'll just continue writing sappy thank you notes to professors. i keep using too many exclamation points (not like a lot in a row; just one at a time, but i keep ending multiple sentences with !) and abusing "really." they will probably read them and be like, "renata is really dumb! i am glad she's gone!" no, whatever, not really.

also, i just went to the grinnell website to double-check professor mailing addresses, and savvy's on the front page for writing an op-ed for the la times. you should probably read it because he is pretty great.

ohh gosh, i can't believe i'm actually leaving on this roadtrip in an hour! we've been planning it for soo long and now it's almost heeere! eek.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

listening to: high school musical, stick to the status quo

i need to leave for the airport in 4 hours? probably i won't sleep tonight. i have my stuff pretty much together for the sln trip, but all my stuff from school is like... scattered throughout the house. it's not helping matters that while i was gone my family moved a bunch of boxes from the spare room into my room? augh.

ah well, soon enough i'll be abandoning this chaos in favor of a totally awesome roadtrip!! yesss. (speaking of which, i'll be largely out of computer contact for the next 2.5 weeks, so if you need me, call the cell. if you don't have my cell number, ah, well, you probably don't need to contact me that badly.)

ummm let me just... do some quick commencement weekend highlights before i leave and forget them?

umm... yeah. anyway, i still don't know if i've really processed it yet. i cried a little when i said goodbye to jenny, but that was it. i think i've preeetty much been running on adrenaline since like, friday.

also, thanks for the congrats, guys!! yay!

(and christine, i'm glad you like "the long way around"! it's soo good!)

okay! so... check you all on the flipside! the flipside of roadtrippp!

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graduated, home, sunburnt, exhausted, beloved.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

listening to: high school musical, breaking free

UM i graduate in 2 hours??

miriam and trina are here!! last night we drank cheap champagne and watched high school musical. (which trina gave me on dvd for graduation! and miriam humored us enough to watch it! BEST FRIENDS EVER)

as soon as we're all ready we're heading over to the english department senior breakfast. and then to commencement itself. and then i leave grinnell forever oh my god.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

listening to: dixie chicks, the long way around

i'm cleaning my room (SLASH BLOGGING) and listening to this song on repeat-one. i'm really feeling it this weekend. it's not really about graduating, not like vitamin c's classic "graduation day" or anything, but it is about leaving (and also getting into fights with the music industry but whatever, that's like a metaphor for graduation, amiright) and it's pretty great.

i've been a long time gone now
maybe someday, someday i'm gonna settle down
but i've always found my way somehow
by taking the long way
taking the long way around

i also really like the line "six strong hands on a steering wheel," which i ASSUME refers to the three chicks, or possibly natalie and two other people she's driving with, but it could also be doc ock on a roadtrip.

i uploaded the song in case you want to hear it. which you do, because it's soo good. (ps if you think you are tc for the dixie chicks, you are wrong. they are tc for you.)

anyway, my parents are coming soon! hooray! and later today my grandpa and his racist ladyfriend! slightly less enthusiastic hooray! (ps thanks for helping with my tuition grandpa, in return i pretend not to loathe your ladyfriend!)

it was funny to see everyone at graduation today--everyone got sunburned at block party. after being cooped up working on finals for a week everyone was too excited about feeling sunshine to remember sunblock, i guess! i myself have a pretty hot pink-line from my tanktop. it's not too bad though, i don't think it'll peel and i have the kind of skin that usually does the burn-to-tan transition pretty well. hopefully my commencement photos won't resemble a lobster in a mortarboard.

anywho, back to half-hearted cleaning i suppose!


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listneing to: the cars, shake it up!!

ohhh today has been a glorious day, truly. first i finished my college work!! then i came home and took a half-hearted nap, although i was really too keyed up to sleep.

at lunch emily and i talked a lot about savvy (i know i talk about him on my blog a lot, but truly, everyone who knows him talks about him a lot. he's such a fucking CHARACTER) and tyler (note, not tyler i hate, tyler i like) told me about his favorite flags. including! did you know! in muslim countries, instead of the red cross, they have the red crescent,but its' the same organization? and israel applied to have the red star of david, and the red cross rejected it because of all the politics surrounding israel. and israel was like, well fine, we won't HAVE a red cross.

but then they made a red DIAMOND flag for countries that didn't want to use the pre-existing symbols! isn't that cool! it's cool!

GOSH and then i returned all my books to the library except i see now that i left one on my desk. tomorrow, i guess!

and then i went to block party, which is this grinnell tradition where the last day of spring semester finals they block off a street and there's a whole lot of beer and everyone just goes and hangs out and is like "dude, being done with this year rules!" and a lot of alums come back for it. and today was just so lovely and sunny, and it's soo wonderful being done with school that... oh, lovely.

the first person i saw when i headed over was mike (from bitchflat in london), laying on someone's lawn wearing short-shorts and a velour tank top. we had a long discussion on the topics of:
- comics curmudgeon
- mike's hilariously egocentic boss
- prison classes
- a doctumentary mike recently watched on the subject of human-horse bestiality ("it was only released in four cities because most people objected to its pro-bestiality stance")
- the ever popular subject of "people we hate"

also jake and emilia were there! and lots of current students i love! ahh! i always think of all my closest friends at grinnell as having already graduated, which is largely true, but i'm increasingly realizing that there are still a ton of people here that are lovely and who i will miss. boo.

then a bunch of us got some subwayyy and ate it sprawled out on jenny's floor. emily fell asleep and the rest of us were totally ridiculously sleep-deprived and giddy, so we split up for NAPPING and reconvened at the "last chance" harris party.

harris parties are like high school dances but better.

i only go occasionally, usually to the most popular themed ones, like mary b james (drag ball) and halloween (costume ball) and underwear ball (underwear ball), but there's one of some sort every weekend. and i had so much fun tonight, i danced with so many lovely friends and heard so much lovely music like TOXIC and WANNABE.

erin and i stayed until the end, which i don't usually do, and apparently what people do at the very end of harris parties is listen to piano man and make a huge circle and sway. and we swayed in a big circle and listened to piano man and yell-sang along with it and really, it was a perfect end to the evening.

except the real end of the evening is me coming home and blogging about it, obvs.

anyway tomorrow is like, commencement rehearsal and my parents are coming and there are like 3 social events i have to attend and, oh, madness.

and i need to clean/pack my rooooom.

also grinnell owes me like $500 and i want it! give it to me before the trip! i'm afraid if they haven't sent out checks yet though, it won't be until after i go home and like i need that money, hos. ugh. they changed the pay scale to twice a month instead of once a month, but it doesn't go into effect until next year. and student affairs is taking forever to reimburse me for boston. i called on monday and they said they had just processed it and would send it out that day. and yet i do not have it. oh well, i'm pretty much counting on getting some graduation $$ from various friends/relatives. and if that doesn't come through before the trip either, i guess as keith points out, there's always truck stop hustling along the way. dude, the national parks service got to get paid, son.

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Friday, May 18, 2007


i literally just walked out of my last exam and into the computer lab, because i was struck by a sudden terror that i had gotten confused on my last essay and written an entirely inaccurate paragraph. but no, i was right: the united states IS a huge asshole.

actually, "the united states is a huge asshole" was basically the entire thesis of my last essay. uggggh. the question was a quote from this article we read asking "if latin american revolutions are destined to fail because of us intervention, isn't it irresponsible to have a revolution?" AGREE OR DISAGREE. and my thesis was like, "ANGRILY DISAGREE BECAUSE TINA ROSENBERG IS A BITCH WHO IS PHRASING THIS DEBATE ALL WRONG. IT IS IRRESPONSIBLE OF THE UNITED STATES TO INTERFERE WITH REVOLUTIONS, THOSE SELFISH IMPERIALIST BASTARDS >:O"

i didn't actually put an angry face in my final but i should have.

anyway. i think it went okay. pretty sure i rocked the identification section and did decently on the quote identifications/explanations. the essay i think is okay? got like, all the second wave revolutions mixed up in my heads so when i had to write about three cases i was forced to resort to cuba, guatemala, and chile because i was relatively sure i had the facts there straight. okay okay sorry, you don't care. i'm in like hermione mode right now.

what the fuck, i'm done with college, why am i blogging about the fucking chilean socialist "revolution"? why aren't i getting WASTED WOOOO COLLLEGE WOOOOO?

yeah jk, i'm going to go take a nap. then shower, then lunch, THEN block party (woooo !)

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listening to: sheryl crow, mississippi

two glorious realizations i had had in wrapping up my paper:

1.) jpabs, in telling us how to write a research paper, cited studies that said a paper's conclusion has no impact whatsoever on its grade. in fact, if a paper has a conclusion that is significantly better than the rest of the paper, it annoys the reader. = thanks for the free pass on having a crappy conclusion!

2.) i was grumpy about the idea of writing up a bibliography and then i realized that i already wrote one earlier in this multi-step research paper process.

yeahhh buddy.

anyway, i'm ready to call it quits on last college paper. it's mediocre. the worst part is the last paragraph of the last section which sort of just turned into a conglomeration of leftover points i had. i'm going to include it here for memory's sake, and also so you can all see how sad it is.

Another way the Madres’ activism demonstrates an understanding of the most effective cultural strategy for their work is in their nonalignment with other political groups. The Madres walked an interesting line, politically—they entered the public sphere, but they did so as mothers; they managed to be political while presenting themselves in a non-political way. For example, in a Spanish television interview, Hebe de Bonafini was asked about her role as “housewife-turned-leader,” and she replied that she was “still a housewife but also a person who chose life over death when confronted with the disappearance of her children.” Madre Graciela de Jeger explained, “The Mothers aren’t out to get political power. We are unusual in that we’re not associated with any one political party, nor with any one social class.” In contrast to the Madres, Hebe de Bonafina describes Argentine feminists as “more middle class, more concerned with gender demands, which isn’t the most important thing.” Also, their political independence meant that “they were unburdened by ideological constraints or obedience to party directives or the need to replicate proven tactics. They were therefore free to use new symbols, devise appropriate tactics, and adopt actions…that had not been tried before in Argentina.” By refusing to ally with any particular political group, the Madres were able to better achieve their goal of fighting directly and effectively for the return of their children.

um whatever. the rest of the paper's better. i hope.

i'm going to bed i guess, and tomorrow i'll get up early, proofread/print this, and have a study breakfast! augh final. i'm taking solace in the fact that i felt awfully unprepared for the midsem, and i felt like i wrote a terrible essay for the midsem, and jpabs gave it a b+. fingers crossed for similar result tomorrow?

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

i read that lloyd alexander died, and i thought, "oh no, i loved him in back to the future!" and then i clicked the link and realized that i had been thinking of christopher lloyd, and i hadn't actually heard of lloyd alexander. i guess if you're a fan of books such as the chronicles of prydain or the westmark trilogy, you'll miss him.

as for me, after a quick wiki-confirmation that christopher lloyd is still among the living (he is), i'm pretty much good to go. (also, did you know he was the voice of rasputin in anastasia? i did not, and i am thrilled to have such knowledge.)

jpabs paper: 7/11. (hee.) making little progress, MAYBE because i keep blogging and looking up character actors on wikipedia. whatever. also i keep excessively deliberating over sentences. i'm afraid my paper is too obvious, but i think it's really just that i've written a lot about feminist maternalist rhetoric in other classes. also: whatever, i'm sure i won't get an F on it, and thus i will graduate.

oh, and the picnic was pretty glorious. a bunch of us shared stories of why savvy is ridiculous (i totally won, by the way. in as much as you can win a conversation.) and we bitched about how crappy the picnic food was. they ran out of biscuits :( and cake :( dining services = so ridic.

okay back to the paper for 10 minutes? and then: scrabble! and then: paper again!

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blah no motivation to finish this paper. like, didn't i write this already? yeah, i totally did, except now it's set in argentina instead of the us or britain.

so basically

blah blah blah feminism blah blah blah redefining motherhood blah blah blah machismo

instead of

blah blah blah feminism blah blah blah redefining motherhood blah blah blah patriarchy.

blah blah blah finished with college in less than 12 hours :O


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listening to: josie & the pussycats, shapeshifter

lololol i almost typed "pussyhats."

"mega records is thrilled to sign the pussyhats!"
"we're the pussyCATS."
"well! i guess that explains why you aren't wearing any. hats."

ahhh best movie ever.

anyway, i just worked my ~last shift ever at the spencer grill/out takes~! in appreciation for my services, dining services gave me an umbrella in addition to my hourly wage. sweet.

now i need to write my paper for jpabs and i sooo don't want to. blahhhh. GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME, RENATA.

ps i'm sharing one last email from savvy because i think it is kind of adorable. Renata, I only have the deepest admiration for you. Sometimes, I'm simply a trouble-maker. --R.S. aww!

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listening to: brit-brit, lucky

by the way, here's one reason why i'm awesome. my top 10 most played artists of last week, according to last.fm?
1. high school musical
2. dixie chicks
3. regina spektor
3. tori amos
5. reba mcentire
6. harry belafonte
7. high school musical: the concert
8. ashley tisdale
9. abba
10. alan jackson

seriously, that is an awesome list. don't try to deny it.

also, here is the followthrough on the email i sent savvy about girl scouts.

he wrote: Sorry. I was JOKING. Just being an end of the year pain in the ass. You're right. My apologies. --R.S.

and i responded: Oh sorry, it's sometimes hard to tell when you are joking. And you certainly wouldn't have been the first person I know who's linked BSA and GSA like that, so I am kind of touchy about it by now.

Thanks for not actually thinking I've been spending my summers working for fascist homophobes,


ohhh life is so ridiculous.

i wrote 3 sentences of my argentina paper. and one was a subject heading. whatevvvv.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

here is an email i just sent. i wrote like three drafts of it.

Professor [Savvy],

I'm still not sure to what extent you were joking when you referred to the Girl Scouts as a fascist, homophobic organization this evening, but I would just like to reiterate my disagreement. They are not equivalent to the Boy Scouts and they have had an anti-discrimination policy that applied to sexuality since 1980.



I don't want to make a big deal out of it, and I know they're not a perfect organization. But I also know there are a lot of misconceptions about the Girl Scouts, and I wish people were better informed about a group that I think does a lot of good for girls locally and around the world.

Thanks again for hosting the dinner at your house, I had a great time!

- Renata


i don't know. i just got really mad that he would say that and then as i was defending them he belittled me and the idea of "empowering women." and like whatever, he's totally fucking thinking of the boy scouts and they're not the same.

god, get one beer in me and i get super defensive of the girl scouting movement. :( anyway i post it here also partly to display my own ridiculousness to the world but also because seriously, boy scouts and girl scouts are completely separate. the girl scouts of america have spoken out against the intolerance of the boy scouts on multiple occasions. and a lot of people don't know that. and you should. the end.

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ohhh my god, the picnic with savvy was UNBELIEVABLE. i met up with erin and leah to walk over together, because we were all nervous about individually being the first ones there? and the whole way over there (like 1 block) they were like "i';m so nervous about this!" like erin was afraid he'd yell at her for not bringing plates to go with her pie? and leah was afraid he'd yell at her for bringing an unopened can (she didn't have a can opener)? and i was like "oh you guys, chill! i'm sure he'll be fine!"

and then we get there and like the first thing he does is make fun of the dip i made. and then the second thing was to make fun of the way leah opened her can.

i'm trying not to make him sound like a jerk? like he's very teasing and he definitely means it to be friendly, but sometimes it's just like DANG.

like how he spent like five minutes trying to get me to badmouth jpabs, insisting that he could tell by my face that i had something bad i wanted to say? awkward. oh and he also trashed vbrown and was like "renata, i can tell you want to weigh in on this! you want to defend her!" and i was like "ummm i really don't want to get involved in this." once again, awkward.

or like when he asked what i was doing this summer and i said working at girl scout camp and he called the girl scouts a fascist organization? awkward.

and then i tried to defend the girl scouts and i was like "i mean it's really about getting girls together and having them try new things--" and then he said "and empowering women!!!" and i said "well... yeah."

or like when out of nowhere he yelled "everyone sing happy birthday to renata!" and i said 0_0 and someone was like "renata, is it your birthday?" and i said "no!" and he said "renata, i just thought you were the type of person who wouldn't like a lot of attention directed at you!" and i said "well, you guessed right, thanks for respecting my wishes." which sounds kind of bitchy but DAMN HE STARTED IT WHAT EVEN IS THAT.

and this is just what he did to ME, there were 8 other people there to be targeted.

i think my for real favorite part was:
me (smiling/laughing)
savvy: when you were in trads class i always thought you were making fun of me when you smiled.
me: you thought i was making fun of you with my SMILE?
savvy: i was always like, does that smile mean she thinks this is all bullshit? but then i realized how sweet you are.
me: ...
savvy: awww!

i'm glad he thinks i'm nice. just because i don't badmouth my peers like he does. also honestly half the time i am laughing at him. sometimes he is soo pretentious and i find him ridiculous. but also sometimes i just SMILE why are you so paranoid, professor?

i want to make it clear that i admire, like, and respect savvy. and he's not just an asshole. only kind of an asshole. but seriously, so hilarious. who even says those things.

he said he'd write me a letter of recommendation for my FILE though. it better be good.

anyway i guess i'm going to go write about argentina or something.

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listening to: abba, dancing queen

glorioussss i turned in my civil war final and my dis lit paper a full two and three hours (respectively) early! and i just submitted the last b&s payroll. now i'm filling in my last etime sheet. i always forget to do these as i go along and i end up jus tmaking stuff up at the end of the month. let's see. i think i worked... 11 hours this pay period. that is probably slightly more than i actually did, but not such a large amount of time that it will be questioned.

what's next?

- take a shower, hippie
- trek over to hy-vee to get ingredients for the disability lit potluck tonight!
- make artichoke dip
- potluck
- radical movements paper (8pages left, and i think i am underestimating the ease i will have in writing it... but whatever, i have like all day thursday to work on it too)
- last thursday morning out takes shift :) :)
- last thursday night scrabble club meeting :( :(
- get credentials file in order. do i even need a credential file? i guess. psmith says i should make one. basically i just need to ask profs to write me letters and sign forms saying that it's okay if i never get to read the letters.
- radical movements final (9am friday. i might be screwed. whatever.)
-- end of schoolwork :O

- block party
- "last chance" party
- finish b&s website
- clean room (gross)
- eat lunch with family on saturday!
- graduaaaaate


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listening to: carrie underwood, the night before (life goes on)

SUP it's only 2am and my paper is a paragraph onto page 15. haaaayll yeah. i think i'm going to go to bed and sleep in a bit (9??), get up and polish both this (including adding a final paragraph, i think) and my good ol' civil war midsem (including changing my parenthetical citations to footnotes, which inevitably takes longer than i imagine it will). that'll give me 5 and 6 hours, respectively, to finish up and print. should be glorious.

also i think that this paper is pretty good. i'll need to re-read it after some sleep, but for now i'm feelin' pretty good about it.

oh yeah!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

listening to: vienna teng, blue caravan

ahead of schedule! i get to go to the ice cream study break when i hit page 11. but i've just hit it and the study break isn't for 10 minutes. also i'm not that hungry. sweet, sweet victory. soon: literally.

i'm looking at the wikipedia entry on forrest gump as refresher-research for my paper (it's that, or go actually rent the movie and actually watch it again... psh) and part of it makes me mad.

Together the three move back to Greenbow, Alabama, where Jenny and Forrest finally marry, but their married bliss is cut short by Jenny's death "on a Saturday morning" according to Forrest. Her gravestone gives her date of death as March 22, 1982, which in the real world was a Monday.

(emphasis mine.) really? really? that nitpick is important enough to make the brief plot summary? i hate you, the internet.

also, tom hanks said, "The film is non-political and thus non-judgmental". tom hanks seems like a very pleasant man but that is a very stupid thing to say about forrest gump. good think forrest's mama always says stupid is as stupid does.

lollll i'm funny. see what i did there, how i cleverly utilized that 13-year-old catchphrase in an appropriate context? gosh.

anyway, onto page 12 and beyond!

keith: sorry it didn't work out for you :( i'd gladly have taken that iced coffee off your hands. mmm.

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i can't go to dinner until i get to page 10 :(

i have twitchy feet syndrome :( (less severe than restless legs syndrome, and also more made up.)

ohhh i forgot to publish this. that's cool though, i just hit page 10 and i'm hitting up some sweet ROASTED VEGETABLE AND PESTO pizza, truly one of the higher echelons of the grinnell dining services menu rotation.

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listening to: carrie underwood, before he cheats

ohhh heavens, today was me and annie's last prison class :( it was pretty great, though--all the guy shared the humor pieces they wrote and they were all HILAR. and then on the way home annie got a flat tire and it was non-hilar.

except. we called aaa and were waiting for someone to come change our tire--while bemoaning the fact that we were stereotypical girls, unable to change a tire--and right around the time aaa estimated someone would be there, a nondescript blue pickup pulls up. is it the mechanic, or just a good-doer? we thought since we didn't need a tow, maybe the shop just sent someone with their personal vechicle or something.

so a guy gets out and hauls a giant jack from the back of the jack, and annie and i get out and get her spare tire out. we stand around awkwardly and he tells us to get back in the car since it's raining. meanwhile he jacks up the car and changes her tire. we're inside the car debating over whether or not this is the aaa guy. our points were basically:
- no uniform
- no labelled truck
- did not say anything about being a mechanic or from aaa
- didn't ask if we needed help, knew what was wrong
- came right when aaa said someone would come
- had a professional-grade jack and bolt... thing... (although this is rural iowa, so it's entirely possible that some passerby just had all that stuff)

i'm still not quite sure, honestly. the last time i called aaa i had to sign something and this guy didn't ask for it, but we thought maybe he forgot or just forged my signature. also, we figured that if this wasn't the guy, aaa would have called us shortly after and been like "um the tow truck is where you guys said you'd be... what happened to your car?" and thus far i have received no such call.

WEIRDY WEIRD i'm going to go work at the grill now.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

listening to: dixie chicks, heartbreak town

this ain't nothin but a heartbreak academic career.

actually whatever, life's okay. my dis lit paper is rolllin' along. i've been using a rewards system to keep me going. i got to go get a soda when i hit page 6, and when i hit page 7 i got to use the internet. hayyy internet. when i get to page 8 i get to eat a bagel!

mmm, delicious page 8.

when i get to bagel page i'll be over halfway through my paper, and it's not even due until 3pm wednesday. not that i'm by any means home free, but this is going much faster than my civil war paper. POSSIBLY because i made 10 pages of notes and met with savvy to discuss it last week.

r o c k.

also i returned my book to stewart (you shall know our velocity, by which i was really disappointed. 2 starz on good reads :( ) and went to the history candidate talk--really interesting, his area is the history of sport. not that i... care about sports, per se, but it's pretty sexy class-based social history.

anyway... to bagel page and beyond!

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listening to: andrew bird, tables & chairs

why am i sleepy? ragh i need energy for the next few days of POWER.

i'm going to succumb to the temptation of ~finals week checklist~

[X] history candidate lunch
[ ] history candidate talk
[/] civil war final (mostly done w/writing, needs editing)
[/] rad movements paper (first 2 pages written, research in hand)
[ ] rad movements final (cries)
[ ] dis lit paper, 15 pages due wedssss (double cries)
[ ] dis lit seminar dinner (uncries)
[ ] get credential file together
[ ] b&s website
[ ] b&s payroll
[ ] return (2 days overdue) book to stewart library downtown
[ ] return 21390234 books to burling library
[ ] prison tomorrow
[ ] outtakes shift tomorrow
[ ] outtakes shift thursday
[ ] clean room D:
[ ] scrabble
[ ] graduate??

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cuz studio 60 had to dieeeeee

goodbyeeeeee studio sixtyyyyyy

anyway i quit watching around january, so i can't say i'll miss it. try again, aaron sorkin :( double-check the needle on the pretensi-o-meter this time, plz.

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listening to: dixie chicks, goodbye earl

you know what the best part of this song? it is how gleeful she (i always forget which chick is the singer :/ is it natalie? emily? i'm pretttty sure marty is the fiddler. uhhh whatever, they all look the same to me) ANYWAY whoever she is, she sounds so fucking gleeful to sing "CUZ EARL HAD TO DIEEEEE"

it's the best


1.) it's 3am?
2.) awesome/ridiculous chatlog hereabouts.
3.) civil war final mostly done? needs some editin' and i need to convert my parenthetical citations into foodnotes.
4.) natalie dee
5.) tonight was pancake study break! i ate soo many pancakes. well, three, but they were pretty big. and pretty delicious.
6.) okay i just looked it up: group leader Martie (Erwin) Siedel (fiddle, mandolin and vocals), Emily Erwin (guitar, dobro, banjo and vocals), and Natalie Maines (lead vocal and in concerts, guitar). alright. natalie, keep up the good work.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

listening to: tori, playboy mommy

current status: still real lazy and will probably fail school.

i did, however, update my blog template slightly. i added a few new webcomics. in particular i endorse cat and girl and in further particular i endorse it to keith, although i think everyone will like it.

i also added a search box from technorati! it happened kind of accidentally. i clicked somewhere and next thing i knew i was inserting some code into my blog template. probably i will find it more useful than anyone; i used to search my blog by using google and site:frowl.org, but that stopped working after i blocked my blog from google, funnily enough. anyway it's down there at the bottom, if you want to search for something.

i think i am 50% finished with my civil war exam. i could be done with it if i weren't so easily distracted.

anyway! andrew bird last night was lovely. he played in herrick chapel, and his music is sort of... ethereal, and it was just a delightful atmosphere. and i don't really know his music that well, and sometimes it's nice to go to concerts by people where i don't know every single one of their songs (ie not a tori amos concert). also, molly found this notebook under her seat and started looking at it during the concert, and there were a bunch of mash games in it and we were quietly giggling at it. and then after the concert the guy behind molly tapped her on the shoulder and was like "excuse me, i think you have my notebook" and molly said "oh, are those your mash games?" and then felt really embarrassed about having said that. it was awesome. (in case anyone besides keith doesn't know what mash games are: wikipedia has an article on them.)

another highlight was that i guess andrew bird has a song about the scythian empire? entitled "scythian empire"? and he gave us all a mini history lesson about the scythian empire? and molly, anna and i thought it was hilarious and giggled through the chorus, but everyone around us looked Very Serious about it. looking at the lyrics now i guess the first part is kind of serious, but i'm sorry, it's hilarious to see some skinny white guy singing "scythian empiiiire, scythian empiiire." additionally, my friends and i are concert assholes.

and finally, the other highlight of my evening was a chat i had with sophi, tara, and two random chat crashers (who i have here re-named "random" and "chat crasher".)

chatcrasher: hi ya'll
renata: hayyy
chatcrasher: how ya'll doin'
random: how yall doin'
chatcrasher: where ya'll fromm
sophi: neither of you got the apostrophe right there
sophi: it's y'all
sophi: you all
random: what is that
sophi: that is how contractions work
chatcrasher: no it ain't
sophi: yeah it is
renata: hey, you got it right on "ain't". good work
random: i live in china
sophi: I live in texas
random: where
chatcrasher: texas?
random: my uncle live der
chatcrasher: are there alot of hicks there
chatcrasher: i'm a hick
random: im a redneck chink
sophi: this chat is pretty glorious
random: who are you
sophi: ohhhh you know
chatcrasher: yeah, who you be.
random: if i knew i wouldnt have asked
renata: she's internet famous
random: your internet stupid
random: so shut up
renata: no, she doesn't belong to me
renata: probably you meant "you're"
random: why are you so weird
chatcrasher: is this english class
sophi: yes
random: your like 12
chatcrasher: or a chat roo,=m
sophi: actually
chatcrasher: room*
renata: it's english class
random: hi tim curry
sophi: tara, tell these ladies that I am internet famous
chatcrasher: suhup tim curry?
random: your not
tara: indeed she is internet famous
sophi: are you guys ladies?
renata: also tell them that it is english class
random: haha
random: hick
random: these kids
random: are so weird
random: they believe us
chatcrasher: lol
sophi: seriously, gender
random: AHAHA
sophi: I need to know
tara: this is also in fact english class
sophi: it is essential
renata: god, sophi
chatcrasher: Y'ALL do not need to know our gender
renata: it's the 21st century, can't we transcend gender?
random: hahaha
sophi: renata, stop being such a damn hippy
random: weridos
renata: anyway, they're pretty clearly robots
random: lets leave
renata: which have no gender
random: roberts
chatcrasher: robots?
sophi: BAI
chatcrasher: LMAO
random: ahah
sophi: ILU GUYS
tara: robots are people too
random: fag
chatcrasher: no they arent
chatcrasher: lol
tara: idk
tara: my
random: and they have gender
tara: bff jill
random: girls and boy
random: you dip
random: shit
chatcrasher: lol
tara: TISNF
chatcrasher: YOU'RE A WERIDO
random: internet talk ?
sophi: PLZ
random: fuck
random: shit
random: bitch
chatcrasher: hahaha
sophi: D:
random: fucker
random: ass
tara: i think i will call you both
random: cunt
chatcrasher: poopie.
tara: fatrick
renata: oh shit, fuck AND fucker
random: shall i go on
renata: AND EYES
chatcrasher: YEAHHH
random: im out
random: toodles
tara: bye fatrick
tara: bye fatrick
sophi: that was the greatest thing to ever happen
(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)



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Saturday, May 12, 2007

GLORIOUS i just discovered that my civil war takehome final is TWO of five questions, not THREE of five. they're supposed to be 3 pages each? so i guess i just remembered the number 3 and mentally applied it broadly to the assignment. yesss.

i'm going to go try to see andrew bird on standby with anna!

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listening to: alan jackson, five o'clock somewhere

i like that like the last MINUTE of this song is alan jackson and jimmy buffet just chatting about drinking.

anyway, this morning i set my alarm for 9:30 am with the hopes of getting up and getting some work done. and then instead i turned it off and fell back asleep until 1pm. WHAT. at least now i'll be very well-rested for my afternoon o' work?

i just still don't have the motivation to do anythinggg. even as i realize how much i have to do, and how relatively little time i have? like, whatever.

mary: tc= TOO COOL. and grinnell misses you back!

christine: i miss you too!

julia: okay, you know what's WORSE? i was just reading the plan of that "econ major" and a few days ago he wrote "why does everyone assume i'm an econ major? is it because i'm chinese? that's racist." no, it's because of your aggressively utilitarian approach to history, sir. at least in my case. anyway apparently he's poli sci.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

listening to: abba, when i kissed the teacher

guys i just spent like half an hour making a playlist entitled "ridic." it has 182 songs (10.3 hours) and it is fucking amazing. this song is on it. you should come hang out with me for 10.3 hours and we will listen to it together. after that, though, you'll have to leave.

my arm hurts from getting a POLIO booster. or maybe this arm was the TETANUS booster. hmm.

anyway. the history picnic was AWESOME, as expected.

also, the ~senior issue~ of the s&b came out. i'm one of the senior profiles? i was kind of afraid i'd sound like a tool in mine? i don't know. it could have been worse, but reading it is still kind of like :O my interviewer referred to me as a "comedy queen"? and she quoted this part of the interview where i was just like babbling. She said that both of her major fields, History and English "require empathy, or at least it helps to be able to empathize with the historical group you're studying... and literature is all about being able to empathize with the characters." She also emphasized that working in both English and History has sharpened her ability to think critically and analytically. In the Peace Corps and beyond, those lessons in empathy and thinking will serve her well. As she said, these lasting reminders of her Grinnell experience are "definitely something that is productive to have in the Peace Corps and just out in the world.

um whatever. it's still pretty flattering, though! thanks for thinking i was profile-worthy, s&b! ps it's not online because the s&b website hasn't been updated for like 2 months, so if you would like a copy let me know and i can send you one. eventually. it included a picture of me sitting in the forum and making a weird face. i am also clearly fidgeting in the photo. basically it is a highly accurate representation of me.

pps you know what's great about the high school musical concert (which is also included on my ridic playlist)? i bet that you don't. here is what's great about it: zac efron, aka ~the star~, was tc for it, so they just got some random guy to sing his part. rock on, random guy.

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listening to: tori, velvet revolution

you GUYS the best thing ever happened to me today! i was driving back to the doctor's to get my blooood drawn, and i turned on the radio in the middle of a song that i quickly realized was the greatest song i'd ever heard. the chorus was like,

i wanna kiss you in the sticks
i wanna check you for ticks
there's lots of places they can get


and then i went to the doctor (they took FIVE VIALS of blood, heavens! also they confirmed that i do not have tuberculosis. i was concerned.) then on the way home, i clicked over to a different station and heard the start of a hilarious song, it was like

i wanna be your beer
your jeans are playing peekaboo
and i wanna see the other half of your butterfly tattoo


okay i just googled the lyrics. it is called "TICKS" by brad paisley.

here are some of the actual lyrics, lest you think my remembering of them was completely inaccurate:

and i wish i was your beer
and in the small there of your back
your jeans are playing peek a boo
i'd like to see the other half
of your butterfly tattoo

hey that gives me an idea
let's get out of this bar
and drive out into the country
and find a place to park

cause i'd like to see you out in the moonlight
i'd like to kiss you way back in the sticks
i'd like to walk you through a field of wildflowers
and i'd like to check you for ticks

oh my god you can listen to it at brad paisley's myspace do it do it do it it's amazing.


in other news, my last class of my undergraduate career consisted of an intense fight about the confederate flag. this one student was so, so mad about it because he thought we should "get over it" and it was "a waste of time to talk about the flag because it doesn't matter at all." whatever, econ major.

i'm going to do some work now? and probably keep listening to this awesome song about ticks.

ps you know what would really ruin any sexy tick-checking? actually finding a tick, because they are gross and disgusting, and you would have to pause your foreplay to find some tweezers and rubbing alcohol. i hope that that does not happen to mr. paisley and his tattooed ladyfriend.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

listneing to: charlie daniels band, the devil went down to georgia

what's up, i opened this a long time ago. i am no longer listening to the devil went down to georgia, but i wish i were. i'm sleepy. i lost at scrabble to jenny by threee points. okay and we both lost to sarah by like 50 points.

also sarah said her dad is a dentist and he doesn't have a tooth laser. i wonder if the tooth laser REALLY does anything.

i had high hopes for working on my civil war final today and they really didn't pan out.

the same could be said of this blog entry.

eta: right after i published this i remembered that there was one sort of significant thing i wanted to blog about! which is that livejournal just purged a bunch of journals and made their usernames available again, and i checked and "hey_jupiter" was available and i kind of waffled about registering it and starting a new lj? and sophi convinced me that i should, so i went to register it... and apparently you can only get these newly-freed lj names with name change tokens? which is $15? i don't really want to spend $15 on livejournal. aaand i don't know how committed i am to being hey_jupiter on livejournal? it would be nice for the sake of continuity in my internet life? but i also like being bessiemaemucho. argh, internet representation is like soo hard.

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listening to: tori, secret spell

oh my god, i just had my peace corps dental exam? and i was all like, "whatever, i get regular dental cleanings, i've never had a cavity, this should be chill."

well. it turns out that it's not that i have exceptional oral hygiene; it's that i have a terrible dentist :O

like first of all, the x-rays? there were like TEN STEPS. my regular dentist does four x-rays, the top and bottom of each side of my mouth. so then, armed with these super-x-rays, the grinnell dentist was like "hmm, it looks like one of these might be a cavity, let me check it out with my FUCKING FUTURISTIC TOOTH LASER." and it turns out? that the futuristic tooth laser found EIGHT CAVITIES OH MY GOD.


i guess they weren't that bad of cavities, since the dentist wasn't even sure on x-ray if they were or not? but still. oh my god.

and the dentist felt soo bad about it, like, "i'm really sorry to tell you this... i hope you don't think i'm some kind of quack..." and then he was like trying to make up for it with "you have really nice teeth otherwise..."

um yeah other than the EIGHT CAVITIES.

ickkkk and i have to get them fixed later. i've always been afraid of cavities and DRILLS and things in my mouth. and anywhere, really.

the best thing about this appalling dentist visit was that there were 2 cute little boys on the other side of the room. the older one (6-ish) told the dentist that his younger brother was "a picky eater. like if he had two thousand pieces of pizza, he'd only like FIVE of them." and, when offered a selection of toothbrushes, the younger one asked the dentist "which is the most powerful one?"

at least my room smells better now, so i guess it was just the laundry? or possibly the recycling, which i finally took down and sorted, but that seriously was just like newspapers and triscuit boxes.

also now i'm starting to imagine that my teeth hurt. they don't really, but how can they not when like 1/3 of them are CAVITY-RIDDLED.

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this is my finals week theme song!

ps i hate school
pps but i love spamming my blog

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

it is like, sooo not true that white people hate robots.

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listening to: regina spektor, back of a truck

hey remember that time when i went to take notes on civil war history and fell asleep for two hours on my notebook?


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listening to: regina spektor, oedipus

let's get motivated!!

i'm basically done with regular classwork. i have one more class each of rad movements and civil war. today i had my last english class at grinnell college! i made brownies to commemorate the occasion. savvy ate one even though he's "been throwing up all the time lately." awes.

i will definitely miss that class. i'm glad i followed through on my whim to take it. disability studies is soo mindblowing. we all went around and talked about how we talk about this class all the time and our friends are like "why are you pointing out disability in everything now?" and we're like REPRESENTATION OF DISABILITY IS SO COMPLEX :O

also, we were filling out class evaluations and katie looked over at mine and said, "oh, you used the word 'passionate' to describe him too!" and everyone else was like, "me too!" and i replied, "well, what other word is there for him? maybe 'crazed'..."

oh, it's true.

anyway. i'm a SLEEPYSAURUS but i don't want to take a nap? i want to get a good night's sleep before work tomorrow morning. but i'm trying to work on my civil war takehome final and i'm just like "tiiiiredddd blahhhh lincoln blahhh economic instabilityyyy" which is hardly a decent thesis statement. for starters, it lacks a verb.

last night i mostly turned the b&s over to kevin and bryan. it was sweet, they did layout and i gave them occasional tips and mostly i just caught up on cuteoverload. and spent like 3 hours working on my backpage article, an inevitable ~senior reflection~ piece. aiee.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


this comic receives my stamp of approval!

today's comic demonstrates the cruelty of octopuses!

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listening to: vienna teng, homecoming

hey guys. what's up? i'm tired. i had to use my morning naptime to go get a peace corps physical. i have to have like 49034 tests done, including a cholesterol one that i have to go back and get after i've fasted for 12 hours. awesome. also i learned that, although i avoided the freshman 15, i've definitely picked up the senior year 15 since the last time i weighed myself. good job, fatty. bascially this semester i've gotten soo good at coming up with excuses for not going to the gym. (it's snowing, it's raining, there's an apocolyptic ice storm, i have too much homework, i'm tired, i feel kind of sick, i can't find any clean socks...) frankly i'm not likely to get any better about it in the next two weeks, with the never-ending list of excuses hell week/finals week provides. not to mention all the sub-healthy free food that will be available on campus the next few weeks :/

oh well. maybe this summer out on the east coast i'll get chased by a lot of land-adapted squids. that will be good, terrifying exercise.

i have some shit to do and my room is starting to smell weird. not really sure what that's about. maybe dirty laundry? i don't really keep any perishables in here, and i just cleaned trey's bowl a ew days ago. i mean, my room's a mess, but it's mostly like like 20349234 books/papers, which don't really go bad? i hope there's not some sort of dreadful surprise under that stack of jstor articles.

in summary, i'm kind of gross, and potentially even grosser than i think i am.

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Monday, May 07, 2007


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listening to: harry belafonte, day-o

guys, i was just reading a speech of hugo chavez's and he says that HARRY BELAFONTE is on his side! that is sweet. i wish harry belafonte was on my country's side too. also, throughout the speech chavez refers to george bush as "mr. danger" and it took me like half the speech to figure out who he was talking about, like maybe he just had an aide named "juan danger" or something.

ANYWAY. um i sent out emails to a ton of people, but in case i missed you: goodreads.com! it's like myspace for people who know how to read! you should friend me and tag lots of books. but be careful, becuase i just challenged my mom to a throwdown over goodreads.

me: i noticed you only gave the partly cloudy patriot three stars.
mom: yeah, it was okay. i liked assassination vacation better.
me: whatever, mom, i will fucking fight you.

later in the same conversation...

me: oh, mom, when did you find out i was allergic to penicillin? i need it for my pc physical form.
mom: umm, it was january of the year you were in first grade.
me: so... 1991?
mom: yeah, i think... yeah.
me: okay. and what was my reaction?
mom: i don't know...
me: oh. well, i'll just put... rash. god, i can't believe you don't remember how my penicillin allergy manifested. some mom you are. (jokingly.)
mom: well, the doctor didn't tell us! he just said you were allergic to it now! and they gave you so much, and we were so afraid you would die, because your cousin luke had just died, and we thought maybe it was some sort of awful streak, and the doctors referred you to an oncologist and they didn't tell us it was an oncologist because they knew i'd freak out, and they wanted to send you up to chicago, and...
me: ... wow, way to turn that one around.
mom: (laughing) yeah, that'll teach you to call me a bad mom!

(ps when i was six i had like psycho mutant strep throat? and clearly i'm fine now. but that's what that was.)


let's see. i went to the prison playwriting class plays at prison tonight! that sentence was so stupid but i feel like i needed all those words to accurately convey where i went and why. anyway, it was pretty good! except one of the guys who annie and i had in class last semester, and were creeped out by, wrote a play that i was kind of creeped out by. at least he's consistent.

number of class sessions remaining in my college career: 5?!

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
all dressed up and somewhere to be!

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.

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listening to: dixie chicks, the long way around

oh my! this was the best waltz ever, i think.

first molly and emily and i accidentally celebrated cinco de mayo at casa margaritas (we went there intentionally; we just didn't realize we were going there on cinco de mayo. que bueno!)

then we returned and i got fancied up and went over to jenny and eszter's. i made an unfortunate shoe choice and was starting to get blisters by the time i got there, so i got some band-aids from jenny and went barefoot for most of the evening. i probably have foot herpes now, and my blisters are soo gross. they're like little bubbles of disgusting, popping out of my feet. ewww.

but that's a minor quibble.

anyway, we hit up the main lounge pre-party, which was pretty fun! also, there was sangria and baklava, so, hard to go wrong. i wandered around and chatted for awhile, and then we left. and. on the way out, we noticed that there was a BOUNCY CASTLE set up outside. it had been up for alice in wonderland, the annual campus acid festival, and i guess they hadn't taken it down yet? there were a few people in it. so NATURALLY we kicked off our shoes and joined in. and oh my god, it was probably the funnest thing i've ever done. definitely funnest in the last few weeks anyway. totally ridiculous. and THEN i guess there were too many people in it and it started to deflate! moderately terrifying! supremely fun!

after that waltz itself was pretty much a letdown. but still pretty fun, I GUESS. i DANCED and WHATNOT.

i'd like to note that i put itunes on an all-dixie chicks shuffle and it's been playing my faaaave songs of theirs. what a great shuffle. the long way around -> lubbock or leave it -> so hard -> not ready to make nice -> cowboy take me away -> SIN WAGON


i went to the younker post-party for long enough to get beer spilled on me, but i didn't stay too much longer.

it's been a good night.

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

listening to: the bens, bruised

mmm sleeping in is the most glorious part of saturday.

the most glorious part of yesterday was probably going to see my friend dale's one-woman play? it is called slightly too big women and it was really interesting. she played 3 different characters: a 12-year old girl running for class vice president and writing to vice president nixon for advice (did i mention it took place in 1959?), a young newlywed bride spending 2 weeks in a bomb shelter for a contest, and an older housewife watching tv. and it was interspersed with different period footage, like nixon's visit to the ussr, and commercials for barbie, and the movie attack of the 50-foot woman. it was really well done. i have such talented friends!

dinner beforehand was notable for:
- ana hand-squeezing orange juice
- ana sneaking up behind me and putting cups over my ears and i freaked out and put my head down on the table and covered my head with my hands. she did it to everyone else and they were just like "oh, that feels weird!" i'm so skittish. BUT it was a surprise when she did it to me, everyone else saw it coming.
- a friend of a friend describing savvy's trads2 class as "a patriarchal culture of fear"

lunch was another notable meal, since it was a history candidate lunch. two highlights of THAT:
- candidate: "blah blah blah i've been really impressed with grinnell students!"
me (sitting directly across from candidate): *drops eggplant in my sandal, attempts to nonchalantly extract it and wipe sauce off my foot*

candidate: "blah blah blah i live in scranton."
me: "does everyone in scranton like the office??"

(note: it turns out that most people do, but candidate has never watched it. well, fuck you, candidate. also, in case it wasn't clear and you, too, are a heathen who has never seen the office--the american version takes place in scranton. speaking of the office, i don't think i've said that last week's episode was one of the funniest ones in a long time, and possibly one of the funniest things i've ever seen ever. i highly recommend a download.)

candidate's talk was ok. it was poorly organized and lacked concrete examples, but it sounds like under there he had some interesting research. (he studies post-world war II peace movements in germany.)

afterwards, an example of why i love the history department so much:
vbrown: have you been able to collect much money for the keg? (for the history department picnic)
ben: so far we have... $6.
vbrown: that's definitely not going to be enough to get anything good.
ben: yeah, we were thinking about going around to classes to collect?
vbrown: maybe... well, i know last year jpabs* was really disappointed with the keystone light. what if i fronted the money for a keg of something nicer? and then we collected for it at the picnic itself? i think that would be easier. i'll go around to people myself. no one would refuse me beer money!

* she didn't actually call him jpabs

it's true, though. no one could refuse vbrown beer money. maybe a mormon? i don't know, they would probably still give her the money when faced with her piercing gaze, they just wouldn't drink.

speaking of great professors, i also went to savvy's reading on thursday. his book is really very powerful and sad and great. i bought a copy for my mom and asked him to sign it to her, and he wrote "for susan, whose daughter is terrific!!!" (with three exclamation points). awwww. probably i could have gotten another exclamation point in there if he knew i was blogging an encouragement for people to buy his book.

and finally, i finished off the song lyrics meme. i must say you collectively showed a shocking lack of knowledge regarding some fucking classic songs. it's cool though, at least you all know the little mermaid. i probably would have cried if no one had gotten that one.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

listening to: tori, dragon

hey, i just went to student loan exit counseling and i learned that i did not actually fuck up my financial future! well, i'm still going to be paying off my student loans for forever, but for awhile i thought i had consolidated my perkins loans? and the peace corps would pay off 70% of my perkins loans for me, but only if they weren't consolidated? and it turns out... they're not actually consolidated!

that was a boring story. i'm sorry. in short: w00t $$$ 4 me from teh peach crops.

today i got annoying co-worker to leave me alone by ignoring her. kind of rude? yes. did she deserve it? yes.

today's dinosaur comic is amazing. one of the many reasons i love dinosaur comics is that ryan north understands the threats cephalopods pose. AND he warns others about them without even depicting their hideous forms in his comic. well done, sir. seriously, read that comic. GOD ADMITS HE DIDN'T MAKE THEM >:O


i am certainly glad that my blog reflects the large number of writing intensive classes i have taken at this fine liberal arts institution of mine!

srsly the thesis statement of my disability lit final paper is "through their portrayals of disability and history, robert zemickis's moviefilm forrest gump and david b.'s graphic novel epileptic demonstrate >:O"

ps a couple people have politely inquired re: my migraine and i am pleased to report that it is OVER. i have developed a canker sore, however, and i would graciously accept any sympathy you would like to extend regarding it.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

listening to: tori, teenage hustling

this song is hott. how hot? hot enough that i just put it on my myspace. i know, right? so drastic.

anyway! good news, i have yet to throw up my string cheese. and my headache seems to be gone. yess.

tonight was the last b&s meeting :O it was pretty anticlimactic. only one non-staff kid came and he just wanted to talk about streaking. and i was pretty tired and spacey. whatev.

and i don't have anything due tomorrow? i think i'm going to bed early?


ps: i fully endorse this cause. i donated $1 to ellen.

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listening to: tori, almost rosey

heyyy guys. so! i turned in my civil war paper! and sort of participated in class discussion! and had a good lunch with molly and emily!

and then my headache started to come back in disability lit >:O and i was soo cold? i was like hugging myself and kind of shivering and i felt ridiculous (especially when savvy asked if i was feeling excessively anxious... i'm glad i am a total crazy person in that class, seriously) but IT WAS SO COLD.

then i went to jenny and eszter's map (mentored advanced project) presentation, which was about death, and it was really interesting but i felt increasingly like death throughout it. afterwards i went to wal-mart and bought some excedrin migraine. and took some. i think it's starting to kick in. i also impulsively bought some string cheese and i just ate three of them. ummm i don't know. i was feeling kind of hungry but kind of nauseous? and string cheese sounded really good, even though it seemed like a bad idea? i hope i don't throw you up, string cheese D:

ps soz having migraines brings out my melodramatic streak. you guys are just lucky i coudln't blog when it was full on last night, i was lying in bed thinking "ughhh if i die it is going to take people forever to figure out it... i should call someone and tell them to check on me tomorrow to make sure i'm not dead...."

wah wah life is hard.

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history paper: 11/10 (... including footnotes, of which there are 60. whatev)

also i think it might be pretty good? who would have guessed.

i'm going to bed. at 5am. it's not really an all-nigher since i woke up from my migraine-induced sleep at 1:30am. 9am is still going to suck, though. at least i've made the executive decision to skip radical movements tomorrow. that'll give me time to edit this and do the readings for civil war. and drink coffee.

in other news, zac efron and vanessa hudgens are totally boning, omg. the disney channel lj comm is all a-twitter. i would link there, but it's a locked community. too bad because it is seriously awesome. i would estimate the average age at the dc comm to be 20, and the average sass level to be high. ILU DISNEY CHANNEL.

okay i'm going to bed. i'm so stupid. jesus.

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listening to: tori, roosterspur bridge

ughhh hay guys. what have you been up to? here is what i have been up to: TERRIBLE.

that sentence might be not be grammatically correct, and yet it successfully encapsulates my last several hours.

SO around 5pm i was plugging away on my paper and i started getting a headache. i couldn't find any tylenol, so i decided to just lie down for a little bit to see if it would go away. instead, it developed into a stupey migraine and it was TERRIBLE. at like 8:30 i managed to stumble over to the computer and send out an email postponing the b&s meeting that was supposed to be tonight. i also got some tylenol from my neighbor and tried to lie down again and wait for it to work, but instead my stomach was like "hayyy i'm TERRIBLE" and i was like "i don't want to throw up, stomach, i don't think this tylenol is in my bloodstream yet! also throwing up is gross!!"

so i tried to convince myself i was just hungry? since after all i hadn't eaten for like 8 hours at that point. so i ate like 4 fruit snacks and was like ".... maybe not" and then i threw them up and it was gross but i did feel a lot better afterwards.

and then i laid down again and fell asleep for awhile and had a weird dream about evita peron?

and now i'm up and feel fine but it's 1:30 and i still have to finish my paper by 11am. and it's mostly done, but, blah.

also i think now i AM hungry but i don't think i have anything i want to eat.



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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

before i lose the link, let me just say that i just uploaded tori's album to venus and back for madonna, and if anyone else would like it here it is. it is two discs, the first one is studio techno-y piano-y awesomeness, and the second is a live disc with some ~classic tori hitz~ and some b-sides. it's pretty good. you may recall my blog layout had was tvab-themed for awhile, or you may not recall that. either way though, it happened.

anyway, my civil war paper just crossed onto page 7 of 10. it's kind of a copout, since i'm using footnotes instead of endnotes? and i would estimate some pages have like... maybe 1/6 or 1/5 of a page of footnotes. but spurcell said either was fine. but it totally doesn't count. well... i'll just make sure it's 10 FULL pages instead of like 9 1/2 which is what i'd probably do without the footnotes.

oh and ps i'm internet famous i guess. oh man and it links to my blog. um if you are visiting from sequential tart, hayyy don't mind me, i'm busy being a terrible student.

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