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Monday, April 30, 2007

listening to: madonna, like a prayer

hey pals, "fun with nazis", the soon-to-be-classic hitler vs. madonna mashup, is on google videos.

i endorse it. uh, i guess.

and hey, guess what came in the mail today!

my peace corps medical toolkit.

and, much more excitingly, american doll posse!! ILU TORI AMOS. (and ILU amazon for sending my pre-order such that it arrived a day before it actually comes out! and like a week after it was leaked online, but i avoided downloading it in anticipation of today! or tomorrow!)

i will undoubtedly report back after i listen to it all.

for now i would just like to share an excerpt from the liner notes. the doll pip says:

Dark Energy. It can be found in the Observable Universe. Found in rations of 75% more than any other substance. Dark Energy. It cam be found in religious extremists, in cheerleaders. To come to the conclusion that Dark signifies mean and malevolent would then define 75% of the Universe as an evil force. Alternatively, it think that some cheerleaders don't have razors in their snatch is to be foolishly unarmed.


tori's getting into self-parody. and slightly-more-overtly political. and i love her.

oh. and a reminder. there are a lot of songs unguessed on the music meme. some people who have not made any guesses but who i know know some of these songs include: madonna. talia. megan. [you]?

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

listening to: madonna, LIKE A PRAYER

thank you, itunes shuffle, for reminding me to blog about last night. it was my first titular head experience! titular head being grinnell's student short film festival. i've never gone before because it never really sounded like my sort of thing; it turns out i was right.

the reason it's not my sort of thing is not because i hate films; it's because the point of titular head is not to watch films. the point of titular head is to get wasted and boo films.

there were several films that i literally couldn't tell if they had dialogue or not because the audience was so loud. there were two highlights, however:
1.) jenny and eszter's film, which was cute and short and funny, and about their creepy salt and pepper shakers, and people didn't even boo it. and they won 2nd place. good job, friends.
2.) another film entitled "fun with nazis," which was one of the funniest and most tasteless things i have ever seen. it was footage of hitler and nazi marches set to "like a prayer." the intro actually got hitler's mouth to synch up to the opening, and he like put his hand over his heart for "feels like hoooome." and usually there was marching or saluting in time to the music. amazing. i justified laughing at it by thinking that if we can laugh at hitler, we take away some of his cultural capital. right? maybe? :/

anyway. beforehand i drank some wine at jenny and eszter's, but i definitely wasn't drunk enough to get a lot of joy out of booing people's films.

oh and the worst was that a prospie submitted a film somehow? i'm unclear on how, or if he was in the audience. but it was a terrible film, and everyone started chanting "carleton! carleton!" (our sorta-rival school.) and later, "state school! state school!"

so yeah, basically a lot of drunk assholes.

but still, i'm glad i went once, and the post-party was pretty fun.

i'm kinda mad that in the last few weeks of school i've been getting a lot closer to a bunch of friendly acquaintances. but i guess better to be good friends with them for a short while than not at all.

blah blah blah every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

15 Things Kurt Vonnegut Said Better Than Anyone Else Ever Has Or Will

yes yes yes.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

hey, my daemon is an ocelot i guess! perhaps you disagree? you can do that. i disagreed with keith's and changed him from a jackal to a wolf? and now i'm pretty much drunk on power.

anyway, today has actually been pretty splendid, really. i took a nap after the lunch, which was delicious and informative. infolicious.

afterwards, sarah and i went over to the reception for people with endowed scholarships. we were both nervous about meeting our endow-ers, but it turns out ours are both dead. (sorry to hear that, donald clark. thanks for giving some of your money to strangers before you died! i really appreciate it!) so we just ate some classy hors d'ouerves and drank some wine and mingled and left.

then i went to dinner and had a number of ridiculous conversations.

basically, good times. and then i came back and was going to work on my civil war paper but so far that hasn't happened. it never happens on friday nights, no matter how i try.

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listening to: phish, the lizards (in my head)

hola, yo estoy una CRANKYSAURUS RAWR

anyway the cartoonist never sent her cartoon in. i called her last night and left a message (after a few emails) and then i called her this morning and was like "UM HEY CAN I HAVE A CARTOON" and she was like "OH I'LL SEND IT IN LATER TODAY" and i was like "NO WE PRINT THIS MORNING I NEED IT LIKE RIGHT NOW DIDN'T YOU GET MY EMAILS" and she was like "I'VE BEEN BUSY." >:O come on girlfriend, your job is to draw ONE COMIC a MONTH and i told you about it last week and also reminded you yesterday morning. and she didn't even apologize. and i don't know, like i didn't even lecture her or anything. i'm so passive aggressive though, i was just like "no no, that's fine, we'll just use one of your old comics." i didn't even say "probably no one will notice."

but at the same time i feel like i really need to convey that this is FUCKING INAPPROPRIATE. but what can i do, fire her with one issue left? be really mean and make her cry?

i also feel like i should yell at my copy editor for doing a terrible job. like on one article he just wrote "this needs work!" and didn't actually, like, edit the copy. jeezy creezy.

but srsly, whatev, it's my 2nd to last issue and i am too burned out to care if my publication is of medicore quality.

okay i care a little bit.

anyway. i stayed up late waiting for her comic and then i got up early to finish the paper and i'm tired. i contemplated skipping radical movements, but i know participation is a big part of our grade so i went. and failed to say anything all hour. good job, renata.

and then there's civil war and then a history candidate lunch so i can't nap for like three more hourssss wah wah.

there is a silver lining; dining services was unable to cater the candidate lunch so we're getting chinese food from town. szechuan eggplant and european history? yes plz.

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hey i'm glad the b&s goes to print tomorrow morning and the cartoonist still hasn't sent me her fucking comic, even though i've probably sent her 5 emails over the last week reminding her when i needed it by...


luckily i don't even really care that much. i could probably run last month's comic again and no one would notice.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

listening to: mike doughty, american car

i'm glad that my response to the fire alarm going off was to put on my headphones.

if i smell smoke, i'll leave, but until then i'm going to assume that either 1) some asshole burnt some toast or 2) some asshole set off the fire alarm.

and hey! it just stopped. blase attitude towards fire safety: justified.

in other news, happy birthday, keith! i think this is the third separate website on which i have proffered birthday wishes. THAT'S JUST HOW HAPPY I AM THAT YOU WERE BORN.

anyway i've been working on this paper all afternoon. it really just needed (and needs) a little work so i haven't been able to buckle down on it. and it's due in 2 hours. sigh.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

listening to: melissa ferrick, e-mail

i pretty much destroyed the productivity of this evening. there was a group showing of a film i have to watch for rad movements, but i wanted to go to yoga so i figured i'd watch the film tomorrow on reserve. but then yoga got cancelled because our instructor hurt her hip? and the film was already half-over? so... whatever.

i did just vote on all of aol music's 21 under 21. my tv boyfriend corbin bleu is on it. also apparently he's going to be performing at the iowa state fair this summer?? too bad i won't be in iowa.

another time, corbin.

anyway! i'm putting a curfew on myself. i seriously need to get some sleep. if you see me on past like 11, please scold me. it'll be for my own good.

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listening to: phish, the lizards

here are a few quick things as i slack off from finishing the b&s.

1. note to all who read my blog via the feed: don't leave comments on the feed entries! they don't get emailed to me and i only see them if i happen to check the feed which i don't that often! instead click the link to the actual blog entry and leave a comment there!

2. keep up the good work on the song meme, guys. i couldn't believe no one has gotten #20 yet and i realized maybe i didn't properly render the lyric. let me try again. ahem. AND WHEN I SAID THAT I LOOOOVE YOOOOU... I MEANT THAT I LOVE YOU FOREEEEVERRRRRRRRRR

3. okay so phish has this like... pseudo rock opera song cycle thing? and the villian is called wilson? and listening to it, as a house fan, is amazing, because i just picture:

wilson, king of prussia, i lay this hate on you
wilson, duke of lizards, i beg it all trune for you

JEEZE WILSON. wasn't being head of the oncology department enough for you?? why did you have to steal the helping friendly book too?

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listening to: SECRET SONGS

hey sophi just did that song lyric guessing meme again so i'm going to to it too. you know how it goes.

1. it just doesn't pay to eat anything but government inspected beef phil ochs - the ballad of alferd packer (ok, i didn't really expect anyone to guess this, but it came up first on shuffle and i thought it would be funny to have that line here.)
2. dad said "son, you're fucking high" ben folds - army (as guessed by sophi, keith, and devon)
3. i believe in god and i believe that god believes in claude hair - manchester, england (as guessed by tara)
4. what'll you do now, my blue eyed son? bob dylan/joan baez - a hard rain's a gonna fall *this song is soo good it makes me sad that no one guessed it. maybe i'll post it later.)
5. does this little blue ball just fade away? tori amos - 1000 oceans
6. show me where to look and tell me what will i find collective soul - shine (i think this song is hindered by the fact that its most recognizable lyric is WA-OH-OHHH)
7. june, she'll change her tune simon & garfunkel - april, come she will (as guessed by anna)
8. if love was their only armor then it did no good at all jill sobule - vrbana bridge (another really good song.)
9. you're wearing the target it took so long to earn tonic - flower man (i really thought someone would get this too, since god knows half of you nerds have the x-files movie soundtrack)
10. when hunger comes rat-a-tat at the window (who's there? hunger!) cabaret - money (as guessed by sophaggot)
11. it's alright, it's alright it's alright, you can't be forever blessed paul simon - american tune
12. she's like all the rest, with her fog, her amphetamine, and her pearls bob dylan - just like a woman
13. i'd give you everything i got for a little peace of mind the beatles - i'm so tired
14. i thought i was smart, i stole her heart the ramones (and all 23094123 other people who do this song) - needles and pins
15. they got a alligator stew and a crawfish pie, a gulf storm blowing into town tonight mary chapin carpenter - down at the twist and shout
16. he's a god, he's a man, he's a ghost, he's a guru nick cave - red right hand (as guessed by madonna)
17. and you could have it all, my empire of dirt nin (or actually mine is j cash) - hurt (as guessed by tara)
18. so please can you stop pulling my hair, now, now there's no need to swear lily allen - alfie (as guessed by tara)
19. what's a fire, and why does it, what's the word, burn the little mermaid - part of yr world (as guessed by jason, sophi, and devon)
20. when i said that i love you i meant that i love you forever reo speedwagon - keep on loving you (as guessed by keith)

GUESS AWAY. also i went ahead and posted the answers to the last few tv shows from that meme awhile ago. i'm sure you were all in suspense, there.

also here is a song i've been obsessing over lately. it is "bruised" by the bens (aka ben folds, ben kweller, and ben harper). nobody can friggin "ba ba" like bfolds, okay.

also here is a humorous chat log also related to music. this post is soo cohesive.

keith: woo song sharing
renata: it's like pokemon
renata: but
renata: they don't fight
keith: oh, they do. I leveled up The New Trust so much I won their Band page!
renata: :O
renata: is that like a badge
renata: can you now walk freely throughout the New Trust gym?
keith: I will admit listening to a bands songs almost 300 times in 3 weeks is a little nuts
keith: totally, and I can use Cut outside of battles
renata: a+
renata: so can all listeners of dashboard confessional :
renata: :'(
keith: oueyrtg
keith: Dashboard Fan uses Cut! His sadness pain doesn't decrease!

okay i'm going to lunch now! it is falafel day, which will significantly decrease my hunger level!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

this is terrible and i hate it

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this article is fantastic. excellent use of venn diagrams.

renatalax: do you have
renatalax: a snorlax
madonna: hes not in pearl i dont think
madonna: and i didn't in fire red cuz he is a complete douche
renatalax: aw
madonna: too fat
madonna: too sleepy
renatalax: that
renatalax: describes
renatalax: me

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i'm so excited! the prison guys loved sarah vowell! i was afraid they wouldn't like her. i've been intimidated ever since they all hated reduced shakespeare company, afraid that i'm a sad intellectual trapped in my ivory tower and unable to successfully identify humor with wider appeal.

even the old dude who never talks spoke up to say that he thought she was funnier than bill bryson (who they also liked) and that he loved the way she "had a deep respect for lincoln". yes! hooray! next week: david sedaris and sherman alexie!

also! you can (and should) listen to some of the prison guys reading their poetry here. scroll down to the 2/14/07 archive. (aww, prison poetry for valentine's day.) they're identified by first name. randy was in my class last semester and is deeply interested in romania and moldova. jason is in my class this semester and is hilarious. david has been in both my classes and he's great. he's very quiet except he's a great writer and roughly twice per month he will speak up with some intense, brilliant statement. kenny was in my class last semester and wrote a weird, but well-written, story about midgets.

my fave poem is at around 13:00. but really i recommend listening to the whole thing.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

also, some of you might recall how stressed i was about coming up with a justification for my radical movements paper, and how jpabs kept ripping apart my reasons and i was frustrated?

today he talked about how it's really difficult to come up with a compelling and easily articulated justification for history and most people don't come up with ones for their dissertations, and we should keep thinking about it but not to worry about it.

haha, could have used that memo a little earlier, jpabs.

on the other hand, if we would have gotten that memo sooner i probably wouldn't have actually thought about it at all. hmm. well, whatev.

sha la la

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listening to: dixie chicks, ready to run

i have been so incoherent today, my god. the high(low)light definitely occurred in disability lit when like... oh, let me try to recreate it.

savvy: can you believe we're almost done with this class? seniors! you're graduating soon!
me: (jokingly) jeeze, are you trying to increase the anxiety levels in the room?
savvy: what? why are you guys anxious about graduating? i thought you'd be happy!
all seniors in class: :O
me: well... both.

then i fidgeted with my pen so hard that it broke and pieces went flying all across the room.

then i laughed nervously for a long time and then started giving my presentation.

me: it's okay, i can do this, i have bullet points...

and it turns out THE BULLET POINTS DIDN'T REALLY MAKE EVERYTHING OKAY and i was really flustered and incoherent.

savvy: (somehow accidentally--or INTENTIONALLY, as an act of sabotage--throws keys on ground)
me: you're really not helping, with your LOUD NOISES.
savvy: (puts head down on desk and laughs)

me: um, anyway, he talks about some theory and stuff but i didn't really like it and i don't want to talk about it, but i'd thought i'd mention it.

sweet. welcome to the last month of college.

ps i don't really feel bad about it. it was pretty hilarious.

pps another good class moment:

savvy: when i was in college, i would re-write all my papers until i got a+s!
sarah: did you go out much?

ppps seriously though, savvy is kind of out of touch with the high levels of neuroses found in the average grinnell student.

pppps this is savvy.

ppppps i like kitties.

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listening to: high school musical, breakin' free


anyway. tonight we had our first b&s meeting where we started training THE NEXT GENERATION. ok and by we i mean me, since dylan... is a fairly unhelpful person. but hilarious.

so that was fun, although i am definitely burned out on the b&s. (aaand it shows in my increased laziness towards the publication.)


and, okay, i very clearly remember a long time ago, at camp, some girl told us that in the YEAR 2000 all the bees would die and we would all starve and it was TRUE because her dad told her and also she read it in a magazine. i was so, so freaked out about this. i don't remember how i got calmed down. probably a tentmate or counselor assured me that the year 2000 was a long way away and i should just finish making my lanyard and let the scientists worry about the bees.


ugh probably next month it will be revealed that the bees are in league with the cephalopods.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

procrastination through quizzes? what?

Read my VisualDNA Get your own VisualDNA™

i did have troubles because it only gives you like 15 words to talk about each thing. whatev.

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listening to: high school musical, getcha head in the game

i am listening to this song because my head is emphatically NOT in the game. the game of academia. (also it's not in the game of basketball, but that is pretty much to be expected.)


- civil war paper (10 pages, due next monday)
- rad mvmts paper intro (2 pgs, due thursday)
- rad mvmts paper (.... unknown! there is like a really elaborate assignment sheet that does not give a suggested page count. good work, jpabs. we'll call it 10 pages due may 18)
- april b&s (april 27)
- may b&s (may 11)
- dis lit presentation (tomorrow)
- dis lit final paper (15 pages, may something)
- dis lit journal
- in-class rad mvmts final (may something)
- takehome cw final (may something)
- listen to high school musical
- graduate

totally do-able. if i can just GET MY HEAD IN THE GAME

ps i really wish these came in my size :( :( :(

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listening to: eddie izzard, in bed with god

hayyy sup. last night i played an intense 6-player scrabble game, followed by a more reasonable 4-player round. scrabblicious.

also i won TWO prizes at the improv raffle. gift certificates for crappy mexican food, good pizza, and movies of varying quality! (technically that is three prizes, but the family video gift certificate was bundled with something.)

this morning i got up and finished reading hannah ropes's journal. here are some awesome/terrible things about it:

1. her religion? SWEDENBORGIAN.
2. "Our first [hospital steward] was a Jew--round faced, beady eyes, black hair, and short of stature. He would talk so sweet to me, and rob me of a bottle of wine, a shirt, or pretty pocket handkerchief at the very moment I was looking at him to reply! It was the kind will of providence that this spawn of the reptile species should be sent to the Peninsula, after ushering into his place a gentle, well-disposed Pennsylvanian." (emphasis hers. classy, ropes.)
3. a letter from her daughter: "Miss Dix does not allow young people in the hospital unless very ugly; but she lets me stay during the daytime, which is not very complimentary to my good looks." (this is true; the requirements for being a union nurse were: "over thirty years old, healthy, of good moral character, modest in dress, unattractive, and able to cook.")
4. louisa may alcott worked at her hospital!

so anyway, that's pretty much enough to write a paper on, right.

What American accent do you have?
Created by Xavier on Memegen.net

Midland. The Midland (please don't confuse with "Midwest") itself is the neutral zone between the North and South. But just because you have a Midland accent doesn't mean you're from there. Since it is considered a neutral, default, "non-regional" accent you could easily be from someplace without its own accent, like Florida, or a big city in the South like Dallas, Houston, or Atlanta.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
We're going to start with "cot" and "caught." When you say those words do they sound the same or different?


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Saturday, April 21, 2007

listening to: regina spektor, chemo limo

i just got back from a few hours at the improv marathon! i'm always impressed that the quality really doesn't suffer too much towards the end. (every semester the improv troupe does a 24-hour improv marathon as a fundraiser for the domestic violence alternatives center.) i went for the first few hours last night, and then this afternoon for hours 19 and 20... near equal levels of hilarity. well done, fellows. i'm going back again for the last hour, i think. improv theatre is the best.

second-best: these mint-chocolate dipped oreos i got at the grille. so unnecessary... and yet so delicious.

i'm going to try to get some reading/writing done in the interim.

a couple days ago jenny and i talked about the sudden realization that you don't have to do all your homework. it's not like you suddenly die if you turn something in late. it's a weirdly liberating realization. one i kind of wish i had in high school.

on the other hand, being an academically-anxious freak has been a pretty good ride for the last 16 years, so whatever.

probably this happened to me because i didn't go to pre-school.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

listening to: jonathan coulton, you oughta know

a+++, jonathan coulton.

anyway, thus far today has been fairly glorious.

first of all, i didn't wake up in a state of confused semi-panic until 7:30, when usually i wake up in such a state around 6. that's an extra hour and a half of proper sleep. yesss. then i went to breakfast and ate two doughnuts and drank coffee and i tried to eat an orange but it wasn't ripe so i ate a pear instead. the paragon of healthy college living.

also it is sunny and warm out and i wore a skirt and a tank top! i felt sun on my knees and cleavage for the first time since like, september.

and there was a whole herd of prospies on campus today, and i watched them and remembered being a prospie and being new at grinnell, when everything was lovely and scary and exciting and i remembered i only have one more month here at this place, this place that i do love even thought i makes me crazy, so i decided to go out enjoy the sun and the town.

so i walked downtown in the SUN and ran a few errands and checked out you shall know our velocity from stewart library, and i went to saint's rest and akili made me a cream soda. and then i took my book and my cream soda and laid out on the grass in central campus and read and drank and felt the grass and the sun and also some ants but it's cool, they live there.

additionally, i wore my new pink sunglasses which i guess aren't that new anymore but i have not had many opportunities to wear them.

i'm contemplating taking a nap now. i'm not even that tired; it's just that whenever i have a block of free time my immediate instinct is to use it for a nap.

i hope that you are all having friendly sunny days, and if you are not, i hope you will have one tomorrow.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

what's up guys. i just lost at scrabble by ONE POINT DANG.

also i'm like ridiculously tipsy off one (big) glass of wine. whatttt.

also i called jenny's cat esther cuz i was thinking of my cat esther but also jenny lives with eszter the human and it was REALLY FUNNY AND I LAUGHED A LOT.

i think i'm going to beddd. i have some reading left for radical movements tomorrow. but i'm feeling cocky right now since today i got back an assignment for that class that i thought i had done horribly on, since it was the last thing i had left midsems week and i really just shit it out and left town. and also since most of my other assignments (really just continued revision of the same assignment) in that class have been lackluster. but i got glowing comments from jpabs on this one. glowing. how weird.

anyway so now i feel (falsely) entitled to go to bed and not do reading.


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there is a dude on the loggia outside my window playing the violin. it's pretty sweet.

that is all.

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listening to: stuart davis, alms

hey, you know what everyone loves? everyone loves BLOGS THAT BITCH ABOUT WORK.
1. i hate my thursday morning co-worker. everything about her makes me mad. here are some bullet points.
- always complains about being bored
- tries to do my job for me because she's so bored
- tells me how to do my job (and um, seriously, i have it under control, my job is to put things in bags and i've been doing it all year)
- complains about how hard her classes are (she's a first year)
- complains about how tired she is
- complains about having to wear an apron
- forces me to be the kind of hypocrite who complains about someone because she complains too much :(
2. yeah but seriously, co-worker, there are like 1230912 jobs on this campus. fucking find a different one or the hell up.
3. i suggested this to her once and i forget what she said. i think it was probably "BLAH BLAH BLAH I'M TIRED I'M WEARING AN APRON." at any rate, it utterly failed to persuade her to quit.
4. i don't really understand what the difference between my numbers and my bullet points are anymore. i blame co-worker.
5. fucking co-worker.
6. additionally, they moved out takes from one side of the grill to the other. it wouldn't be that big a deal except that on the other side of the grill there was a cut-out in the counter where i could stand, and here i just have to lean across a 4-foot-wide counter/wall/thing. i have to stand on tip-toe and lean forward in some kind of pinup girl pose to give people their food. "here's your turkey sandwich and my breasts."
7. >:O
8. also the assistant director of dining services is a bitch.
9. also the director of dining services, but he doesn't actually come down to the grille to yell at us about stupid shit.
10. >:O

anyway, after work i had lunch with a history candidate! she seems cool, i hope her talk isn't terrible. i always hate it when a candidate seems great and they actually talk and it's like, totally ungood.

also i took her on a tour and felt reasonably competent about doing so. i even showed her around the gallery and made a borderline intelligent commentary about some kara walker prints. i also showed her our andy warhol soup can. (we have a hot dog and bean soup one!) yeahhhh, 1/2 semester of modern art.

today is a lovely day and i feel much more balanced. but thanks for the concern, devon <3 always helpful to have a psychologist hanging around :)

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grinnell student's death ruled suicide


i guess that's better than foul play, like some of the rumors that were going around? but it's still an awful way to die.

campus is so melancholy right now.

i didn't really know paul, but he was on the frisbee team and i know like half the frisbee team. and it's just so sad to think about.

(of course it's many fewer deaths than vtech or darfur or rwanda or, well, a lot of places. but this one is here.)


dear friends,

if you are considering suicide please don't do it. please talk to a friend or a family member or a stranger. please don't tape your hands and feet together and let your body decompose in a swimming pool for months and months. no matter who you are there are more people who care about you and are impacted by you than you know.



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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

listening to: beatles, i me mine

what could be a better way to spend an evening than: chatting with sophi, tara, and madonna; yoga; and watching x-men cartoons at harris? UNCLEAR.

lately the films committee has been doing "saturday morning cartoons on wednesday night!" at harris (the campus cinema) and i've been like "oh that's cool." and then this week was X-MEN yesss. i always forget how super amazingly ridiculous that show is like. like every third line of dialogue is an anguished yell. and storm's hair is like, its own country. and apparently gambit and wolverine wear knee-length denim shorts to play basketball.

also, there is free cereal.

sooo wondrous.

also wondrous: my mom sent me a package today. it's some easter stuff she got on sale. highlights: mini cadbury dark chocolate eggs and a bunny paddleball. the paddleball has a ridiculously long string, so i can't really use it in the normal paddleball fashion. but what i CAN do is hit it really hard and watch it go like halfway across my room, when watch it careen wildly back towards my face and attempt to shield myself. it's great!

anyhow, i'm going to get back to grading stats homework. my goal is bed before midnight! i doubt it will happen, but still, it's important to have goals.

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listening to: regina spektor, sailor song

here are some jpabs-isms from class today.

"you don't tote guns around a mountain for 15 years to share power! it's idiotic! it's irrational! NO ONE DOES THAT."

(being a revolutionary) "i should be in power, not these morons! and i'm willing to fight for it. literally fight, not metaphorically."

(on the american revolution) "the tories--who the british preferred to call 'loyalists'--fled to canada, where they still lurk, trying to subvert our democratic system."


also we keep talking about the FSLN--the frente sandinista de liberacion nacional--which is a radical nicaraguan guerrilla movement--and it keeps making me think of the sln. i think we should add an "f" to the sln, in solidarity with the sandinistas. maybe the FABULOUS sappy lincoln narratives? or the FRENCH sappy lincoln narratives? or the FEDERATED sappy lincoln narratives? HMM.

anyway i'm going to go to civil war now and talk about lincoln's death. i will attempt, probably unsuccessfully, to avoid quoting sarah vowell.

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you'd think the world was ending,
you'd think the world was ending,
you'd think the world was ending right now

well maybe you should just drink a lot less coffee,
and never ever watch the ten o'clock news,
maybe you should kiss someone nice,
or lick a rock,
or both

maybe you should cut your own hair
'cause that can be so funny
it doesn't cost any money
and it always grows back
hair grows even after you're dead

and people are just people,
they shouldn't make you nervous.
the world is everlasting,
it's coming and it's going

-- regina


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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

listening to: joan baez vs. next door neighbors, amazing grace (the my next door neighbors won't stop yelling shit remix)

um seriously, either those boys are playing video games or one of them is going to be dead tomorrow. possibly both since one of them sounds real worked up about it. i think he might cry. YOU FUCKING WALKED INTO MY GRENADE! YOU--IT WAS--IT'S A FUCKING GRENADE! WHY DIDN'T YOU DIE! FUCKING... GRENADE! COME ON!

damn, kid, it is just a game. alternately: damn, kid, why do you have a grenade here. i'm pretty sure that is against fire code.

anyway, what's up. i'm feeling better physically. big ups to the extra... six? hours of sleep. and the RED MACHINE naked juice. uh, and the ice cream.

emotionally it's still real weird.

i know it is grammatically more accurate to say "really weird" but i feel that "real weird" is more accurate to my intention. somehow.

um anyway it just took me like 20 minutes to physically locate my reading materials for tomorrow. the problem is compounded by the fact that savvy gives us giant photocopied packets every day, and it broke my hello kitty folder and i didn't bother to fix it and now there are just packets all over my room, packets everywhere, and how am i supposed to find the right now.

i was going to post a ridiculous chat sophi and i had earlier, but i realized it was largely incoherent.

wait, why is that stopping me?

sophi: MYLIL
renata: mylil?
sophi: measure
sophi: your life
sophi: in love
sophi: renata
sophi: ok
sophi: god
renata: OH
renata: SORRY
sophi: what the hell is your problem
renata: iiiw
sophi: WII
sophi: IJGF
renata: GABM
sophi: IC
sophi: LNHHY
sophi: ok I'm gonna go watch idol
renata: w/e
sophi: NDBT
renata: GL
sophi: CTYS
renata: OTP,Q
sophi: O:-)
sophi: BYE

also, tara and i hung out on voices for rent, this inane "official" rent community with "challenges" to do.

renata: oh man one of the challenges is to script a rent away message
renata: i just entered
tara: oooo my new password has been sent
tara: afdsjklfjdslak
renata: my entry was
tara: what did you put
renata: We went to steal an air conditioner.
We'll be right back.
tara: GOOD
renata: and the sad thing is that
tara: that was going to be my suggestion
renata: i bet landlord benny isn't ENOUGH of a renthead to get it
renata: and it will be rejected
tara: probably not
renata: oh cruel irony
tara: he will probably bel ike
renata: goddammit now i'm actually doing these challenges
tara: omg i am reading some of the submitted away messages
tara: Let's go out tonight
I have to go out tonight
Going out , be back later
renata: hahaha
renata: mine is the best one obv
tara: Sorry, but I'm Out (Tonight), visiting my good friends Mark, Angel, Collins, Maureen, Joanne, Mimi, and Roger, and dancing on tables. I guess you'll just have to wait (525,600 minutes) until I get back!
tara: If you wanna TAKE ME OUT TONIGHT call my cell...otherwise catch me ANOTHER DAY...right now i'm OVER THE MOON living LA VIE BOHEME!!
tara: i think i will submit one
tara: it will be:
renata: good
tara: somewhere else (not here)
renata: i kind of want to make one that uses like every song title
renata: sorry, i'm OUT TONIGHT dancing the TANGO: MAUREEN. i'll be back on HALLOWEEN to pay my RENT
tara: kljf;akl;fds
renata: if you need some LIFE SUPPORT go to SANTA FE
renata: or leave me VOICEMAIL #5
tara: I'm ON THE STREET right now
tara: But don't worry, WE'RE OKAY

rent = the most ridiculous fandom ever. good thing i've been in in for like eight years.

anyway now that i found my books maybe i should read them OR SOMETHING.

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i kind of slept like, all day today? i'm sick i guess? i have like gross throat-drip and i feel feverish. and i slept all day. i forced myself to do reading for like... an hour intermittently. and i taught prison this morning. and i went to lunch and ate broccoli cheese sooooup. but other than that i slept.

also i guess paul is dead.

oh shit i accidentally just made a beatles joke. sorry paul :/ it was just the most succinct way to describe the situation. paul probably would have liked that joke anyway.

anyway there are some weird rumors going around. all csi and shit. (you can read most of them in the comments of this article if you're interested.)

in conclusion, i don't feel good.

thanks to tura, joel, and keith for the congrats, though :)

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just read this on a friend's plan:

"The Convention on the Rights of the Child is the most widely and rapidly ratified human rights treaty in history. Only two countries, Somalia and the United States, have not ratified this celebrated agreement. Somalia is currently unable to proceed to ratification as it has no recognized government."

haha... yeah.

but hey, at least mark trail is joining in my cephalopod awareness campaign.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

1. love to virginia tech.
2. love to grinnell. (At 11 a.m. on Monday, April 16, an employee of the Grinnell Country Club found a body in the facility’s covered swimming pool. Grinnell Police and officers from the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation are on the scene. Identification of the body has not been made at this time. Clearly we are concerned and we realize there are many rumors circulating. We will be sending more information to the campus community as it becomes available.)

but, um, there is some good news...
1. i'm now officially a peace corps nominee! i'll be going to central/south america in february, in the area of rural community development. (after i officially accept the nomination and submit a health physical, i'll be an "invitee" and find out exactly where i'm going/what i'm doing.)

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listening to: kelis vs. panic!, bossy sins & tragedies

here is why my life is hard:
1. out takes had mandarin cashew wraps today, but they were out of the sesame vinaigrette.
2. also they are wrapped in like two layers of saran wrap in opposite directions? or something? and i tried to open it and instead just like wrapped it further? i don't even understand.
3. ... isn't that enough?

also now i'm eating my granny smith apple and it's really sour and i'm making ridiculous sour faces. 3:

actually now that i look at that, that's clearly a walrus moustache emoticon, not a sour face. apologies.


that is what i look like when i eat sour apples. can we still be friends?

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

ps i was just looking at how that quiz said i had "very high trust" and it reminded me of how i was telling jenny about that jerky ibm guy i sat next to on the plane, and she was like "i bet he wasn't even who he said he was." and i was like, "oh my god, you know, if he was really the regional director whatever of ibm, why was he flying coach on the cheapest flight ever?"


pps: sophi, i will have you know that i shower at LEAST four times a week, if not more. god. also i guess the test doesn't use "earthy" to mean hippie-esque, it's an earthy/imaginative binary. so... yeah.

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listening to: joni mitchell, big yellow taxi

whew. i've gotten my life a liiittle bit more in order today. the room is still kind of a mess, but progress has been made! also i've been making my computer more orderly! i deleted like 400 emails from my grinnell email account. maybe now i'll stop getting "mailbox over size limit" messages every day.

i deleted some frowl emails too, but that's still a project.

AND i organized my bookmarks. i even made 2 bookmark FOLDERS. (one for recipes, and one for articles for my disability lit project.) it's all very exciting.

here is a smattering of things i've discovered through this digital cleanup process:

1. a dailylit lincoln speech email:
_Letter to Miss Grace Bedell. Springfield, Illinois. October 19, 1860_

My dear little Miss, Your very agreeable letter of the 15th is received. I regret the necessity of saying I have no daughter. I have three sons--one seventeen, one nine, and one seven years of age. They, with their mother, constitute my whole family. As to the whiskers, having never worn any, do you not think people would call it a piece of silly affectation if I were to begin it now?



quiz result! this was popular on plans awhile ago but i don't think i blogged it. it was a fun test, and, frankly, i found my results to be flattering, so i bookmarked it. you can mouse over the colors and it will tell you things! you can take the quiz yourself here. colorssss.

3. kitties rule, boys drool
did i post this before? it's an awesome review of the josie & the pussycats soundtrack.

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
lolol hooker.

this concludes photospam: boston edition (although there are plenty more boston pics at my flickr if you're so inclined.)

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
q. wouldn't star wars be better if everyone wore these as costumes?
a. no, that would be terrible.

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
fuckin' artsy

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
yes please.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

hey i'm going to do that meme where you post a song for every letter of your username, okay?

H: hey jupiter (haunted closet mix) - tori amos (tori, this is what happens when you make a lot of "oooo" sounds in your songs, people will make ghosty fan remixes of you.)
E: everyone has aids - team america world police (i still can't believe this song even exists)
Y: your honor - regina spektor (i'm a pizzatarian!)
J: john saw that number - neko case (oh god i love this song so much.)
U: under the bridge - red hot chili peppers (overall i'm not a huge rhcp fan, but i really like this song.)
P: pendulum swinger - indigo girls (off their newest album and it's sooo good. like probably now in my top 5 indigo girls songs. super catchy. good rhymes, like "bucket" and "fuck it.")
I: i hope - dixie chicks (this song makes me so happy! i hope for these things too!)
T: turn the world around - harry belafonte (i'm pretty sure i've posted this in musicshares before, but if you didn't download it before you should do it now because it is the happiest everrr.)
E: elephant love medley - moulin rouge (this is my fave scene from moulin rouge. so cute. esp ewan mcgregor.)
R: ring them bells - joan baez (here, have some hippie crap. sing along!!)

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listening to: tori, past the mission

hey guys, i successfully transported my body five kilometers today! MORE EVEN since i had to walk to the start of the 5k. and back. god, life is difficult.

i don't know my official ranking, but i had to guess i would say: not first place.

i also successfully transported my body to harris to watch star wars! woooo. they are having a sw film festival and showing the whole trilogy this weekend. i only watched a new hope, though, since i just watched empire over break. i might go back later for jedi. or i might not.

anyway, here is a poll: which character is more annoying, c-3po or luke?

(take your time to consider.)


the answer, i believe, is anakin, since he is responsible for both characters' existence. particularly for 3po. he's a robot; the amount of actual personality that can be attributed to him is limited. he must have been programmed to be obnoxious. THANKS, ANAKIN.

runner up: aunt beru. "luuuuuuuuuke! LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKE!"

anyway. i need to clean my room. i don't understand why i've become such a ridiculous slob this year, and particularly this semester. i've never been like, super tidy, but i've also never been like... super ridiculous. i guess it's a sign of my increasing apathy :/

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listening to: dixie chicks, more love

yay, i just uploaded my spring break photos, as you can tell by the mild photospam i just blogged! they are mostly from shedd aquarium, and are mostly of coral.

tonight i went to go see hello again, which is a musical about SEX ostensibly. it was pretty good! it's always interesting for me to go to a musical i don't know anything about, and, like, not already have all the songs memorized.

also i went to wal-mart and bought ice cream and new shampoo! i'm pretty excited about the new shampoo. i decided to switch brands because i'd been using herbal essences for the last... two or three bottles, i guess, and it's good to switch it up every so often. plus over break i was using my mom's garnier fructis shampoo and i thought it made my hair feel nicer, although changes in water might also have contributed. but i ended up getting neither herbal essences nor garnier fructis; i got aussie CATCH THE WAVE shampoo and here's why:

directions: apply to wet hair and work it through. create a shark fin on the top of your head if you feel like it. then rinse it off completely. be mindful of the shark, of course.


also on the front it says "when you wave goodbye, your hair will wave too. that way, people will think you're extra nice." and hey, who doesn't want to be thought of as EXTRA NICE?

(also, i have wavy hair? but that's pretty far down on the list of reasons why i bought this.)

anyway, i'm going to bed now. i'm run/walking a 5k tomorrow?! it is my second 5k, which means that in the course of my life i have ran/walked at least 10 kilometers. YEAH. it's going to be cold though :/

ps: keith, omg, i totally should have told the peace corps about how i get into fights with people on the animorphs livejournal community. big points on the "emotional maturity" section of my application right there.

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
listen to the barn, kids.

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
dude the penguins are bff with the rubber ducky! sooo cuuuute aiee!

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
mew mew this is kitty esther. we had to cut off most of his fur because he got so many burrs and stuff; he is totally ridiculous looking.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

yay, i just had my peace corps phone interview and my recruiter said she'd "definitely" nominate me! i'll find out my nomination sometime next week!

(the "nomination" is a region and service area--teaching, community development, whatever--and then if i accept the nomination, i have to pass a health & dental physical, and then i get an "invitation" which is a country-specific placement, and then i accept the invitation, and then... i go there!)

i'm so excited!

i also don't want to jinx it or anything... like technically my recruiter could suddenly change her mind and not nominate me. but short of that this is basically acceptance, unless i withdraw myself. or get cancer.

but basically... yay!!

ps: the best part of the interview was when she asked me what year i graduated high school and i said "1990.... 2003." like, whatever. also she asked me to name a time i had disagreed with someone and how i worked it out and i paused for like 5 minutes because i'm so fucking agreeable. or because i blocked out all disagreements from my memory. i don't know.

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also, a few funny moments from last night's b&s meeting:

dylan and i deciding we were too lazy to do 2 more issues and that our last one would be a "best of" of issue...
me: i... i'm so burned out i can't actually remember anything funny we've ever done.
dylan: there was that one about [i forget what, even].
me: didn't you write that one?
dylan: yeah, that's why it was funny.

bryan: why didn't we have a meeting last week?
me: i was in boston.
bryan: why were you in boston?
me: for a conference.
bryan: what conference?
me: uh, it was a pop culture conference.
bryan: why were you there?
me: ... er, i was presenting on postcolonialism. (there's really no way to say "i was presenting about postcolonialism at a pop culture conference" without sounding like a ridiculous human being.)
bryan: hahaha, those go together so well! what, like, the real world: williamsburg?
kevin: or like true life: george washington?
me: .... do you guys know what postcolonialism is?
bryan: i assume it has to do with the us after the revolution?
me: ... no.
bryan: oh. what is it?
me: now i'm not going to tell you guys, you have to look it up on wikipedia after the meeting.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

oh scrabble club, i missed you.

sarah is intent on devising a scrabble drinking game, and we sort of hashed out the rules for it. grand.

something happened that was funny. OH we talked about starting a scrabble blog, to be called... THE SCRABBLOG. we also predicted that someone else had probably already done that, which i just confirmed via google. whatever, scrabblog.com, you think you're so great? i bet you'v never even tried to bingo with "maulees."

so that partially healed my soul, and then house maybe did the rest. oh and the wine helped probably.

on house:

more or less as predicted by mary:
i loved: little-chase, house's hawaaiian shirt, the cameron/chase breakup, wilson.
i hated: house being more of a jerk than usual, chase pining??? get over her chasey, you can do better.
i am intrigued by: wilson/prostitute?? she seems nice.

hey remember when sam accidentally slept with a prostitute? and the prostitute was cuddy? holla?

oh and dead cats are always sad.

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where is it that i live again? it's... oh right, the midwest.

from an email i just got from my sa:

Note: If anyone wants to extend the study break into a late night excursion, there's a giant pile of corn behind Hyvee, probably between 10 and 15 feet tall. I'm sure it would be awesome to climb and jump around in. Some Grinnellians went last weekend and said it was awesome. Let me know if you're interested.

yee-haw, let's go jump in a big pile of corn behind the hy-vee. then maybe we could drink some 40s and go mudding?

(i mock you because i love you, midwest. i'd be tempted to go join in the corn jumping but i pretty much hate everyone on my floor. and anyway i have to play scrabble.)

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oh my god, i just watched last week's house and it was so sad i almost threw up. like literally, my physical reaction moved past tears and into nausea.

house :( :( :(

at least chase got to deliver the line "i always glow!"

anyway i'm going to start downloading this week's ep and run some errands and maybe it will be done by the time i get back! maybe it will heal my soul.

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in case you have not heard, kurt vonnegut died. he was 84 so i don't think it's as sad as it could be. he had a good run.

but still.

he is one of my most favorite writers. so truly funny and so truly good at pointing all that's important (compassion) and all that's absurd (most everything else).

i have read nearly all of his books but i still have a few left to track down. i will have to make extra sure to savor them, now.

i just posted one of my favorite vonnegut quotes at commonplace blog (and i invite you to do the same.) also here is another one i posted awhile ago that i love.

finally, here is a quote from him my friend bryan posted on his plan:
(at isaac asimov's funeral):
"'Isaac is in heaven now.' That was the funniest thing I could have said to a crowd of Humanists. God forbid, should I pass on sometime, may all of you say that Kurt is in Heaven, too."

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

listening to: neko case, honky tonk hiccups

OH EM GEE. ok i'm pre-ordering american doll posse (the SPECIAL EDITION because, let's face it, nobody can talk me out of money like tori amos) and i always, always get suckered into amazon's free shipping after $25 thing. so i looked at my saved wish list to see what i could buy for myself, and i looked at the audio book for assassination vacation. i thought it'd be a worthwhile investment, especially since i have foreman now, and a lot of upcoming travelling. i knew that jon stewart had done a voice for it, and also i love the book and i love sarah vowell.

here's what i didn't know: conan o'brien is the voice of robert todd lincoln (aka jinxie mcdeath). how could it even get better than that?

here is how. daniel handler (aka lemony snicket) is the voice of president mckinley.

also here is how it could potentially get even better, which is that at first i misread and thought that daniel handler was the voice of emma goldman. yes please.

anyway also dave eggers is in it.

i'm so in love with the whole 826 valencia/mcsweeney's crowd basically.

anyway long story short i just bought it used for $6. i predict it will be one of the best $6 (+ shipping) that i have ever spent.

also my pc recruiter called at 2pm and apologized for forgetting to call. whew, not my fault! breathe, renata. so yeah, we rescheduled for friday, wooo!

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oh my, it is 1:20 and i still have not heard from my recruiter! situations like this always make me panic! did i misunderstand? was i supposed to call her? that's not usually how it works, right? was it next wednesday?

originally she proposed 2pm and i said that wouldn't work for me because i had class. did she forget we changed it to 1pm? aieee.

i have her number, should i call and ask? aieee. again.

eta: ok i called and got her voicemail, i left a message... hmm :/

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listening to: the sound of snow falling :O

did i mention it's still snowing? it's still snowing. on april 11. le sigh! but, on the bright side, just on monday i was looking at my new fave argyle sweater and lamenting that i wouldn't be able to wear it for awhile since it was too warm. well, i'm wearing the argyle sweater right now.

anyway. this morning was... really weird? i woke up early to the weirdest noise. i couldn't identify it and i sort of hazily thought "the weather's been weird lately, what if it's a tornado siren? ... it doesn't really sound like a tornado siren... uhhhhh..." so i sort of stumbled over to the window thinking, like, if i could not physically see a tornado i was just going back to bed? and then i pulled open the curtains and saw snow falling, and thought to myself, "well, if it's snowing, there can't be a tornado!" i don't know if that's meteorologically accurate but it made sense at 6am. anyway, then i realized that it was a train? which... the train goes through campus like 5 times a day, about 20 feet from my window. i don't even really hear it anymore. but i heard it this morning and it was so, so strange.

also i'm not sure on the chronology of this, but either before or after the train-awakening i had a weird dream about harry potter? i was hanging out in this big house with my friend julie from grinnell and also andrew h, who i went to high school with and was sort of friendly-acquaintances with but i hadn't really thought of him in awhile? julie and i went across the street to get the new harry potter book, and then i was sort of reading it, but more just watching the events unfold? i sort of have a sense that they were taking place in the house? all i really remember was that instead of casting spells, harry was like... turning spells into pieces of red candy? and then later he could eat the candy and it would cast the spell? also some guy (not a recognizable character) tried to take some spell-candy and harry punched him in the face really hard and knocked the guy out, and i cheered.

go harry! punch a dude in the face! yeah!

anyway in like 15 minutes my peace corps recruiter is going to call me for a phone interview! eep!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

ps i edited my tv show keyword meme. sophi & sandy got most of them, but there are three left for the guessin'! i added an extra keyword to the unguessed ones.

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listening to: dixie chicks, tortured, tangled hearts

random amusing quote: "i hate the government so much... they're lucky i'm already in prison."

i'm pleased to report that america: the book went over swimmingly in prison. it was nearly-universally declared the funniest thing we've read thus far (with one holdout for jonathan swift). we read the "media" chapter and the guys are so, so cynical about the media. and everything. not that i blame them.

i've been revelling in my free afternoon since i dropped art history. yesss. i went to the library and got my primary source for my civil war paper (the diary of hannah roper, head nurse of the union hospital in washington dc) and kind of started my radical movements outline due tomorrow. he wants us to do it according to the craft of research which calls for a crazy-ass system. i'm glad i looked into it this afternoon, since there are only 2 copies of the book on reserve and if i had had class, i'm sure i would have put off looking at the paper assignment until late and then been like, fuck, i have to go try to get one of those books? fuuuuck. more or less.

of course i still have to actually write the outline and... ugh, i'm really not prepared. >:O i guess i have some more of the afternoon + all evening. no, i don't have all evening either, i have to go watch a film for disability lit. ok whatevs, i still have time, assuming i don't waste it all on the internets. doo do doo.

in other exciting news, yesterday i booked the sln RAFTING TRIP! (ps keith & priscilla did you see my email about that, because, it was important). if you are interested, here is where we are going! if you are not interested, i hate you.

in IT'S FREEZING news, it's supposed to snow today?? dear iowa, it's april. were you aware?

in stop being a slacker news, i guess i'm going to go work on my paper or something. stupey stupe.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

listening to: cheap trick, tonight it's you

today i felt slightly vindicated when i got back my disability lit midsem paper; a fatty A- from savvy. this compensates for the B i got on my civil war midsem, since i consciously channeled time away from cw and into dis lit. so at least that paid off in one direction. (speaking of how awesome i am, at the conference i ran into some guy the day after i gave my presenation and he said he'd been at the panel and had read my paper in the sandman papers and really liked it and invited me to the comics area meeting! that brings the total number of people who have read my paper up to at least four. speaking of, megan, that's cool that you bought it! i hope you like it.)

let's see. a little elaboration on the rest of boston? it was SO DAMN COLD. i just had a sweatshirt and my windbreaker and the rest of the city had gotten their winter coats and hats back out. in april. not cool. (or, very cool, ha ha.) the jfk library/museum was pretty great. i have kind of a boner for jfk; luckily, so does pretty much the entire city of boston. i know he's not perfect, and the museum definitely glossed over a few, um, flaws (i almost threw a fit in the "mental retardation" room, which praised the kennedy's efforts at raising awareness for mental retardation while neglecting to mention that jfk's aunt rosemary was lobotomized and institutionalized. not that that's really jfk's fault.) my absolute favorite thing was, i guess during the pt-109 incident (when their boat was sunk and jfk and his men were just like hanging out in the ocean), jfk carved a message in a coconut and gave it to some passing natives, who took it to some australian soldiers somewhere? but the introductory film just said something like, "jfk gave a coconut to some passing natives." and then in the museum they had a replication of the coconut. THUMBS UP.

it was also just generally a cool museum, they had a lot of re-created rooms, like the nominating convention and the oval office and so on. also, the museum cafe was called the JFK CAFE which molly and i both thought was hilarious.

the mfa had a lot of ART. including a bunch of paul revere silver, except it was all labelled "paul revere, jr" so molly and i were like, "wait, is paul revere, jr. the REAL paul revere? or what?" eventually we discovered that pr jr is, in fact, the "real" paul revere. i also saw the real version of a painting we looked at in civil war history; "that portrait where everyone in the family has a bible." also we looked at a lot of the ancient stuff and molly (a classics grad student) pointed out all the most obscene pottery. my favorite, i think, was a dude and a prostitute with the caption "hold still." HOTT.

also at dinner with chick pea i started to get super excited about camp again. ahhh! also cp suggested that on the morning radio show i could have a daily segment called "zelda's alarming marine fact." yessss. "remember, kids, one day the cephalopods will rise out of the water and destroy us all! have fun at the lake!"

aaand one last anecdote to finish off this entry: today in disability lit we discussed a moment in one of our autism memoirs in which a doctor says to an autist, "i'm going to hug you now. i hope that's okay." (it's kind of an inappropriate thing to say to someone with autism!) BUT IT'S 100% APPROPRIATE FOR CHASE TO SAY IT TO HOUSE.

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listening to: tori amos, murder he says

ok i'm going to go take a nap, but first i really wanted to do this meme i got from sandy!

-Go to IMDB.com and look up 10 of your favorite TV shows.
-Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks.
-Have your friends guess the show names.

1. New Jersey / Colleague / Diagnosis (house, guessed by sophi)
2. First Lady / Marriage / Interracial Romance (west wing, guessed by sandy)
3. Gay Character / Press Conference / Fake Identity / Pub ~little britain~
4. Awkward / Quirky / Office Romance (the office, guessed by sandy and sophi)
5. Cult / Alien / FBI Agent (the x-files, guessed by sandy and sophi)
6. Class Conflict / Lost Friend / Private Detective (veronica mars, guessed by sandy and sophi)
7. Comedy / News / Talk-Show (the daily show, guessed by sandy)
8. Invention / Hero From The Past / Pneumatic Tube / Robot ~futurama~
9. Whimsical / Celebrity Guest / Quirky / Show Within A Show ~ the muppet show~
10. A Cappella / Geography / Detective (where in the world is carmen sandiego?, guessed by sandy and sophi)


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ooh! i was all sad because i got back tonight and saw a bunch of weekend films posters for a star wars film festival; i assumed it had been this weekend and i had missed it. but i guess it's actually NEXT weekend, so i can go get my nerd on. yesss.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

listening to: basement jaxx, red alert

hello friends, i am back in grinnell! my return was slightly delayed since i left my headlights on and had to call aaa and get my car jumped before i could leave des moines :( this is like the third time i've done this this year. oy. (keith & priscilla, i know i asked you guys not to be backseat drivers on the sln trip but i would certainly encourage you to be backseat "hey did you turn the headlights off you moron?"-ers.)

anyway. i started getting sick over the weekend. i tried to head it off with ridiculous amounts of vitamin c but it seems i'm still getting sick. l a m e.

i need to write a paper for tomorrow. only 2 pages, but still, blah. blaaaah.

but this week was really good! since i last blogged, i went to a few more panels, the jfk library/museum, feneuil hall, and the museum of fine arts! wooo! also last night we were too tired to do anything so we watched jumanji off of the free movies-on-demand thing. i definitely haven't seen that movie since... like... it came out. i forgot how the first 1/3 or so is terribly depressing. we also watched "what would jesus REALLY do?" on cnn, which didn't so much talk about what jesus would do and instead gave some preachers opportunity to, well, preach.

i think i just blogged more about what we watched on tv than what we actually did in boston. whatev, i'll talk about that more later i guess. i have a lot of pictures to post.

ok paper writery+bed, now!

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

i gave my presentation today! i wore a fucking suit and everything! and one of the other guys on my panel said he liked my paper in the sandman papers. which, holy shit, means that people (ok at least one 1 person) have read my paper in the sandman papers. haha what.

anyway i guess it went okay. no one booed me. and in the q&a no one asked me anything. the q&a kind of turned into a debate about jung, since the other 2 panelists used jungian archetypes. but i did not. and then at the very end one of the other panelists asked me something and i was like "ummm i don't know, ummm i haven't really thought about that, ummmmm." and then that was the end of the panel. wooo!

and then i had dinner with chick peaaaaa and i petted her kitties and it was good tiiiimes.

tomorrow i believe i may blow off the conference and do touristy things with molly. i'm soo mad though becuase i got this brochure for a murder mystery dinner thing called the spy who fed me and it was like a james bond parody and it sounded sooo awesome. and it was kind of expensive so molly and i were like, hmm, should we do it? and then tonight we decided YES WE SHOULD so i went on the website and apparently the program rotates and now they're doing law and murder, which is a law & order parody? which i'm sure is funny but neither of us cares nearly as much about l&o as we do about 007 D:

but whatev i'm sure we'll find something else cool to do. just not as cool as the spy who fed me because, what else could be that cool?

also my mom recommended this restaurant to us and i checked the website to see if they had a menu (and if they have anything vegetarian on said menu). they had one thing: it's called a "bale of hay" and it is "four vegetables and a potato." molly and i assumed this meant four vegetable dishes, but we also agreed that it would be hilarious if they just literally brought out like, a potato, a carrot, a pepper, a radish, and a zucchini. or if they literally brought you a bale of hay. mmmmm.

ps: tori amos forms anti-bush posse by mutating into greek goddesses AND THAT'S WHY I LOVE HER.

pps: today i went to a whole panel on veronica mars and it was SWELL. i also went to a musical theatre panel, which was supposed to include a rent paper, but three of the four presenters cancelled so all there was was a phantom of the opera paper >:O

ppps: going to bed now.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

greetings from boston, where it is cold and snowed earlier?! now it is just raining.

the conference so far has been really fun! i went to presentations on:
- x3
- saved!
- some other movie i'd never seen
- south park
- the boondocks
- get your war on
- some other comic i'd never heard of
- hpotts

AND i was going to go to one about the colbert report but it got cancelled :'(

i did do a lot of unnecessary walking. i spent like 45 minutes circling the hotel the conference was in, and here is why: IT IS HIDDEN IN A MALL. i kept walking past it and being like "that is a fancy mall! where is my hotel!" finally i went into another hotel and asked and it turned out that hotel and my hotel were connected by a skywalk. and the mall.

then, going back to molly's house, i walked a long way in the wrong direction. and in the rain. and it was cold. (ps let's talk about how i got a free umbrella from the conference but then somehow lost it before i actually had to walk outside.) anyway then i finally got here and molly gave me teaaa and i petted a kitty.

oh and backtracking, the harry potter panel was so cool. it was like... basically just an open discussion of what we thought would happen in book 7. apparently everyone but me thought that harry's scar is a horcrux?! WHICH BLEW MY FUCKING MIND. i think it totally makes sense but i never thought of it. omg. also a couple people brought their kids and they were the cutest kids ever. two like.. 10 year old girls? and maybe a 13 year old boy? the best was when one of the girls said, very seriously, "jk rowling can't kill harry, the public would be furious!" awww.

the other girl had some weird theory about snape being harry's dad and also being an animagus and his animagus form was a giant spider?

also at the fancy mall there was a body shop and i bought some new lipgloss. because i needed some. i also again failed to spend my full per diem. dammit.

ummmm let's see. tomorrow i'm going to have dinner with chick pea! and presenting a paper that may or may not make sense :O but there are like 20 panels at the same time so i'm hoping not that many people will go to mine. also, whatever. grinnell already paid for me to come here, they can't rescind it if no one likes my paper! suckaz!

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heyyy i'm in boston! well, technically in medford. but close. there is a super friendly kitty helping me blog. her name is oreo.

travel was basically uneventful. on my des moines-detroit flight i sat next to the most obnoxious guy ever. he was like... regional manager of ibm or something. it was a very important job and he made a lot of money and he wanted me to know it. because seriously, what is even the point of being the regional manager of ibm if you cannot impress the hippie college kid next to you on your flight? except i kept accidentally laughing at him. i didn't want to be rude, but he was sooo hilariously pompous that i could not even help it. he gave me some career advice: "the most important thing is to make a lot of money. it doesn't matter if you like what you do, just as long as you have a lot of money."

on my detroit-boston flight i sat next to two old asian women who didn't speak english. much better, although that flight was delayed like an hour for... no real reason that i could determine. ah well.

anyway then molly and i went out to dinner at this vegan asian restaurant that had VEGAN SQUID. molly ordered it and it was sooo weird. it was like rubbery and weird... but... not actually squid? oh and i got veggie-shrimp, which looked JUST LIKE SHRIMP on one side and were white and flat on the other. and didn't really taste like shrimp. but were still good.

i'm unsure how to feel about the vegan squid, though. molly and i both agreed that squid would be in favor of vegan squid, so naturally we should oppose it. on the other hand, squid is gross.

(speaking of which, watch the fuck out, keith, because JUMBO SQUID ARE INVADING THE EASTERN PACIFIC. "The squid have earned the nickname "red devils" for their powerful arms and tentacles, razor-sharp beaks, and insatiable appetites." AHHHHHHHH! and they're expanding their territory!!)

gross. anyway the conference starts tomorrow, and i present thursday.

ps my attempt to spend my $40 dinner per diem failed, even though i got TWO appetizers and paid for molly's dinner. it was still only $25. and we both had a lot of leftovers. so seriously, who the fuck spends $40 on dinner. (note: you can't spend it on alcohol.) let alone $600, julia. i think ian must have been eating pandas. or diamonds.

heck i didn't even meet my $15 lunch limit. or my $10 breakfast, although i hadn't left yet by breakfast time and so probably could not be reimbursed for it. i think breakfast was about $1, or however much two packages of gushers cost. one of them was watermelon gushers which was one of the most delightfully artificial things i've ever encountered.

anyway i'm going to bed i guess. i was so tired today but then i slept on my 2nd flight and also i changed time zones? so now i'm not that tired? butttt... i should be.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

WTF. i just printed off a copy of my talk for the conference, which is a revised version of the essay i wrote for the sandman papers. when i wrote the first draft, i submitted it to the editor, joe sanders... i remember him saying it basically looked good and he'd make a few suggestions, i think he did in email or something, i don't know. anyway he ended up happy with it on version 2 and i moved on.

then i printed this out and it has a couple of freaky speech bubbles in the margin! ahhhh! they appear to be notes from joe sanders! i've never seen them before! i guess it must be some creepy word-editing-tagging feature that didn't work on my mac? so i never saw them until i came down to print it on a lab pc like 2 years later?


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despite the fact that there are at least 5 things i should be doing instead, i made one of those QUIZ YR FRIENDS things.

Create your own Friend Quiz here

answer these 6 questions and prove your devotion to me! or fail, and be devoured by tigers.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

listening to: cheap trick, dream police

this song reminds me of my daaad. because he likes it and used to sing it a lot when i was little. not because he polices my dreams. that would be weird.

anyway, guess who drove to wal-mart only to discover that she left her wallet in her dorm room?

did you guess me?

if so, you were right. luckily i figured it out before i had to buy anything. and luckily wal-mart is like... i don't know, a 5-10 minute drive. but still, annoying. but then i bought some kettle cooked jalapeno chips. and ate a lot of them. so my life has meaning again.

speaking of delicious food, apparently my per diem from grinnell for the conference is $65. the breakdown is $10 for breakfast, $15 for lunch, and $40 for dinner. daaaaamn, i don't think i've eaten a $40 dinner in my liiiiife. except maybe in london. and that one time i ate a diamond omelette.

speaking of... today... today i learned that simon baron cohen, a noted british autism specialist, is the brother of sascha baron cohen, a noted borat. we discussed similarities between borat's cultural isolation and the neurological isolation of autism.

... some days my life really just seems like a parody of being a liberal arts student.

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

y e s

vbrown and psmith both just said it was fine if i dropped art history and we worked out a schedule for both of them to sign my slip tomorrow.

oh happy day!

i've never dropped a class before and i am soo psyched about not having to go anymore. and not to have to write the final paper. and not to have to pretend like i understand things like "flatness" (hint, it's not the same thing as just being flat!).

juliaaa thanks for the love. loves back!

(others: i keep meaning to reply to comments and i'm sorry i haven't, but, umm... later.)

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listening to: lilo&stitch, hawaiian roller coaster ride

i'll spare you all the emo, but i just called my mom and cried for like an hour because i don't want to do school. she told me i should drop art history and also that if i get d's on all my other final papers i'll still pass my classes. good call. so i just emailed my advisors to ask if i can drop art history. i assume they'll say yes because... i don't really need it. but the deadline to withdraw is friday and i'm leaving tuesday, so, i hope they reply soon.

now i'm drinking chocolate milk and feeling a little less crazy. but. god, i'm so ready to be done with school.



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i'm back in grinnell and feeling a deep sense of burnout.

also i just cried at an email from my art history professor even though it was a pretty nice email. but she mentioned that i should have told her more in advance that i'm missing class this week. i'm glad i'm pretty much an academic basket case.

(note: not actually glad.)

so ridiculous.

i'm just going to go take some deep breaths and try to read about the battle of gettysburg. whee!

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watching: planet earth

note to all 109312 people who have talked about planet earth (the show on discovery channel, not the planet) being awesome: IN AGREEMENT.

(ps planet earth the planet is pretty awesome too.)

anyway, my stuff is mostly packed up so i'll be hittin the ol' dusty trail soon. after i eat these chik'n nuggets and turn off my computer.

oh my god 20-feet wide manta rays!! (on planet earth. not in the kitchen.)

in other news, i'm kind of in love with facebook's april fool's day newsfeed. (for those of you who don't have facebook, the newsfeed usually keeps you up-to-date on the inane details of your friends' facebook-related "news," like "renata has updated her profile" or "renata has changed her status to 'totally awesome'" or whatever.) but today there is:

Harry and Voldemort have set their relationship status to "Mortal Enemies." 9:14pm


Two of your oxen drowned when you tried to ford the river. 11:14pm




okay ummm... so basically there's some funny stuff on facebook today?

also it is HELL OF WINDY here. packing my car sucked because the door kept blowing shut, and then i tried to stand in the door and then it blew on me. also it sounds so, so loud. like demons.


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hey, that last post was my 4000th post! that is a lot of posts.

in celebration, here is a video i took at the aquarium of some dolphins jumping. it is the first video i ever uploaded to youtube. it is not great but, hey, dolphins!

(ps right now it's not working because i just uploaded it and it needs to process or somesuch? hopefully it will start working soon but i'm going to bed so i won't know for awhile. GOOD NIGHT.)

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watching: harry potter & the chamber of secrets

i forgot how the basilisk is totally stupid looking. lamessss.

anyway. i'm back again! last night i hung out with mike and stephanie and we played this ridiculous old wheel of fortune board game (mike's collection of ridiculous old boardgames parallels--possibly beats--mine).

uh....i started this like 2 hours ago and whatever i don't feel like blogging anymore. maybe tomorrow when i'm back in grinnell?



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