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Friday, March 30, 2007

watching: daily show

oh em gee!

mom: renata, i got you something today! it's small and expensive.
me: heroin?
mom: not that small. or that expensive.
me: hmm...
mom: you can listen to tori amos on it!
me: an ipod?
mom: also i think you can watch movies on it!

ahhhhh best mom ever! last weekend she asked how my freeipods.com thing was working out and i said i didn't think it would, since they put sophi's completed offer on "hold" like a month and a half ago and haven't done anything about it since. and then i guess my parents got their income tax refund and decided to spend some of it on a ipod?

surprising! and awesome!

it's a black 30gb ipod video! i'm pumped!

it needs a name! suggestions welcomed!


ps: this daily show report on the new black disney princess is cracking my shit up. "we have overcome! we only had to get through a native american princess, an arab princess, a chinese princess, and a half-fish princess. not to mention cats, dogs, mice, and whatever the hell stitch was."

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watching: crocodile hunter diaries

watching steve irwin sometimes makes me tear up. i continue to be startled by my grieving process for steve irwin. it's not like i knew him, or even like i watched crocodile hunter religiously. but like, just knowing that he was out there, doing his thing, made me really happy. and now he's not. :'( also i kind of want to buy a steve irwin rubber wristband. i don't even like rubber wristbands (but i have like five of them). they come in packs of 10. does anyone else want a steve irwin wristband? if i end up buying the 10 pack i will happily give them away, but i would want to know i had 9 people interested in owning one before i made that commitment.

ANYWAY, let me put my attachment to steve irwin aside for a moment and talk about how i had a lot of fun with julia!! hooray!! we played TWO kinds of trivial pursuit and some other games, and went to shedd aquarium!! and saw sharks and dolphins and baaaby belugas! and turtles! and coral reefs! and otters! and penguins! and fish! and no squids, except for the giant plastic one that was taking over the gift shop. grood.

awww steve is introducing his daughter to an elephant. cutest ever.

anyway also julia and i went to TRIVIA NIGHT at the pub in her neighborhood. our team won 3rd place and some snazzy pint glasses! which i got to keep because i guess they have won a lot of them throughout the course of the trivia contest. so yeah. GOOD TIMES.

and tonight i guess i'm doing something with someone or something? i don't even know.

sunday i guess i'm going back to grinnell, rather than fleeing and joining the circus. i guess.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

watching: the riches

woo, i have returned from a successful, but frustrating, day of commerce. mom and i went to pretty much every store in the b-n looking for a graduation dress that:
1. wasn't ugly
2. didn't make me look like a fatty-bo-batty

we finally found one at dress barn. i didn't know we even had a dress barn. anyway, it's off-white with red piping and some roses at the bottom. i'd take a picture, but, lazy.

i also got a few wardrobe staples on sale. and a new treyfish. i'd take a picture, but, again, lazy. also he looks pretty much just like old treyfish.

anyway tomorrow i'm going to visit julia! a++ so, hopefully i'll go to bed before 4am, since i'm planning to get up at like... 8? oy.

also i just signed up for virb because i hear it's better than myspace? and clearly i need another social networking site. anyway right now it won't let me upload an image? so... whatever. it will let me integrate my profile with my flickr account, which is cool. anyway here's my virb in case you want to be my virb friend. if you don't, though, that's cool. we can be noun friends.

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dear renata,

it's 4am and you really need to go to bed, not watch a fourth consecutive episode of the x-files on tnt, even if it is "the field where i died" which you secretly love and haven't watched in forever. seriously, 5am is an unacceptable bedtime. i only want what's best for you.



ps: remember the time mulder was COVERED IN BEES? it was pretty great, amiright?

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Monday, March 26, 2007

listening to: dolly, 9 to 5

soooo thanks to my inadvertent 4-hour nap late this afternoon, it's almost 4am and i'm not tired. i'm trying to edit my paper for the pca conference but looking at it makes me want to throw up a little. i'm not sure if it makes sense. how can i present this at a conference of, like, adults? argh.

cry cry cry.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

watching: vmars

apparently last week i watched disc 3 and then disc 5 :O thanks for ruining my life, mispackaged dvds at family video!

it's cool though, they gave me two dollas of credit, with which i was able to rent discs 4 and 6. not like i'd be able to solve the mystery anyway.

anyway, today i woke up at 11 and took a nap from like... 4-8pm. good. job. but during my few waking hours i did all my reading for disability lit on monday. yeaaah. also like, 10 pages of my reading for history. i'm hoping to write my short papers before i go back, too. but i'm leaving for julia's on wednesday, so... i should... do them soon. ii guess.

or i guess i could watch veronica mars and sleep a lot. probably more fulfilling.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

listening to: y kant tori read, floating city

oh my god kitty magneto is the cutest ever. awww. that wasn't what i was going to blog about, but he just jumped up on my bed. kitty witty boo! aww!

seriously, i'm such a ridiculous cat lady. 50 years from now i'm going to be that crazy cat lady on the simpsons who throws cats at visitors. except how could i throw such a cute kitty? AWWW.

ok. anyway. i just put awesome sue the t-rex shoelaces in a pair of shoes. i got them for christmas but didn't do anything with them. until just now. yes. (eta: in case it was unclear, "sue" is the name of the t-rex at the field museum in chicago. i just realized that it would be entirely possible to read the phrase "sue the t-rex" as some sort of nonsensical legal imperative! and... so... just wanted to clear that up. just in case.)

the family reunion was ridic. oh crazy old jehovah's witnesses, what won't you do? besides celebrate holidays. and be entertaining at family gatherings.

anyway. i'm tired and boring, basically i guess?

also i finished re-reading harry potter and the half-blood prince. TOTALLY FORGOT about most of that! wicked plot twists, jkr. sorry i keep mis-typing your acronym as "jrk" which is just "jerk" without the vowel. i need to apologize because clearly you read my blog/ims AND are aware of the typos i make, even when i fix them before i post them. that's just how omnipresent you are, jkr, you jrk.

also, i just picked up an animorphs book and started re-reading that, and it refreshed my intense anger at people on the internet who think these books are better written than hpotts. like, someone called jrk (dammit!) out for CAPSLOCK HARRY. whatever, capslock probably isn't the best literary technique, but THE DUDE WAS PISSED, OKAY.

anyway, here is a direct quote from tobias in animorphs #3, the encounter: "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" (technically those should be poiinty brackets instead of quotation marks, but then blogger would think it was html instead of an awesome quote from a high-quality novel.)

that's right. ka applegate (kaa! that is probably also something tobias would say. KAAA!) broke out the BOLD CAPSLOCK.

in conclusion, why did i even join that animorphs livejournal community and also why am i still annoyed about an internet argument i had like a week ago about ya lit? DAMMIT, RENATA.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

ps that post about camp food? i meant to post it at the sln blog, not here. which is why i deleted it from here. yep.

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watching: dresden files

priscilla's going to be soo proud. awww.

so anyway. i finally got fingerprinted today!! yesss. i went to isu police and pretended to be a student. i mean, i am a student. just not at that particular institution. and then i mailed in my peace corps supplemental application packet. ahhhh! after this i just have, i believe, a phone interview, an in-person interview, a placement nomination, a physical, a dental physical, and three months of training between me and the peace corps. wooooooooo! also, ahhhhh!

today also i went grocery shopping with my family, since the family reunion is tomorrow. and it's here. and we need to feed people. ohhh family. grandpa's racist new ladyfriend is coming too! yeahhhh! at least there will be good eats.

anyway. i guess i'm staying in tonight since no one has called me. i should do schoolwork i guess :( but i don't want to. rawr. school is for stupes and/or lame-os.

oh! also i guess i accepted a promotion at camp this summer? i'm going to be the UNITS DIRECTOR (pending official contract signage). this means, among other things, that i will be one of the deejays for the morning radio show. i told reid about this and his response was "oh man, you're going to play hippie shit for those kids every morning. coming up next, tori amos... covering fall out boy." that's right. those kids are going to love me so much. (no really it's stuff like a weather report and activity update. and whatnot. i guess. but whatever, i'll play them tori amos if i want.) anyway the promotion is a little scary cuz i'm going to be like a supervisorrr of people. and i'm going to be on the "administrative team" AKA "the a-team."


so i've got that going for me even if i don't get accepted by the peace corps.

anyway. now i'm watching jersey girl which i've never seen before, despite my intense love for kevin smith. i just... never got around to it. it's pretty adorable in fact, despite my low, low expectations. the kid is sooo cute. seriously adorable. and jennifer lopez is dead. not that i even have anything particularly against j-lo.

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watching: vmars

hayyy guys. i came home from a night oot on the town for a hot date with ms. veronica mars.

here are some thoughts i had on veronica mars. and ON LIFE. there are spoilers midway through season 2. (for vmars, not life. spoilers on life THROUGH TONIGHT.) but i think everyone else i know has either already seen all of season 2, or has no interest. whatev.

renata: sophiii can i be veronica mars when i grow up?
sophi: nope
sophi: that is my job
sophi: you can be my wallace, though
sophi: tara can be mac
sophi: madonna can be keith
renata: hottt

sophi: have you figured out what woody's deal is yet?
renata: no
renata: i'm not very good at mystery solving
renata: my mind is always totally blown by them
renata: i guess that's why i'm wallace
sophi: I know
sophi: I might take a detective fiction class next semester
sophi: and like
sophi: I know that my mind is going to be blown on a weekly basis
sophi: I figured out sort of a big part of the s2 finale, though
sophi: which was exciting
sophi: I did a dance
renata: sweet
renata: season 1 totally blew my mind
renata: didn't see that coming
renata: at all
sophi: I know
sophi: I'm still rewatching s1
sophi: and like
sophi: I've forgotten everything
sophi: so I'm still like
sophi: HOLY CRAP
renata: i'm doinng the same with harry potter
sophi: yesss
sophi: I always forget what happens in gof
sophi: so when I saw the movie
sophi: I was just like
sophi: I totally forgot he existed
renata: i knowww
renata: i'm on book 6
renata: which i just read like what, a year ago
renata: and i'm like OH MAN WHAT IS MALFOY DOING
sophi: fhdakjhdfa
sophi: having the memory of a goldfish is awesome
renata: truth

renata: i'm inhaling this show like crack
renata: ask me in like 2 days
renata: do you inhale crack? i don't know
renata: i'm inhaling this show
sophi: I think so
sophi: you smoke it
sophi: right?
renata: oh right, i think
renata: OR SO I HEAR
sophi: ;-)

renata: k;lklkkl
renata: that was less a keyboard mash and more an endorsement of the ku klux klan i guess
sophi: amerikkka
sophi: kkkanada
renata: note to self, get more fingers involved

renata: ohh damn aaron murdered her with his oscar
renata: that's cold
sophi: jkdhjksahkjda
sophi: aaron
sophi: what an sas
renata: why did he win an oscar even
sophi: dude
renata: i thought he was like
renata: action hero dude
sophi: I think it was probably for like
sophi: stunt work?
renata: of sketch
sophi: or like, special effect, and they just gave him one
sophi: or maybe he did a SRS DRAMA
renata: AHHHHHH
renata: also i just googled "aaron echolls oscar"
renata: and found: Aaron Echolls has an Oscar? I'm sure.
renata: from a wannabe twop
sophi: ahahaha
sophi: ok I need to go to bed for real
renata: Aaron's an Oscar winner??! If I were the Oscar people, I'd sue.
renata: why are there no obsessive vmars sites that know why he won one
renata: instead only people mocking the idea that he has one
sophi: keep me updated re: your vmars thoughts
renata: Oh God. That asked me to suspend so much disbelief because, really? Aaron Echolls, an Oscar? Like, did he buy this from someone?

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

watching: vmars


arghhh i have like three steps left in my peace corps process: i need to check and see if my student loans are deferrable if i serve, i need to see if my camp counseling work counts as teaching, and i need to get fingerprinted.

i emailed my peace corps recruiter earlier this week about counseling and hadn't gotten a response. this morning she called me to ask me about the difference between my school address and my permanent address, and then said something about having gotten my question by email and responded. i said thanksss and went to change my address in the peace corps online toolkit. except i couldn't remember my password and got locked out of the system. oops! so i had them email me the password. and it didn't come, and neither did my reply from the peace corps recruiter. hmph. i checked the spam folder. nope. hmph.

while waiting for my account to get unfrozen, i called the student loan company. it was actually the least frustrating phone call i've had with them. i didn't even have to wait on hold. except once. and it turns out that yes, they are deferrable. good.

then i called the normal police station about getting fingerprinted, because no one from mackinaw called me back. it turns out that the number in the phone book under "normal police" is actually the bloomington police number. they gave me the right number. i called normal police. they won't fingerprint me because i don't live there. they suggested i try isu police if i'm an isu student, which i'm not. i called mackinaw--or rather the out of town dispatcher--again. once again, gave my number and am told the chief of police will call me back. i'm supposed to send in my file tomorrow.

meanwhile, i checked my gmail and discovered everything from the peace corps (including two lost password emails) is there. but before they've been using my grinnell email address. i don't even know. but at least they're there. and my counseling work DOES count as teaching, so, that's good.

so basically everything is in order except my fingerprints. i seriously hope that getting ahold of the police in the event of an emergency is easier than getting ahold of the police in a non-emergency. also, mackinaw chief of police, please call me back today. i assume you are not busy, unless there has been a sudden crime wave of which i am not aware.

ALSO the library keeps sending me threatening emails because i have an overdue interlibrary loan book. but annie has the book. and we're both on spring break. so there's nothing i can do. except pay my $1/day fine when i get back. >:O

and wtf veronica just got arrested? again? dang.

i wonder if there are any tater tots in the freezer. i want some tater tots.

in summation, life is hard. and there are no tater tots. but there ARE seasoned french fries so i guess i can bake some of those. i guess. also, broccoli! mmm.

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watching: vmars

this show is so intense. i can't imagine watching it in realtime and like, actually having to wait for new episodes.

anyway i can't stop thinking about the kitty i hit :( i didn't go back and look at or anything because... i'm sure there couldn't have been anything i could have done. and it would have been gross. but maybe, i don't know... argh. kitty :( :(

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

watching: vmars

i just gasped audibly at this show. gasp!!

anyway. today i hit a cat driving home :( :( :( i've never hit anything before. let alone a cat. argh. but it was on route 9, i was going like 65 and the cat came out of noooowhere, i don't think i could have done anything.


okay. anyway. reid and i got our ~senior pics~. they are ridiculous. we had them done at wal-mart photo studio. there's a fake library background. and i had a fake book. classeeeee.

tonight i ate pie with steve and then went bowling with steve and amanda and reijo and jill. i came in second!! i got 95! that's nearly one hundred.

i just gasped again!!


anyway. break is like. 1/3 over or something. i haven't really done any work. and i need to. school is lame. the end.

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watching: that '70s show

my internet shoes came today!! so excited! i checked my online tracking number and it said they were on my porch. and then... sure enough, they were on my porch. the internet is so darn smart. and my shoes are so comfy. and so purple. good. later i will take pictures to appeal to my target audience of flickr foot fetishists.

i'm wearing them to get my senior picture taken today?? apparently my mom wants reid and i to get a joint senior picture? (because i'm a senior in college and he's a senior in hs OMG SO CUTE). but she didn't tell me this until... yesterday... so i left all my makeup and cute clothes (... what few i have) at school. not that it's a huge deal or anything, i clearly don't wear makeup that often or i would have brought it home on my own. but still, if i'm getting a ~senior picture~ maybe i should put on some eyeshadow or something, whatever.

i did put ANTI-FRIZZ SERUM in my hair. i love that it is called serum. it makes it sound so sciencey.

okay anyway my shoes and my hair and i should get going soon, i guess.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

watching: vmars

winter break= veronica mars season 1
spring break= veronica mars season 2


in other news i guess i messed up my life when i consolidated my perkins loans last summer, since the peace corps will cancel 15% of perkins loans. but not consolidated ones. efffff. but the interest rate! it was going up! the bank told me i should do it! oh well.

today my first attempt to run errands were all thwarted by the fact that the town of mackinaw shuts down for lunchtime. the post office closes from 11:30-12:30 and the library doesn't open until noon. and the police department... apparently just isn't staffed. i had to call a dispatcher who operates out of another town and she said she'd send a message to the chief of police and he'd call me back. (i need to get fingerprinted for the peace corps.) not that mackinaw really needs a full-time police department, but you'd think they'd get like one dude to hang around during business hours or something. but again, probably not even necesary. except for wanna-be pcvs who need to have their backgrounds checked. hmph.

also my attempts to waste time on the interweb have been consistently thwarted by "suspected recent satelite outage" messages. hmph.

i love that this episode hinges on pride and prejudice humor. ain't nothin' i love more than p&p jokes. i also love that veronica works at java the hut. and also that kevin smith guest-starred... as a convenience store worker. LOVES. inverse-hmph!

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ps thanks for all the kind words about trey! gone but not forgotten :(


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omg. i went to bed like an hour ago because i was ridiculously tired, even though i got a lot of sleep last night? whatev.

but then i decided to read a little bit of order of the phoenix and that turned into a lot of ootp and that reminded me forcibly of HOW MUCH I HATE UMBRIDGE. I HATE HER SO, SO MUCH. i realize she's the antagonist and we're supposed to hate her. but god. i fucking hate her so much.


anyway today was good, other than UMBRIDGE. trina and i had lunch at ranch party (aka fiesta ranchera) and went around doing errands and listening to the trashy mix cd i made. (contains: 2 american idol winners, 2 disney channel soundtracks, and the dixie chicks.) also i bought a new watch (which looks exactly like my old watch, the one with lizard second hands) and two tank tops and a skirt. also this evening, i bought my internet shoes. basically an entire new outfit. one that... doesn't really match very well. yes.

oh and thennnn ashvin and amanda joined us and we went to the park. and swung? is that the accurate verb tense? to indicate that earlier today the four of us utilized a swingset? also then we went out for dinner, because my social life revolves around food. that is why i haven't seen steve in a long time, because steve eats lunch at 11am like an old person. also... because he has a real job. and because i go to school in a different state. and because i just don't like steve very much. JUST KIDDING ABOUT THAT LAST ONE.

anyway. i was just so filled with rage at umbridge that i had to blog about her >:O

i'm going to go back to reading/sleeping now.

i can't even remember what happens to umbridge at the end of this book. does she die? i hope she fucking dies.

also i was going to c&p an aim conversation i had with sophi, but that was on my mom's computer and now i'm on mine. here was the subject, though:

Your musical compatibility rating with Sophi is:
Very High

You share many artists in common, including ABBA, A Chorus Line, Neko Case, Jonathan Larson, and Matt Caplan.


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Sunday, March 18, 2007

conversations i have had today:

reid: hey renata, where's your fish?
me: in the bowl.
reid: um, i think its dead.
me: what? (goes to look)
reid: yeah, see, he's... just sitting on the the bottom.
me: huh. yeah, pretty dead, there.

then i went to take care of (ie flush) trey and reid took over the lappy.

reid: here, you can have it back now.
me: thanks, i need to blog about how my fish died. that's how exciting my blog is.
reid: (in teen girl squd voice) maaah fish dieeed! leave me comments please! ... comments lookin' a little lonelyyy!

so. rest in peace, trey. you were a fish. you were good at swimming. you survived several near-death car rides. you liked to swim around your plastic treasure. you were blue.

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watching: jaws

did you know i have never seen jaws? it is on tv RIGHT NOW so i thought i'd watch it. so far it's pretty boring but the shark hasn't really come into play yet so i'll reserve judgment.

today i thought i slept in forever, like i kept waking up and feeling like a zombie and thinking "whatever, i'm on spring break, i'll sleep as late as i want." like i seriously thought it was like 5pm when i got up. but really it was like noon. which is late, sure, but not... unreasonable.

oh man i bet these dudes are going to get eaten, nay, devoured.

sharks sharks sharks.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007


yesss i'm home and watching disney channel and stalking the cats. kitty kitty kitty.

i had lunch with megan and it was tasty. hooray for megan and hooray for food!

also i got $100 back from my taxes! I'M SPENDING IT ALL ON LIP GLOSS.

ps happy st patrick's day. i forgot it was today until everyone in iowa city was wearing green. and half of them were drunk.

ps2 it's possible i just teared up a little at the end of the luck of the irish. when they all sing "this land is your land"? all of them together, celebrating this great nation where we can all live in harmony, leprechaun and non-leprechaun alike. awwwwwww.

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woo, just about ready to pack it up and leave grinnell! need to shut down sam and pack up trey and then i'm out like seacrest.


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thank god i'm done with schoolwork, it gives me time to pursue my interests, like getting into fights on animorphs livejournal communities.

okay it's not really a fight. i've been pretty civil. but i'm secretly angrier about the whole thing than i am conveying. it's irrational, but it hurts me deep inside that someone (several someones) would say that animorphs is better written than harry potter.

in the words of stephen colbert, "that's a stupid thing to say, and you're a stupid person for saying it."

also the original poster spelled it "hairy potter." the post was riddled with typos so i don't think "hairy" was a joke.



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Friday, March 16, 2007

watching: house

so i'm staying in grinnell tonight i guess? i feel asleep and it was totally sweet. and then my dad called and was like "when are you coming home?? are you okay?? i thought you were coming home tonight??" and i was like OOPS GUESS NOT.

it's okay though. i took a nap and then i got some TACO JOHN'S. oh, man, taco john's. i haven't had any all semester. seriously, friends, potato oles. superlatively delicious. SUPERLATIVELY.

remember how i love chase? i love chase.


ahh. i'm pumped to go home. family! kitties! sleep! so forth!

okay this blog entry is going nowhere. more nowhere than usual.

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it feels kind of anti-climactic. also i'm a little anxious because i just turned in my radical movements source analysis (IT'S SO CRAP YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW). but jpabs told us to leave it outside his office? but mears was locked :O so i campus mailed it to him. he told us turning it in anytime before he comes back to grinnell on monday (he left on wednesday for a conference or something) would be fine. so it's not like... i couldn't get in because the assignment was late. but i don't know what if the campus post office is closed over break? i'm pretty sure it's not BUT WHAT IF IT IS or WHAT IF THEY LOSE MY PAPER or WHATEVER.


anyway. i've been getting throught today by telling myself i can have a nap when i'm done. well now i'm done and i don't even want a nap. i'm too busy theorizing all the ways pablo silva could somehow have me killed for submitting my assignment in the wrong way.


here are the things i need to do before i leave. mainly for my benefit since i seem to be fairly lucid right now and it'd be good to have a public record of what i need.

- dishes. don't leave today's easy mac bowl on the window sill for two weeks, renata. don't even do it.
- pack. (ie shove dirty clothes in bag)
-- figure out what stupid stupid schoolwork i need to stupd stupid bring home. (gettysburg book, autism book, probably... something for radical movements... aand fuck art history, i'm not thinking about that over break. not even a little.)
- submit etime hours!! DO IT OR YOU WON'T GET PAID, RENATA.
- clean room a little?? might be nice to return to a room that doesn't look like a paper bomb?
- showerrrr.

okay i think i might go take myself up on that nap i promised myself. academic fight or flight response is rescinding. whew.

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listening to: neko case, lonely old lies (lol!!)

can i get a holla, just turned in my seminar paper. what what. also i took my radical movements exam today. it went... okay? i spit up some facts. also possibly i made some up.

left on the agenda: write 5 pages about how slavery caused the civil war (due 4pm) and 1 page about... something. a source. of history.

then LEAVE GRINNEKLL or maybe i will stay here tonight and leave tomorrow. not quite decided.

ps this comic is my life. exactly. yes you are a kitty. yes you are. awww.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

listening to: ralph glomp, abio vi

i just re-read my blog entries from the last few days and i'm pretty sure i might actually be going crazy. what. the. hell.

i'm having a brief moment of clarity--had some caffeine long enough ago that it's kicked in and i'm awake, but not so long ago that i'm crashing. and through this lens of caffeine i am viewing myself as a crazy person. oh my god, are all the papers i've been writing this week crazy? are they crazy? are they even coherent? how can i trust myself after i invented a cwdb acronym AND EMOTICON. like at least madonna was drunk. i was just sleep-deprived.

(/>>>>> shut up stop giving me html errors blogger, that's not a tag, it's clearly a sad cwdb emoticon. god.)

also it's friggen march and i'm listening to esperanto christmas music, but that's just because of shuffle.

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someone somewhere is looking out for me this week, and since i don't believe in god i'm forced to conclude it is the spirit of cwdbs. thanks, guys :D>>>>

seriously though:

thanks, cwdbs!

also, here's an update on my march madness bracket:

Points: 3
Rank: 1,425,811
Correct: 37.5%

that's like, almost 50% correct. with rounding. i attribute that to cwdbs too.

ok, back to paper writing now. i can't wait to be done with this week.


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hey renata what did you do last night?

this mostly:

renata: lolll
renata: hey you know what's great
madonna: us
madonna: being bff
madonna: cuz we are
madonna: what else?
renata: civil war dude beards
madonna: YESSSSS
renata: imagine if we had civil war dude beards. DOUBLE AWESOME
renata: you can laugh at civil war dude beards all you want, but you still have to respect them
renata: they won't take your shit
madonna: ITS SO GOOD
renata: http://www.rootsweb.com/~ilcivilw/photos/runion.html
madonna: OOOMMGG

renata: i googled: civil war beards pictures

renata: do you think my prof would notice if i just copy/pasted our convo about beards in the middle of my exam
madonna: TRY IT
madonna: I LOLED AGAIN
madonna: RE: THAT
renata: maybe i will add it as an appendix
renata: i am going to go add civil war dude beards as an lj interest
madonna: me too
renata: good
madonna: i have to delete something first
renata: me too
renata: i deleted rhyming
renata: whatever
renata: not as cool as civil war dude beards
madonna: i kind of what to delete caplan
madonna: cuz like
madonna: if he had a civil war dude beards
madonna: -s
madonna: i wouldnt think about deleting him
renata: renata: reid what is yr stance on civil war dude beards?
reid: i am quite the fan of civil war era chops
renata: good
reid: why
renata: check out this dude's beard: http://www.rootsweb.com/~ilcivilw/photos/runion.html
madonna: AHAHAH
renata: renata: because i am writing a paper about the civil war and instead of working on it i am looking at pictures of civil war dude beards and attempting to engage others with the topic
reid: well god damn
renata: obvi
reid: that is hefty
renata: i know
reid: he probably never shaved
renata: no
renata: he did not
renata: in memory of his fallen comrades
renata: god read the caption stupe
madonna: lololololol
madonna: lkDJFLKDSJF
madonna: oh brother
madonna: literally
madonna: i deleted will ferrell for civil war dude beards
renata: good
renata: imagine if will ferrel had a civil war dude beard
renata: in every movie
madonna: OMG
madonna: STOP IT
madonna: I AM LOLING
madonna: AND IT IS RIDIC
madonna: =-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O=-O
renata: :D>>>>>
renata: cwdb emoticon
renata: ps cwdb is the slang for civil war dude beard
renata: i hope it sweeps the nation
madonna: LOLOLOLOL
madonna: :D>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

renata: i wonder if anyone else is interested in cwdbs
madonna: no
renata: lame
madonna: why don't ours link to eachother
renata: i think it takes a little while
renata: for the system to figure out
renata: that we are soulmates

please feel free to use both the abbreviation cwdb and the cwdb emoticon in everyday conversations. :D>>>>>>


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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

listening to: alabama, mountain music

so, i like this song. i've liked it for, i don't know, fifteen years. but i never really noticed that one of the verses ias as follows:

climb a long tall hickory
bend it over, skinnin' cats
playin' baseball with chert rocks
usin' sawmill slabs for bats

haha what. what are you guys even doing in the mountains. skinning cats and playing baseball with rocks? dang. also, what is a chert rock? i looked up the lyrics on two different sites in case it was a typo or something. ah! Chert is a rock type composed mostly of the mineral chalcedony—cryptocrystalline silica, or quartz in crystals of submicroscopic size.

okay then. at any rate, it would probably, you know, hurt to play baseball with.

but what do i know, i quit t-ball in kindergarten.

also of note: a prominent civil war nurse was affectionately known as mother bickerdyke. bickerdyke. jaksdaksd what a great last name.

i am pretty sure mother bickerdyke would not stand for playing baseball with chert rocks. get a ball, dudes.

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in an effort to delay doing my work, i filled out a march madness bracket on facebook. i selected my teams carefully based on a complex algorithm i worked out. the algorithm uses the theory that whichever team comes first alphabetically will win.

that's right guys, i'm pretty sure ALBANY is coming home with the gold this year. do you get a gold if you win march madness? what do you get? something nice, i'm sure. and albany is going to get it. it's going to be a tough final match between arkansas and albany, but when it really comes down to it, arkansas just doesn't have a good enough second letter. maybe next year.

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listening to: neko case, john saw that number (on repeat-one foreverrrr)

i finished the b&s and got it to the printer in time! yess! and i got like seven hours of sleep last night! yess!

also professor ANGER cancelled our paper due tomorrow! granted, that was the least of my worries this week, but still, totally sweet to have one less worry. i still have: about half my english seminar paper (savvy totally dug my thesis, hooray), all of my civil war takehome exam (about 8 pgs of writing), my rad movements source analysis, and i need to study for the rad movements in-class exam.

ughhh. but once i get through these next few days, SPRING BREAK FOR TWO WEEKS AHHHH.

i'm super hungry and there are like four of my very favorite dining hall foods tonight. guys, can't you stagger these a little bit? why do you have to have seasoned potato wedges, roasted vegetable & pesto pizza, black bean & sweet potato burritos, AND meatless patty parmesan all on the same night? it's excessive. excessively delicious.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


going to bed at 4, getting up at 7, and teaching prison class at 8? UNWISE CHAIN OF EVENTS. luckily afterwards i took a 2-hour nap, during which i dreamed that i was snowed in with some camp people in a chinese restaurant. also i was pregnant with wonder woman. i don't even know.

also prison was prety great. the guys all seemed to like pride and prejudice, despite their fears that it would be "chick-ish." (which were, in fact, confirmed.)


i was going to type that i was really hungry, but then i ate a girl scout cookie (i bought a box of samoas and a box of thin mints yesterday! hooray!) so now, less hungry.

still academically kind of fucked, however.

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listening to: stuart davis, what (in my head)

the only part that's in my head is the line "a million what."

a million what to the sga copier. it took me almost two hoursssssss to make copies for prison tomorrow. damn. it jammed like seven times.

also i have to finish the b&s before i can go to bed. it's like, half laid out. and i need to write like 2 pages of content. and i have no one to blame but myself. STUPES STUPES STUPES IS IT SPRING BREAK YET?

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Monday, March 12, 2007

moments in disability lit:

savvy (as katie enters): KATIE!!
katie: ... what?
savvy: that was a greeting. hello, katie.
me: and you wonder why people think you're intimidating!
savvy: you guys are so paranoid.
katie: you didn't even say hello, you just yelled my name! in an accusatory fashion!
savvy: i'm not accusatory, you guys are just really defensive.

savvy: any questions? ... ... ...
me (AND OTHERS): *awkward laughter after extended silence, as represented by multiple ellipses*
savvy: i KNEW if i waited long enough i could get renata to giggle! why do you hate silence, renata?
me: seriously, why are you so accusatory?

savvy: some people are unspeakably stupid. it's important to be honest. about the stupidity of others.


in other news, i should be working on the b&s and instead i made a bunch of rentsecrets. why am i so awesome/why haven't i failed school?

ps my stomach hurts.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

omg disney's going to have a black princess!

i've been making fun of disney for not having any black princesses for yeaaaars. (seriously, i have. also one time i angrily stalked out of a disney store and called it a "eurocentric establishment"?) awesome.

in other news, i have a lot of work to do and i hate everything.

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renata: I'M LOOKING FOR BAGGAGE THAT GOES WITH MINE http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/fun/mary.asp?date=20070310
sophi: dsadhakjs
renata: i hope mary's new neighbor is roger
sophi: yesss
renata: oh shit, wouldn't it be the best if mary gave advice to everyone in rent
renata: she'd totes be like, "benny is an upstandig young businessman, you can't stand in the way of progress"
renata: "mimi, you'll go farther in life if you remember to dress yourself"
renata: "roger, go kill yourself"
sophi: dhjska
renata: "mark, have you considered j-date? it
renata: s not normal for a young man to be alone for so long"
sophi: maureen, promiscuity is not the way to solve your lonliness
renata: "squeegeeman, get a job"
sophi: joanne, paying for all of maureen's stuff won't make her love you more
renata: angel, you'd be wise to invest the money you get from drumming and dog-killing. save it for a rainy day, don't spend it all on pretty new dresses!
sophi: who else is even in rent?
renata: that fag collins
renata: alison
renata: mark's mom (and others)
sophi: auugh collins
sophi: collins, I know you are wise and gay, but leave the advice-giving to me
renata: mister grey, maybe you should reconsider investing in your daughter's boyfriend's business. it seems to be in a rough area. at least wait until they get married.
sophi: ooomg mary worth
renata: if i weren't so lazy i'd want to do a weekly adventures of mary worth rentsecret
sophi: yesss
renata: and it would just be this chat
renata: doled out over weeks
sophi: no one would get it
sophi: it would be great

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)

ps remember that one time i made mary worth lj icons?

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>:O i think my upstairs neighbor has found him or herself a partner for some sexy happenings and/or bed jumping parties. i haven't had a problem before this weekend, but the last two nights... yeah, definitely some loud, springy-type noises coming on down. oh, dorm life.

ps my paper is up to four pages. hooray!

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone and a teacher of the deaf, concocted a famous "trap sentence" to illustrate the ambiguities of lipreading. He would say, "It rate ferry aren't hadn't four that reason high knit donned co." A deaf lipreader might think Bell had said, "It rained very hard and for that reason I did not go."

okay. i'm not saying that lipreading isn't hard; it's very difficult and there are clearly many words and sounds that look similar. but that first sentence makes no sense. no one would ever say that, unless they were trying to trick deaf people, i guess. seriously, alexander, you invented the telephone. you were a smart dude. couldn't you have come up with a "trap sentence" that would reveal the fallibility of lipreading and also be coherent?


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listening to: neko case, star witness

yesss, after much deliberation and procrastination i have written ONE PAGE of my english paper. 1/10th done! but really for me starting is the hardest part. so probably more like, i don't know, 1/8th done?

last night i wrote about one sentence of it and then read rps fic with madonna, sophi, and tara. justin timberlake got raped sooo many times. including once so hard that the doctors didn't think he'd be able to walk again.

in other news, there's been a bit of a breakdown in my financial strategy, which is that i don't have a bank account here in grinnell, and i just take my checks home over breaks and deposit them there. the breakdown is that right now i have like $40 in my account and over $900 sitting in envelopes on my desk. whaaat. as soon as i can make it to the credit union i am spending it all on hookers and blow. or... or saving it for the sln roadtrip. i guess. i might just buy those shoes i've been wanting.

omg. i just spent like half an hour looking for those shoes i've been wanting so i could link to them. they were keen maryjanes and they were PURPLE and now i can't find them on the keen website. keen, did you discontinue my fucking shoes? i was working hard for the money. to buy them. damn you. they still have some cute colors, but I WANTED PURPLE SHOES. STUPES. OH WAIT here they are. they're not actually as cute as some of the other ones i've been looking at? but they are purple. i think i like the keen seattles better, but no purple. i mean. i guess they are pretty much the same shoe. but KIND OF DIFFERENT WHY IS MY LIFE SO UNBELIEVABLY DIFFICULT? I MEAN REALLY.

speaking of which, tonight is disco, which is a big grinnell party. i don't think i'm going to go? i don't really have an outfit, which is a key part of disco. i have a polyester dress i've worn for the last few discos, but i forgot it at home. and... i don't know. i have work to do (besides theoretical internet shoe shopping) and i... i'm just not feeling it, basically. we'll see, i guess, but i don't really feel like running out now and spending money on an outfit. and i don't really feel like going to disco regularly attired. that's lame. missing disco my senior year is lame too, but, whatev. i do what i want.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

listening to carrie underwood, before he cheats

i think this song would be in my top 5 vengeful woman country songs (which is an excellent genre of music). speaking of which, i forsee a long weekend at the computer writing papers/procrastinating, so i think i'm going to bring back the meme wherein you leave a comment with a topic(s) for a "top 5" list that you'd like to see me write AND THEN I WILL.

so yeah, midsems week is impending. i have... a lot of work to do and i just cannot make myself work. it is a problem.

replies to comments (it's been a while, soz):

mary: hooray, glad you like it (you musical-loving queermo, you). your letter is F. as in FRANCE. and FREEDOM. also, i explicitly stated that i would trade pumpkin spice latte lip balm for kisses. NO STEALING >:O (it is seriously pretty great though, i strongly endorse it. maybe when you get back from france, though, for cheaper shipping.)

mary & keith: toothbrush gagging solidary! i... guess. gross.

joel: doh! happy belated valentine's day!

sophi: it's okay, "13 on the internet" is less an age and more a state of being. it is similar to being a dad on the internet.



kellie: i definitely recommend mylipstuff.com. good stuff! and pretty cheap. also, i'm glad you enjoyed my highly informative paper on terrorism.

keith: yesss to... non-failing papers? and also to recyclable papers! and hey, no need to repress bsc memories. let them out. embrace those stupid bitches.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

listening to: hannah montana, i got nerve

this song is so catchy. omg remember when she was performing it live and had this choreographed boxing-dance thing and her brother accidentally like, broke the boxer's back or something, so her brother had to pretend to be the boxer and then she figured out it was him and hit him really hard? C'MON IT'S A CLASSIC HANNAH MONTANA MOMENT.

and a really stupid-catchy song. god.

ohhh i got distracted and didn't finish this. mostly i just wanted to say that sophi gave me the letter C for that "10 songs that start with a letter" meme. i get bonus points for songs about cancer or chase, but i am sadly lacking in that area :/ here's what i do have:

  1. rachael sage - cyanide and cinnamon
    this song is good if you like ladies who play piano and sing about complicated relationships, and who doesn't?

  2. soul coughing - circles
    this song is good if you want to listen to what i liked in 8th grade, besides rent.

  3. urinetown - cop song
    this song is good if you are some kind of musical-loving queermo. or even if you're not, it's pretty fun and good and stuff? good rhymes?

  4. phil ochs - cops of the world
    this song is good for if you want to listen to an old song about how people used to think the us was acting like the world's policemen and getting all up in everyone's grill. i-it's nice to reflect on how much things have changed?

  5. new edition - candy girl
    this song is good for DANCE PARTIES. the best part is at the end: "my girl's the best/and that's no lie/she tells me that/i'm her only guy!" i don't know, something about the delivery cracks me up every tiiiime.

  6. rockapella - carmen sandiego
    this song is good for GEOGRAPHICAL PUNNERY.

  7. tori amos - carolina in my mind
    this song is good for remembering how great tori amos is. in case you somehow forgot. james taylor's okay too, i guess.

  8. hole - celebrity skin
    this song is good for being a total badass. rawr!

  9. pocahontas - colors of the wind
    this song is good for redefining the other!

  10. harry chapin - cat's in the cradle
    this song is good for if you are dr robert chase and you want to reflect on how your dad never loved you and then died of cancer. and then if you want to go hug house.

    THE END! ENJOY. if you would like a letter in order to propagate this meme yourself, leave me a comment and i will provide you with one.

    additionally leave a comment if you would like to attend a dance party at which i only play "candy girl" and the hannah montana soundtrack.

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    listening to: anastasia, journey to the past

    true story, i listened to this song on repeat-one for like an hour last night. no wait, not this one. "at the beginning."

    last night i also listened to the hannah montana soundtrack and googled myself and my family with madonna sophia and tara.

    here are some things we uncovered:
    • my dad invented "A liquid filtering and purifying device and method for filtering and purifying used engine coolant in order to produce a concentrated portion for disposal and a purified portion intended to be reused has a plurality of filtering, separating and purifying devices, both mechanical and membranous." good job, dad!
    • madonna's dad is accidentally in a murder mystery
    • Renata, from Hartford, CT recently off an independent national tour has shared the stage with such acts as Avril Lavingne, Ashlee Simpson, Howie Day, Tyler Hilton, Gary Jules and most recently with Lifehouse.
    • a college newspaper article quoted me about rent. i said "They have so much energy and the music rocks!" well said, renata. well said.
    • here is what my email signature used to be: ~Renata, The Gray Ranger, All-Powerful Queen Of Brazil, Official Keeper Of
      Krycek's Sacred Left Arm, And Anthony Rapp Devotee~
    • here is all you need to know about jonas salk, according to the 6th grade versions of me, miriam, and reijo
    • here is what madonna had to say at age 13: *smiles* Thanks!! I'm soobsessed with Guns N' Roses right now ... not cool LoLMaddyfer
    • here is what sophi had to say at age 13: Wai-wai! ::hugs her newly bought Gundam Wing trading cards::
    • here is what tara had to say at age 13: Would you want to bring JL back from the dead to thank him: if he knowsnow, then no, but if he doesn't, maybe (does that make ANY sense?)
    • renata: And he was really nice after the show, when my pen wouldn’t work when I asked him for an autograph and he waited for me to borrow my friend’s pen :)
      renata: that is me
      madonna: alkjflkasdjfkldsafkldsflkdsflkdsfldksf
      renata: on cary shields
      tara: jfdlksajdfsklafdkjsldjsfkljfdsalkjfads
    • chelle used to run a matt caplan website entitled "a dimple on our hearts"
    • here is tara: WAS YAZ ON?
    • here is madonna: i purposely remember not like saving any of my fic online or searchable sites when i wrote it cuz i didn't want to embarass my future self. well dammit the future is here and i'm just mad
    • and finally, a quote from tara's dad, aka paula abdad: "The song rings true after all these years with thepictures it evokes and with the reality that it indeed describes Life."

    ps here is me and savvy at the grille today:
    savvy: can i have a large coffee with six ice cubes?
    me: sure!
    savvy (to melissa): renata's one of my students, i'm just giving her an opportunity to make fun of me.
    me: hey, i'm not -neb-, i'm not going to make fun of you!
    then we talked for like five minutes about how totally awkward and inappropriate that was. ["that" being -neb-'s comment yesterday, not mine.]

    then i put some cookies in bags.

    ps here is what i wish i were eating right now: stephen colbert's americone dream ice cream.

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    Wednesday, March 07, 2007

    listening to: hannah montana, who said

    ahhh i went to yoga today for the first time in a week & a half, and it was sooo good.

    this song is nearly as uplifting:

    who said, who said
    i can't be Superman
    i say, i say
    that i know i can

    who said, who said
    i won't be president
    i say, i say
    you ain't seen nothin' yet

    new life plan: write magneto/mystique fanfic series to the hannah montana soundtrack? very yes.

    also very yes: LAST NIGHT'S HOUSE OH GOD ESPECIALLY CHASE + HOUSE. "i'm sorry you're dying. i'm going to hug you now."

    very NO: oh god, today in class like the most awkward thing ever happened. there's this kid... let's call him... neb... who is like, the biggest "that kid" ever. he mumbles personal anecdotes all the time, brings up irrelevant points, generally misunderstands key concepts and talks all the time... blah. and today he called out savvy for having a receding hairline. it was SO AWKWARD/FUNNY. i can't even re-create the moment. i'm pretty sure i gasped audibly. i'm pretty sure i wasn't the only one. then i covered my mouth with my hand and avoided eye contact with everyone. keep in mind this is a class with 10 people and the most intense professor ever (except maybe vbrown). OH GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED.


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    listening to: dixie chicks, voice inside my head


    this is improbably offensive, even for me. but sophi said i had to post it. well, she really just said i had to post one line but if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

    renata m martin: they should make like, ex bake meth labs
    renata m martin: ez
    sophi m martin: ok
    sophi m martin: I just stared at the screen
    sophi m martin: and I was like
    sophi m martin: ex... bake... meth labs... I know what all of those things mean individuallly...
    sophi m martin: but I then I realized you meant ez
    sophi m martin: like, I acutally had to say it outloud
    sophi m martin: really slowly
    renata m martin: ok
    renata m martin: that's why you don't need the ez bake meth lab
    renata m martin: but for others, it might be useful
    sophi m martin: the only ex bake oven I ever had exploded
    sophi m martin: so we took it back to toys r us
    sophi m martin: and they gave us:
    sophi m martin: TOYS R US BUCKS
    sophi m martin: and I bought:
    renata m martin: :O
    sophi m martin: a babysitters club doll
    renata m martin: i never had an ex bake oven
    renata m martin: i had a REAL OVEN
    sophi m martin: and
    sophi m martin: a
    sophi m martin: cupcake
    sophi m martin: doll
    renata m martin: dude those ruled
    renata m martin: i had a bsc doll too,but i was kind of eh about it because my grandma got it for me and it was kristy
    renata m martin: and i wasn't really sure who my fave sitter was but i knew it wasn't damn kristy
    sophi m martin: yeah, mine was fucking jessi
    renata m martin: ugh, the negro
    sophi m martin: who cared about jessI?
    renata m martin: did yours come with a kid?
    sophi m martin: yeah
    sophi m martin: fuckim
    sophi m martin: becca
    sophi m martin: that fag
    renata m martin: kjkasdkasd
    renata m martin: i got karen
    renata m martin: she came with little glasses which i liked
    renata m martin: because I HAD GLASSES AND I COULD TOTALLY RELATE TO HER
    sophi m martin: loldsajhl
    sophi m martin: karen
    sophi m martin: was
    sophi m martin: such
    sophi m martin: a bitch
    renata m martin: she had a jew friend
    renata m martin: and a greek friend?
    sophi m martin: yep
    sophi m martin: hannie
    sophi m martin: papadopolus?
    sophi m martin: or something dumb like that
    renata m martin: yeah
    renata m martin: something all greek and shit
    renata m martin: claudia was the coolest
    renata m martin: too bad she was really unrealistic, i mean, an asian girl who's bad at school?
    renata m martin: COME ON
    sophi m martin: janine more than made up for it, though
    renata m martin: janine
    renata m martin: is
    renata m martin: a
    renata m martin: cunt

    [extended discussion of bsc members]

    renata m martin: WHY IS THIS STILL IN OUR BRAINS
    renata m martin: FUCKING ANN M MARTIN
    renata m martin: WHAT ARE YOUR POWERS
    sophi m martin: I have the same birthday as ann m martin
    renata m martin: dude
    renata m martin: are you guys the same age
    sophi m martin: she is my twin
    renata m martin: whoaaa

    sophi m martin: http://members.aol.com/jonmerrill/bscpage.htm
    sophi m martin: http://members.aol.com/jonmerrill/bsc91jessi.jpg
    sophi m martin: jk that was not the one I had
    sophi m martin: this was it:
    sophi m martin: http://members.aol.com/jonmerrill/bsc92jessi.jpg
    renata m martin: that 2nd one is less creepshow
    renata m martin: i had this: http://members.aol.com/jonmerrill/bsc92kristy.jpg
    sophi m martin: dsjahk
    renata m martin: THE HAIR
    sophi m martin: dhsjkdak
    sophi m martin: ok I need to go to bed
    renata m martin: Again, described in the flyer were 3 other pairs: Mary Anne/Lucy, Dawn/Jackie, and Mallory/Claire. Probably these latter 3 were never made.
    renata m martin: wait
    renata m martin: one thing
    renata m martin: why did they re-release JESSI but not mary anne
    renata m martin: or dawn
    renata m martin: they were like, actual members
    renata m martin: she was a JUNIOR FUCKING MEMBER
    sophi m martin: I expect that silly billy goo goo to be blogged, fyi
    renata m martin: >:O
    sophi m martin: because she was BLACK
    renata m martin: DAMN YOU NAACP
    sophi m martin: DO YOU REMEMBER
    sophi m martin: THEIR FUCKING
    sophi m martin: SLANG
    sophi m martin: LIKE
    sophi m martin: CHILLY
    renata m martin: jksdsdjkf
    renata m martin: SUPER CHILLY
    sophi m martin: she was
    sophi m martin: http://claudiasroom.blogspot.com/index.html
    sophi m martin: fanstastic
    renata m martin: hahah awesome
    renata m martin: omg at camp this summer there were like 6 videos
    renata m martin: and like 3 of them were bsc ones
    renata m martin: they are so bad
    sophi m martin: ahahhaa
    renata m martin: Stacey fashion! “…like paisley-print leggings; a huge, long shirt; short, black, lace-up boots; and a ton of silver jewelry. She might top off the look with a black fedora.” Yup.
    renata m martin: this is fantastic
    renata m martin: a++++ find
    sophi m martin: aaaaaaaaah
    renata m martin: i am shriek laughing
    sophi m martin: this is so good
    renata m martin: Um, Kristy took role at one of the meetings in this one. The fuck? There are seven of them. Does she really need to take attendance? Seriously?
    sophi m martin:
    # Oh, hell yeah! “Stacey was wearing tight black pants that reached just above her ankles, and sported [nice use of the thesaurus, ANM!] a column of four silvery buttons at the bottoms. (The buttons were just for show, I think.) Over the pants she was wearing a long (past her knees) blue jacket made of soft material. Under that she was wearing a sleeveless blouse…Claud was wearing a fake leopard-skin vest, a fairly tame blouse, and blue leggings…And finally Mal and me, also in jeans, but wearing (if I do say so myself) pretty fresh sweat shirts.” Sweet.
    sophi m martin: PRETTY FRESH
    renata m martin: ”Stacey looked very…well, Stacey. She was wearing a black baseball cap, black sunglasses, and a sleek, black, ankle-length coat with sharply padded shoulders.” Wow.
    sophi m martin: did you watcht he video
    sophi m martin: it's too great
    renata m martin: NO
    renata m martin: OK
    renata m martin: I think this book should really have been called “Stupid Bitches Are Friggin’ Desperate to be Nancy Fucking Drew.
    sophi m martin: this guy looks like zach braff??
    sophi m martin: heyyyy it is!
    sophi m martin: that's weird that I recognized him
    renata m martin: OH MY FUCKING GOD! CLAUDIA ACTUALLY THINKS SHE MIGHT BECOME A LIBRARIAN LIKE HER MOM. I’m sorry Claudia. Though you could get into library school (they will let anyone in), you will not find a job. You have to be able to read and write. Sorry.
    sophi m martin: dhgsgdhjsaa
    sophi m martin: LOLDSAJ
    renata m martin: This book talks a lot about how hard it can be to fit in when you’re different. Like if you’re black, or deaf, or if you have a deaf brother. It’s deep. Thanks to you, ANM, I know now that I should be accepting of people who are different. I’m so, so ashamed. You stupid bitch.

    posted by ~renata~ at 12:47 AM
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    Tuesday, March 06, 2007

    listening to: dixie chicks, lubbock or leave it

    so there is this livejournal community, ficalbum, where you pick an album and a character or pairing and then you write a fic for each song on the album. and i keep having these almost overwhelming urges to sign up with just ridiculous shit. like magneto: dixie chicks - taking the long way. (because magneto is fucking NOT READY TO MAKE NOTICE, that's why. also he is totally LUBBOCK OR LEAVE IT? a-and so forth.) also pyro: tori - boys for pele. this entire series of fic would be based on the line YOU'VE NEVER SEEN FIRE UNTIL YOU'VE SEEN PELE BLOW. also the fact that pyro is a beauty queen?

    unfortunately, none of my ridiculous urges will probably top the person who signed up for mark/roger (rent) with the wicked obcr. also they called it a soundtrack.

    i accidentally took a two-hour nap today. it was pretty nice.

    earlier i neglected to post about probably thhe best part of prison, which was when annie and i attempted to force our class to see the humor of shakespeare by making them read beatrice & benedick's banter aloud and then adding "SNAP!" and "OOOH NO SHE DID NOT" after every line. frankly, i can't believe shakespeare forgot to write that part, because it really enhances it. here:

    i wonder that you will still be talking, signior benedick. nobody marks you.


    what, my dear lady disdain! are you yet living?


    is it possible disdain should die while she hath such food to feed it as signior benedick? courtesy itself must convert to disdain if you come in her presence.


    totally great.

    and i still can't stop thinking about magneto + dixie chicks. oh my god. no like, bear with me, and imagine a fanvid of like... him breaking out of prison in x2, right. and it's to THIS.

    forgive, sounds good.
    forget, i'm not sure i could.
    they say time heals everything,
    but i'm still waiting

    i'm through with doubt,
    there's nothing left for me to figure out,
    i've paid a price, and i'll keep paying

    i'm not ready to make nice,
    i'm not ready to back down,
    i'm still mad as hell
    and i don't have time
    to go round and round and round
    it's too late to make it right
    i probably wouldn't if i could
    cause i'm mad as hell
    can't bring myself to do what it is
    you think i should

    in conclusion, this is why i have no friends in the x-men fandom.

    posted by ~renata~ at 10:59 PM
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    listening to: paul simon, proof

    oh my god there are two squirrels on my windowsill! they are right up against the glass! looking at me! oh now they saw me looking at them and ran away! come back squirrel! come back squirrel's sister!

    today i slipped on ice and fell flat on my back and flung shakespeare into a snowbank! i also learned that my prison class hates shakespeare! even the reduced shakespeare company! whatever, guys! that's why i have 7/8ths of a useless degree and you don't! also i stayed up too late last night and still didn't finish a paper that's due at 2pm! and i'm not sure if i'm correctly interpreting the article about which i'm writing! and i keep accidentally talking about "jackson pollack"! not that i hate polish people or anything! just kind of tired! you know how it goes, right, crackas?

    eta: haha, i finished my draft and went to take a quick nap and now i'm double-checking it. i consistently referred to the art historian "allan kaprow" as "allan kapow." kapow! what a hilarious typo! haha good thing i have time to get coffee before class! kapow! i hope this paper does not squashmolish my grade!

    Labels: ,

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    Monday, March 05, 2007

    listening to: tori, if 6 was 9

    • remember the time i started internet roleplaying as mary worth? because i remember it like it was yesterday. or today.
    • remember the time professor savarase called me a "sunny day"? it was today and it was kind of awkward.
      professor savarase (aka savvy): renata, did you have a question?
      me (quoting eli earlier in the class): no, i don't know why you got that impression.
      savvy: you looked so serious, not like usual.
      me (laughing): what?
      savvy: usually you look like that... laughing, happy, friendly, a sunny day...

      i think there were a few other adjectives in there too. haha what.
    • here is a true story which may or may not reveal too much information about myself. i have a really strong gag reflex, right, and last night when i was brushing my teeth i accidentally made myself throw up. it was kind of the grossest ever. god. at least i know that if i wanted to become bulimic i could easily achieve success.
    • all my internet lipbalm came today!! the dr. pepper one is disappointing. it has the same weird taste my new bonne bell dr. pepper one has. and don't even try to tell me that i'm idealizing the taste of dr. pepper lipbalm in my head. i still have a little bit of the old one left and it is totally awesome and just like dr. pepper and none of this weird, vaguely medicinal taste. (i know some people out there will claim that dr. pepper inherently has a vaguely medicinal taste. those people are communists.) but my other flavors are great. especially pumpkin spice latte. holy shit. someone should come over here and borrow my lipbalm and then make out with me. it will be delightful. also maybe afterwards we could go drink some pumpkin spice lattes?
    • also i ordered some body butter from mylipstuff.com because it was cheap and my skin, it is so dry. and it has an expiration date? if unrefrigerated: 4/5/07, if refrigerated, 5/5/07, apparently. does anyone else remember that one sweet valley high, where jessica decides to become a knockoff avon lady, and all the products are soy based, and it turns out you were supposed to refrigerate them because they were "all natural" but jessica didn't know that because she's an ignorant slut, and they all go rotten? no, you don't remember that? well, fuck you. see if i let you borrow my lipbalm and make out with me, if you can't even remember a simple thing like that.

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    Sunday, March 04, 2007

    listening to: moulin rouge, lady marmalade

    um seriously, where the fuck are my soul sisters?

    (they are in bitch chat.)

    anyway. mostly i just wanted to post something totally awesome i just read in civil war soldier.

    The men of blue and gray utilized a variety of slang expressions that were a product of the ruralism from which most of the soldiers came. ... Occasionally, unknown words came forth--such as one solider admitting, "I was squashmolished."



    what a cromulent word.

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    listening to: sharkira, la tortura

    oh man, i'm dumb. i stayed up wayy too late last night for no reason in particular. i've accomplished relatively little, schoolwise, this weekend.

    i did compete my readings for radical movements. we are reading a sociological study of guerrilla warfare. it is awesome because it talks about college students as being delusional idealists stuck in extended adolescence, and we are all like "... well... yeah..."

    speaking of which, here is a highly accurate comic about COLLEGE! the humor appeals to me because i attend college! it's like they KNOW me, man. (seriously, though, the description of "fancy college"? 100% grinnell.)

    here are some other links which have given me amusement this weekend:

    pendulumswinger.com: i guess... some people choreographed a dance to the chorus of the indigo girls song "pendulum swinger"? and they go around and do it at concerts and get people to join in? it's SO FUNNY FOR REALSIES. also "pendulum swinger" is one of my favorite new ig songs.

    the stuart davis show: i totally missed when this got put up on youtube for free, you used to have to join integral naked to see it. it's totally bizarre and hilarious and i love stuart. you should watch it even if you have never listened to his music. also even if you have.

    a softer world: i've always been more of a casual fan of asw--i read it once in awhile, but it never really clicked with me. until last night when i read the entire archive. um. here are my three favorites.

    promosquad.com: less entertaining and more totally aggravating. apparently there is a different new tori song up here that you can listen to and rate. but first you have to listen to a bunch of shitty hip hop. at least... i do. i still can't believe there is no better source for the other tori song, but all my sources are coming up dry. hmph! ahhh now i have to listen to chris daughtryyyy whyyyy.

    i guess technically i don't have to. i guess i could just wait a few months until tori's album actually, like, comes out. but whatever.

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    Friday, March 02, 2007

    listening to: tori, big wheel


    i guess over the last few years tori amos has been busy turning into an alt-country musician who writes songs about being a MILF.


    and she totally is a milf.


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    friday afternoon blogspam, what?

    just one last thing before i go nap, and it's for a good cause!

    some of you have probably gotten recycled notebooks from me as gifts--a group here, founded by my friend eli, collects paper from computer labs that's been printed on one side and recycled, and binds them into notebooks with old cereal boxes and stuff as covers. they're swell! anyway, now he's working for an environmental group in washington and the recycled notebook program has spread there, to whitman college. they made a mini documentary about it and submitted it to an online contest. please go watch, it's only 2 minutes, and then vote for it! give it five leaves!

    eli says: "We need your help to let bunches of people know about this simple solution by getting our video into the top twenty. (I mean, we’d also love to win some prizes in the contest, but we’ve entered the contest to spread the message, not for the treasure.)"

    so noble! anyway, it seriously is a brilliant idea, so please go vote for it (and maybe spread the word yourself?). it's what brian boitano jesus al gore would do.


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    cnn has the best "top stories" ever.

    AP: We ignored Paris Hilton

    Story Highlights:
    • Associated Press tried blackout on Paris Hilton news
    • Not much "news," but no AP clients asked what was up, either
    • Reaction was mostly positive

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    listening to: rem, can't get there from here

    oh bitchcakes, i just spilled the bag of chips i was eating into my shoes.

    it's possible that i then picked them all out of my shoes and am now continuing to eat them. chips don't grow on trees, friends. i'm also eating an apple, which does grow on a tree. if i made a venn diagram out of my lunch and had categories for "grew on trees" and "did not grow on trees," i would have one thing in each category. and... nothing in the middle. it would be a pretty unnecessary venn diagram. but then, most venn diagrams are. so. WAIT but i also have a mandarin cashew wrap, which has tree and non-tree foods! the middle of my diagram! i think i should devote my blog to venn diagrams from this day forth. except i don't really have graphic software on my compy, so it would just be verbal descriptions of venn diagrams, which is just extraordinarily unnecessary.

    scrabble club last night was totally ridiculous, and not just because sarah and i literally walked through a blizzard to attend. mark was "a fair weather scrabble player" and missed out >:O ("hey, i just realized that mark is LITERALLY a fair weather scrabble player!") this turned out to be crucial at the end of the game, when sarah and i sort of tied. i was ahead by 3 points at game end, but sarah went out and i had 3 points in my rack, so i had to subtract three, and, we thought, sarah had to add my three. but sarah said she and mark thought that if more than 2 people were playing, you didn't add AND subtract, only subtract. so we consulted the rules, and it didn't say anything about a limit to when you added/subtracted, but it did say that in the event of a tie, the person who had the most points BEFORE adding/subtracting won. but if you add AND subtract, then there wasn't actually a tie. quite a conundrum, as you can see! if you even read this and didn't skim over the minutia of scrabble scoring.

    here's where it really got funny, though. you have to keep in mind that in person we always refer to mark by his full name? just... because? i don't know, it has a good rhythm. i'll just change the first letters to disguise his identity but enhance this story.
    sarah: i wish mark moot-miley were here, he could settle this.
    me: i agree, mark moot-miley knows all.
    jenny: i think the rules make it clear that renata won.
    me: but i think it depends on if you add the points or not! and mark moot-miley would know.
    sarah: yeah.
    jenny: are we privileging mark moot-miley above the rules of scrabble? i don't like the power dynamic there.
    me: c'mon jenny... mark moot-miley subscribes to scrabble news.
    sarah: it's true!

    oh, mark moot-miley.

    oh, scrabble.

    anyway! last night i stayed up too late, per usual, and also accidentally set my alarm for 8pm. for most people, this story would probably end "and then i slept though my 9am class!" however, for me, this story ends, "but then i woke up at 7am and obsessively double-checked the alarm like usual, got up at 8 when it went off, and made it to breakfast and class with no trouble."

    also, today i feel much more academically confident than yesterday's minor crisis. contributing factors:
    - got my art history paper back (the one that i thought was terrible and referred to as a "c's get degrees" paper) and it was a b+ paper that apparently used "good visual analysis." hmm!
    - got my civil war history paper back and it had lots of nice comments
    - am wearing argyle sweater AND argyle socks

    everything's coming up milhouse!

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    Thursday, March 01, 2007

    listening to: mark keali'i ho'omalu, he mele no ka'uhinelele

    oh my, it's a blizzard!

    maybe they will keep the college closed through 10am tomorrow i hope? ooh, that would be so nice. but i hope the power doesn't go out. power on, school off? too much to hope for? dream big, renata. DREAM BIG.

    mostly i just wanted to post about this tool and how it will REVOLUTIONIZE my annoying aim posting habit.

    we're determined to have scrabble club tonight even if the power goes out. hardcore, friends. hardcore.

    now i'm going to go grade some stats homework. but i will grade it in the most hardcore fashion possible. with blood.

    posted by ~renata~ at 6:30 PM
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    this is terrible. i need to revise my research statement for my history project and i find myself entirely unable to answer the question professor silva scrawled in the margin of my first draft--"why does it matter whether the madres [of the plaza de mayo] are feminists?"

    why does it matter? i have no idea. it must matter, or all my coursework in women's history is worthless. but when confronted like that, i have no idea how to explain why it matters if their political movement was a feminist one. either way, they called international attention to flagrant human rights violations.

    i am a worthless feminist liberal arts student. why does it matter? why?

    maybe i should just refer to that great contemporary philosopher, master shake: "why is anything anything?"

    maybe i should have thought about this earlier and gone to office hours to talk about it. although really, "i have no idea why my research matters at all" doesn't seem like a great conversation to have with your prof.

    i've been having this liberal arts crises of confidence basically every week anymore.

    seriously though i still can't come up with a good reason why it matters. oh god.

    eta: okay, i came up with something. it's still kind of a copout i think, but i'm going to go print it off and turn it in. wait. they closed the college. is this even still due? i think it probably is. i don't j-pabs is the type to let a l'il blizzard/ice storm get in the way of collecting some pimped out annotated bibliographies/research proposals.

    anyway, here's what i got. in case you are at all interested in my research proposal thing.

    Problem: Much of the recent historical literature about the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo uses a feminist framework to discuss their activism. This is problematic because the Madres themselves have rejected the label of feminism and believe their work transcends any sort of “feminist” movement.

    Importance: The Madres de la Plaza de Mayo are still active today, and their work has inspired other groups. Their work is an interesting example of the intersection of the personal and the political, since these women used their roles as mothers to justify their political critique of a violent dictatorship. On one level, since they identified themselves as “mothers” first, and since their goal was not gender equality but the return of their children, they could be considered non-feminist traditionalists. However, their movement still found an important public political role for women. Whether or not their work was feminist, and whether or not it is represented as feminist, matters because the Madres continue to be role models for women’s political involvement throughout Latin America, a region with a tendency towards conservative gender roles. The Madres were a successful movement in terms of garnering international attention to the human rights violations in Argentina, but did they have success in improving the position of women in Argentina, and was that their part of their goal? Can their work be used to improve the position of women in Argentina and throughout Latin America? These are important concerns.

    (see? IMPORTANT. i said so myself.)


    posted by ~renata~ at 2:40 PM
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    listening to: tori, sometimes things break


    this is so great because i needed to go get one of the articles for class today and read it, and finish my annotated bibliography by 5pm, and go to class. and it would have been do-able, but tight. but now, life is totally sweet.

    last night i did most of my bibliography. AND i wrote madonna's terrorism paper for her.

    here it is:

    if i were a towelhead i would blow up the cdc. this would release spores and shit and make everyone sick and/or gay. also america would lose many, many lab coats and beakers. i would also spray mary worth with agent orange and i would blow up aldo kelrast's grave. this would demoralize the american people greatly. praise allah and death to whitey.

    the end.

    by madonna.

    appendix a:
    q. how deadly is smallpox?
    a. like, totally super deadly.


    appendix b:
    If a terrorist attack happens, what will I probably feel like?
    While people react differently to things that are stressful, you probably can do a good job of working through problems and pain. Most people recover in weeks or months from the following kinds of natural reactions to a terrible event:

    * Shock, numbness and disbelief.
    * Difficulty concentrating on school work, your job, friends or family.
    * Eating too much or too little.
    * Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Nightmares.
    * Thinking too much about what happened.
    * Being afraid for your safety and the safety of your family, friends, police and firefighters.
    * Feeling sad about the people who were injured or died.
    * Having upsetting thoughts or pictures in your mind of what happened. They can pop into your head, or come when you're reminded about the painful event.
    * Anger, bad temper and not trusting others. You might argue and get into fights.
    * Feeling guilty or helpless.
    * Feeling restless-kind of uneasy or worried.
    * Headaches, stomachaches, skin rashes, body pains and worse allergic reactions.


    i also spent about an hour looking at mylipstuff.com and thinking about all the lipgloss i'm going to buy when i can deposit my paychecks. molly talked about them awhile ago and i resisted looking, knowing that i would only want to buy lots of it. they have over FOUR HUNDRED FLAVORS of environmentally sound lip balm. but last night i caved and looked, which is weird because TODAY i got a postcard from molly that continued raving about mls.com. glosssss.

    renata: there goes the rest of my evening. it's just going to be me pondering all the different flavors my lips could be
    keith: oh man you should get pumpkin
    keith: if there is one
    keith: SEX ON THE BEACH
    keith: what does that even taste like?
    keith: salt and sand I'd imagine
    renata: it's a drinkkk
    keith: oh fine ruin my imagining the flavor it could have been
    renata: or maybe they went with a more literal take
    keith: tequila? I don't know why you would constantly want to taste something that... does what tequila does to you =(
    renata: http://www.mylipstuff.com/flavordescriptions.html
    keith: get zombie!
    renata: mmm zombie
    keith: "man I love the taste of zombie int he morning" could become your catchphrase
    renata: they make dude gloss too
    renata: you should get some
    keith: hmm. I don't even use chapstick
    renata: well, it's really chapstick. not gloss.
    renata: also, what. don't your lips get chapped
    keith: not really, or when they do, I just don't do anythign about it
    keith: but get boxed wine! loolll
    keith: it evidently tastes like cheap wine. from a box.
    renata: that is not what i want my lips to taste like
    keith: yeah no one wants to taste that actually. they just don't want to spend the money on getting tipsy in a way that doesn't taste like paint thinner
    renata: exactly
    renata: and if it's not even going to get you drunk
    renata: well
    renata: might as well have zombie lips
    renata: http://www.mylipstuff.com/labels/xcustmar1.jpg
    renata: um, the first person to propose to me via chapstick
    renata: pretty much wins
    keith: lol
    keith: i'll try to remember that when that special guy comes around. "No, dude, don't hide a ring in a salad that's queer. You need to hide a message in lipgloss. Don't look at me that way, it'll work, dammit, just listen to me."
    renata: "so., what flavor did you get? boxed wine? nooooo"

    so yeah, that was basically my night.

    posted by ~renata~ at 11:26 AM
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