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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

listening to: tori, playboy mommy (demo)

whoa. whoa. i was going to blog about a few things but itunes just shuffled to this, and i hadn't heard it before (it's from the a piano boxset, and i just ripped it all at once and didn't listen to the whole thing) and it's stunning. it totally captivated me and i can't stop listening to it. it's so bare and haunting and intense and wow. (mp3.)

i don't remember what i was going to blog about before i got knocked into a tori amos trance.

toga tonight was good. i mean yoga. yoga. togas are good too, i guess. yoga in a toga would probably be kind of awkward.

sophi and i are going to start a teevee show about the relationship between a woman with a hook for a hand and a man with hands for hands. the show will be called hooked on you.

also i wrote a 2-page journal entry for disability lit. about animorphs. next up: lemony snicket.

also my lj feed started working again and posted like 39043 entries. sorry :/

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listening to: bruce springsteen, i'm on fire

todayyy professor savarese was sick but we all stayed and talked about the readings anyway and i did not feel self-conscious about raising the important issue of disney channel original movies and their construction of disability.

today professor purcell said "renata you look confused" and i said "yeah, i really don't understand anything we're talking about. really i don't understand economics and i got lost about 10 minutes ago when someone suggested an alternate definition of 'wealth'" and she said "i don't really understand economics either, just look at that graph i tried to draw" and the graph said "south - slaves = less wealth" and it had an arrow down to "free blacks = poor" and then we laughed.

later i made a valid point re: transportation via water.

today i took a nap!

today i need to write a 2 page paper for art history. it is really one-page single spaced which is the same as 2 pages but harder to read. why do you want single spaced papers, professor anger? is it because double-spacing makes you ANGRY? professor anger, do you get tired of people making jokes about your name? that is too bad.

today was falafel day at lunch!!

today is yoga class again! i should leave soon!

today the mooninites bombed boston.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


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listening to: blessid union, peace & love

oh blessid union, you take me back. back to 8th grade. which isn't really somewhere i've been longing to return, but, okay.

tonight was the saddest b&s meeting ever. oh god. some pretentious first year came and just wanted to be super pretentious all the time. and not funny. like dylan made some joke about how we don't have a darkroom on campus and this kid went off for like 5 minutes about how much greater analog photography is and how he loves taking black and white photos and blah blah blah art. which is all well and good but not at a fucking comedy newspaper meeting. and he did that for like every possible topic. rawr.

anyway mostly i just wanted to post about how this is the saddest webcomic i've ever seen.

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listening to: ben folds, rock this bitch

ahh today has taken a turn for the better! because: today is new glasses day! i can see so clearly!

PLUS the candidate we had lunch with today was super cool. ana and i conferred briefly afterwards and concluded that we are both in love with him and hope he gets hired. although we both really liked last week's candidate after lunch and then were totally underwhelmed by his presentation. we have high hopes here. he's a first-generation college student, and he talked about how his parents didn't really understand what he was doing, but he felt so committed to the idea of historical research, and he loved that as a professor he gets to help students shape their own idealogical frameworks, and, ahhh love.

also, he's originally from california, and he's been teaching at macalester (in st paul) and ana asked him how he liked the midwest, and he said he LOVES the midwest and talked about it enthusiastically. we love people who love the midwest!

plus, the temperature went up to 9degrees (feels like -8!)!

everything's coming up milhouse!

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listening to: jackson-5, ABC

i listened to this song on repeat-one for like an hour last night. and now it's on repeat-one again. ahhh i don't know, but it's so cold outside and this song is so happy!

ahhh. i'm cold and already stressed about my poor time management skills. and i messed up grading a problem on all the homeworks last night and now i feel really bad and like professor kamp thinks i'm a stuuupe. probably it's just me being excessively neurotic about it. probably. not that i do that. or anything. what.

also in an hour i have to go meet one of the history candidates and walk them across campus. two weeks ago i happily agreed to help out wherever needed with the candidates, but that was before i knew how HELLA COLD it would be this week.

Right Now for
Grinnell, IA
Sunny and Windy
Feels Like
Wind: From NW at 20 mph
gusting to 27 mph


and i can't stop obsessing about messing up on the stats homework :/ that's so not even what i need to be obsessing about. lame lame lame.

anyway i kind of want to blog some more im conversations. i know i've been doing that a lot lately and i think probably people are getting annoyed by it but whatever, a) i think they are really funny and b) IT'S MY BLOG I DO WHAT I WANT

(how many of you are annoyed that i didn't end that sentence with punctuation? are you waiting waiting waiting for closure? YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY)

here is madonna & i on AQUA, who i hope you all listen to because if not this conversation possibly won't make any sense! nevermind, it doesn't really make sense even if you do listen to them!

maddy: Come with me Honey - I’m your sweet sugar Candyman
Run like the wind - fly with me to Bountyland
Bite me I’m yours - if you’re hungry please understand
This is the end - of the sweet sugar Candyman
maddy: this song is weird
renata: TRUE
maddy: WHAT
maddy: WHKADLF
renata: i hope it's a translation problem
maddy: I DONT
renata: and like in danish the guy is just saying like
renata: something totally innocent
renata: and he has no idea how creepy he is
renata: and then one day he like figured it out a
renata: and was like
renata: what
maddy: lolllllllllllll
maddy: he killed himself :(
renata: wait
renata: for real
maddy: no
maddy: he would though
maddy: if he found out
renata: oh ok
renata: yeah probs
renata: his suicide note would be written in dansih
renata: and the translation would say something like
renata: "i am on my way to bountyland"
maddy: "LETS GET IT ON"

maddy: It’s invisible - but so touchable - and I can feel it on my body - so emotional
I’m on a ride - on a ride - I’m a passenger - I’m a victim of a hard love messenger
renata: i think that would be in his suicide note too

also, keith and i revolutionized threat-making.

keith: In an episode of Mike Hammer, Private Eye, Hammer gets into his bed, only to find someone else in it. He draws his gun and says "You make another move, I'll Jackson Pollock your brains all over the wall."
keith: oh god I need to say that to someone. soon.
keith: like tomorrow in the cafe or something
renata: kajsdas
renata: but then you shoudl be like, "to be clear, i mean early pollock when he was still doing representational art"
keith: lol yess
renata: simultaneously less and more menacing
renata: depending on interpretation.

keith: if you find out who he is, SAY IT WITH BULLETS Renata
renata: yess
renata: i will turn him into a lee krasner painting
keith: haha oh man you would think with all these threats, art history students would be like total badasses.
keith: or are they?
renata: i think from now on i'm just going to use less well-known abstract expressionists as threats

keith: if chirs carter doesn't get his god damn act together and start xfiles the mover 2 I am going to have to send someone a wish-you-were-here postcard of a cemetery >:o
renata: yes
renata: i will totally make a willem de kooning out of his face
keith: we should make a website about art based threats of physical violence
renata: it should just be a special section on the SLN travel blog
renata: "hooligans hassling you on the highway? WELL THEN:"
keith: oh maan yes


renata: in halloweeeen aka spookiest song
renata: she talks about the candyman from bountyland again!!
maddy: SHIIIT
maddy: SDFGH'
maddy: that song is scary yo
renata: agreed
renata: i'm looking up bountyland on wikipedia but it is being sloww
maddy: i'd be scared of that man called me
renata: no results found :(


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Monday, January 29, 2007

listening to: paul simon, under african skies

i just went to see robert hodierne speak! he was very interesting! i had never heard of him before but it turns out he is a pretty cool dude! specifically:

As the senior managing editor for the Army Times Publishing Company, Robert Hodierne '68 wrote an editorial calling for the resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld—a controversial call by a senior editor of the world's largest publisher of defense and military periodicals. On Dec. 17, 2006, shortly after publication of the editorial, Rumsfeld resigned.

Hodierne's 35-year career in journalism included a stint as a photojournalist in Vietnam and a Pulitzer Prize in 1981.

that is just the sort of dude he is.

he was very funny, actually, and engaging. sort of... grimly idealistic about the future of free speech.

i was going to say something about that, or something about how much crap i should be doing, but instead i talked to jason for awhile. here is what we talked about:
jason: a couple days ago, i read our james bond double entendre extravaganza chat, and i lol'd
renata: did you laugh like LOLdeneye?
jason: I lived and let LOL'd
renata: i have a view to a LOL
jason: I have a License to LOL
renata: too bad tomorrow never LOLs :(
jason: I lost all my money at the Casino LOLyle, lol
renata: maybe you can get some diamonds are for LOL
jason: i'd bet I'd have to use a LOLraker for them all
renata: maybe and octoLOLy would help
jason: and the man with the golden LOL too!
renata: and his friend dr LOL
jason: is he the one that's always going around saying "you only LOL twice"?
renata: yeah, he just thinks the LOL is not enough
jason: the spy who LOL'd me certainly doesn't think that
renata: oh, isn't she in that book on her majesty's secret LOLvice?
jason: yeah, i used my LOLfinger to flip through all the pages
renata: it gave me the living dayLOLs to read it
jason: i get the intestinal ThunderLOLs just remembering it
renata: that's what you get for reading literature that comes from russia with LOL
jason: especially since it was for your LOLs only
renata: i'll never say LOL again :(
jason: don't lie, you'll LOL Another Day
renata: it's true, i'm LOL-en, not stirred

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listening to: stuart davis, 7 wonders of the soul

i'm definitely feeling last night's yoga today in my shoulders. it's great, they feel so broad and non-hunchy. i keep shrugging for the sheer joy of it. SHRUGGING RULES.

i feel very positively about physical expressions of ambiguity!

i feel negatively about how my new glasses aren't here yet! argh! the length of time between having an eye appointment and actually getting your new glasses takes wayyy too long. because like, before the appointment you maybe kind of notice that your current glasses are scratched, or they strain your eyes a little, but it happens so gradually and you get used to it and it's just how life is. but then you have the appointment, and you get excited about the new frames and then from then on your old glasses are HELL and you can barely SEE out of them and where are the NEW ONES WHY AREN'T THEY HERE YET.

this pair of old glasses is particularly scratched. my new optometrist insinuated that the anti-glare coating my old optometrist used was of inferior quality. i find his claim to be well grounded. that or magneto took to using my glasses as a scratching post when i wasn't looking.

i've had this tab open for awhile. it is an essay about star wars which asks for a re-envisioning of the roles of r2-d2 and chewbacca. it is intriguing!

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

listening to: rocky horror show, over at the frankenstein place

dslkfsd itunes just shuffled to an mp3 i have that is a compilation of all the times someone says "rowsdower" in the mst3k episode the final sacrifice. ahhh so mad i couldn't find the tape of that over break, because it is 100% the best thing ever.

up there on the list of best things ever is yogaaa. i'm so pumped about classes being on campus again. i hadn't done it really for a few years, and i forgot how it is great. note to me: make this a priority, don't be a lameo and start deciding you don't have time for yoga class. you do. especially if you stop spending so much time on the internet, self.
also, stop eating so much chex mix, even though it is undeniably delicious.

in other news, i am applying to work at camp green eyrie (aka chick pea's camp).
Please describe your strongest skills.
I'm good at listening to and working with other people. I stay calm under pressure and maintain a sense of humor under stress. I am very skilled at being the Frogger. I learn from my mistakes and show kids it's okay for them to make mistakes too. I keep paperwork organized and I keep lanyard string in my backpack, just in case.

i think that this is a good skill set.

also, here is one more reason that the sln roadtrip will rule.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

listening to: rachael sage, back to freedom

this isn't something i'll say very often, but: BOO TO YOU, BURLING LIBRARY.

this story probably is not very interesting but i am going to blog it anyway! rawr!

so! last semester i checked out a bunch of books and took them to prison for the guys' research projects! then i took the books back to the library at the end of the semester! then i got an email from the library saying one of the books was missing! and they were going to charge me $75 for it! then i emailed the prison librarian asking to see if the book was maybe still there! and she said her records showed i'd gotten it back with everything else! then i went back to the library and asked if they were sure i hadn't turned it in! then someone recalled the book and i started getting threatening emails about how fines accrue on recalled books!

then 2 of my interlibrary loan books (dresden files books!) came in! and i went to check them out and i couldn't because my account is locked because of my missing, recalled book! then i told my tale of woe to the librarian and she overrode the block and let me get my books! except! one of them wasn't properly entered into the ill system so i couldn't check it out! and the one i couldn't get was the first one of the series! so i can't read the one that i do have! and then i went with the librarian to search the stacks for my missing book and i had a banana in my jacket pocket and i crouched down to look for the book and squished the banana! and we still didn't find the book!


additionally: >:O

additionally: is there anything funnier (/sadder) than christian hate ministries? NOT REALLY. AS DEMONSTRATED BY SOPHI AND ME.

sophi: http://www.lovegodsway.org/
sophi: Oscar Wilde (reformed homosexual)
sophi: look at the gay bands section!
renata: asdjkllasd safe bands vs gay bands
renata: that dichotomy rules
sophi: omg the safe bands
sophi: cyndi lauper??
sophi: shebop??
renata: oh shit phish :(
renata:: what the fuck i am pretty sure none of them are gay
renata: and none of their songs have like, coherent words
renata: so i am pretty sure there is no gay agenda in phish
sophi: Morrissey (?questionable?)
renata: frank sinatraaaa
sophi:Elton Johm (really gay)
The response is overwhelming. You guys know of a lot more Gay Bands than I do. I can't keep up. Hopefully soon we'll have it so you can add them by yourself.
sophi: Barry Manilow
sophi: clearly
sophi: loves the cock
renata: isn't dogstar keanu reeves's band?
renata: if so: totally queertronic
sophi: yeah
sophi: ooomg click on watch
renata: i like Boy George*
renata: does the * just mean like "really super gay"
sophi: yes
renata: also George Michael (texan)
renata: what
sophi: aka
sophi: british?
renata:: also elton john is on there twice
renata: once regular, and once (really gay)
sophi: ted nugent (loincloth)
sophi: god hates fags, renata
sophi: IDS
sophi: AIDS
sophi: they inject aids
sophi: with
sophi: their music
sophi: into people
sophi: http://www.eveningservice.com/Video
sophi: I can already tell this will be awesome
sophi: omg my dad just came in
sophi: PAUSE
sophi: my dad would not understand why I am ironically watching something called god hates fags
renata: you should send him to the parents section so he knows what to watch out for
sophi: god hates a fag / if you're a fag, he hates you too
renata: as';lkdas'l;kda
renata: i just can't believe that
renata: like
sophi: SO FAR
renata: you would write a song called "god hates fags"
sophi: "BACKDOOR"
renata: like
renata: sadlkklasd
renata: dude's wearing a pink shirt
sophi: what
sophi: a fucking
sophi: queer
renata: they are all holding hands
renata: what a bunch of queermos
sophi: did you see that guy he was holding hands with
renata: i wasn't really paying attention
renata: did he have a pornstache too?
sophi: he was pretty faggy
sophi:reformed gays are so sad
renata: this video is so jerky
renata: i paused it for awhile to let it load
sophi: I just can't get over the get on your knees line
renata: but i think maybe my internet is too gay for a proper stream
renata: i'm still chewing on "god hates fags... if you're a fag he hates you too"
renata: the delivery of it is just
renata: stunning
sophi: god hates A fag
renata: oh the video was just stalling
renata: but for a second ithought he was saying AAAAIDS
renata: at the end
sophi: ashdjka
renata: instead of HAAAATES
renata: that's probably his band's next song
sophi: THE GRID
sophi: someday someone will beat me up for calling it that
sophi: like, some hardcore feminazi lesbian
renata: ooh i'm watching his other video now
sophi: the one where he's talking?
renata: wait calling what the grid?
sophi: aids
sophi: gay related immune disease
renata: ;alskdasl
renata: oh wait i think "the bible says" is just the alternate, less offensive title of "god hates fags"
renata: or his website is faggy and broken
sophi: dang
renata: i want to go look at the "safe" bands now
renata: i hope that hilary duff is one
sophi: one of them is cyndi lauper
sophi: and one is
sophi: the dresden dolls??
renata: i thought cyndi was on the unsafe list too
sophi: weird




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listening to: phish, runaway jim

hey guys. so far today i have:
- graded one set of homework
- printed off 1 job application and 1 conference registration form
- consumed 1 cup of coffee
- messed around on the internet (x a million)
- checked mailbox, received 1 free official navajo nation visitor guide!
- started blogging, left the window open for like 2 hours
- etc.

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listening to: janis joplin, me & bobby mcgee

woo, made it through the first week of the last semester of grinnell!

tonight i went to an art gallery collection opening! there was free punch. and my friend eszter helped organize it.

then there was a meeting of alien vs. predator club, at which we watched ALIEN: RESURRECTION. i think that movies are best watched with fellow overeducated postmodern smartasses.

"alien is such a great commentary on the failure of maternity."
"yes, and predator is such an ironic look at modern masculinity."
"what sorts of gender roles do you guys think alien vs. predator will display??"

we also were generally in agreement about the movie's finest line:
"i am not a man with whom you should fuck!"
"in the future people don't end sentences with prepositions!"

ahhh goodtimes.

i have a lot of stuff i should do this weekend? BLAH THAT.


keith: trying to figure out who was more badass, danny glover or arnold
keith: haha no, arnold.
keith: danny glover was just street smart
keith: or something
renata: the answer is: sigourney
keith: undoubtibly
renata: especially resurrected sigourney
keith: she would effing kill both of those guys at once
renata: when she had alien blood and was good at basketball
keith: i know she's hard in that one
keith: lol
renata: seriouly
renata: we called her shaq-gourney
renata: and there is like a 10 minute scene of her showing off her mad basketball skills
keith: oh man I don't remember that. obviously I need to brush up, pre-club
renata: it pretty much rules
renata: almost as much as her intense sexual tension with robot winona
renata: which basically made the movie
keith: =-O
keithi: basically winona shop lifted her heart
renata: a;l'skdasd
renata: yes


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Thursday, January 25, 2007

listening to: bitch & animal, scrap metal

ahhh hi. i hate how iowa winter makes it so it's bloody whenever i blow my nose. it's so gross and creepy. illinois winter never does this! even the beloved hello kitty humidifier only helps some. boo that.

hooray for: free lunch with a cool history candidate! hooray! alsooo he's giving his talk this afternoon, about black college students in the midwest in the first half of the 20th century, and i'm excited for that.

boo for being tired though. boo for being unable to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

hooray for working today and hence getting free coffee! hooray for the kind of cool firstyear i now share a shift with? but boo for the fucking lame one i shared a shift with last semester and continue to share a shift with. she's like, interested in history? but is an obnoxious knowitall when talking about the department and whatnot. and about my life. "oh, you have to go to grad school, you can't do anything without grad school." um whatever. of course, she's had a black mark in my book since the first day i met her and she said she thought women's history was "played out." BUT WHATEVER.

i.. should go check back over my art history readings. i've kind of lost the ability to read really critically. like, i read everything, but i don't know that i read it. you know?

today's dinosaur comics reminds me of peace news! everyone there was really into critical mass and they were like "you should come" and i was like "my bike is in america" and they were like "too bad" and then you were like "wow great story renata!" also for some reason i can't stop laughing at the punchline to yesterday's dino comic. it's not even a real punchline. it's just like. a line. i don't know. a hilarious line!

okay right, going to go drink some golf balls read about jackson pollock!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

listening to: indigo girls, this train revised

the read lab printer is my new mortal enemy. oh em gee. not only did it take about seven years to print out my articles for tomorrow, it did it in the weirdest possible format, i swear. first, it did two pages per page--like it shrunk down the pages so two would fit on one page, not like double sided. well also double sided, but that's not the weird part. but then the pages themselves are in the weirdest order.
here is how the pages go:
121, 90
91, 120
119, 92
93, 118
117, 94
95, 116
115, 96

and so on. like there's clearly a pattern. i just don't understand how this pattern would ever be useful. what the fuck.

also, an acquaintance of mine is working as a classroom aide right now and she posted on her plan a few excerpts from student essays re: why it's important to study history. and now i am stealing them because they are a++. i hope they were written by the fonz.

"History is something that happened a long time ago. It is important to know in case people ask you questions about it. The constitution was a document written by our 4 fathers."

"It is important to know history because otherwise someone might ask you about it someday, and when you do not know, they will say "Hey, why didn't you learn that in middle school?"

apparently so far 4 kids have written that history is important to know because someday someone might ask you about it. let's make that a new goal for us all: let us ask each other about history. GUYS WHO INVENTED CHILDPROOF CAPS AND WHEN? GUYS WHO WON THE CRIMEAN WAR? GUYS WHO WAS HOTTER, ANGELINA GRIMKE OR SARAH GRIMKE? GUYS VALIDATE MY MAJOR.

keith: hmm! i think that some people hate the beatles just because other people love them, but i don't think it works the other way anymore. or like maybe in the 60s kids loved the beatles at least in part cuz their parents hated them. but now they're so culturally mainstream. i don't know. also yeah for real, wikipedia is definitely the enemy of productivity. that and, like, the internet.

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listening to: stuart davis, wand

i can't wait for stu's new live album! he said it would have this song on it (aka my newish favorite song of his) yesss. all i have is this bootleg mp3 of it which is of dubious quality. it's such a good song though.

anyway, i just went to yoga club!! exciting! there hasn't been a yoga club on campus since first year. unless there was a SECRET yoga club. we didn't actually do any yoga the first time (except mountain pose, aka: stand there) but next weeeek we willll.

hmm. today i copied my syllabus onto my wall calendar. i'm kind of annoyed because my snazzy new beatles calendar is really not well-suited to my purposes. it has the tiniest grid i've ever seen, it's like less than 2/3 of the page (it has huge margins and a huge month label and a big beatles logo at the bottom). i had to write tiny to get everything on there. BOO-URNS. also, may is "help!" month which seems fitting.

and finally, the question everyone has been wondering: am i going to go to jail for this shit?

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listening to: joan baez, welcome me

ahhhh at lunch today they had peanut butter cookies, and i took two and spread peanut butter in the middle and made an awesome sandwich and i was so excited about it. but then i got full eating the rest of lunch and didn't have room for the cookie sandwich, so i smuggled it out of the dining hall to eat later. i thought about it alll during class this afternoon and now i'm out of class and eating the cookie sandwich. it's all i dreamed it could be.

also tonight is herbed quinoa pilaf night! it's a good night. mmm, quinoa.

and now i present you with: why i will fail out of school. a play in two acts.

renata: i just have like 2 things to do
renata: but i keep chatting with you sluts instead of doing them >:P
madonna: sophia you are in my away msg
renata: that face was supposed to be >:O
sophi: renata, stay and be cool

renata: JUST FONZ
sophi: I have a friend named fonzie
tara: A++
madonna: yeah
madonna: circle it and make a happy face pointing to it
tara: jkldsjakfd
sophi: dsahjk
tara: i hope it is arthur and he is really geeky
renata: guys there is no one on the class list with first or last name fonz
tara: gklfsjgdjlf
renata: or like fonzarelli or anything
sophi: I can't remember what fonzie's real name is
sophi: I know he has one
tara: arthur fonzarelli!
renata: arthur fonzarelli
renata: OBV
sophi: no I mean, my friend
tara: djflksakd
tara: fuck your friend

epilogue: i was forced to give the fonz a 4/5 on the first homework assignment due to his inability to distinguish between categorical and quantitative variables. i hope he still thinks i'm cool.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

listening to: joan baez, welcome me

guys, i am such a bad student. i read like 20 pages today. i need to read... a lot more than that. oh wait, i did that other reading too. i guess i probably actually did like 100 pages of reading. okay but i still have a lot left for tomorrow.


i wrote a post earlier today and then i backspaced it all because it was boring. this post is near that fate, i fear.


state of the union! if you would like my thoughts on the issue, read this cb thread.

the short version of my thoughts is: baby einstein >:O

i went to the gym again today! my streak is up to TWO. FITNESS ALLSTAR.

now i need to grade stats papers. and remember how to log in to etime so i can get paid.

ugh stop procrastinating renata!!!

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Monday, January 22, 2007

listening to: phish, lizards

guys, i think i have completed my descent into total hippiedom: i am listening to phish. (yeah, yeah, i've been listening to joan baez all weekend, but... somehow phish just represents the pinnacle of contemporary hippiedom.) see... awhile ago i was driving somewhere with reid, and he made me listen to the man who stepped into yesterday, which is this like... sort of rock opera thing? and it is totally ridiculous and nonsense and awesome. the wikipedia article on it summarizes the plot as: The Gamehendge saga, as told on The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday album, tells the story of Colonel Forbin, a retired colonel from Long Island, New York, who enters the land of Gamehendge and rescues a document called the Helping Friendly Book from an evil dictator named Wilson.

a+, phish. (the whole article is worth reading, it fully documents the madness that is this thing.)

anyway, so reid burned me a copy of it, and another phish album.

whatever, if you need me i'll be eating tofu and recycling. and not showering. and protesting something (possibly showers).

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listening to: joan baez, ring them bells

i just got back from the pec, where i worked out for the first time in probably like two months, because i sure didn't do anything over break, and the last few weeks of the semester i was too busy going crazy to drag my lazy bum over to the pec. and! exciting news: the pec tvs get tnt again! and CHARMED was on! yesss. the best part was when pheobe disguised herself as a ghost and haunted some guy she didn't like. also how some hot blonde girl randomly lives with the sisters now?

also how i just went to look up charmed on wikipedia to figure out who the blonde girl is, but instead i typed "wikipedia" into the wikipedia search bar. there is a substantial wikipedia article about wikipedia. also, in case you were wondering, the blonde girl is apparently: "Billie Jenkins is a fictional character on The WB television series Charmed. She is played by actress Kaley Cuoco. Jenkins is introduced, in the show's eighth season, as a young witch who pays more attention to demon fighting (while wearing a black wig, shades, and a black outfit) than to her education. Billie comes under the tutelage of the Charmed Ones after she asks them to teach her everything they know about witchcraft. This, at the time when the Charmed Ones are thought to be dead, proves useful for the three sisters, as Billie can carry out smaller magic-related tasks and also to cover for them."


anyway, i had 3 of my 4 classes today! i am pretty excited about all of them. i think disability lit is going to be especially interesting. professor savarese has kind of a problem with overshare. today he revealed to the class that he has a third nipple, and apparently 1/120th of people do. WERE YOU AWARE?

also we kept talking about disability in popular culture, including james bond movies, and i kept almost cracking up. also i kept thinking about animorphs? and how towards the end they made a bunch of disabled children into animorphs? aaand the problem is professor savarese always notices when i'm secretly amused by something and he will 100% call me out on it. leading to AWKWARD moments where i say things like "umm, nothing, sorry" rather than "so does anyone else remember when the animorphs made a bunch of disabled kids into other animorphs?"

although i think a close analysis of animorphs using the lens of disability studies would be a terribly interesting reading!

ps: keith and priscilla, i'm offially requesting that we devote part of our roadtrip to being a disability studies animorphs book club. along with the larp. maybe we could have the book club in character. guys why am i such a nerddd.

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listening to: joan baez, ring them bells!

whew, i'm mostly unpacked and settled in. some of last semester's clutter is still kicking around, plus exciting NEW clutter! i still have a few bags of foodstuffs in my trunk, but i got tired of carrying stuff in, so i'll snag that tomorrow. but most everything is back. in putting away my laundry, i realized that i greatly underestimated the amount of clothing i had left at school, so now i am pretty much overwhelmed with things to wear! ahhhh the dresser drawers barely close! but this is good news, because it means i can totally beat last semester's time-without-doing-laundry record. (which was, for the record, something like three weeks.)

two more items of note before i head off to bed (the alarm is set for 7:30am booooo):

1.) ganked from priscilla: apparently stephen colbert really did steal bill o'reilly's microwave. this is awesome.

2.) valentine's day is approaching! would you like a valentine y/n? if y, plz leave a comment with your preference of pirates of the carribbean or little mermaid. or BOTH. it's cool, i won't think you're greedy. your address if you don't think i have your current one. or email me your address if you don't want to leave it in a comment for the world to see. (renata at frowl.org!)

(if n... i guess i don't need your preference or address. but i DO need a detailed explanation of why you are refusing my offer to be your valentine.)

ps: the little mermaid valentines are quite clearly done in the lucida handwriting font. fyi.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

listening to: joan baez, diamonds & rust

back in grinnelllll. i almost killed trey twice! but he's a trouper. the first time, i was getting on the highway and the ramp had kind of a sharp curve, and his bowl tipped over. and i couldn't reach it and keep driving so i had to pull off onto the snowy shoulder ahhh. but he was okay. and then the second time, i didn't even notice but somehow his tupperware travel cup got turned at an angle and all his water slowly dripped out. by the time i checked on him, there was just barely enough water left to cover his poor little fish body. luckily, this was at a rest stop so i could refill his cup from a drinking fountain. it made me laaaugh to carry him in past the giant "no pets" sign. sorry, iowa rest stop! it was a matter of life and death!

and hey, you know who else is a trouper? well, was? steve irwin. daaamn. discovery channel was showing a crocodile hunter marathon earlier, and in one he and his team were hunting down SUPER CROCS and they were trying to tag this 17-foot-long crocodile, and it was thrashing around and suddenly steve pulled back and was like, "ooh, it broke my rib!" and then he went back to helping hold down the crocodile. that is METAL. also, earlier in the episode a different super croc broke his finger. he didn't even swear. oh, steve irwin :( i think he is probably the celebrity death that affected me the most. even now, it's still just like... aww. steve D: he just seems so enthusiastic and genuine. curse you stingraaay!

one last thing i want to whine about: i was in a joan baez mood earlier so i threw together a joan mix cd for me to have in the car, and i totally forgot to put on "ring them bells" which is one of my favorite joan songs of the moment >:O PLUS i put both "don't think twice, it's alright" and "there but for fortune" on there twice. what a stupid mix cd. i'm such a fish traumatizing, poor mix cd making girl.

oh and in happier news: yesterday i booked my flight to dallas! for the sln dinoroadtrip! ahhhh exciting!

devon: omg, you like cake AND kitties? you have such excellent taste!

keith: aww, cat-shaped cake! cat-in-cake would probably lead to a lot of cat fur consumed. (but then, potentially so would all that candy i sent you... i mean... nothing.) and yeah, going back to school after a year off must be rough :/ but you can do it! go keith!

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listening to: simon & garfunkel, the dangling conversation

it snowed last night! there's a couple inches! it's pretty but lame that there was nooo snooow all break and then suddenly the day i have to drive four hours, hey! insert standard whining about how my life is unfair and i don't want to go back to my privileged liberal arts college blah blah lazy.

i didn't quite finish either of my 2 big projects for break (editing my sandman paper or applying for the pc) but i made good headway and i feel that once i get back into the groove of doing schoolwork, i'll be more okay with sitting down to do work and not getting horrifically distracted every three seconds. (kitty! teevee! laundry! dishes! kitty again! yesterday's newspaper! ahhhh!)

also, i got my work schedule and i only have one shift/week this semester? there are some open ones and i think i should sign up for another one? because... they're only 2.5 hour shifts and they're not that hard. and money is good. on the other hand, professor kamp is teaching stats again and she hired me back as a grader. and she's teaching two sections. so i'm working three jobs. but. none of them are that time consuming? hmm. i think i'll try another outtakes shift for awhile, and if i get too crazy i can always drop it later in the semester.

so anyway... i'm basically pretty lame. last night i bought a giant bottle of wine at sam's club. also i bought fruit snacks at meijer and i was TORN because the two kinds they had were dinosaurs and sharks. i ended up with dinosaurs, but i'm sure they both would have been delicious.

soon we're having BIRTHDAY CAKE for my mom's BIRTHDAY and then i'm leaving.

i like kitty catsssss and birthday caaaaake. what are your thoughts on these things?

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

watching: high school musical something intensely mature and intellectual

people in disney channel original movies have severe troubles with identity politics.

anyhow, i'm home from champaaaaign. we watched soo much ridiculous teeveee, including but not limited to: jump in!, malibu's most wanted, next, cops, that show about the playboy playmates... etc. also we played a ridiculous game of "speed monopoly" which involved a lot of yelling and a lot of attempting to scam each other. it finally ended when trina shoved the board off the table.

HAHAH now i'm watching full house.

stephanie: i rented a keanu reeves movie!
stephanie's friend: cool. which one?
stephanie: who cares? he takes off his shirt!

oh god, i hate the full house music of foreshadowing. it makes me so uncomfortable.

also, i have to go to school tomorrow :O ahhhh no, i'm not used to using my brain. grumpy grumpy grump.

that is all. i suppose.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

hey guys, i'm at trina's! hooray! but she's at class, even though i carefully explained to her that class is for losers. seriously. losers.

last night we watched jump in! and played a drinking game. the game was: every time someone jumps in, take a sip. there's a lot of jumping in so we kind of lost interest after awhile, though.

afterwards, trina downloaded the not-very-good song corbin bleu sings. it goes like this: push it, push it, to the limit, limit, cuz we're in it, to win it. you can watch the music video at disneychannel.com if you want--and you do.

soon i'm meeting trina for lunchh (when she's done with classs) so for now i'll leave you with a reminder that corbin bleu is dreamy (and excellent at jumping in).

ps: double dutch will solve all the problems of low income kids. seriously, i saw it on disney channel.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

okay. i... started editing my paper. the hardest part for me is always starting! i'm reading through it and it's not awful, as i feared it would be.

plus! i am upstairs in my room! there are few distractions! note that i am not "listening to:" or "watching:" anything! although i am blogging, instead of working. still, it's a step! now i am going to blog to priscilla for awhile and then go back to workinggg.

priscilla: it looks like you don't have to become a pca/aca member just to attend the conference, although you do have to pay a registration fee, which for students is $75. you could try to get your school to cough up money for you; it worked for me! also, i'm not even kidding, your octopus is not allowed on the roadtrip. lincoln will eat him. HE IS A HUNGRY MAN. ALSO i already put in an interlibrary loan request for the first three dresden fileses.

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watching: x2

i am eating oatmeal! it is delicious! i can't remember if i already took my vitamin today? i do this all the time and then i waffle over whether it's better to potentially go vitaminless or to overdose on vitamins? i always come down on the side of no vitamin though, because i get a fair amount of vitamins from my diet (... most days) and too many vitamins would like, destroy my liver or something, i don't knoow, i'm not a doctor! i'd probably have to take more than just two vitamins for that to happen, but you never know.

anyway. today i really need to get stuff done. like really really. for real. :O

in other news, last night keith and i decided that the sln roadtrip is going to take the form of an extended animorphs larp (live action role play).

keith: I'll probably read some of my old animorphs books and then write animorphs slash fic sometimes soon. like the first time I get homework
renata: YES
renata: hey
renata: i think we should start an animorphs rpg
renata: and then
renata: on our roadtrip we should like cosplay
renata: except as morphed
1keith: lollll
keith: yesss, I can be Tobias morphed as a Hork Bajir
keith: which means I can like eat bark
keith: with my elbow blades
renata: yess
renata: i will be ax
renata: as
renata: a dolphin
keith: sonar alone would be worth that
renata: did anyone ever have a shark?
renata: i know they fought with some sharks
keith: I think Jake did
keith: or like, they all had different sharks.
keith: Ax might have been a hammerhead at some point
renata: rock
keith: and rachel had a giant squid
renata: gross
renata: good thing she's dead
keith: so probably you should kill and eat rachel while LARPing HammerheadAx
renata: yes
renata: let's make that a plan
keith: And then Tobias will go insane, and fly around and like, screech at you

keith: I wish I would morph a venus fly trap
renata: could they morph plants?
renata: that would have been awesome
renata: like if she hadn't ended the series
renata: i think eventually we would have gotten to like animorphs #157: the field of corn
keith: yesss
keith: imagine how sneaky that would be
renata: in our animorphs larp
renata: i'm saying we can morph plants okay
keith: all of a sudden an oak tree turns into a person! AHHH
renata: they have dna just like anyone else
keith: i agree, rna is less complex then dna it totally jives
renata: oh yeah, i guess they don't have dna like anyone else
renata: but
renata: whatever, they can morph it
keith: right on. I call oak tree
renata: ooh
renata: i'm going to be a cactus
renata: and maybe a tiny owl will sit on me
keith: oh that's pretty sweet
keith: Priscilla can have bamboo
keith: she can like visably grow for us

renata: i can't wait for the overwhelming nerdiness this trip will encompass
keith: lol no joke
keith: I'm pretty sure two days in we'll have Wolverine fighting Tiger Morphed Jake to see who would win
renata: wolverine
renata: but i'd give the win to t-rex morphed jake
keith: oh undoubtibly
keith: if jake had time, and could morph other creatures even sans trex, he might have a chance. you know, with the inherent healing
renata: trues
renata: but i still think wolvie would snag him midmorph even if.... goddamn i'm a geek
keith: muahah

sooo right i'm going to go get work done now!!!

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Monday, January 15, 2007

also! if you have a moderate-to-high level of interest in my reading habits, you might like to know that i have recently updated snowglasskiwi with some books i read recently, and the commonplace blog with a short story i liked a lot!

you would probably also like to know that, back in dinosaur time, the animorphs have discovered a civilization of aliens who are made out of ants. also another alien civilization who are apparently kind of like big crabs, but with more eyes.

here is a good summation of why this book rules:

[I mean, does anyone else think it's just plain weird that we're dinosaurs, getting ready to steal a nuclear weapon from a bunch of antlike aliens, sixty-five million years before the first human being ever said, "Hey, I know what, let's try cooking the meat this time?" Does anyone else find this slightly nuts?"]

[Nope,] Rachel said.

priscilla: nooo, precious blue sharks! oh that reminds me, i stopped watching 10 deadliest sharks before the end of the threatdown! i'll never know what the deadliest shark is! i assume it's the great white but what if i'm wrong? oh, thanks internet. oh my, it is the bull shark! i hope it eats squids too. also, i am fairly confident i can twist my mom's arm into rustling up some chex mix in may. ALSO, dresden files is in chicago, right? is sue like, this sue?

joel: as a longtime devotee of disney channel original movies, i'm not really sure why hsm has more hype than other dcoms, except the music is admittedly pretty catchy and the larger cast than usual allows for more dreamy teen idols. (including corbin bleu omg.) same with hannah montana, it's basically the same as any other disney original show, but with catchy music. also, from a detached ironic hipster perspective, hannah montana is ALL ABOUT billy ray cyrus's role as the hillbilly slacker father. my favorite is when he wears a fake mustache!

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so i'm looking at the presenters schedule for the pop culture association conference and keeping tabs on the most awesome-sounding presentations. here they are:

“There’s Nothing’s Wrong with Any of Us”: Homophobia & Self-Loathing in X3: The Last Stand (2006)
Nicholas Giannini, Emory University

In Truthiness We Trust: The Colbert Report as a Postmodern Response to the Post-9/11 World
Marina Levina, University of California

Learning to Be Good by Being Wicked
Ambryhawke Shadowsinger, San Jose State University

You’re What You Own: Selling Rent
Stephen Farrow, University of Toronto

Gandalf is Burning: Wizardry and Drag Performance
Jes Battis

The News with Jokes!?: Discourse and Evaluation of Genre Mixing and The Daily Show
Kristen Heflin

The Iconicity of Johnny Depp: Masculinities for Our Time
Gary L. Harmon, University of North Florida

Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model: Exploring the World of Modeling
Elizabeth Wissinger, BMCC/City University of New York

‘What is this stuff?’: Terry Pratchett’s Discworld
Fred Isaac, Berkeley, California

The King of the Lizards Comes Out of the Closet: Masculinity, Sexuality, and Heteronormativity in Dinosaur Comics
Jess Carmichael, West Chester University

this a whole panel with 4 different presentations: Fashion, Appearance, & Consumer Identity V: Pirates, Religion, & Queer Culture
including: “Jolly Roger” is Back!: A Look at the Use of Skulls and Crossbones in Fashion
Anna Freeman, University of Georgia

“You can think I'm wrong, but that's no reason to quit thinking”: Language Play as Possibility in the Formula Primetime Drama House, M.D.
Brenna Clarke Gray, University of New Brunswick

“A Verb Would Be Nice”: Rhetoric and Writing in Television’s The West Wing
Thomas Pace

Narrative Strategies of the Film Preview: Snakes on a Plane Trailers
Kimberly Tolson

Powers and Superpowers: The X-Men Film Series and American Politics
Despina Kakoudaki Carpenter Centre for the Visual Art

The Piradical Philosophy: Pirates of the Caribbean and Philosophy
David White

Penny Arcade and the Manipulation of Subcultural Capital
Bryanne Miller , University of Calgary

Five Ways Mary Sue Never Had Sex: Queer Feminisms and Narrative Multiplicity in Slash Fan Fiction
Anne Kustritz, University of Michigan

Superhero Television Reborn: Making Superheroes in Heroes and Who Wants to Be a Superhero?
Michael G. Robinson, Lynchburg College

oh yeah and this one:
Defining Ourselves, Defining the Other: The Use of Myth in Sandman #50, “Ramadan”
Renata Sancken, Grinnell College

*whistles nonchalantly*

yeah seriously though, i'm changing my major to whatever will allow me to become an expert in dinosaur comics studies. right now. i'm requesting the paperwork. seriously.

worst panel listed? definitely:

"I Want to Be the Guy With the Squid Face": Varieties of Otherness in Videogames
Brendan Van Voris, Texas A&M – Commerce

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listening to: y kant tori read, you go to my head

um i just skipped past like 20 songs on shuffle and i stopped on this? this is a terrible song.

anyway trina cancelled on me again! worst best friend everrr. (okay i guess she got stuck in chicago because of the icy roads but whateverrr.) so instead of watching jump in! with her, i watched monk and hannah montana with my parents. the latter with just my dad. dolly parton guest starred on hannah montana and my dad was pretty delighted.

anyway. today i decided it would be a good idea to obsessively enter all of my books into library thing. but i juuust found out that there is a 200-book limit on free accounts! that is like half my books. (in case you're curious, my 200th book entered was: the long dark tea time of the soul by douglas adams.) should i spring for a paid account? it is $10, but that is for a lifetime account. so... hm?

at any rate, here are 200 books i have, if you're interested!

i watched part of office space on teevee today and peter's goal of doing nothing totally resonated with me. mmm, nothing.

but soon i have to go back to schooool and also before break is over i really should finish my pc app and also edit my paper for that conference ahhh.


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Saturday, January 13, 2007

watching: where on earth is carmen sandiego?

i got my mom hooked on where on earth is sandiego. she likes the educational tidbits. so we've been sitting around watching some carmen sandiego and playin' scrabbs. i had a good game, possibly my PERSONAL BEST: 379 points. i had one play that was like 95 points. i am awesome. (the word was QUIVERS. and it also played off something else and made FARE.)

also it's 8pm on saturday and i'm still in my pajamas, which kind of counteracts my "awesome" theory. but WHATEVER the roads are icy. and i've been busy. with... scrabble. and rtp (roadtrip planning; no longer obsessively early!) and petting kitty magneto. he had to go to the vet today :( he has ear mites and he's being a big baby about it. wahhh. seriously it takes 3 family members to give him ear drops because he throws such a big fit.


anyway, in response to some comments:

blue: hmm, i'm sorry the blue shark doesn't agree with your culinary preferences,but i am glad that they are helping control the squid population. because i hate squids.

keith: ooh, my mom got those transitions lenses. she had them awhile back and said they took forever to change back from being sunglasses, but the optical assistant lady said the technology has improved since them. and omg, that r2d2 robot is the best ever.

priscilla: the candy sushi was awesome! actually, i mean, it pretty much just tasted like you'd imagine gummy bears wrapped in fruit rollups would. but it was very colorful! also, yes, vmars ate my brain.

christine: yesss veronica maaars.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

watching: discovery channel's TEN DEADLIEST SHARKS

the 10th deadliest shark is: the LEMON SHARK.

anyhow, trina cancelled our jump in! date, but they're re-airing it on sunday soo i guess we can wait 2 days.

oh! yes! the blue shark (the 9th deadliest shark) like to eat baby squid! dooo it. this one is just plowing through a big swarm of baby squids and chowing down. the narrator says when they find swarms of squid like that they usually eat so many that they regurgitate them after they get the nutrients they need and then eat more. basically these sharks are bulimic. for squid. thanks for joining me in the war on cephalopods, blue sharks.

anyhow, today has basically been successful. mom and i both got new glasses, and i got prescription sunglasses! i've kind of always wanted some (last pair of glasses i experimented with clip-on sunglasses, but it wasn't meant to be) and they had some really cute frames. i got PINK ones. i think they are: this frame, in pink. (if not that exact frame, one very similar.)

and then we got lunch at COSI, which is a new restaurant in town but i guess it's a chain? anyway, it was soo delicious. it's kind of panera-esque. but. they have S'MORES for dessert and they bring you a little fire to your table and you can roast the marshmallows! ahhh so awesome. i love s'mores, guys. s'mores are probably 50% of the reason i did another summer at camp. enriching children? spending time outdoors? weaving retarded-looking baskets? those things are all nice, but dang, s'mores are delicious.

tonight i will try to be productive (order books online? clean room? work on pc application? work on sandman essay?) but i will likely just watch stupid things on tv and pass out in an unmade bed. SO IT GOES.

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listening to: rachael sage, air we share

oh friends, night at the museum did not disappoint. i mean, it's not a great piece of film or anything, but i don't like great pieces of film. this was cute and hilaaarious. and really? wouldn't it be cool if stuff in museums DID come to live? answer: yes.

also, i don't hate ben stiller the way many people seem to, and i think i figured out part of why: ben stiller reminds me of myself. no, stay with me here, okay, ben stiller pretty much always plays some sort of comically bewildered person, and the way he expresses this is with exaggerated confused/concerned facial expressions and sometimes hand-flails. which... is like 50% of how i communicate.

ANYWAY i highly enjoyed the film. also i'm not a big owen wilson fan or anything, but his character (the tiny cowboy) definitely made the movie for me. "i ain't quitting you!"

"do the mayans look happy to you?"
"they look sad."

okay. "they look sad" doesn't sound like a funny quote but there is something in the delivery... i don't know, but draco and kodak and i kept quoting it for the rest of the evening.

afterwards we went to the mall and i got a shirt that says "I PUT THE R IN RAD". which i do. also it was 50% off. which i am.

also my parents agreed that my fruit leather was delicious, even though they were skeptical. in fact they ate all of my fruit leather and now i have to make more. not.. like it's hard or anything. keith and priscilla, i will make us so much fruit leather for the sln roadtrip! yess.

in more upsetting news, i missed both new house and new office this week. i guess it's not that upsetting, since i missed them both in favor of like.. a social life... but still. still.

also upsetting, i have a big zit and it hurts and i left my tea tree oil wand at school. come back tea tree oil :( come back tea tree oil's sister :(

ahh okay i'm going to bed now. tomorrow morning i'm getting NEW GLASSES.

additionally, big ups to rexy the t-rex.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

listening to: stu, savoring samsara

good news guys, i succeeded at dragging myself out of bed before noon today! 10am! well... more like 10:30. but i was definitely awake and fully conscious at 10. i spent the extra half hour sitting and petting kitty magneto. the bad news is i still pretty much wasted the day. i did take some apples out of the dehydrator and put NEW apples in. they taste good, but i sprinkled them with leftover red christmas sugar and they look sort of... violent.

soon i am leaving to go see night at the museum! YES.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

watching: law & order svu

reading: animorphs: megamorphs: IN THE TIME OF THE DINOSAURS

yes, that book is as awesome as it sounds. i'm so excited i have it now! keith sent it to me in october, according to the postmark, but i just got it yesterday. (i think what happened was: keith addressed it to "renata saurus," which, unfortunately enough, is not actually my last name. i remember awhile back getting a package slip--because he did have my box number right--and trying to get it and them not being able to find it. i think it is because they wrote SAURUS in huge letters on the side instead of my actual last name. anyway, so i guess they went sorting through their undelivered mail over break and figured out that this book was coming to MEEEE.) anyway it was worth the wait, because it is so awesome. so far i think my favorite part is that apparently a nuclear explosion sent the animorphs back in time. c'mon, ka applegate, you have infinite possibilities available to you via alien technology, and you decide that an atomic explosion triggers time travel. (i haven't finished the book yet so maybe at the end it secretly is all caused by aliens?) ANYWAY it's awesome and rachel morphed a bear and clawed her way out of a dinosaur's stomach. raaaawr.

anyawy, yesterday talia and i had an exciting culinary adventure!!

we made:

spring rolls, which smelled funny thanks to some unfortunate 99-cent noodles from the asian grocery store :/

california rolls, which were a greater success.

also, i wore the t-shirt keith gave me for christmas! another success. (in case you can't read it, it says: "the internet. all of the piracy, none of the scurvy." totally accurate.)

one of talia's california rolls had tentacles :O

then we made...


also we watched mstk3k AND the critic AND little britain. also we ate some weird japanese green tea ice cream balls. which weren't... bad... just... weird. as talia and i said a number of times while making strange faces. also i almost hit a delivery car trying to find the asian grocery store. all in all, a highly worthwhile evening!

todayyy my mom & i went out for lunch and grocery shopping and also i got a new sweater. it is ARRRGYLE.

that is all.

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Monday, January 08, 2007


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watching: veronica mars

i think i will be singing the vmars theme song iiiin myyyy sleeeep.

come on now sugar, bring it on, bring it on yeah.

as they say.

ahhhh this show is intense.

also i'm looking at recipes for an intense night of cooking + mst3king with talia tomorrow and i came across some cranberry hootycreeks. they're not actually that exciting. but. cranberry hootycreeks. HELLO CHILDREN HAVE SOME DELICIOUS CRANBERRY HOOTYCREEKS.

okay. i know i'm like 2 years behind on this show but i have to say I AM SHOCKED BY THIS TURN OF EVENTS. (the one where veronica starts dating someone. ahhh. i don't think i like this someone. but maybe he's kind of growing on me? HMM.)

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ugh. i have gotten increasingly bad at being able to drag my arse out of bed. for the last few days i've been arbitrarily setting my alarm for 11am so i don't totally stay in bed forever, but then not actually getting until after 1. today i didn't get up until almost 2. what? i mean, i've always been a big fan of laying in bed half-awake, but i don't usually keep it up for three hours. dang.

going back to school is going to be rough :O

in other news, kitty magneto says purrrrrrrrr.

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ahhh i was just looking at my blog (not because i posted cute pictures of nearly-jailbait disney channel boys OR ANYTHING) and my last 2 posts were both at 12:51 am! on different days! that is so crazy!

also why did i stay up until 3:30 am watching veronica mars? also i just typed vermont mars. dude vermont mars could be bffs with indiana jones. RAD.

okay maybe i should go to bed now.

also, molly emailed me and said that she saw night at the museum on opening night (and enjoyed it, and recommended it to fellow dorks) and that she bought a peta t-shirt herself and did not think that anyone would hate me for wearing a tofu shirt. yess i'm so glad i have friends who encourage me in all my eccentric desires.

that last sentence sounds kinkier than i actually intended.

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watching: vmars

hello friends! today i consumed a lot of visual media.

first, reid and i watched clerks 2 with a commentary track, while i attempted to make some indian food for lunch. i tried the roti recipe from the vegan blog talia linked to, but i kind of messed it up. liiike it was sticking to the counter, so i put down wax paper, but then i somehow got the counter wet, and then everything stuck together and long story short i am pretty sure reid and i ate some wax paper today. the roti still tasted pretty alright, especially combined with some tasty bite bombay potatoes. yums!

also, dad came in during the credits, which reid and i were still watching because ksmith & co were still commenting, and we convinced him that it was "the all credits movie."

"seriously, how long is it?"
"like two hours."
"of just credits."
"yeah, and they talk. it's really interesting."

we had him going for awhile before we cracked up.

seriously though, if kevin smith MADE the all credits movie reid and i would probably watch it.

anyway! then trina and kavita and i watched high school musical ahhh. trina and i have been talking about watching this for like, a year. we were excited about it when we first heard about it, because trina and i loove disney channel original movies, but then we never got around to watching it. and then it turned into a huge unexpected hit, and we were like, oh god, what kind of disney channel original movie fans are we, i mean we watched the one about the leprechaun who played basketball for god's sake, and we haven't seen high school musical?!

but now, we have. and, in fact, we watched the pop-up edition. (remember pop up video? that show was awesome.) these pop ups were sooo stupid, but it only enhanced the experience. like, the movie opens with a karoke secene, and a pop-up defined "karaoke." then it translated the japanese words. then it said who invented karaoke. then it made some lame joke like "sometimes people don't actually pay attention to karaoke... but everyone's watching these two!"

and so on.

it also popped up every cast member's birthday.

anyway, hsm was alright i suppose. some of the songs were kind of catchy, but trina and i both didn't like the female lead. she was annoying, and we felt that the male lead should instead date his basketball-playing best friend.

speaking of which, trina and i both have new disney channel crushes!!!

move over, adam lamberg, hello corbin bleu.


ps he's 18 so it's okay.

his costar zac efron is pretty easy on the eyes too.

don't judge me.

anyway friday we're going to watch JUMP IN starring our new teevee bee eff as a jump roper. don't even pretend like that's not sexy.

theeen we channel surfed for awhile and watched unidentified tobey maguire movie for awhile.
"is this pleasantville?"
"no... it's... oh, what is it? is it cider house rules?"
"i think cider house rules is earlier than this."
"yeah... is it seabiscuit?"
"i didn't see seabiscuit, maybe?"
"... ohh, it's spider-man."
"i think it's spider-man 2."
"wow, i'm glad we guessed every tobey maguire movie ever except for like the most famous one."
"we're good."

anyway, as it turns out, spider-man 2 is way more depressing and boring than i remember it being.

and finally, i stopped in family video on the way home and checked out 4 discs of veronica mars. because... i think i lost a disc of what priscilla sent me (that or she is sadistic and sent me half of season 1 and then half of season 2...) and my attempts to pirate them failed. SO ANYWAY now i have the rest of season 1 wii!

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

omggg i'm watching the special features of clerks 2 and rosario dawson is talking about how the only reason she did this movie was because of the donkey show, because she'd always wanted to watch one but she thought if word ever got out about her going to one it would be bad press, but this made it work.

rofl. also: sexxy.

i'm not usually one for movie special features (seriously, i have a whole special x-men box set with two discs of nothing but special features, and i think i watched like... one thing. the nightcrawler backstory featurette or whatever.) but kevin smith always makes them worthwhile, i find.

eta: reid got home and found me watching the clerks 2 special features and said, "oh man, i watched this before, it's hilarious. the only movie commentaries worth watching are kevin smith's. god, this movie has like 5 different commentary tracks and i want to watch them all."

seriously guys, 50% of all sanckens agree: kevin smith special features = gold. well, 50% of the sanckens who live in this house, anyway.

also, probably the cats agree. they're pretty pliable. not really, but they're not known for their strong opinions on film, at least.

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

watching: clerks 2

so, my mom asked me for some suggestions about what to get reid for christmas. i suggested some dvds, including the 40 year old virgin and clerks 2, both of which she bought.

aaaand both of which i have watched tonight. EVERYBODY WINS.

seriously though, i hadn't watched either of these since i saw them in the theatre and daaaaaaaaaang they are still hilarious movies. daaaaaaang.

"it's not like he's anne frank or something!"

"it's cool, i'm taking it back."

seriously, randal graves is pretty much the greatest character OF ALL TIME EVER Y/N?


additionally, his re-enactment of the lord of the rings trilogy is highly apt. good times, good times.

also, i think it is awesome the way talia and i have awkward social interactions via blog comments.

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watching: scrubs

it looks like once again i am chilling en casa tonight. but tomorrow trina and i are watching high school musical! and tuesday kodak & draco and i are watching night at the museum. DON'T EVEN TELL ME THAT MOVIE LOOKS LAME IT HAS A BIG T-REX AND ROBIN WILLIAMS PLAYS TR. OKAY. ALSO RICKY GERVAIS. IS IN IT. YES.




yes. they have pear juice from concentrate. weird. since none of them are pear flavored.

oh man, on scrubs, turk was wearing this cute t-shirt, it was pink with a smiley cube of tofu and it said "powered by tofu", and i searched online to see if i could get one, and it's made by peta. and it doesn't really come in pink. but it's so cute. poll: would you hate me if i wore it? it doesn't have the peta logo on it or anything. just an adorable cube of tofu.

also, i think keith should get this.

alsoooo i'm already working on my mix cd for the cb mix exchange and it is pretty swell. it has a THEME, which i will unveil at a later date. i am sure you are all looking forward to this with high levels of anticipation.

good evening.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

watching: veronica mars

if nothing else, i'm definitely catching up on recommended television watching this break. (thanks to priscilla & keith for providing the dvds of questionable legality! hooray!)

also i started my pc application last night. aaaaaah. and, of course, reincarnated my kol character. and put away half of the dishes. maybe i should go do the other half?

kitty magneto is the cutest ever. he likes to shove himself in tiny boxes. he just stood up in his box and turned around and sat back down in the exact same spot.

dang this show packs a lot of trauma into one episode. dang.

hee, kitty magneto turned around in his box again. so adorable. i should just take a video of him and post it and it would be the best blog entry ever. you would all watch it and be like, awwww.


also, for lunch i made some pretty sweet foodproduct. the ingredients were: rice, black beans, velveeta, and canned tomato/pepper stuff. the recipe was: combine them all and eat it. i think i will put it in my upcoming cookbook, some food you can make out of other foods.

also, dude, paris hilton is in this episode? i have worn her tiara. so, i can really relate to this episode. yes.

welllll i guess that's about all for now. i'd hate to overwhelm you with too many exciting details of my crazy life.

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adkaslkdas best new kol adventure ever.

As you near the lumberjack camp, you are spirited away by this forest spirit. It used to live in the trees the lumberjacks cut down. Doesn't that make you sad? I thought it would, you hippy.

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watching: it's always sunny in philadelphia

the people on this show make such poor choices.

i guess that is true of people on most teevee shows actually.

oh, except for zach and ivy on where on earth is carmen sandiego? they make excellent choices. also carmen.

btw, i have exciting news. my kol character finally ascended!! right now i'm chillin' on the astral plane. it's pretty tight.

ahhhh what should i reincarnate as?

i think... sauceror?

i am interested in sauce-based magic. (who isn't?)

i think i really pretty much just wanna keep being a disco bandit. i haven't tried the other 5 classes but really, how coul dany of them beat disco bandit? I AM EXTREMELY SKEPTICAL OF ITS POSSIBILITY.

also what skill should i keep permanently?? advanced cocktailcrafting? tango of terror? heart of polyester? :O


i am ready to announce that i have officially reincarnated as:
a teetotaller sauceror, with the permament skill of mad looting skillz and the zodiace sign of the marmot.

ahhh oh god there is like nothing on my map anymore. ahhhh this is scary.

oh my, but now i can get into the league of the chef-magi. sweet. and! a new secret area only for ascended chef-magi! that's me!

sorry to the 98% of you who don't actually know or care about kol. but like. i've been playing this came on and off for like 2 years and i finally, in effect, beat it. except beating it just starts it over as a different character type.

but anyway.

it rules! go me!

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

watching: the anniversary party

just me, or are like 99% of all charades games are constantly about one degree away from devolving into this scene? "second syllable! SECOND SYLLABLE! JUST MOVE ONTO THE FUCKING SECOND SYLLABLE YOU STUPID CUNT!"

also, i never noticed before that alan cumming's character's novel is called tommy's tale. which is the name of alan cumming's real life novel. aaaaah.

anyway, i'm basically not very good at being productive. i need to edit my sandman paper and apply for the peace corps? and do laundry and clean my room? aaaand pretty much all i am doing is ripping cds onto my new external hard drive and watching random crap on teevee.

today i did go out to lunch with trina though, hooray! we also went to: borders, world market, target, and the library!

i bought: house season 2, a toothbrush, moisturizer, and a beatles calendar! and i checked out some cds and books and whatnot! i'm particularly excited about arkham asylum and american born chinese. wii!

now i am eating: a candy cane.

and alan cumming's character is: having a breakdown.

and kitty magneto is: trying to jump up on the counter. but i glared him down. good job.

okay anyway... i'm boring.

also, talia: yes, we should totally hang ouuuut. perhaps watch: mst3k?

keith: i think you should get a beefeater uniform. and wear it on our trip. and yes, be me and priscilla's third charlie's angel.

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hey i guess i'll do the year in review meme?

january 2006
dear the ending of oryx and crake, WHAT.

february 2006
i am: - sad that christine didn't get into med school because she is AWESOME and med schools are on CRACK

march 2006
wtf wtf wtf, itunes just told me it couldn't read josh's contents and i have to restore him to factory settings?!

april 2006

may 2006
meeeh my stomach hurts.

june 2006
blah, grades are up online, and i got a B in new american woman.

july 2006

august 2006
hayyy guys.

september 2006
i bet this song would be even better if i were listening to it at elvis costello's graceland!

october 2006
tonight was ridic in the best, most grinnellian way.

november 2006
yess guess who got a ticket to see joan baez this monday?

december 2006
i wonder why sting calls himself sting.

so yeah, that's the kind of crap you've been reading all year.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

watching: where on earth is carmen sandiego

omg omg omg, carmen is stealing stuff as presents for her cats. except instead of cats i think it's the lion cubs the beefeaters were reading about in the newspaper. this show is awesome. she stole a totem pole to be a scratching post, and diamond necklaces for collars, and caviar as cat food. and a beach as a litterbox.

carmen sandiego is basically the greatest person on earth.

oh and the scene where she stole the diamonds was especially awesome, cuz there were these two beefeaters sassing carmen's henchmen (in a very proper british manner) and then camrmen just airlifted the whole tower out. also the beefeaters were just chilling and drinking tea in their beefeater uniforms. which i think is actually pretty accurate cuz those guys do still wear the ridiculous uniforms and i think they're supposed to whenever they're on duty. even if it's the night shift?

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watching: futurama

ahhh i just realized that sam can't actually run the sims 2! even if i clean off his hard drive! so sad :(

but at least bender is a hobo now.

also... there was something i was going to blog about? i went bowling today. i bowled really erratically. and poorly. i broke 100. if you combine both games :/

also i was not given enough advance notice to prepare myself for the evening. my friends are sooo demanding.

"renata, wearing a do-rag is just like a big sign on your head that says 'i have't showered,' you filthy hippy."

"renata, you owe me 10 cents for that stupid text message you sent me about carrie underwood."

"renata, did you just call me 'steve'? how long have you known me?"

like whatever, if you're going to call me half an hour before you want me to be someplace, you have to remember that it takes me half an hour to get into town. and so what if it's 7:30 pm, maybe i haven't showered yet, okay? maybe that's why i bowled so poorly. the dirt. and the sass. whatever.

oh! i wanted to blog about i hate cilantro.com. yes. i hate cilantro. so much. and so do others. dot com.

anyway i'm going to bed now i guess. tomorrow i'm having lunch with trina! she is my favorite person whose name rhymes with "marina."

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
wheeee glowing jellyfish at the dallas world aquarium!!

far superior to cephalopods. far.

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
priscilla & i striking a sexxxy pose on the grassy knoll.

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
can you read it in the small version? it says that the conspiracy museum LOST ITS LEASE :O it's clearly the only place to learn the truth about dallas!!

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Originally uploaded by heyjupiter.
seriouslyyyyy. the three hobos.

this poster is 100% representative of the overall quality of the conspiracy museum.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

listening to: john hodgman, areas of my expertise audiobook

i didn't actually mean to listen to this? i wanted to save it for the roadtrip or something? but it started playing on its own and it's so funny again that i can't stop. ahhh.

sarah vowell's wikipedia entry helpfully links to every episode of this american life she has appeared on. it also points out that her hometown is muskogee, oklahoma, which julia and i also drove by. why does carrie underwood's hometown have a big official sign but not sarah vowell's?? i'm sure sarah vowell has sold as many country music albums as carrie underwood has. well, perhaps not, but she is still probably muskogee's most famous inhabitant. unless perhaps merle haggard is actually from muskogee, but i always assumed he just claimed to be an "okie from muskogee" to make the song rhyme better.

aha: Muskogee was the birthplace of jazz musicians Jay McShann (who gave Charlie Parker his first high profile job), Claude "Fiddler" Williams, Don Byas (a member of Dizzy Gillespie's first group), Pee Wee Russell and Barney Kessel.
Muskogee was commemorated in the 1969 Merle Haggard song "Okie from Muskogee".

but then sarah vowell also grew up mostly in montana, so maybe she has official signs there.


today i am cleaning out my hard drive in the hopes that when the sims 2 arrives in the mail, i will have enough hard drive space to actually play it.

i found this old daily show interview. he is interviewing tori amos. it is funny, but also kind of painful. i do not think that tori likes jon. jon seems to like tori, but he might just be better at faking friendliness. tori dumps her cup of water on the floor. perhaps you will enjoy watching it.


christine: DUDE AWESOME. keith & priscilla, apparently kelly clarkson's hometown is near fort worth? pre-roadtrip destination? keith said we could only go to winner's hometowns (i agreed provided we can count katharine as a winner in place of taylor) AND THAT INCLUDES KELLY.

why am i so ridic whyyyy.


talia: hoooobooooos! and i'm glad you're with me re: cephalopods. and i don't go back until the 20th!

keith: hooooboooos!

ok now i'm going to go help take down christmas decorations i guess? byeeee.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

hey guyssss. i'm back from dallas! i don't know. i'm tired. i have a lot to blog about? and a lot of pictures to upload? UM?

here is what we did:
- played board games
- played card games
- ate food
- went to the aquarium
-- saw penguins (+)
-- saw sharks (+)
-- saw cephalopods (-)
- went to the grassy knoll
- went to a lake

here is what we did not do:
- wear the tank top i packed (WTF TEXAS YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE WARM)

yeah. as anyone who has ever driven with me knows, i will incessantly demand to visit roadside attractions, generally in jest. although if it were up to me i'd probably really stop at every historical marker ever. WHO EVEN KNOWS WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED THERE.

anyway the conversation went something like this:
"carrie underwood's hometown!! can we go!!"
"it might have a carrie underwood museum!!"
"with her things in it!"
"things that she touched!!"
"... look at that wal-mart! i bet carrie underwood went to that wal-mart!!"
"i bet she did."

and then she kept driving. it was like she didn't even care. like she didn't even care about carrie underwood. (q: what is wrong with me? a: who even knows?)

anyway, i resolve that if on me & keith & priscilla's roadtrip we pass the hometown of any american idol, we have to stop. for realz.

okay but the stuff we DID do! lots of games and merriment, with priscilla along for most of it as well!!

the dallas world aquarium was a definite highlight! except for the OCTOPUS ahhhhh it was hiding under a rock and then it came out and ahhhh tentacles ahhhhhhh. but julia, christine, and priscilla all decided to ally themselves with the cephalopods. i tried to warn them but well, one day they'll probably wake up with a land-walking, lock-picking cephalopod stealing their stuff and they will have no one to blame but themselves. NO ONE. well, and also the cephalopods. i blame them.

anyway but there were penguins and sharks! and flamingos and glow-in-the-dark jellyfish and a HUGE CROCODILE dang it was like 8 feet long and also MONKEY ISLAND.

also we went to the grassy knoll! my fave part is how there are two x's painted on the road, to show the two exact spots where jfk was shot. super classy.

also, priscilla and i paid a visit to the CONSPIRACY MUSEUM (on its last day of existence; apparently its lease is expiring. photos forthcoming.) it was so hilarious, it was like if the lone gunmen (of the x-files) set up a museum. except no, because their museum would have had like computer simulations and stuff. this just had posterboards, basically. and a constantly-running bbc documentary. and a replica bullet. also apparently THREE HOBOS were involved with the assassination. and one of them was woody harrelson's dad?


anyway basically, an a+ trip! except for on the way down, when julia and i got lost in oklahoma for awhile? and we crossed the north canadian river? and we were like, why is this in oklahoma? and not canada? and then we passed the canadian river? and the south canadian river? anyway i guess they are all in oklahoma. and i guess we eventually found dallas. so hooray!

so yes, i'm home and sam is fixed (& mom picked him up for me!) and i am sleepy, so, the end!

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