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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

also! for christmas, jason sent me season 1 of where on earth is carmen sandiego! and julia and i watched a few episodes of it! it is soo early 90s-tacular. and the chief is so flamboyantly gay. and carmen tried to genetically engineer some dinosaurs.

basically, it rules.

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watching: l&o:ci

look how much information i was able to convey in just 6 characters up there!

anyway! julia is here! hooray! and mom got a new macbook! hooray! i am using it! hooray!

anyway um, christmas and christmas eve and the camp party and the family party were all successful.

i... haven't blogged in awhile. by which i mean like 3 days. um.

tomorrow julia and i are driving to dallas! to see christine and also priscilla!

i hope everyone had a happy holiday! and a happy boxing day!




that is all.

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Friday, December 22, 2006

hayyy guys.

so i dropped sam off at the apple store yesterday because he stopped burning cds? i've been having such a crazy time with him this semester. it's been like "if you give a mouse a cookie..." only BAD and NOT DELICIOUS. first his logic board failed, so i got that fixed, but when they fixed the logic board it somehow made the cd drive fail. so i sent that to get fixed, but when they fixed that it somehow made a ram chip fail. and the store didn't have a new one of the right size and i had to go back to school, so they gave me a smaller "loaner" chip. also, then the new cd drive stopped burning cds. so now i had to send it in to get my old ram chip back and also get the cd drive fixed again. CRZ.

i guess that's what i get for nursing along a FOURYEAROLD LAPTOP. *waves cane*

also, my mom's four-year-old emac's hard drive failed this week. a poor time for our family in computing. (reid's is still going, and i am taking advantage of his social life to steal it and blog! ahaha!) she's so mad that the apple store guys are like "um, this computer is 4 years old, why do you even want to fix it?" because "my CAR is more than twice that old! it has 300,000 miles on it! it goes outside in the rain! this is just a little box that sits on a desk, how can it not last longer than a CAR?"

it seems a valid point. but ANYWAY she's not sure if she wants to pour any money into it or if she wants a new one or if she wants a new--gasp--pc!

so we'll see.

hmm. besides computing, what's exciting? i've been baking/candymaking a lot!! a LOT.

also present-wrapping. the best part was when i got bored labelling stuff as from "santa" so i started doing "from satan." and then my mom did "from samuel l. jackson" and it just snowballed from there. so we all have presents from assorted ridiculous people/concepts. the other best part was when mom accidentally gave me one of my own presents to wrap. (i'm getting little miss sunshine on dvd! wooo!)

and chillin wit my peeps, hooray. it's weird that half my high school friends don't actually live here anymore :O but they're back for the holidays so i can CHILL WIT THEM.

also i went to the liberry and checked out the jane austen book club. and a biography of james k polk. did you know that polk was impotent due to a botched urinary stone removal at age 17? PROBABLY YOU DIDN'T.

and tomorrow we're going up to chicago to see my grandfather and his ladyfriend (SO WEIRD) and have dinner and see the king tut exhibit!

and saturday afternoon is christmas with my dad's side of the family, and saturday evening is my camp reunion/holiday party! i'm excited for the camp party, although a lot of cool people can't come (other parties, or live out of state/country). but SOME cool people CAN come. and that will be COOL.

i'm also excited cuz freepay finally recognized keith's referral!! hoooorayyyy soon i will (hopefully) have an ipod! after i print off my confirmation email and that gets confirmed and they mail it to me... so like... maybe in time for a graduation present? still though, free ipod wooooo! thanks again supermuch to everyone who helped hook me up. looooves.

anyway okay. so, now that you're all up to speed on unnecessary levels of detail re: my life, i'm off. toodles!

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

hayyy i'm dropping sam off at the apple store againnn so i'll be computer-awol for awhile. blah. bye. i'll probably steal reid's once in awhile but not much. so, check you later, internet.

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i have new blogger now?

it looks pretty much the same? but i can add a tag?

and i guess i can upload files directly through blogger.


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watching: back to the future

oh christopher lloyd, you make the best crazy-eyed faces. your talent is WASTED in a perfect day.

today was a NEAR perfect day! not really, but it was pretty alright. i went to the DENTIST and had a semester's worth of coffee stains cleaned right away. (gross. sorry. but i tells it like it is.)

then my mom and i made chocolate mice and they are sooo cute. and then i went and got krunkk at tgi friday's with steve and meg. okay, not krunkkk, but i did have a seriously enormous pomegranate maragarita. and it was delicious, as all things pomegranate are. also i tried to help steve with his christmas shopping, but he rejected my perfectly valid suggestions, ones like "i think you should get your mom those boxer shorts with cupcakes on them" and "i think you should get your mom some maternity clothes, just in case" and "i think you should get your dad a gift certificate to victoria's secret." um, whatever, steve.

hey, if you didn't hear about this elsewhere: you can download the audiobook of areas of my expertise for free! i highly recommend that you do so!

i keep seeing commercials for little miss sunshine on dvd and it just reminds me of what an amazingly good movie that was. the anti a perfect day. if you have not yet seen it, um, seriously, do it.

also i just saw a commercial for something called MALE CALL, a phone sex thing, but with men. i think this might be the first time i've ever seen that, usually it is sexy ladiez offering to talk to you for $1.99/minute. is this for ladies to call or dudes? HMMM.

ok tomorrow i am going shopping & lunching with my mom so i should get some sleep!

speaking of sleep tonight my mom is in a sleep lab?? to see whether or not she has pickwickian syndrome? the doctor says probably she doesn't but they should maybe check anyway? and my mom said will the insurance cover the test and the doctor said yes and my mom said sure okay, i'll spend the night in the sleep lab!

we discussed it and agreed that if you are going to have a sleep disorder, pickwickian syndrome is definitely the coolest-sounding one to have. def.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

soo, steve and i watched a perfect day, rob lowe's heartwarming holiday special.

and i have to say, irrational resentment of rob lowe aside, it is seriously the worst movie i've ever seen. like, i thought it would be cheesy and lame, but it went beyond that. watching it was an unpleasant experience. the movie was clumsy and obvious, yet non-nonsensical. i have no idea how they got both rob lowe and christopher lloyd on board with this project. i guess it's just further testament to the fact that rob lowe can't read, since if he had been able to read this script in advance, maybe he would have rejected it.

christopher lloyd, though, what? c'mon dude, you were in back to the future, and i have no reason to believe you to be illiterate. why would you take such a ridiculous role in such a ridiculous, horrible movie?

i am so bewildered by this movie. i kind of want you all to watch it so you can talk about it with me, and yet i cannot really recommend it to anyone. it's not comically bad, like a cheesy sci-fi movie or a lifetime movie or an episode of walker, texas ranger. it is just a terrible movie.

i'm also angered by this interview with rob lowe about it:

Lowe, who this season has a recurring role as a Republican senator in ABC's Brothers & Sisters, is also a sucker for heartfelt Christmas stories. That's another reason he was drawn to A Perfect Day, which plays out with the holiday season as a backdrop. Lowe's annual yuletide viewing favorites include It's a Wonderful Life ("the granddaddy of all of them") and A Charlie Brown Christmas ("with that little tree"). If A Perfect Day eventually rates repeat screenings in the same way as those other classics, he'll be thrilled. "I think, when you deal with universal themes, you certainly have a chance at that."


rawr rawr rawr.

--oops, i never published this last night. well, looking at it today, i stand by everything i said re: a perfect day!

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Monday, December 18, 2006

watching: mythbusters

mom: i hate the guy with the mustache. he's so obnoxious.
me: maybe you shouldn't be so racist against mustaches, mom.
mom: no, they deserve it.

today i've continued my trend of unproductivity. actually, that's not even true. i baked a loaf of cranberry bread and made 2 batches of peppermint brittle and 1 batch of caramels (and wrapped yesterday's batch of caramels) and a double batch of mostdeliciouschilliever. and i wrapped some christmas presents and addressed some cards.

and watched a lot of teevee. yes. and slept like, twelve hours.

i should probably try to normalize my sleep schedule at some point. but i think 2am-2pm is a totally reasonable amount of time to sleep, right? right.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006


i made ronery wear a santa hat!

i rubbed my face on magneto!

then i made him wear a santa hat.

aaand i made trey wear a santa hat.

then i tried to make tyrone wear a santa hat, but let's face it, nobody tells tyrone what to do.

reid and i sure tried, though!

then i made some penguins...

... and ate them.

also my family went to east peoria to try to see the festival of lights, but it was crowded so we went to wal-mart for awhile, and when we went back to the fol, it was closed? sooo we'll try again later, i guess.

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

me: so i was thinking that they should release an abridged version of the lord of the rings.
reid: oh, so like it would only show the good parts? that would be sweet, the whole trilogy would be like 2 hours and 45 minutes!

me: want to help me take a picture of tyrone in a santa hat?
reid: ... why are you doing this?
me: it's going to be adorable!

reid: here's ronery, do you want to take a picture of him in a santa hat?
me: i already have one, it's kind of what i've been doing today.
reid: ...

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watching: t-double dubs

guys, being on break rules. i think i've watched like 10 hours of teevee since i got home last night.

NO JOKE, last night i watched: bill & ted (~2 hours), rotk abridged (~2 hours), the librarian 2: return to king solomon's mines (~2 hours), and galaxy quest (~2 hours). tnt just kept showing good movies in a row and i couldn't stop watching!! :O

then TODAY i came down and watched the end of the matrix reloaded, and then nothing else interesting was on tv so i put in a west wing dvd. aaaah.

so far today i've also baked some banana bread and taken some cute pictures of the cats. meowzers yes. slightly-burnt banana bread, noo. (i spaced out cuz i was trying out these new adorable mini-loaf pans! but i just set the timer for the same time as a large loaf pan dohhh.)

my dad left a drill on the table (eventually today maybe we're putting in new kitchen counters? aaaand by we i mean dad and reid). this is not particularly noteworthy for our home; what is noteworthy, i think, is that the drill is camouflage-printed. is this so the drill can hide from the other drills? so that if you are out hunting and need to drill something, you'll be less conspicuous? is it just so that it matches all your other camouflage stuff? BEWILDERING.

i'd ask dad, but i suspect his answer will be, "i dunno, the camouflage drills were on sale so they were cheaper than the plain ones."

anyway, hooray for winter break! eventually i'll have to start my paper editing/postgrad applying/christmas wrapping/social event attending grind, but for now i'm just going to watch the tele and rub my face on the cats a lot. yesss.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

additionally, alan cumming and samuel l jackson should be in this movie.

i don't really care who they play. samuel could be sam, just so he wouldn't have to learn a new name. keanu would be frodo, and alan could just play like, every orc. and sauron. and the carrot.



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watching: return of the king (abridged)

yesss, i totally found the abridged lotr! it's called, "turn on the teevee halfway through the tnt showing of rotk, then don't start paying attention until eowyn's "I AM NO MAN."

hey, remember how aragorn is sexxy? super sexxy.

yeahhh i just brought sexy back.

i mean, sexxy.

no, sorry, i mean KING sexxy.

omg what, rob lowe is in a HEARTWARMING HOLIDAY SPECIAL? sponsored by johnson and johnson? i am soo there.

blah blah orcs, blah hobbits, ugh, so not abridged enough. guess i'll have to stop paying attention again.

this movie would be better if it were 2 hours shorter and had keanu reeves in it.

i think every time i say that, a tolkien fanboy or girl (fanperson?) dies.


man, it's really too bad grinnell doesn't have film studies. i think it is a field in which i would excel!


sorry, i don't even know, i'm like even more cracked out than usual.

ahhhh legolas/gimli OSAP. (one super awkward pairing!)

ahhhh teevee. ahhhh slacking. aaahhhhhhh.

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watching: bill & ted's bogus journey

i loves this movie. but i hate ted's dad! booooo ted's dad! >:O

anyway, i'm home and vegging out.

nooo, evil robot bill & ted! don't smoosh the cat! whew, they missed it. just like always.

... sorry. anyway.

"our girlfriends are most chaste."
"yeah. at least they're not dating our dads!"
"good point, dude!"

"dude, i got a full-on robot chubby!"
"later, evil ted, later."

i guess i really just can't get past my first point, which is that i loves this movie. LOVES IT.

OKAY SO i got everything done. well, i kind of gave up on getting my room fully clean, but it was pretty clean. and i had a wondrous lunch & shopping adventure with miriam! and got TWO parking tickets. but whatever.


"wanna play 20 questions?"
"okay. are you a mineral?"
"are you a tank?"
"whoaa, yeah! good one!"

okay. in summation, i'm home and bill and ted totally rule.

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hell yeah, i just got official funding approval for the aca/pca conference. the school is paying for me to go to the academic version of a comic con!


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listening to: stu, easter

i powered through and finished my gradeschool final project last night! it's pretty bad but i'm pretty sure she is going to dig it. she is always improved by any sort of effort, and i gave my diary footnotes to reflect the research i did. (the research from one book. hcore.) also, i put it in CURLY FONT so it looks like handwriting. and, uh, i put clipart on the title page.

so today i need to:
- print off that monstrosity and turn it in
- meet with the associate dean of student life (i think that's his title?) and persuade him to fund my conference
- clean room seriously omg
- have lunch with miriam omg
- go home omg!!

oh, last night jenny had people over to watch jim henson's the christmas toy, which, if you haven't seen it--i hadn't--is basically like jim henson's version of toy story, but a lot sadder and anxiety-inducing. afterwards we sat around and discussed it, and it was patently obvious that we were all liberal arts students.
- "mew the mouse really re-defined the other when he called rugby a 'people toy.''
- "mew is such a tragic character."
- "this movie is such a sad reflection on consumerist society."

okay okay okay. so anyway i'm going to get started on all those awesome things i mentioned earlier.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

listening to: joan baez, a hard rain's a-gonna fall

oh friends, i just turned in my history seminar paper. it's not like... great..., i didn't make all the changes professor prevost suggested (she wanted me to talk more about masculinity and i was like i don't really care about masculinity except... nevermind, not going to go into the mechanics of my thesis BUT BASICALLY I DON'T CARE). the point is, it's done! and so is my double-seminar semester! *tosses confetti*

i still have gradeschool project. and i need to clean my room for real. and prepare for a meeting tomorrow. but these papers are out of the way and it feels gr8.

now i'm getting KRUNKKKED. by which i mean, drinking a pre-mixed mudslide! woo! (i bought these like 2 months ago... it was a 4-pack and i have 2 left. WHY AM I SUCH A LUSH.) mmm tastes like chocolate milk. with a 5% alcohol content.

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my motivation is like bambi's mom: totally shot.

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ahhhh usually i don't post these lj-generator type memes (especially since, ah, this isn't my lj) but this one rules. it has like the best possible answers.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, bessiemaemucho sent to me...
Twelve spice girls drumming
Eleven star wars reading
Ten pirates a-rhyming
Nine bindlestiffs kickboxing
Eight kneesocks a-frowling
Seven politics a-writing
Six books a-camping
Five ho-o-o-obo sticks
Four stuart davis
Three david sedaris
Two indigo girls
...and a frozen in a bowling compulsively.
Get your own Twelve Days:

i especially like 9, 8 and 5. and 2 makes sense! that is how many indigo girls there are! 3 and 4, less sense, but that's okay. also i'm not sure how i feel about 12 spice girls. would 12 just be more awesome than 5? or would it be too many and ruin the spiciness? i'm inclined to say don't mess with the original, but who knows? maybe we're all missing out. it'd be great too if the 7 new ones were all named mel. mel b, mel c, mel d, mel e, mel f... yesss.

anyway, paper= basically done. i'm in the process of writing one last sentence so the conclusion doesn't end so abruptly, then i think i'm just going to go print it off and be done. wii!

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listening to: le tigre, phanta

i'm a machine! a machine that slowly turns snacks into thoughts about 18th century literature.

really slowly, it's kind of embarrassing how long it took me to finish this paper. also embarrassing is the number of snacks it took. but still! i have a definitely workable draft, and i'll touch it up a bit tomorrow morning and turn it in and it should be a respectable paper, if nothing transcendent. i'm considering attaching the picture of magneto sleeping on desmond (the book my paper is about) as an appendix. kitty tummy=extra credit?? only one way to find out!

and then... last minute touchups on the history sem paper (i finished editing through it a few days ago, i want to add at least another paragraph or so but it's not strictly necessary. so we'll see what's doable.) then... doneeee except for gradeschool project. which i guess i should do. or something. whatever, i'm going to bed.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

listening to: le tigre, deceptacon

large cup of forum coffee (with gingerbread coffeemate)? check.
pocketful of chocolate stolen from study break? check.
sparkly ring of lipgloss/power? check.
FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS candle burning? check.
motivational feminist electropop? check.
room carpeted with journal articles? check.

operation: finish seminar papers = all systems go.

also, i totes just made these for my kol character. i'm kind of pumped. thanks for stealing my life again, kol.

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listening to: tori, winter

awww guys, today annie and i had our last prison class, and it was gr8. tim is getting out soon! (tomorrow or next week, apparently) and he said he's already filling out an application to community college for next semester because our class inspired him! smallscale worldchange, guys!

and st. cyr told us about how he shared readings from the class with friends of his who couldn't make it and how they talked together about them. and everyone shared their final projects, and they're all so good! awww.

can anyone pinpoint the exact moment when i stopped being a liberal arts student and became a parody of a liberal arts student??

i'm going to suggest as possibilities: around the 2nd or 3rd time i posted about interdisciplinarity, the time i told you to become vegetarian to save trees, or the time i got a crush on the students for sensible drug policy speaker.

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listening to: tori, dolphin song

i. am. done. with. trads1.


i think i did... okay? on the exam. i know i missed a handful of the identifications, and all of my essays were kind of shaky, but i spit out a lot of information and now i'm DONE. i really have no idea what i'm going to get in the class. i think it will be somewhere between B- and A-. i don't even really care, i am done with that and i'm sure i passed the class and i get to graduate and be an english major.

now let's all get krunkkk write some papers and go to prison!!

also! i'm glad to hear that others feel similarly about kitty tummies. sometime we should all get together and rub animal stomachs. in a totally normal and not creepy fashion.

kittttties mewwwww.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

listening to: akordo, bim bom! sonas en cxiel

let me tell you, you ain't heard "ding dong! merrily on high" until you've heard it in esperanto.

anyway! today i planned to get up early and take a shower before work, because i was approaching filthy-hippie stage. unfortunately, i didn't actually set my alarm and didn't wake up until 5 minutes after my shift started. that turned out to be fortuitous, since the coffee machine like, exploded, and i got grounds on my person. i would have needed another shower after work anyway.

then i went to lunch and i couldn't resissst the allure of grilled cheese today, and i ate two and then i felt kind of sick and had to lie down for awhile. but, grilled cheeeeese.

ok. i'm going to spend the next few hours working on my english paper (FOR REAL AND NOT FUCKING AROUND ON THE INTERNET) and then the rest of the night will be studying for trads1 (and cbc book club night).

tomorrow: trads1 exam, prison, finish up seminar papers.
thursday: finish finishing seminar papers (english due at noon, history due at 5pm)
whenever: finish gradeschool project (due "whenever,"; she said she'd come back to her office monday morning. i'll aim for finishing it friday but i'm not stressed aboot it.)
friday: gooo hooooome.

mmmm fridayyyy.

mmmm yankee candles. i just used up my SUGAR COOKIE candle and lit a new one from the bin. it is CHANUKAH scented (aka "FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS." aka... cinnamon, mostly, i think.)

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i just left this picture as a comment on sophi's lj, and i'm going to post it again now, because that's how i roll. i roll in the manner of a crazy cat lady who posts pictures of her cat all over the internet.


seriously, this picture is sooo appropriate for finals week. look at kitty magneto, contentedly lolling about on top of 18th century literature. sooo adorable. i, too, would rather nap on my books than read them. in a few days, i will do so! all the time! ahhhhh.

also i'll probably rub my face all over my kitty's belly. is that weird? i think it's kind of weird. but it's just like an uncontrollable urge when he rolls over like that. i just want to snuggle him. with my face.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

listening to: bruuuuce, born to run

mmm, i just went to a study break and took a plate full of food and devoured most of it. finals week = fatty fatty fat fat.

hay, my friend eli is working for an environmental group and they are running a campaign to send christmas cards to your senators & rep, asking for CLEAN AIR IN THE NEW YEAR. this link has more info, including suggested talking points for your card and also a picture of a little girl that says "IS SHE SO NAUGHTY SHE DESERVES COAL FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE?"

anyway, i thought i had something to say? but i guess really just: yay food, boo work.

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3 things i like:
- this natalie dee (EXTREME BEE DINOSAUR)
- this is not a link (EXTREME TRIP TO DALLAS IN 2 WEEKSISH)

1 thing i don't like:
- finals week

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listening to: beatles, blackbird

aww crap, i just accidentally made ZEN tea :O i always yoink teabags from the dining hall, and the tazo zen and tazo china green tips are both in the same color package. but china green tips > zen. (cgt is plain green tea and zen tea is green tea with like, mint and shit added.) basically, zen tea does not follow through on the promise its name makes.


anyhow, i worked my 2nd-to-last outtakes shift today! it was really chill, i only did like... 25 lunches. (usually in the same shift i'd do like 50-60). 2nd-to-last of 2006, anyway, if mary kirk bows to my wishes i'll be working there again next semester. i think as far as hourly wage/actual work done goes, it is a pretty great job.


[ ] finish editing history paper (status: paper is 25 pages long, with 102 footnotes, and yes i will keep mentioning the number of footnotes probably until i die or go to grad school. i've reworked the intro pretty good but i should probs add a paragraph about feminist writings, which means i need to research feminist writings. and i need to re-write the conclusion since i cannibalized the conclusion to re-write the intro. but basically, okay.)
[ ] finish writing romantics paper (status: need to write a section about 2 more critics, and do my own analysis. middle of paper=basically good.)
[ ] study for trads 1 final. (status: okay. went to a study group last night for about 2 hours. i need to read some of the stuff i skipped before.)
[ ] last outtakes shift! ($tatu$: fi$cally rewarding)
[ ] last prison class! (status: certificate of completiontastic)
[ ] gradeschool class final project. (status: i need to write like 4 pages. it will probs take like 20 minutes. possibly i will add clip art. i think she'd like clip art, cuz that's what kind of class this is.)
[ ] clean room. (status: ahhhh!)
[X] eat pancakes (status: delicious)
[ ] caroline b cooney bookclub meeting (status: nicoletta is a moron)

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

i keep forgetting to post about this! but the other day i was talking about me, kait, and keith's trip to the city museum, and how ridiculous and sketchy it was.

jenny (who is from st. louis): someone died there pretty recently.
me: oh man, really?
jenny: yeah, they fell off the monstrocity on the top.
me: hah, i knew that had to happen sometime.
jenny: i think it was a like a two-year-old.
me: oh, that's really sad! damn, i was hoping it would be like a sketchy drunkard. that would make it acceptable to laugh at the story.

i can't find a news story online to link to, but i'm sure it happened. probably someone dies every day at that museum and they just cover it up.

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HAHA oh god. so it's possible that right now i'm playing kol instead of working on my paper (i am, however, pleased to announce that i am up to endnote #102! go for the gold!) and um, i just got that the "penultimate fantasy airship" was a final fantasy joke. penultimate fantasy... final fantasy... hahhhhh.

i've probably played like 1000 adventures in the penultimate fantasy airship too. slow. on. the. uptake.

i guess i always just thought the emphasis was on "fantasy airship" and there was some sort of reference to a fantasy aircraft or something? i didn't really get that "penultimate" was part of the joke too. also, i've never actually played final fantasy. so. um. right.

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oh god, flora annie steel spoke in favor of suffrage?! christ, thanks for invalidating my paper. well, not really, she's only 1 of my 5 authors. but at this stage in the game it would be so awkward to revise the whole paper to be like "everything i said applies to everyone but steel." i think i'm going to actively participate in BAD HISTORY and totally ignore this fact.

i mean, it's not like i'm going to publish this. and even if she did argue for suffrage, her book still does have a conservative bent. that's right, watch me justify this away.

stupid flora annie steel.

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anyway! this is a good start. i'm out of bed. i have a stack of articles. i'm going to work on my paper. for real. :O

unlike last night, when i did many things, none of which was "work on paper."

i ate dinner with TWO people. usually i eat meals aloooone because hardly anyone i know is on a meal plan. (this makes me sound kind of sad and pathetic, but it's okay.) i did watch a MOVIE PREMIERE of the film the improv troupe made at the house on the rock. it was pretty grand. i also "chatted" on the "internet." and ate a piece of cake.

all in all, a good night. except for in academic terms.

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

i'm sooo dumb. i spent like all of today sleeping. great way to kick off finals week, renata.


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You have the minimum number of referred friends needed to get your FREE iPod. The next step is to click the Download Approval Form button below to download the approval form file to your desktop. Print this file out, fill it in and mail it according to the instructions on the form. Note, you must click the button and download a new form - photocopies will not be accepted.

Your form must be mailed (according to the postmark) by 2/2/2007. We recommend that you use tracked mail.

When we process your approval form we will check your account and confirm that all of your referrals are unique, valid and legitimate. We also check your referrals' referrals, to ensure that there has been no fraud or abuse. We cannot award you credit for referrals that have broken our Terms and Conditions. Unfortunately, customers often find that 1 or 2 of their referrals do not get awarded, so you may want to refer extra friends to improve your chances of approval.

what does that even mean? why do most people have invalid approval? WHAT KIND OF KAFKAESQUE PROCESS IS THIS.

and not all my referrals are unique, because two of them are sandy! but sandy only completed a thing once. does that count? ahhhhh.

also, keith, i don't even know, but freeipods gave me this message--that everything was cool--but it also still says you haven't completed an offer? i don't know? can you like... make sure that everything is cool on your end before i send this in? i can send extra brownies to compensate for the fact that the system apparently hates you :/

this process has gotten so much more ridiculous since i did it like 2 years ago.

it will be super worth it if i can just be returned to the state of ipod ownership.

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oh! i know i am like 6 months behind the times on this, but i just watched little miss sunshine and it is seriously the best movie i've ever seen. i literally laughed until i cried. and i hurt my throat from obnoxious shriek-laughing. it wasn't just funny, though, it was just... love. ahhh. i kind of want to go see it again tomorrow, but i also am kind of afraid that if i see it again it won't be as good? and i'm really afraid to ruin it.

another thought on movies: today at prison they were showing lotr in the library, and i kept seeing bits of it and being like "man, this is a good movie! i'd like to watch it again!" but the reality is i'd get super bored if i tried to watch it. so, i think that they should release an ABRIDGED version. the tolkien geeks can watch the extended version, normal people (?) can watch the regular verion, and people with short attention spans can watch the abridged version!! it will be brilliant! i'm thinking like maybe 45 mins/hour? the whole trilogy in under 3 hours, definitely. just, you know, some witty banter, some cool fights, a li'l bit of sweeping scenery, aaand you're done.

little miss sunshine is exactly the right length, however.

ps: i just saved uncle crimbo, bitches.

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Friday, December 08, 2006

listening to: ralph glomp, tintilar

guys, i am not fucking around here. go download this song. tintilar=esperanto for "jingle bells."

get this one too.



moment from prison today:

annie: so we were hoping to change class next week to wednesday, does that work for everyone?
st. cyr: let me just check my palm pilot...

also, apparently tim is getting out soon! before christmas! hooray!

also, annie and i pitched our nebulous class idea for next semester and the guys seemed excited and had good suggestions. hott. (it's going to be a HUMOR class!! we're kind of thinking about focusing on use of humor for political/social commentary! we'll rock it oldschool with jonathan swift and bring it up... newschool... with david sedaris! we'll do mark twain because i loves him! ahhh exciting!)

anyway! also, i went to dinner at professor simpson's house (he had the seminar over) and it was deliciousss and entertainin, especially on the part of pete, his friendly, precocious, and ridiculous 2-ish-year-old.

all in all, a good way to end the LAST WEEK OF CLASSES OH GOD.

and now jenny and i are going to go watch little miss sunshine! hooray! and i got keith hooked on kol! double hooray!

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

hah, i can't even change to new blogger. i tried and it says "Thanks for your interest in the new Blogger in beta! Unfortunately, we cannot switch your Blogger account at this time, because one or more of your blogs cannot be moved. Please see our help article for more information."

but my main page has a giant note that says " Your new version of Blogger is ready!

The new version of Blogger now has all the original features you're used to, plus new post labels, drag-and-drop template editing, and privacy controls. And, it's a lot more reliable."

oh blogger, you tease.

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guys, i'm so hungry. i could totally go for some za. double za, even.

ooooh man. tonight was probs the best office/scrabbs night ever, despite the lack of office :/

we played DOUBLE SCRABBLE, and ezster played instead of becca. the second game was the real winner, however, because carlos started off by ashamedly playing "ZA" as the first word. ("i looked it up, it's in the scrabble dictionary... it means pizza.") and we made fun of "za" for being a really stupid word. then i played in such a way that also made ZA, and we were like "sweet! DOUBLE ZA!" and then we kept trying to shorten other words to their final syllables, and ezster was really bad at it. ie.

"i think we have some zas in the er!"
"sweet, put one in the ven!"
"be careful, because it might get... hot."
"you could ald your mouth!"
"you might need an oven mitt." somehow that was the funniest thing ever and we laughed for like seven years, and then she added "well, you might."

oh! oh god, and how could i have forgotten to say... ezster played her esperanto playlist the whole time. omg. including esperanto christmas carols? the best song though, was the one where the chorus was "esperanto esperanto esperanto." like literally the word esperanto. according to ezster, most songs in esperanto are ABOUT esperanto.

eszster's favorite esperanto musician is RALPH GLOMP.

you can download free esperanto music here and i HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do so.

also! apparently i am now finally eligible for the new blogger? i was too scared to switch though. i might after this post. this might be my last post in old blogger :O

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i just LOLED in the computer lab editing dylan's "technology column" about waiting in line for the ps3. here is a SNEAK PREVIEW.

Tech Ted: Oh my god! Look! It’s Ian McKellen!

(A few scamper away but the majority of them stay put. A frustrated Tech Ted tries again.)

Tech Ted: Oh my god! Look! It’s Gandalf and Magneto!

(The crowd flees in that direction. Tech Ted takes his new spot in line.)

Encounter with number 58

Nerd #58: Wanna play Pokemon?
Tech Ted: Isn’t that for kids? How old are you?
Nerd #58: 12.
Tech Ted: Oh… well… continue playing, I guess.

(Tech Ted picks up kid and moves him out of the way.)

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listening to: paul simon, proof

i've been hooked on this song lately. the live version. i like it when he says "take it to the keyboaaards!" i also like it in the middle when he stops and says "proof... the sun came out... it was a cloudy day... we thought it was going to be a thunderstorm... but it's a perfect night... in new york city..." because it totally sounds like he's like "crap, i was going to say something profound but this isn't really but maybe if i just keep talking i can string together something coherent and then get back to the song."

or maybe that's just what my thought processes would be in that situation.

speaking of thought processes, i took the "brutally honest personality test" and was tres entertained by the results:

Almost Perfect- INFP
26% Extraversion, 73% Intuition, 40% Thinking, 33% Judging
So, you want to make the world a better place? Too bad it's never gonna happen.

Of all the types, you have to be one of the hardest to find fault in. You have a selfless and caring nature. You're a good listener and someone who wants to avoid conflict. You genuinely desire to do good.

Of course, these all add up to an incredibly overpowered conscience which makes you feel guilty and responsible when anything goes wrong. Of course, it MUST be your fault EVERYTIME.

Though you're constantly on a mission to find the truth, you have no use for hard facts and logic, which is a source of great confusion for those of us with brains. Despite this, in a losing argument, you're not above spouting off inaccurate fact after fact in an effort to protect your precious values.

You're most probably a perfectionist, which in this case, is a bad thing. Any group work is destined to fail because of your incredibly high standards.

Disregard what I said before. You're just easy to find fault in as everyone else!

Luckily, you're generally very hard on yourself, meaning I don't need to waste my precious time insulting you. Instead, just find all your own faults and insult yourself.

overpowering conscience? WHAT? how unreasonable. oh god, if i drive to mcnally's tonight do you think i will personally destroy the environment? Y/N :O

aaanyway. awesome moment: "hmm, i'm hungry, i wish i had... chocolate! OH, there's a giant bar right here, two inches away from my hand." woo!

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

listening to: paul simon, PROOF

today i got my free dinosaurland tourism guide! it's pretty lame except for two things. 1) it's called the dinosaurland tourism guide and 2) it comes with a dinosaur hunting permit!! i mean, you can print those off for free from the dinosaurland website, but this one seems so much more official. awesomecore. i highly recommend that you all go request your own information packets.

do ittt.

anyway, i wrote my backpage column and i think i'm going to post it here, because i CAN. i haven't actually edited it or anything yet, but whatever, i do what i want. (this is, in fact, a theme i address in my column!)

Hello, readers. Welcome back to the regularly-formatted Backpage. I heard from a few people who enjoyed last month’s S&B-themed Backpage; just to spite them, I’m reverting to the old layout. However, since this is my column and I can do whatever I want, I will take a moment to say, in all sincerity, that I do like the new S&B backpage, and I commend the S&B for coming out with a quality paper every week under a lot of pressure and receiving fairly little recognition in return.
OK, now that only people associated with the S&B are still reading, I’ll continue. I would like to talk about: the culture of stress. I would also like to talk about: colonizing the moon. Which of these topics is more interesting? Objectively speaking, it is clearly moon colonization. I mean, come on. Moon colonization. How is that not fascinating?
But this is Grinnell, and you’d clearly all rather talk about the culture of stress. You’d like to make Plan Secrets about it, you’d like to make big checklists to quantify how stressed you are, you’d like to change your Facebook status to “stressed out,” and you’d especially like to tell me how much work you have. Oh yes, you would. And more importantly, you want to win at being stressed. You want me to say “Well damn, no wonder you’re so stressed! You do have a lot of work, way more than I do!”
You’re so stressed with your schoolwork that perhaps you haven’t even heard that NASA is planning to set up a permanent moon base in 2020! But you know who has more work than you do? Moon colonists, that’s who. I mean, they will, I’m sure. Well, I don’t actually know very much about what the astronauts on the permanent moon base will have to do—the BBC article says “the exact duties of the astronauts stationed there have not been decided”-- but I’m sure they’ll be busy. For starters, they’ll probably have to build a base. On the moon. And, if movies have prepared me for the future, which I believe they have, they will undoubtedly have to spend a significant portion of their time fighting off some sort of malevolent alien lifeform, or possibly having sex with an attractive alien lifeform. Maybe both, but either way it’s bound to be time consuming.
Furthermore, what’s the worst thing that will happen if you mess up an exam? You’ll fail a class? Maybe have to take it over, maybe have to graduate late, maybe even have to transfer out to a different school? Sure, that’s pretty lame. But what if you are a moon colonist who screws up?
You could destroy the whole moon base! It would be terrible! Also, you’d probably have to do some complicated aerospace engineering math. You could probably eat a lot of dehydrated space ice cream. That stuff is pretty great, but you’d probably get tired of it.
Moon colonists won’t get free hot chocolate at study breaks. They probably won’t get little squishy toys from the NASA Wellness Committee, or pancakes from a volunteer fire department. And finally, moon colonists probably won’t know the joy of checking off the last item on your Plans checklist. So next time you want to complain about how stressed you are, why not consider the moon colonists? Alternately, why not study really hard so you can get into the proper graduate program to become a moon colonist? Only 13 more years! Work harder, you’ll never get to be a moon colonist if you waste all your time on the Internet and/or reading campus publications, even ones of such high caliber as the S&B and the B&S!

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i am a sleepysaur!

today at work we ran out of paper bags and i had to make sack lunches in big ziplock bags and i thought that was HILARIOUS but that might just have been because i'm a sleepysaur. i don't know, though, i think it might be pretty hilarious anyway.

tonight i need to do, like, the whole b&s basically.

okay. i think i am going to take a NAP and then go to the LAST ROMANTICS CLASS EVER AHHHH and then work on the b&s until it is finished!

also! sandy, hooray, i hope you like kol! if you hang around long enough you get to a giant level that has tons of tmbg jokes, but they are sort of scattered throughout. i think the game creators are definitely tmbg fans, although there are a ton of awesome pop culture references in the game. (yesterday i noticed that they added an ani difranco one that pops up sometimes in combat! awesome.) anyway, sandy and any other new kol-ers: send me a message ingame (i'm bessiemaemucho) and i'll send you a welcome package of sorts! i have a ton of items laying around that are basically useless for me but that would be great for a newbie! wii!

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one more quick thing before i go to bed (and curse myself in my sleep for having terrible time management skills):

kellie (and anyone else who was wondering), kingdom of loathing is a hilarious online rpg thing. it's basically ingenious. all the items and quests are funny, and the game is simple but also really hard. it's free (although if you donate $10 you get an item that boosts you in-game, i don't have one but it sounds nice) and totally super addictive.

except i tend to get really addicted for a month or so and then drop it for awhile. that's just how i roll.

anyway, i super recommend that anyone play kol, whether you play rpgs all the time or you never have.

so far today i have learned how to make a raspberry beret (combine a raspberry and a helmet), stolen wine from a hobo, gone on a quest to light the candles on claude's birthday cake, gone on vacation to a desert island (where i was given tiny paper umbrellas in order to properly worship the primitive god ess capay), punched out a day in my spooky advent calendar (i got a candy spike!), and battled a zombie elf, among other things.

i hope to free uncle crimbo in time for crimboween, and one day i hope to defeat the naughty sorceress and ascend to a new character class.



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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

oh fuck! i forgot to go to my free massage today! argh i was looking forward to it all last week, and i even got a reminder email yesterday. i am a big re-re. argh. plus it's just rude to the massage lady, and to some other student who could have had my time slot and actually remembered to show up.

seriously, what kind of moron forgets to go a free massage. god. that's like forgetting to, i don't know, claim your free delicious cake or get an awesome free dolphin ride. or something. eff.

i'm dumb and i want to go home.

also i once more wasted too much stupid time on the stupid internet and didn't really do any work on my stupid papers.


but hey, you should read this article about marilynne robinson's visit to prison! holy shit, randy is in my class, i didn't know he was serving a life sentence. omggg i wonder what randy did. ahhhh. i could probably google him but i didn't know if i want to know. he's a really nice guy, i don't want to think really badly of him. but why should knowledge of his actions in this past change my current perception of him? it shouldn't, but it probably will. maybe i should look him up just to expand my own character. and, admittedly, to fulfill my own curiosity :/

ahhh randy killed a guy! randy killed a guy first degree! (or at least, was found guilty of it.)

ahhh i'm going to look up our other favorite student. annie and i have been speculating that he has mob ties. oh, he stole something. he's only in for 15 years. but he's in until 2016. weird, because tim is like 45. he reminds annie and i both of our dads. so he must have done this fairly recently. it'd be like if my dad stole something. so whyyy?

i'm basically cranky and crazy right now i guess. so i'm goinng to... stop looking up my prison students in the department of corrections database, stop messing around on the internet (??) and get a little work done and then go to bed. yes indeed.

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listening to: rachael sage, ambitious

guys i am so stupidddd. why did i start playing kingdom of loathing again last night? :O now i'm sooo addicted again. argh. i'm really glad my account seems to be immune from deletion (they're supposed to get deleted after 60 days? but mine hasn't ever. and i've definitely abandoned it for longer than that more than once.)

there's so much cool new stuff right now! like a christmas quest! (i mean a crimboween quest!) and i have SUPERHUMAN COCKTAILCRAFTING SKILLZ which gives me access to the nash crosby still. (yess.)

and maybe one of these days i'll get it together enough to ascend! wii!

i mean, maybe i'll get it together and DO MY STUPID WORK.

not doing work is wayy more fun, though. like last night's caroline b. cooney bookclub studybreak, in which we all read aloud from cbc's masterpiece the stranger. no relation to camus. it's better than camus. it's about this girl NICOLETTA and her weird cave monster boyfriend JETHRO. also NICOLETTA'S MADRIGAL BOYFRIEND CHRISTO (AKA CRISCO).

ahhh i wish i could accurately remember some of the dialogue from this book, because it WINS. also, eszter played phillip glass in the background to enhance the SPOOKINESS of the CAVE STRANGER.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

okay. so i never really got into ken jennings when he was on jeopardy!, for the simple fact that i never watched him on jeopardy!. not that i don't like jeopardy!--i do, and not just because it has an exclamation point built right into the name--but i don't usually have time to watch plot-driven teevee shows i'm dedicated to, let alone game shows.

but, holy smokes, i've been reading his blog just now and i think i kind of love him. awww. his faq is cute too. his recent-ish post on curious george is fabulousss.

... Mindy actually likes the new books better. For one thing, they’re about 50 pages shorter, so no more hour-long bedtime stories. Also, she’s never liked the unpleasant colonialist implications of the first book, where George is essentially stolen from his African Eden by the yellow-safari-hat-wearing Man. (This isn’t all P.C. killjoy overparenting either. The original book is sort of disturbing. George gets stuffed into a sack, and taken aboard a boat, above a caption that says, “George was sad.”)

(The movie cleans this up by having the ever-curious George, fascinated with his white oppressor, playfully smuggling himself back to America without the Man’s knowledge. Somewhere someone is writing a grad-school paper on George as an Anansi/Br’er Rabbit trickster type.)

I don’t like the new books much, though. They’re (inevitably) watered-down: old-school George (lets call him O.G.) was an anarchist, and occasionally a felon. O.G. called in phony fire alarms. O.G. broke into a society type’s apartment and tagged her walls with jungle graffiti. Taken to the hospital after jumping off a fire escape and breaking his leg, O.G. sniffed ether. (See illustration.) As role models go, he’s the kiddie-lit Tyler Durden.


i'm entertained that there seems to be a trend of labelling every rebellious kid in a kids book "the kids tyler durden" (cf george, calvin, and dennis the menace). i'm not really sure it's a valid parallel, except perhaps for calvin, but still, interesting.

also, i totes want to read his book now. oh ken jennings, you've successfully wooed me with your blog. that might just be the nerdiest sentence i've ever typed.

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whew, i definitely feel better today. when i first got up i was like alksdklasd, but i'm like that first thing every morning and it wore off pretty quickly when i went to class. i'm still kind of groggy and my throat hurts a little, but it's definitely manageable.

i also went to a spec meeting and met with the tfa recruiter. i now understand why they were so insistent that i meet with him, because he was a very persuasive man. hmm :/

i'm going to go read the last canto of don juan now. wii!

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

watching: captain planet

ahhhh oh my god, someone posted this link on plans and it has all these shows you can watch! which obviously isn't really news for the internet, but it has a lot in a centrally-located area! and some weird ones like CAPTAIN PLANET and omg the x-men animated series! and both the offices! and the 4400!


anyway, so i am feeling better but still just like... tired, basically. i haven't left the floor all day because the idea of walking anywhere is pretty daunting. i have a b&s meeting at 10 so i guess i'll have to test my powers out then. it's actually been pretty kind of nice to have a day where i was pretty much forced to stay in bed and watch visual media. i did do my trads1 reading though! *waves flag*

but now i'm going to go watch more captain planet. the pilot episode explains so much! ma-ti got his monkey by saving it from a net and also a jaguar! and the reason earth got so fucked up is because gaia accidentally took a 100-year-nap. thanks, gaia. glad you're watching out for us. also, pre-cp it looks like all these kids had pretty crappy lives. kwame used a pointy stick to plant plants, ma-ti just... went around the jungle saving monkeys i guess, wheeler was in a gang or something, and linka liked to play the keytar for woodland birds. oh, the asian girl had it pretty good though, she just swam around with dolphins a lot i guess.

holy shit their accents are all more stereotypical than i remembered.

hahaha wheeler just set gaia's house on fire.

also, ma-ti's power is actually way less lame than it sounds. he's basically a telepath, with humans and animals.


oh em gee it has the batman animated series too. ahhhhhhhh.

this pilot episode also clears up something i always kind of wondered--anytime the planeteers say their power word, it activates their power whether they mean it or not. hence wheeler keeps accidentally setting shit on fire. i imagine that leads to some awkward situations for the planeteers. like, gi could never ask for a glass of water without flooding a restaurant or something.

ahhhh awesome.

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uh oh, i just read scott adams's blog and figured out why i'm sick:

Music is clearly unsafe. Suppose you’re in a perfectly good mood and a depressing song comes on. That could make you sad and break down your body’s natural defenses. You could get sick and die. Thank you very much Tori Amos.


seriously though, if there actually is a link between tori amos and lowered immune system, i've probably taken like 20 years off my life.

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whew. i feel better today, so probably i'm not getting some horrible illness. probably i won't die during hell week. it is going to be a problem if i continue to require like 12 hours of sleep to fight it off, but hopefully i've turned a corner.

i think i'm going to sit around in my bed/nest all day and do work and finish watching rent10 (i had to stop and pass out before the end of act 1 last night) and take naps as needed. yes.

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watching: rent10

ahhh this is so crazy and good and cute! sandy sent me a copy like a million years ago and i never got around to watching it until now.

i'm cold and shaky though, and i'm getting worse. i just realized my symptoms feel familiar... my strep throat/plague of last semester started off like this. i just went back to read some old blog entries:

i don't feeeel good. just like, vaguely tiredachysorethroaty, but like it's going to get worse.

which i hope it doesn't, blargh.

and then the next day:

guys. i feel so bad. i haven't been this sick in.... awhile.

oh man. so i went back to bed around 1am, and i had the alarm set for 9am. at 9, i realized i still felt way too crappy to get up and do anything, so i set it again for 10. except apparently i actually just set the CLOCK forward an hour and turned off the alarm, because i just now got up. at 3pm. which my clock thinks is 4pm.

and i still feel tired and awful. achy and stuffed up and... oh, god.


christ. body, seriously, getting mystery strep throat illness (i tested negative for strep but the doctor in town thought it was probably strep anyway, but anyway whatever it was went away with antibiotics) is really not a good hell week tradition. in fact it's a terrible one.

anyway, i guess i shouldn't jump to conclusions. but i definitely remember cold&shaky as being associated with that last gross illness. although it legitimately is cold out now. but usually i feel really hot in my dorm room, and i can't tell if they actually did turn the heat down or if i'm just fevering.


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Saturday, December 02, 2006

well, i got myself together and went to one of the pre-parties and waltz for a bit. it was fun and i saw lots of people. and talked to many of them.

on the way back from the main pre-party (main as in main hall, not as in important or anything) erin decided to put on tights to walk over, and i decided to put on stripey kneesocks and ballet flats instead of my heels. but then i carried my heels around like i was going to put them back on at some point? it never happened, though. i have no regrets.

now i'm cold and sick and mehhh. i think i'll watch a movie? i have all these dvds here and i have not watched a single one all semester. no! i watched an episode of house when julia came to visit. anyway, so maybe i'll go tap that resource. and then sleep for like 16 more hours or whatever it was i did today.

oh also, my camera died after one picture. so i don't have any of me. just imagine me looking hot and you'll be fine. i do have a picture of erin and emily with the classy punch fountain, though, which is key. keyyyy.

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i am so annoyed; yesterday i gave up on freeipods ever actually acknowledging my completed offer so i just did another one, and it's not acknowledging that one either. i know it can take a few days for it to actually show up, but i'm afraid of a vicious cycle of me never getting acknowledged for these stupid soul-selling offers. and never getting an ipod. booooooo.

anyway. i still feel sick. i slept all afternoon and i'm just blahhh. so the question is should i go to waltz? right now the prospect of showering and putting on a dress and blah blah blah just seems really daunting. especially since in the past, getting ready with other people is one of the most fun parts and now all my friends are offcampussss and it seems like a pain to work something out in that regard.

i just talked to my mom and she said i shouldn't decide before i take a shower because maybe that would make me feel betterrr. so maybe i'll go do that!

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SHITTY. i'm getting SICK.


i have: one vitamin water, 3 green tea bags, and three oranges. hopefully this will be enough to banish my illness.

right now it's in proto-cold phase, where my throat feels weird and my head feels weird and everything is weird but not fullout sick yet? you know? argh.

anyway, here are two things:

from a psych major-acquaintance's plan, regarding a study on stress and meditation that one of the professors conducted this semester: I heard today that Drwal's meditation studies indicate that the average Grinnell student is two standard deviations above the mean in terms of stress level. So we're more stressed out than about 95% of the population.


however, i am feeling less stressed. i am feeling like things are under control. i have a little less than 2 weeks. i have substantial work to do on both my big papers, but they're in decent shape. i can survive my trads1 final. i did fine on the midsem with a reasonable amount of studying, and i will have time to do a reasonable amount of studying. my japanese project... i still really have no idea what we're supposed to do for it, but given her grading standards i could probably print off some clipart and explain that it represents my feelings on war and she'd be like "a++, thanks for showing up to class today!" and the b&s, well, i put together a whole issue in one night last month so i bet i can do it again. basically, right now i feel like i'm on track for a reasonable hell/finals week.

and thennn i get to go home. hopefully on thursday instead of friday, since all my stuff is due thursday or earlier. ahhh i can't wait! i'm so excited for christmas. last year i didn't really do christmas shopping per se, i just bought gifts for people throughout the semester whenever i saw something cool. but this year i went on a big exciting amazon/ebay spree and got excitement! and i bought a box of generic holiday cards from st. jude and i will send them out and spread goodwill and also support THE CHILDREN.

and then after christmas: texas! ahhhh!

okay i'm going to go... drink things that will hopefully make me feel better. normally if a college student said something like that, it wouldn't mean vitamin water and green tea. aldskls.

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listening to: sheryl crow, blue christmas

romantics paper= 3000 words! (aka barely 11 pages. 4000 words, aka about 15 pages, is the minimum). i am ten drabbles away from minimum length. and, you know, some editing and stuff. i think it is coming together well, and i don't think length will be the problem. i think the problem will be... figuring out what my interpretation is. so anyway, that's good.

and i talked to christineee tonight!

tomorrow=historypapertime, roomcleaningtime?, waltztime, alienstime?, librarytime, etc.

right now=sleepytime.

oh but first, a disturbing finding:

renata: man spellcheck doesn't think that maternalism is a word
renata: it suggests paternalism
renata: word is a tool of the patriarchy
madonna: lolllll

madonna does not seem properly concerned about this vast anti-feminist conspiracy :(

i have new pajama pants with coffee cups on them (actually i think maybe they're teacups, but i mostly drink coffee so that's mostly what i assume is on my pants. who knows though, maybe they're cocoa!) and i keep looking down at them and being like "fuck, when did i spill coffee on my pants? OH WAIT I PAID MONEY FOR THIS." it's a sad state of affairs when i assume any spot of brown on my clothing is a coffee stain. but it is a generally accurate assumption.

okay right, bedtime, i'm getting cracked out.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

listening to: john lennon, happy x-mas (war is over)

so i'm sitting around rocking my pajama pants and friday night paper writing and listening to christmas music, and i decided to upload a holiday mix. wooo!

anyway! PAPERZ NOW (but feel free to distract me, internet).

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listening to: sting, i saw three ships

i wonder why sting calls himself sting. does he like bees? bzzzzzz.

anyway, today was a realllly great prison day. my friends emily & dale were teaching a class on marilynne robinson's book gilead this semester, and today marilynne robinson came to speak to the class! a pulitzer prize-winning author came to newton medium security prison! how effing cool is that?

but annie and i still wanted to try to have our class, even though we knew most of our students would want to go see marilynne instead. it worked out really well, because only 2 came, and they were the 2 who we had edited drafts for, so we just had like an extended two-on-two conference, and the guys talked about how much they appreciated our class and we talked about how much we liked teaching it and they told us about how one of the guys from our class got put "in the hole" for 30 days :/

anyway, then we went over and listened to the end of marilynne's discussion, and it was so lovely. the guys were so appreciative and excited, and she was so thoughtful and gracious.

o world, thanks for the last two days, i needed them.

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